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S&M To Celebrate 30 Years in BMX

BMX stalwart, S&M bikes, are celebrating 30 years in BMX this weekend.

30 years is a freakin’ long time to be in business. A big congrats to Chris and his crew!

Extract from the history page on the S&M site

Founded mid 1987 by friends Greg “Scott” Swingrover and Chris “Mad Dog” Moeller, S&M Bikes was created to craft BMX bikes that could handle the use and abuse the founders and their friends were dishing out.

In early 1987, a then 16-year-old “Mad Dog,” was causing a ruckus in the race scene and working as a test-rider for BMX Action Magazine. In other words, coming across plenty of products that left a lot to be desired. Swingrover, 19, was racing and dirt jumping while working at South Coast Bike Shop in Santa Ana, California. By the summer of 1987 the two decided to go into business with their own frame and fork – the K-9 D-Zine.

According to Moeller, their first offering was a mishmash of his three favorite frames at the time: “We worked from a Profile, my custom team-issued Privateer and a Robinson. It added up to a frame that could be raced well and ridden hard at the trails or on the street without falling apart. We just designed a cool bike for ourselves, gathered money and made two framesets. Our friends wanted them too, so we had 25 framesets made.”

Read the rest at www.sandmbikes.com/about-sm/

Check out the website at www.sandmbikes.com and follow the social media links to see just how they’ll be celebrating.

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