June BMX racing news

29/06 Video: Yess Factory team Canada Day edit

Yess BMX press release

Click here to view at YouTube:

(Editor: And to our Canadian readers have a Happy Canada Day eh!)

28/06 Product spotlight: Alienation polished posts/Profile 28 hole hubs

by bmxultra.com
Alienation Billy Club pivotal post
I'm not sure that everyone will be as excited about the Alienation polished Bliiy Club Pivotal post as I am. But the polished a massive difference from the standard black that Alienation have had on offer in the past, not that there's anything wrong with black, but now you can get the same high quality Alienation branded post in polished.

One thing I noticed about the Billy Club is that it's 333mm long while other brands are typically only 300mm. This means two things, you have a taller post that you can use for cool down or longer distance rides or you can cut the post down so it bottoms out where you want it to, giving you the perfect height every time you ride.

Alienation Polished Pivotal Post

Here's some marketing info on the Alienation Billy Club post

Details: Pivotal compatible, Ultra-light 3D-forged 6061 alloy, with an internal oval construction, shot-peen anodized, completely slammable

Diameter: 25.4, 26.8, 27.0, 27.2, 30.0, 30.9, 31.6mm

Length: 333mm

Weight: 207g, 215g, 220g, 230g, 232g, 235g, 240g

Colors: Black, Polished

Oh and the Alienation Pivotal post looks great with an Alienation slider, like the Back in Black model pictured above.

28 Hole Profile hubs
The 28 hole Profile Elite and mini hubs have been available for a while, but usually they are made to order. Their has been such an increase in their popularity of late that Australian Profile Distributor, Elite Cycle Imports, have started to keep a large range now in stock.

So now when you look at the 28 hole Answer rims or the 28 hole Alienation Ankle Biter rims you can be confident that there's a nice range of 28 Hole hub options on a shelf with your name on them, no matter what your budget or colour preference.

Both Alienation and Profile Racing products are distributed in Australia by Elite Cycle Imports.

27/06 The ultimate pit bike

Supercross BMX Australia press release
The Supercross Blur 16" Pit Bike is the ultimate BMXers toy! Who doesn't love a pit bike?

This is a limited edition 2013 Blur 16" frame (only 20 made), but with a 19.5" top tube it's not just for the little guys. There were 10 made in the initial run, but they were so popular another 10 were made, but that's it. We got our hands on 8 over the two batches and there are some amazing builds already. Supercross last made 16" frames over 4 years ago and when they appear on ebay they have been fetching $800. The red is a paint but looks like anodize.

Go on, spoil yourself. Get down to your favourite store now and order it now, or miss out forever.

The white 16" Supercross Cromo Pro forks are also available.

Supercross Blur 16" Pit Bike

Check out out facebook page for more photos: www.facebook.com/SupercrossBMXAus

About Supercross BMX Australia

Supercross BMX Australia are supporters of BSX and the Royal Children's Hospital and while we have our own Supercross and Speedline/Supercross teams we also co-sponsor the bmxultra.com team and the Anarchy Australia team.

Did you know that Supercross BMX Australia is the exclusive distributor for Supercross, Speedline and Anarchy products?
We only sell our products through reputable stores who can provide you with the service and expertise that will help you get the most out of your bike and your dollar.
If someone walks up to you and asks you if you are interested in buying any of these products ask them what store they are associated with, ask them what their post sales support is like, ask them if they offer a Supercross standard crash replacement warranty, ask them where the money goes. Most importantly ask a Supercross dealer for a quote before you make a big mistake and hand your hard earned cash over to the wrong person.
Supercross only offer warranty and support for the products purchased through our approved dealers.
We are proud to support local industry and local riders who also buy local.

To find out more information about Supercross BMX products, Anarchy BMX frames and Speedline Parts check www.supercrossbmx.com.au

If you would like to purchase Supercross BMX products in Australia please have your local bike shop contact us. Please note, we do not sell direct to the public. We support the Australian BMX Industry! Do You?

