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DHR YMCA “BMX Pro for a Week” Summer Camp

Two times Elite World Champion, Dale Holmes, is long retired from the pro BMX racing scene. When that happens normally we see the riders fade away into the real world. Not Dale though, he keeps himself involved in the sport and busy with a massive number of projects that I just can’t keep up with. He has his own DHR race team, he runs Ride to End Obesity, DHR Summer Camps, podcasts, the list goes on and on.

Dale has been busy this year with 10 weeks in a row of Summer Camps! It’s exciting that Dale and his merry men (and women) are delivering BMX in a package to a new generation of potential BMX racers who may not have had exposure to BMX any other way.

Check out latest video from DHR’s “BMX Pro for a Week” summer camps.

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