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Product Spotlight: CycleCraft cromo frames

I get pretty excited about new products, and cromo frames, so when I hear about new cromo frames…well let’s just say I get so excited I put on my favourite 80’s rock tunes, my favourite undies and slide around my lounge room floor in my socks.

Cromo isn’t new to BMX but it is to the newer generation of BMX racers. While they might turn up their noses at this old school material they sadly may never experience the feel of the ride of a cromo frame if not for companies like CycleCraft keeping it alive.

Anyway enough from me.

Check this out (pulled from CycleCraft’s Facebook page ).

Some of you have been asking for our new CycleCraft Chromoly frames in sizes other than our first production runs which were Pro Cruiser and ProXL.

We are about to begin a new production run for Chromoly frames and for those of you that didn’t get a Chromoly frame yet, we are taking special pre-orders for your specific size request.

Sizes can include Pro (20.75″ top tube), Pro XL (21.25″ top tube), Pro XXL (21.75″ top tube), Pro Cruiser (21.5″ top tube) and Cruiser XL (22″┬átop tube).

If you need a size other than listed above please contact us by email, at info@cyclecraftbmx.com.

Specs for geometry are the same as our aluminum frames so check our specs chart.

Seat post size is 27.2mm and clamp size is 32mm.

Standard colors are clear over raw, and flat black, but since we are known for lots of colors, specific custom colors can be arranged. Pricing is $449, plus shipping. Production orders will be placed as soon as possible so don’t miss out on this opportunity! All ordering and information contact us at info@cyclecraftbmx.com right away.

Find out more about CycleCraft at www.cyclecraftbmx.com

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