For more information and dealer enquiries email sxaustralia@supercrossbmx.com.

26/06 BMXPress mag turns 14 years old

by Warwick Wheeler from BMXPress Magazine
Better late then never, but BMXPress Magazine turned 14 years old on 28 May, 2013. We started way back in 1999.
I still remember our debut at the Penrith Super Nats at the old Penrith Panthers Leagues Club location.
I was supposed to have been racing that day, but things got so hectic with the mag that I didn't end up racing.
Our first issue cover has Luke Madill hitting the last turn leading the final of the elite men class at the Nationals which was held in WA.
This was Luke's first ever Nationals elite men race, and also his first title in the elite men class, and he won it first go.
So it was fitting that he scored our first ever cover…
A few years back I was told that issue #1 with Luke on the cover was going for $100.
Issue #62 will be on the stands in a few weeks.
Thanks to all that have supported BMXPress for all these years.

26/06 BMX COACH new update now available

HRVfitness press release
BMX COACH APP update!!
The new "KIDS PROGRAM" and "6 week POWER" programs are now available @ the APP store!!
NEW ANDROID version will also be available soon. Get on the programs and start winning races!!

25/06 Video: Introducing Anthony Dean

DK Bicycles press release

Click here to view at YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZHk0tf7VVM

25/06 Video: Haro presents The Clutch

Haro press release

Haro presents The Clutch from Haro Bikes on Vimeo.

25/06 Video: Dane "The Daneosaur" Pangallo BSX track edit

bmxultra.com press release
With all these videos it reminded me that we never did post the Daneosaur at BSX edit on our site. Some of you may have seen it on Facebook already, but for those of you who haven't, enjoy.

Click here to view at YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JMc8rM3OSU

24/06 Weekend Wrap Up

by bmxultra.com
So Sam Willoughby didn't just beat the long standing record of seven straight pro wins, originally held by John Purse, he's smashed it. With win's number 12 and 13 in the books after the weekend at the Mid West nationals at Rockford, IL he's poised to double it. Sam Willoughby apparently is unstoppable.


A PRO    Total Riders = 19    Groups = 3
    3  NICK FOX, , 
VETERAN PRO    Total Riders = 7    Groups = 1
USAC JR DEV BOYS    Total Riders = 15    Groups = 2
GIRLS PRO    Total Riders = 12    Groups = 2
    4  SARAH WALKER, , 
AA PRO    Total Riders = 27    Groups = 4


A PRO    Total Riders = 19    Groups = 3
VETERAN PRO    Total Riders = 6    Groups = 1
USAC JR DEV BOYS    Total Riders = 13    Groups = 2
GIRLS PRO    Total Riders = 11    Groups = 2
AA PRO    Total Riders = 27    Groups = 4

21/06 Product spotlight: THE Cosmo jersey

by bmxultra.com
The new THE Cosmo jerseys are available in Australia now and they are looking pretty good. They are available in 5 sizes S - XXL in all three colours.

THE Cosmo Jersey Black

THE Cosmo Jersey Blue

THE Cosmo Jersey Red

Here's the official marketing data:.

Long and loose, t.h.e.’s new Cosmo LS jersey is optimal when the weather is cooler or more coverage is required. Elastic cuffs keep the sleeves in place, even over pads. Vented armpit panels keep you cool where it counts and a drop-tail rear provides extra coverage in the riding position.

• quick-dry polyester birdseye technical fabric
• long sleeve / elastic cuffs
• ribbed semi V-neck
• vented armpit panels
• drop-tail rear coverage

THE products are distributed in Australia by Elite Cycle Imports.

