New bmx specific gear calculator

Have you seen our latest gear calculator/chart hybrid? If you like what you see where you are going to love it.


  • Generic and Tioga Specific tire sizes, as well as some ITS and Maxxis DTH sizes
  • Works on any javascript enabled device (smart phones to PCs) in any browser (yep even ie6)
  • Interactive chart
  • Selectable front gears 22-48 (+/-3)
  • Selectable rear gears 8-22 (+/-3)
  • Tire sizes: 16" - 24"

Check it out now!


Gear Calculator
19-03-2007 - V1.10 - Corrected some wheel sizes
27-01-2006 - V1.03 - Increased the range of gears
19-11-2002 - V1.02 - Fixed pulldowns so they don't disappear off the screen.

Gear Chart
23-02-2010 - Improved usability, better formatting and highlighting. Mouse over highlights the cell to give you a summary.

Tioga Specific gear chart and calculator
Finally you can work out the ratios specifically for your PowerBlock and Comp III tyres. Click here!

BMX gear chart


Last updated: Thursday, 2 April, 2009 7:33 AM