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Pazzaz MX-261 Stem

The Pazzaz MX-261 looks like one stiff mother of a stem, and it is, it’s crafted from CNC’d 6061 Aluminium. The simple…

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Powerlite Handlebars

The name Powerlite is not new to BMX racing, and it’s no secret that Powerlite is made by the international cycling giant…

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Answer M8 Helmet

It takes only two words to describe the Answer M8 helmet, ‘slick’ and ‘light’. With some of the worlds best riders can…

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Tektro Quartz brakes

The Tektro Quartz brakes are the newest in Tektro’s line of BMX brakes. I have been told they were built from the…

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SE Quadangle

Since I first layed eyes on the SE Quadangle in early 1998 I wanted to take one for a spin, actually I…

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Norco Monocoque

Nothing excited me more than the ability to race test a frame that not only is made by one of the world’s…

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