20/06 bmxultra.com gear calculator iPhone/iPad app coming soon

by bmxultra.com
Many years ago at bmxultra.com we started to develop a gear chart and a gear calculator that could be used on the web, so no matter where you were, providing you had an internet connection and a browser, you could access them. Of course over the years they have changed somewhat. Now the calculator produces an interactive gear chart, which sounds very complicated but couldn't be easier to use. Not only that though, the calculator can give you exact roll out for Tioga PowerBlock tires and many other popular tires. Since we use it a lot ourselves we are very proud of what we have been able to produce and how popular it is.

Every now and then, while at some tracks we found that internet connections on the phone were very slow making the gear calculator a little difficult to use. It's been a long time coming but we are finally about to release our first iPhone/iPad app. That's right, soon you will be able to have a copy of the gear calculator on your iPhone and/or iPad and not need an internet connection.

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming release.

If you haven't already seen the online version you can check it out here: bmxultra.com/downloads/flash/gearchart_phone.htm

19/06 Results: The first Australian Championships (Unofficial)

by bmxultra.com
There isn't enough documented history of Australian BMX. Sure Warwick Wheeler is doing a nice job with the old school interviews in BMX Press magazine and there are a bunch of BMX fanatics across our country who are into collecting old school bikes and other gear, but when it comes to results there isn't a lot around.

I found an old BMX National newspaper from July 1992 a few years ago, it has the results from the first 13 years of Australian BMX Championships, so I tucked it into my top drawer in my desk to pull out when there's no news. It's long overdue, but finally here's the first installment.

The 1980 "Big Plate" Series was an unofficial Australian Championship, they didn't become official until 1981, but if BMX National called it the first Australian Championships we'll go along with that.

Do you recognise any of these names?

1980 Australian BMX Championships

18/06 MCS Bicycles Nashville Race Report

MCS Bicycles press release
For a few years now, I have been telling people that Nashville, TN was going to be the new “summer national.” I feel safe to say that prediction has come to pass. The MUSIC CITY NATIONALS are by far the best race of the year. Even with Mother Nature trying to spoil the party, the atmosphere was exciting and fun. Well, until the third round for the Elite’s on Sunday, then it got sour. But that is another story altogether...

Usually set-up on Thursday is a long day. You get to the track, find your spot and commence to set-up shop. Three hours later the tents are up, banners are placed, bike stands are out and you are looking for dinner. At the event though, I was fortunate to have some of my guys there to help me out. Although they had to drive through the night, the vibe at the track was giving them a second wind (or maybe it was a fourth wind! LOL!) and we were able to knock everything out in just over an hour. So off to the hotel we went. We were able to check in early, get cleaned up and head downtown for some dinner and a stroll around to some of the shops. I would like to see all of the races be like this. We had a nice, laid back time. Another reason why Nash-Vegas is the new summer national!

Our team had an up and down kind of weekend. Eric Clark got his weekend off on the right foot taking second on both bikes on Friday, looking like he has finally shaken off the bad vibes on his twenty. He stayed solid on his cruiser with two more second place finishes on Saturday and Sunday, but his twenty was not his friend. He wasn’t able to make the mains either day.

Tucker Rice wasn’t able to race on Friday because of school, but he was able to fly in on Friday for the weekends races. Tucker looked good in his motos, taking the wins in the first rounds, but just feel victim to some dumb situations in the semis and didn’t make it in the show for class. He was able to get two more wins in on cruiser though. Tucker is a strong willed rider, he will figure it out!

Tyler Wagner had some good rides and some well... not so good rides. In 16 Expert, he took fourth on Friday and Saturday, looking solid. He skipped cruiser on Friday, but raced it on Saturday and Sunday taking first both days. He seems very comfortable in cruiser and the results speak for themselves.

Petey Peters made the drive to Nashville after work on Thursday, getting in pretty late and just seemed to have a hard time getting into the groove of things. He would get a second in Open and an eighth in class on Friday. Saturday was a wash, but Sunday he was able to rebound and get a sixth in class.

