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31/01 The Track Attack report
The Track Attack series is 6 events on 6 Melbourne tracks in 9 days, held over the Australian summer holiday period. This year was the third running, but each year organisers haven't quite cashed in. The Track Attack races generate national and international interest, not because of prize money but because riders can holiday and enjoy some top class racing. This year would be considered one of the best attended of the three years so far, but it was still not enough to draw the support of the hundreds of registered Victorian riders, which is possibly due to the late release of details and entry forms (about 3 weeks before the event).
The pro classes were well supported with many interstate riders in each of the classes there were about two gates of AA Men and Pro women and about 4 gates of A Pro for each event.
Day 1 (Saturday).
I didn't attend Lilydale, but my spys for the day tell me the track simply wasn't up to par, the surface was loose and the last corner was just crazy. Highlights of the meeting were David Page taking out the A Pro class in his first ever appearance in the class, and John Johnston (Felt) again taking out the AA Pro class after a close race to the line down the last straight where Luke Madill (Norco)was hot on his tail and went down. In the Pro women Emma Franklin (O'Neal) took the win.
Day 2 (Sunday).
South Eastern was looking in great shape and the weather was perfect. BMXUltra.com's Shane Jenkins took out the Vet Pro cruiser (bruiser cruiser). Jonathan Hoare (KHS) took the win in A Pro. In AA Pro Simon Anderson and Michael Fenwick (Specialized) went down in the first corner in the final, Madill took the win, Johnston in second and ScottTaylorBMX.com in third. In Pro women it was Tanya Bailey (Cassap) for the win.
Day 3 (Tuesday).
Knox was another one I didn't attend, the spys we out again. Jonathan Hoare took another win in the A Pro class, 30-34 rider Wayne Flint made his first A pro final for the series. AA Pro, Madill Crashes again, Michael Robinson (GT) takes the win from John Johnston and Fenwick third. Melissa Mankowski (Crupi) took first in the Pro Women.
That's it for now, part 2 coming soon.

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30/01 BMX Australia Press Release - Robinson wins 2nd Round of UCI-BMX World
Ranking series

UCI World Ranking Series, Round 2 , Melbourne.
There was an uneasiness surrounding the running of the 2nd round at Park Orchards BMX track in Melbourne due to the extreme fire dangers and bushfires in the area and the promise of temperatures above 113 F degrees (45 Celcius) for the day's racing.

The UCI Ranking event was hotly contested, and a quality field with riders of the calibre of Wade Bootes, "Tiger" Robinson, Johnno Johnson, Darren Hawkins, Tony Harvey, and the welcome return after a serious injury of "Dr Smooth" Luke Madill had assembled to do battle. The main final was electric with Bootes not getting the best of starts and possibly feeling the after effects of some heavy training and racing with the Australian Track team. Tiger was dictating the race from the front
position with Johnson trying to find a way past. Bootes took the inside line which took him up to the leaders and also Madill with whom he had a drag race in the finish straight. End result, Robinson, Johnson, Bootes, Madill, Harvey, Hawkins, Scotty Taylor, and Mark Taylor in that order.
Missing from the meet was Kamakasi who had returned to the States for the 2003 race season. He vowed to return to contest the Nationals in Adelaide so that he can remain in the point score hunt.

The Women's class was again combined after a disappointing turnout and Tanya Bailey, who travelled some 3000 miles to attend the event showed her class and experience over the up and coming juniors, Makara Martin and Emma Franklin.

Junior men was a keenly contested event with a number of local juniors from Victoria coming into prominence. As in the first round, there was Michael Fenwick first, Brain Kirkham second and daylight third. These two have a huge future in the pro ranks and potential sponsors would do well to note these two. James Hollings and Dean Beerens demonstrated that they want to be part of the next generation of pros with handy performances.

So much for the hot weather. Round 3 of the series will be in Canberra on Sunday March 9, where 518 homes were destroyed in the recent firestorm that hit the city and also the home of BMX stalwart and ACTBMX.Com maestro Laurie Buchanan. The Tuggeranong BMX track facilities were also badly damaged but the club officials have assured all that the track will be back in perfect working condition for the event.
We wish these guys the best and hope the meet is well supported to honour their courage.

Junior Men
1st Michael Fenwick
2nd Brian Kirkham
3rd James Hollings
4th Dean Beerens
5th Levi Collins
6th Dean Miller
7th Darryn Walker
8th Brock Tuckerman
9th Ken Babington
10th Kristian Mills

Elite Women
1st Tanya Bailey
2nd Makara Martin (JE)
3rd Emma Franklin (JE)

Elite Men
1st Michael Robinson
2nd John Johnson
3rd Wade Bootes
4th Luke Madill
5th Anthony Harvey
6th Darren Hawkins
7th Scott Taylor
8th Mark Taylor
9th Luke Pretlove
10th Daniel Johnstone
10th Craig Sainsbury

Wichita, KS - Factory Phantom Racing made the journey to the ABA's Mid-America Nationals in Wichita, Kansas in search of some great competition and team points. The weekend featured some stellar performances by the up-and-coming team. Most notable were 6x Sean Gaian's double on Saturday in class and open and 16x Mike Lundy's double-double in class and cruiser. Other wins included 8x Chad Kerley winning open both days, 11 Girl Shelbi Long winning class both days, Eric Elliott's win in 26-30 cruiser on Sunday, and team manager Will Rells' win in 31-35 cruiser on Saturday. The team finished up 3rd on Saturday, just 5 points behind tied Staats and Answer/Pro-Concept teams. On Sunday, the team powered to a 2nd place finish right on the heels of Answer/Pro-Concept.

