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Jerry Landrum/BMXMania.com Call It A Day

I was saddened by the news on BMXMania.com yesterday that Jerry Landrum was pulling the pin on BMXMania.com and calling it a day.

I have been friends with Jerry for many of the years that Mania has been operating. Both BMXMania. and bmxultra.com have been running since 1996. I think it was in 1997 that I started talking to Jerry and before long we were helping each other and collaborating in many ways. In 2000 I had a USA summer racing tour planned and of course Jerry was there every step of the way helping with airport pick up, car hire, accommodation, somewhere to sit at the track and introducing me to people who would become part of my wider BMX family. We’d caught up a few times over the years when our paths crossed and had long conversations and many laughs about BMX, websites, and life in general.

It’s a sad thought that I may never bump into him at a race in the future.

Thanks for everything Jerry, bmxultra.com owes you more than you will ever know.

Here’s the official announcement from BMXMania.com

A Note From BMXmania.com Web Dude, Jerry Landrum

I will always be a BMXer…..and I never thought that I’d be writing this, but I am saying Goodbye and Thanks to the fine sport of BMX Racing that I have loved, raced and ridden since 1985 and reported on and lived through BMXmania.com since 1996.

It’s been an honor to have been involved in this awesome, crazy sport from the grass roots to the Olympics and destinations in between. I have many great memories of my time on and around the world’s BMX tracks and send much love to my many friends that I have made through my involvement over three decades.

I’ve still got my Ssquared cruiser dialed in and will make sporadic trips to my local track at the Indy Cycloplex because I will ALWAYS love riding my BMX, and I do have a couple of projects to finish up before I hang up my BMX photo gear for good, but for the most part my full time involvement in BMXing has come to an end. (Unless, of course, someone out there needs a grubby BMX Photo Bum to take some Happy Snaps, let me know…..I can be bought!)

BMXmania,com will still occupy this space on the internet since there are a lot of BMX Memories contained herein, so stop by sometime and check out what there is to see, ride hardwear your helmet and Watch The Lights!.



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