Raul Gomez had a pretty good weekend. The guys in these classes are just as competitive as any class out there. All of the mains came down to the wire! Friday, Raul was able to squeak by and get the win on twenty and settle for a third in cruiser. Saturday was no let down either with Raul taking another win at the line in Class and another third in cruiser. Sunday was a little better in cruiser taking a second, but he would have to settle for a second in class as well. All around, an excellent weekend for him!

Chase Hines fell victim to some bad voodoo in his mains. Chase looked really good in his motos both Saturday and Sunday looking like the guy to beat. But come main time, outside gates would be a hurdle he just couldn’t get away from. He would have to settle for a seventh on Friday and a sixth on Saturday. Saturday night Chase caught some kind of bug. He tried to soldier through on Sunday, but it just wasn’t meant to be, he made it through the motos but that was about it.

All in all, not the best weekend, but for from the worst. It was great to have the whole team together. I like it when everyone is hanging out having a good time. Next race will be South Park, PA. We haven’t been there for a few years. I for one am looking forward to it. Hopefully, we will see you there!

You can follow MCS Bicycles on: Facebook - /MCSBicycles  •  Instagram – MCSBicycles  •  YouTube – MCSBicycles  •  Twitter - @mcsbicycles

MCS Bicycles 2013 Co-Sponsors: ACS BMX (www.acsbmx.com), Profile Racing (www.profileracing.com), FLY Racing (www.flyracing.com), Answer BMX (www.answerbmx.com), POWERBAR (www.powerbar.com), DNA Energy Drink (www.dnaenergydrink.com), ODI Grips (www.odigrips.com), SUN Rims (www.sun-ringle.com), 100% Eyewear (www.ride100%.com), VANS (www.vans.com)  and Crit Plate (www.critbmx.com)

17/06 Mariana Pajon and Jelle van Gorkom win UCI BMX Supercross Papendal

UCI press release
It was a great day for BMX Racing in Papendal for the third stop of the 2013 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup series. Also a great day for Mariana Pajon who won the Elite women’s event and a great day for homeboy Jelle van Gorkom. For both riders it was the first ever Supercross win. With this win Pajon from Columbia, who already is Olympic Champion and World Champions, completed her Grand Slam. Van Gorkom was also ecstatic as he proved he is able to win world cups after he seriously crashed last year spring and could not prove his quality at the Olympics.

Pajon miles ahead
Mariana Pajon is still the one girl to beat. Leading up to the final Pajon had not lost one heat. Alise Post looked strong and so did Laura Smulders. But in the ultimate race Pajon pulled away and rode of to victory. She dedicated this one to the best daddy in the world by holding up a sign just before the gate dropped for the main event.

Mariana Pajon once again showed her great quality as an athlete with again clinical display of Bicycle Motocross and also again she proved to be a great ambassador to the sport of BMX and Columbia.

Pajon commented on her victory: “I never won a Supercross World Cup. This one is for my father in Columbia. I had very good energy today on father’s day. What is my secret? I think I really enjoy what I am doing. This post-Olympic year is a transition year for me. I am just having fun. And this track is all about jumping and I love jumping. I was going fast and smooth because of that.”

Van Gorkom lives up to his promise
Van Gorkom is not a regular Dutchmen. The Dutch in general only brag or boost about something afterwards but never claim to be the best beforehand. Van Gorkom however did do just that. Maybe un-Dutch, but he felt he was about to win a Supercross and he had journalist write that down. And that is just what he did. Van Gorkom delivered a win. He lived up to his own expectation.

In the time trials on Saturday June 15th the Dutchmen was outperformed by Connor Fields (USA). And also today June 16th Fields looked very strong in the earlier rounds. But the Vegas kid crashed in the first turn of the quarterfinals.

