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Product Spotlight: Ciari Crossbow Handlebars

Just when I started to think that branding on BMX handlebars was getting a little bland I cam across the Ciari Crossbow handle bars. They appear to have a nice retro moto look about them, which makes them stand out from the crowd, it also helps that they are well presented on a very slick website. The only problem with that, I found, was I had to go hunting to find all the information about them. The geometry was the hardest, so I threw it in with all the other features to save you the leg work.

Manufacturers Description

Like the famous genoese crossbowmen whose accuracy and force were feared throughout the land, you will always be ready to fire with this incredibly light and ultra- stiff handlebar.  Take aim with the responsive crossbow and let your bike fly!


  • Made from 4130 seamless and fully heat-treated chromoly tubing
  • Multiple butted design for maximum strength to weight ratio
  • Oval crossbar for added stiffness and responsiveness
  • Colours:
    • Black
    • White
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Chrome
  • Sizes:
    • CR650 (Expert XL) 6.5”
    • CR775 (Pro Junior) 7.75”
    • CR800 (Pro) 8”
    • CR850 (Pro XL) 8.50”
    • CR575 (Pro Cruiser) 5.75”
HeightWidthBack sweepUp sweepWeight
5.50″26″669 g
5.75″28.3″10°3.5°687 g
6.50″26″649 g
7.75″28″11°719 g
8″28″10°720 g
8.5″28″10°730 g

Ciari is distributed across Australia by BMXEDGE, see their website at bmxedge.com.au/ciari_parts.php for more details.

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