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Supercross Announce Bubba Harris Signature Sprint Cromo Complete

Supercross BMX announced today they are relaunching the Sprint range of bikes only this time around they will display the Bubba Harris signature. Although Bubba is running a whole lot more clinics these days than racing the 3 time ABA Pro Champion still has some pull. There’s not a whole lot of information just yet, but you can be sure there will be a lot more as the Bubba Harris Signature Sprint series reaches it’s launch date. It sounds like the range of cromo bikes might coincide with the launch of a new cromo frame, the first since the limited edition 450z was released nearly 3 years ago.

Available Summer of 2017

The Supercross BMX Bubba Harris Signature Sprint Complete is the fastest way to get started on your journey in BMX.

The Supercross BMX “Sprint” Bubba Harris signature complete bike is geared towards helping you get on the track for the first time, and start you down the path of your BMX career. With a durable lightweight and strong, 4130 Cro-mo Race Frame. And that lightweight durable Cro-mo frame shares the same race winning geometry as the World Championship winning ENVY Race Frames. It will be the best way to start your journey around the BMX track.

Wrapped around that durable Cro-mo Supercross BMX race frame, we are giving you a collection of components that will help you win. Sealed Bearing Integrated Headsets, Alloy Rims, Euro BB Shell’s, 3pc cranks, alloy V-Brakes, and Kenda Tires. All key features that you will find on any performance bike.

The Supercross Sprint is available in 8 sizes from Micro to Pro 24″ cruiser, so you can get out on the track regardless of your age and size.

Supercross BMX Sprint Race Frame Geometry Chart

Size A B C D E Post Size Fork
Wheel Size Gearing / Crank Length
Micro 16.75″ 12.0″ 72º 70º 10.3″ 22.2mm 1 Threadless 18 X 1 38/14 – 130mm Crank
Mini 17.5″ 12.25″ 72º 70º 10.7″ 22.2mm 1 Threadless 20 X 1 36/14 – 145mm Crank
Jr. 18.5″ 12.5″ 73.5º 70º 10.7″ 22.2mm 1 Threadless 20 X 1 1/8 36/14 – 155mm Crank
Expert 19.5″ 13.75″ 74º 70º 11.2″ 22.2mm 1 Threadless 20 X 1 3/8 37/14 – 165mm Crank
Expert XL 20″ 14.0″ 74º 70º 11.2″ 22.2mm 1 Threadless 20×1 3/8″ 37/14 – 170mm Crank
Pro 20.5″ 15.0″ 74.5º 70º 11.6″ 27.2mm 1 1/8″ Threadless 20 X 1.75 43/16 – 175mm Crank
Pro XL 21.25″ 15.2″ 74.5º 70º 11.6″ 27.2mm 1 1/8″ Threadless 20 X 1.75 43/16 – 175mm Crank
Pro 24″ 21.5″ 15.3″ 73.5º 70º 11.6″ 27.2mm 1 1/8″ Threadless 24 X 1.75 41/18 -175mm Crank

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It’s coming this summer….. learn the details on Rail The Berm The Bicycle Motocross Show with Bubba today.

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