Van Gorkom commented: “Great to be back on top after 2012. I had to prove that I could really win this race. I also mentioned this before. I am not arrogant but convinced that I belong on the podium in this form. I am really proud of myself and I am looking forward to the World Championships in New Zealand. ”

Elite Men
1 Jelle van GORKOM NED 38.121
2 Edzus TREIMANIS LAT 38.372
3 Damien GODET FRA 38.620

Full results men here

Elite Women
1 Mariana PAJON COL 37.784
2 Arielle MARTIN USA 39.932
3 Lauren REYNOLDS AUS 41.679

Full results Women here

17/06 Video: Supercross' Jeremy Rommel edit

Supercross BMX press release
Check it. Supercross factory rider Jeremy Rommel at the Supercross Playground.

Click here to check out the video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pm1WSKaBRMM

14/06 UCI Supercross Papendal Live

by bmxultra.com
Don't forget to tune into bmxlive.tv this weekend for all the UCI Supercross Action at Papendal

Schedule (we think the times are Papendal local times)

PRACTICE Friday, June 14 13:00 - 14:00

TIME TRIALS Saturday, June 15 16:00 - 17:00

FINALS Sunday, June 16 14:00 - 17:00

More info

Check out the event page for more information www.bmxholland.eu/BMX-GB/goto.aspx?tabid=22



14/06 2016 UCI World Championships announced

by bmxultra.com
The UCI have announced the host for the 2016 World BMX Championships.

Which means the next 4 BMX World Championships looks like this

Here's the official announcement.

UCI Management Committee announces hosts for 2016 BMX and 2017 Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships

The UCI Management Committee announced today that the 2016 UCI BMX World Championships will be held in Medellin, Colombia, and that Cairns, Australia, will host the 2017 UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships.

Meeting in Bergen, Norway, the Management Committee meetings were held alongside meetings of the Professional Cycling Council (PCC).

UCI President Pat McQuaid said: “We’re delighted that Medellin, the ‘City of the Eternal Spring’ in the Andes Mountains, will be our host city in 2016 for the UCI BMX World Championships. The event will take place on a brand new track built in the city’s existing cycling complex.

McQuaid continued: “In 2017, the UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships will be held on the iconic Smithfield course in Cairns. We’re certain that the thousands of professional athletes, coming from all around the globe, will relish competing in this beautiful tropical location.”

During the meeting, the Management Committee discussed the UCI Stakeholder Consultation ‘A Bright Future for Cycling’ at length, as well as the resulting recommendations put forward by the Deloitte report.

The Management Committee accepted in principle the 11 ‘crucial’ and ‘high-priority’ recommendations in the report– and agreed to establish an action plan based on these recommendations.
In particular, the Committee decided to continue with the establishment of an independent auditor group to look into the Armstrong era and agreed that the UCI should continue to move forward with its discussions with WADA in this regard.

Commenting on the decision, Pat McQuaid said: “I am extremely happy that the Management Committee has accepted in principle the 11 recommendations. The UCI is committed to listening to its stakeholders – the people we serve – and responding to what they tell us.

“As I said when the report was first published, a number of the recommendations are already underway. In addition to the discussions with WADA around holding an independent audit, we are also in the process of developing a long-term strategic plan for cycling.”

The six ‘crucial’ recommendations coming out of the consultation are:
• Restore the credibility of cycling and the public perception of the sport
• Decide whether to hold an independent inquiry into the Armstrong affair and whether to offer riders an ‘amnesty’ or reduced sanctions for coming forward to that enquiry
• Develop a long-term strategic plan for cycling
• Further strengthen the anti-doping culture that exists in the UCI
• Improve the UCI’s relationship with WADA
• Restructure the pro-cycling calendar
The five additional ‘high-priority’ recommendations are:
• Increase the independence of the CADF
• Appoint an independent anti-doping body to sanction professional riders caught doping
• Review the existing points system for pro-teams
• Develop women’s cycling
• Improve communication with professional road riders
At the Professional Cycling Council meeting earlier in the day, and yesterday, major reforms to professional cycling were an area of focus and the ensuing proposals will be further discussed at the UCI Management Committee meeting tomorrow.

