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Introducing 2woninenine Custom Sportswear Company

I started looking for someone who could manufacture a jersey in less that three weeks. It’s been unheard of in the past, I’ve never received a custom jersey in less than six weeks. In fact most jersey manufacturers state it will be a minimum of six weeks turn around. ┬áThat’s when I stumbled across 2woninenine, it’s easier to remember as 299, or as I like to remember it “2woooninenine because they put the wooo back into BMX.”

2woninenine are a small custom sportswear company┬áspecialising in short run or even one off jerseys. They do it fast and at great prices. On top of that they are BMXers and they are very easy to deal with. Many of you would have heard of Hayden Fletcher, I’ve known him since he was about seven years old so it’s hard to think of him being involved in a business, well he’s teamed up with BMXing dad Adam Baker. They are based in Victoria’s high country, a fair way from Melbourne, but the distance doesn’t pose a problem.

I’ve had the 2wo of them (see what I did there?) put together some team jerseys for a couple of the teams I look after and have been very happy with the results. Adam has a good eye for design and will offer suggestions to improve anything you might already have designed. He’s also turned around designs that have been signed off for print within hours while I’ve experienced others draggin the process out to days or even longer. With the latest team jerseys I had him work on he also matched a plate decal to compliment the jersey.

When I got wind that they were also getting into┬ádeveloping new range of race pants and shorts, which should be available soon, I asked about custom printing pants to match jerseys. The only other company that I could find that does a complete custom design internationally was Potter Racing in the USA. While I’m sure they do a great job of it I like to support local businesses. We are still working on the pants project but what they have been able to come up with so far has been pretty exciting. More on that when they are finished.

If you have a one off or team jerseys you are looking to get printed make sure you try 2wooooooninenine on Facebook

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