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We Talk About BSX on Rail The Berm Mini Show

Brad and his motley crew at Rail The Berm have been talking about BSX on and off since their show first started. They got most of the details right, but when I was invited to my first RTB mini show I thought I’d give a more in depth background of what the event is all about why we put it on. The mini show goes for about nine minutes and worth checking out, along with their long shows which are released weekly.

It looks like we will have a regular gig getting on RTB’s mini show line up every two weeks and generally talking about products…and other fun stuff.

Click the link below for my first show titled “Shane Jenkins of bmxultra.com is full of B.S.(X). As well, for those that don’t know carbon is cool. Just, ask Shane.”


Thanks to RTB for the opportunity.

Check out  railtheberm.com for more information.

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