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The bmxultra.com BMX Gear Calculator App Updates Coming

bmxultra.com developed a gear calculator many many moons ago, it has been quite popular among the BMX racing community, even to a point where others would offer money to brand it as their own for their own websites.

We often hear from BMX racer’s around the world asking us to add new tires, for certain new features, and other updates. And we listen but with the development costs and trying to find time with our developer that can be a drawn out process.

OK BMXers it’s time. We have a number of updates planned, one of which is currently waiting for approval.

Many of you know we have a free online version of the App. And it’s compatible with any device with a browser. While people think it should be secondary to the App it’s our main focus. The app was created so iPhone/iPad users could have an offline version.

We have made a bunch of changes with our online version since the app was updated. Including new tires, and the ability to save multiple bikes which is a great feature for people using more than one bike, especially families.

The first release though is to bring the app up to date, more changes will come soon.

Check out the online version here bmxultra.com/gear-calculator/ you can follow the links to the App.

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