13/06 Video: DK Bicycles Race Academy

DK press release
The very first DK Bicycles Race Academy held on the Gold Coast at the Nerang BMX Club. With Coaches Luke Madill, Anthony Dean and Blake Moore Ryan Hartley put the edit together.

Click here to check out the video: http://youtu.be/PxUrZT4Bmsk

13/06 bmxultra.com's Matt Butterworth @ WA Super Series, Kalvegas

bmxultra.com press release
Round 5 of the BMX Sports WA Super Series rolled into the Eastern Goldfields BMX Club, or Kalvegas as it is affectionately known. The club is host to the 2013 WA State Championships and this race served as a quasi test event for the State Championships in October. Kalvegas certainly knows how to put on a show for the visitors, with  a pre race on Saturday attracting large pro purse for the men and women plus a sensational roast dinner for the fans after racing ended. Race facilities have seen a couple of changes with the fourth straight completely re-done and bitumen going down on the turns in the coming weeks. In addition the scorers ‘office’ and central commentary position have had 2 monitors installed inside which displays the current moto and the gap-back to the previous rider (see photo) and finish times from the transponders. This system was trialled at the National Championships and major credit goes to Martin Brown for the set  up of the system to allow the race callers more information for the fans!

So back to the racing and WA Team rider Matt Butterworth was representing bmxultra.com in the 40-44 Men’s class. Matt was up against the new 8A of Jason May and the 6A of Rodney Gethin (45-49 Men) in a hot field of 10 riders. Mat transferred out of the motos with a 1-1-1, an average time of 43.595 and in Lane 2 for the main. The clean sheet continued with Matt taking the win in the final by 0.55 from a hard finishing Jason May and Rodney Gethin in the 3 spot.

State Series racing in WA takes a break now for the World Championships, but recommences on August 18th with Round 6 at Northam.

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl7keznZok0

The bmxultra.com team is proudly supported by One Bicycles, Supercross BMX, Alienation, Dirt Designs, Tioga, Elite Cycle Imports, THE, Profile

12/06 Review: Answer MPH Senior Flat Pedals

by bmxultra.com
After a short break from reviews we have continued on with the running theme with another Answer review. This week it's the Answer MPH Senior Flat pedals. Click here to check out the review.

11/06 Video: Rudimental - Waiting All Night feat. Ella Eyre (Official Video)

by bmxultra.com
At bmxultra.com we used to pride ourselves on being 100% BMX race. But it's things like the Stay Strong movement and video clips like this that we allow the race content to slip to more like 99.5%

Chances are, with 16.6 million views so far, you may have already seen this film clip from Rudimental. Since it's all quiet on the news front we thought we'd share this video with those of you who may not have seen it.

The official video for 'Waiting All Night' is the inspirational true life-story of San Francisco born BMX champion and actor - Kurt Yaeger, who became an amputee after an accident in 2006.
All the characters in the clip are pro bmx'ers and the real friends of Kurt.

Click here to check out the video: youtu.be/M97vR2V4vTs

10/06 Weekend Wrap Up

by bmxultra.com
USA BMX Salt Lake Nationals
Sam Willoughby continued on his winning ways with consecutive win number 10 on Saturday and 11 on Sunday. Question is how long is it possible to keep the streak alive and has the current world champ peaked a little early with the worlds still over a month away?


A PRO    Total Riders = 22    Groups = 3
    1  NICK FOX, , 
VETERAN PRO    Total Riders = 8    Groups = 1
USAC JR DEV BOYS    Total Riders = 13    Groups = 2
GIRLS PRO    Total Riders = 10    Groups = 2
    5  SARAH WALKER, , 
AA PRO    Total Riders = 29    Groups = 4


A PRO    Total Riders = 22    Groups = 3
    1  NICK FOX, , 
VETERAN PRO    Total Riders = 8    Groups = 1
USAC JR DEV BOYS    Total Riders = 7    Groups = 1
GIRLS PRO    Total Riders = 10    Groups = 2
    2  SARAH WALKER, , 
AA PRO    Total Riders = 29    Groups = 4

07/06 Big changes for VSI

by bmxultra.com
A bombshell was dropped this morning in the biggest news to break on the BMX scene for some time. VSI (Vigor Sports, Inc) are letting go of Intense, SpeedCo and Sinz brands. We understand that they plan to continue with THE.