Results: Jacob Abbe - 6x - two 3rds, 6 & under open - 3rd and 2nd; Sean Gaian - 6x -1st and 2nd, 6 & under open - 2nd and 3rd; Chad Kerley - 8x - two 2nds, 7-8 open - two 1sts; Brandon Schreuder - 10x - 3rd and 5th, 10 Cruiser - 2nd and 8th; Shelbi Long - 11 Girls - two 1sts, 11-12 Mixed Open - two 2nds; Aaron Petrille - 12x - 4th and 6th, 12 cruiser - 6th & 5th; Nic Long - 13x - 6th and 4th, 13 Cruiser - two 3rds; Chris Raza - 15x - 5th and 3rd; Mike Lundy - 16x - two 1sts, 16 Cruiser, two 1sts; Rakay Robinson - 17 Girls - two 5ths, 17-20 Girls Cruiser - two 3rds, Eric Elliott - 28-35x - 2nd and 3rd, 26-30 Cruiser - 7th and 1st; Will Rells - 31-35 Cruiser - 1st and 8th. Team scores: Saturday - 3rd place; Sunday - 2nd place.
Next ABA National: Shelbyville, Tennessee.

29/01 Track Attack results
I'm still looking for time to write a summary on the Track Series. For now here are all the results from Melbourne's week of racing.
South Eastern
Park Orchards
Teams result
Series points

29/01 Apologies to Darren Hawkins
Darren Hawkins has been one of Australia's highest ranking pro riders for over 10 years, he is a long time friend of mine, a frequent visitor and a contributor to BMXUltra.com. When I posted the response to him from John Leary yesterday I had no idea that it was a personal attack on Darren. On behalf of BMXUltra.com I would like to apologise to Darren.
I am both discusted and disappointed that the Vice President or even a representative of BMX Australia would stoop to such levels. When I found that BMX Australia were keen to put their points across, I thought it was great that they were actually taking an interest. But apparently in this case BMXUltra.com was a bused and used to drag the name of one of Australia's top riders through the mud.
BMXUltra.com was created in 1996 to voice the opinion of the riders and help to keep the riders informed with what's going on in the BMX world, and each article you read here is usually the result of numerous emails, with varying opinions from the riders.
I am reluctant to post any further emails from John Leary.
BMX A will not use BMXUltra.com to discredit the riders.
Instead of defaming the riders John why don't you help Graeme Arnold chase up the facts that the riders are still waiting to see?

Below is an email from Darren to John Leary

'I expressed my opinion as many other people have expressed theirs. However I feel there are some important issues or accusations Mr Leary is making in his response, which I have spoken directly with him over the telephone last night but I feel the public should know.

Response to each point
1) In my original article I was actually referring to all riders in the first half and just an example of what BMXA are doing with the with the UCI elite series in the second part. I know that the elite riders do not have to attend the nationals but the elite riders are only a small percentage of riders. Everybody else is being forced to attend if they wish the race the worlds.
2) The difference between an outdoor national in Melbourne and an indoor in Adelaide John is quiet simple THE COST.
3) Maybe it would be easier for the riders/parents to understand the increased costs associated with this year's nationals if the budget etc was distributed to the members of BMXA. As a qualified Accountant (who has been in public practice for a number of years) I know that my clients like to see facts and figures so maybe the members would like this too.
4) No problem I just asked a question and it is good to see that you are still involved with BMX at the grass roots level.
5) John I refer you to the UCI rulebook page 69 Appendix 5 PRIZE MONEY SCHEDULES. Each individual round of the UCI world ranking race is a UCI sanctioned race as per the international BMX calendar therefore according to the rulebook I have printed off today from the UCI website, the minimum prize money required is 2,250 Swiss Francs in elite men and 750 Swiss Francs in Elite Women. In regards to the Nerang BMX Club I have not mentioned them previously so I don't know why John did, Nerang BMX is a great club who successfully host a major BMX event each year. The clubs are hosting the events BMXA is responsible for running the series. That is why Ray Stanley has been at each round so far, to make sure everything runs smoothly.
6) Again I don't understand why John made mention of this because it has nothing to do with the running of the UCI series, a senior elite rider has also acquired sponsorship from Red Bull for some races in NSW. It is good to see corporate interest outside BMX being generated.
7) Did not have an issue with the BMX worlds just an issue with the increased costs of the nationals.
8) This point was very interesting and again has nothing to do with my article however I rang John last night and asked him to explain what he was trying to imply. All that he could tell me was "that he did not mention any rider's name." Well for those of you interested it was Darren Hawkins and the reason that I did not attend the drug test is because on the Friday of the World Championships I did not race cruiser and I was picked for a random test.
Riders are not permitted into the official area at the world championships and only the team manager and other senior officials are allowed. The BMXA officials Mr Alex Downey and Mr John Leary who where allowed into this area failed to notify me of the test. At a team meeting later addressed by Alex he mentioned this and apologised to me claiming it was entirely his fault so John please check yours facts before you publicly accuse somebody of such a serious offence, which was not their fault.
9) The second point regarding failure to attend the presentation. John as I did not make the finals I therefore was not required at the presentation. However I did approach the Australian officials and was advised my attendance was not required. It was not until another rider came back to the Australian team bus and he told me my name was being called. There are a number of people to verify my story so John again please check your facts before you publicly accuse somebody of any wrong doing.
10) I feel this point has nothing to with my article but in response John I was given $1500 for a trip that cost over $5000 which I was grateful for.
In conclusion John I feel that you owe me a public apology for point 8 of your article. Accusing somebody of not attending a drug test is a very serious accusation when it was actually the fault of Australian officials. The official has previously apologised for this error in a team meeting that you were not at. Anybody wishing to express his or her thoughts to me can contact me at darren0056@hotmail.com. As I feel a public slaying match is doing the sport of BMX no favours.

