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Bob Haro Mania In Melbourne This Weekend

Since Bob Haro is in my home town of Melbourne this weekend I think it’s time for a bit of a history lesson for those who are new to the sport of BMX.

Who is Bob Haro?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Bob Haro (born June 29, 1958, in Pasadena, California) is a former freestyle BMX rider turned artist and business executive. He is the founder of Haro Bikes and was one of the most important early innovators of BMX freestyle.

He began biking in his high school sophomore year when he ran out of money riding dirt bikes. His father bought him a Honda 100 and he stripped the bike down to compete in motorcycle races. He won over 50 motocross trophies by 1975.

Around 1976, he got into BMX biking by racing his brother’s bike out behind a bike shop in San Diego. After moving to Stockton, California as a result of his parents’ divorce, Bob really got started racing and riding for a sponsor for Molina’s Bike Shop. He was one of a small group of BMX’ers in that town to perform many of the common tricks.

In 1978, Haro teamed up with R. L. Osborn to form the very first freestyle BMX team, which made its debut at ABA’s Winternationals in Chandler, AZ.

In 1981 Bob Haro and Bob Morales traveled on tour together performing shows all over the Midwest, Eastern United States, and parts of Canada to enthusiastic crowds. Also, in 1981, Haro was involved in the Steven Spielberg production of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial as a stunt rider.

In 1981 Bob Haro designed the first frame and fork tailored to freestyle BMX. The frameset was manufactured by the bicycle company Torker and became commercially available in 1982 and was marketed as the Haro Freestyler.

He stopped riding in 1985 after four knee surgeries and, in 1987, he was inducted into the American Bicycle Association Hall Of Fame. In 1993 he founded his own company, Haro Design, Inc., a design and marketing company in Cardiff, CA.

Bob Haro also invented the style of Flatland BMX.

In 2012, as part of the London Olympic Games, Bob Haro choreographed the Dove bike sequence in the Opening ceremony.

That’s Bob Haro according to Wikipedia what does he mean to BMX racing?

I’m glad you asked. The Haro bike brand, who produce top end race bikes and sponsor a number of Olympians, was started by Bob Haro. Some of the coolest number plates and race gear to grace the race tracks were created by Bob Haro, under the Haro brand. I don’t think I need to go on, you can look up Haro BMX on Google and see for yourself.

More recently Bob Haro has created one of the most advanced concept race bikes ever seen in BMX racing, the Iconix. He’s been involved in the RedBull Revolution race, teamed up with Corben Sharrah to create one of the coolest BMX tees I’ve ever seen, and started a line of casual wear over at bobharo.com.

Want to know more?

Check out www.bobharo.com and take a look at his prints and apparel while you are at it. The temptation to buy something is high. I dare you to resist!

Want to meet Bob in person?

Make sure you get down to the Hurstbridge show and shine at the Wattle Festival at Hurstbridge on Sunday 27 August.

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