The story was confirmed on their Facebook page earlier today with a simple statement that said "Yes it's true, but not to worry for all you Intense BMX fans out there. It's just a transitional period until we find a good home...which may be sooner than expected."

Head over to bmxnews.com for the full story.


So with such popular brands now on the market it will be interesting to see how quickly they are snapped up.

07/06 Kwala to enter the BMX market in 2014

by bmxultra.com
Kwala are a Queensland based MX components company founded in 2007 who mostly sell grips, handle bars, pads and casual wear. Kwala announced on the Support the Australian BMX Industry Facebook page today that they intend to enter the BMX market in 2014.

The announcement was brief:

"Kwala to enter bmx market in 2014. Australian owned.
www.kwalaracing.com now accepting resumes for sponsorships in 2014 season.

Exactly what they will have to offer remains to be seen, but if you are hunting for a new sponsor for the 2014 season you better get a start on that resume, something makes me think these guys have big plans.

06/06 LEATT and GSX are proud to invite riders to an exlusive LEATT Test Session

GSX press release
In order to increase awareness and safety in the sport of BMX, LEATT and GSX invites riders to test LEATT neck braces and other products on the Papendal SX track on Tuesday June 11, 2013. 13h30-16.35

-LEATT staff to provice test products and technical support
-LEATT ambassadors will be on site providing technical advise and share product experience.

The session will be limited to 30 riders (and only Papendal SX registered riders). So please contact Lenny Karsmakers lenny@leatt.com to secure your spot.

06/06 2014 BMX Australia National Series host clubs announced

BMX Australia press release
Following a successful domestic BMX race season, BMX Australia has announced the hosts for the 2014 BMX Australia National Series. Riders will have the opportunity to compete across 5 rounds that sees racing held on Queensland’s east coast and then on to the west coast of Australia in Perth before concluding in Victoria.

Rounds 1 and 2 will be a double header at the Nerang BMX Club, which has become an institution within the sport for hosting the series opener. Taking advantage of the great weather and holidays, racing will start just after the New Year on Friday January 3 and Saturday January 4 and is sure to attract a high number of competitors.

The series moves to the west coast in March (15 & 16) where Westside BMX Club at Balcatta will host Rounds 3 & 4. The track at Westside proved to be a fast and competitive one in 2013 that tested the riders as they looked to maintain their opening round success or claw back some lost ground.

The final round of the series will be held on Thursday May 1 during the 2014 BMX Australia National Championships that have been awarded to the Shepparton BMX Club. All Probikx rounds will attract UCI points through their C1 classification, though the final round will double as the Oceania Championships (CC classification) where Australia and the other Oceania nations will contest the championships.

Riders will compete in the Champbikx Series, Challenge Series and Probikx Tour according to their age in both male and female classes. The Champbikx Series caters for 14, 15 and 16 years riders which has traditionally seen some very competitive racing from the rising stars within the sport. Those aged 17-24 and 30+ Masters will compete in the Challenge class which has been a new addition to the National Series in 2013 and has been a category that has been well received.

BMX Australia General Manager Mark Louis said he was excited about the announcement as BMX Australia prepares its riders for international competition in the coming weeks.

“The BMX Australia National Series is an important component in the development pathway for BMX riders in Australia. It continues to lift the standard of competition domestically, but it also prepares riders who are looking to make the next step to the international scene,” Louis said.

