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bmxultra.com Looking For A Lake Jumping Venue

For the past few years I have been talking about getting a bunch of BMXers together and jumping BMX bikes into a lake (or pool, dam, river or the ocean). A simple concept that’s been documented in BMX magazines since the dawn of BMX time, but I have been struggling to find a location. The idea would be to shoot photos and video and generally capture the day for a bmxultra.com feature. Most importantly have some fun and a bunch of laughs. What could possibly go wrong?

So if you have any leads for a local lake jumping spot sing out and lets get something organised before this glorious Aussie summer fades away again. We are looking anywhere in Victoria and would like the area to be as safe as possible. Email your suggestions to webmaster@bmxultra.com.

If you have already been lake jumping this summer we’d love to hear from you and see your photos too.

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