“One of our great strengths as the number 1 ranked BMX nation is that we have a really strong domestic scene. Riders who compete in the National Series gain valuable development and experience as an athlete which is vital if their goals are compete internationally.

“The addition of the Challenge Series has been well received too. In the past riders who didn’t wish to ride in the Elite categories had no further avenue to compete; by being inclusive of these riders we have really opened up the sport again to riders who still have that desire to race.

“Right now our domestic season has wrapped up and the focus is on sending over 550 riders to New Zealand for the World Championships. The National Series has given these riders a competitive edge by racing against some of the best riders in Australia; they now have the opportunity to take that to the World Championships.”

Rounds 1 & 2: Nerang BMX Club – January 3 & 4, 2014 (C1)
Rounds 3 & 4: Westside BMX Club – March 15 & 16, 2014 (C1)
Round 5 : Shepparton BMX Club – May 1, 2014 (CC)

05/06 Weekend Wrap Up

by bmxultra.com
USABMX Music City Nationals

At the USA BMX Music City Nationals at Nashville Tennessee, Australian wonder boy Sam Willoughby smashed John Purse's 7 race winning streak. He finished up with 9 straight wins by Saturday, but with no Elite racing on Sunday we will have to wait until this weekend when the Pro Series moves to the Great Salt Lakes Nationals at Salt Lake, Utah to see if Sam can push the winning streak into double digits.


A PRO    Total Riders = 33    Groups = 5
VETERAN PRO    Total Riders = 14    Groups = 2
USAC JR DEV BOYS    Total Riders = 20    Groups = 3
Women Juniors    Total Riders = 5    Groups = 1
Women Elite    Total Riders = 18    Groups = 3
    6  SARAH WALKER, , 
Men Juniors    Total Riders = 15    Groups = 2
Men Elite    Total Riders = 35    Groups = 6


A PRO    Total Riders = 29    Groups = 4
VETERAN PRO    Total Riders = 14    Groups = 2
USAC JR DEV BOYS    Total Riders = 18    Groups = 3
Women Juniors    Total Riders = 5    Groups = 1
Women Elite    Total Riders = 18    Groups = 3
    5  SARAH WALKER, , 
Men Juniors    Total Riders = 16    Groups = 2
Men Elite    Total Riders = 38    Groups = 6
    4  TRENT JONES, , 


A prize money dispute on Sunday lead to no Elite Men and Women riders showing up to the gate for the third round of motos and semis.

A PRO    Total Riders = 29    Groups = 4
VETERAN PRO    Total Riders = 12    Groups = 2
USAC JR DEV BOYS    Total Riders = 17    Groups = 3
Women Juniors    Total Riders = 5    Groups = 1
Women Elite    Total Riders = 17    Groups = 3
Men Juniors    Total Riders = 13    Groups = 2
Men Elite    Total Riders = 32    Groups = 4

04/06 New products: CCH Racing Frames and Components

by bmxultra.com
It was just a few weeks ago that our friends at Fastlanebmxmag.com posted a product highlight of the new CCH stem. It caught my attention, it looked extremely slick from colour to design, but at the time I was actually looking for something else and thought I'd go back and have a closer look later. I didn't do that until today when I stumbled across thier website that had the stem but also an interesting new frame that CCH have been working on.

Instead of us telling you about the products why don't you go and check out cchbicycles.com for yourself?

04/06 Steve Cramer Products and Troy Lee Designs part ways

by bmxultra.com
We have been dealing with Steve Cramer Products since the early days of bmxultra.com and for as long as I can remember they had distributed Troy Lee Products in Australia. We've been very lucky through our partnership with Steve Cramer Products to be able to bring you plenty of Troy Lee news and product reviews

It was announced this morning that Steve Cramer Products and Troy Lee Designs would part ways and Troy Lee Designs would find another Australian distributor.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Steve Cramer Products and of course Troy Lee Designs for their long standing support of bmxultra.com.


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