Any further discussion about this matter will be taken off-line.

28/01 Womens Masters cruisers and the UCI worlds
We received and email from a reader regarding the 18+ Womens cruiser class and qualification proceedures, eager to see the results I forwarded the email on to Australia's UCI representative Ray Stanley.

'In Victoria (and also around Aust) there are a few of us mums riding 30+ Womens Cruiser. However no class exists for us at the World titles. There is only a 19+ Women's Cruiser. (I'm not sure whether that means we will ride with elite cruiser women as well). However there are Master Classes for the mens cruiser. How would you recommend we go about lobbying for our own Master class for the Worlds. BMX Australia has said we can have our own 30+ class at the Nationals (if we get 9 entries), however this would mean we would not qualify for the Worlds because we have not raced 19+ W Cruiser at the Nationals to qualify. We think it's sexist and discriminatory, but BMX Aust reply is that UCI doesn't have sexist or discrimintory rules and it's run by them. There are probably even enough women to make a 25-29 Womens Cruiser class also.
Is it possible we could get a voting poll/petition happening on your web site to see how many women would prefer a Master's Class(es). I could then promote it to Victorian women and get them to sign it and see if we can get our own class happening.
As it stands a lot of the older women are pulling out as they see it as a waste of time/money racing the Nationals and Worlds if there is not a suitable class for them to compete in.
Petina Pert'

Attn : Petina

  • There are two women's cruiser classes offered at the world championships/challenge. These are the 18 and under, and 18+ Women's cruiser classes. They are both Challenge Competition Level. There are no cruiser classes offered for the women at Championship level.
  • The 18+ Women's cruiser class is offered only at challenge level and therefore mainly limited to competitors at this level and not to Championship (Elite) competitors. Section X.B.2b UCI Rules states that " A rider aged 19 years or over may choose to compete at either Elite or Challenge level…" and that this choice is made for the calendar year. We have defined this rule in Aust regional Applications to only affect riders in category 1-3 events during the year. However Elite riders over the age of 19 will not be allowed to ride challenge classes at the worlds.
  • The Aust Regional procedures Section 17.C.1 states " Riders classified 17-18 at an event have the option of competing in EITHER Challenge age and applicable cruiser class OR Championship classes. A rider aged 19 years or over may choose to compete at EITHER elite OR challenge level , namely in the appropriate age and gender group in 20" and/or cruiser for category 5-7 events.." It then states the above UCI rule regarding Cat 1-3 events.
  • It could therefore be possible under these rules for an 18 year old woman to compete in Junior Elite Championship as well as 18 and Over Women's cruiser at the Worlds but not at the Nationals as the UCI rules have not clearly stated that it has to be EITHER elite class OR challenge ( but not both even though it could be argued that the spirit of the rule reflects that of the Australian Interpretation). I have asked UCI to deal with this anomaly as well as the anomaly of not offering cruiser classes to women who ride championship level at the meeting being held at this point in time in Switzerland.
  • It is true that while BMXA could offer Master Classes for Women Cruiser at the Nationals, it would be doubtful whether the class would be fully subscribed to the minimum of 9 riders given that the World Championship classes have to be run so that qualification can occur, and in the event of a world championship class not being fully subscribed at the Nationals, the extra Australian classes would not be offered as per memo distributed at the weekend.
  • The lack of numbers worldwide in Women's classes is of concern to all administrators. It is not as wrongly quoted because UCI are lacking in equity or discrimination policies. It comes down to the numbers of competitors available for classes that initiate any change in the rules. The National Championships also require a minimum of 9 competitors for a class, but due to the fact that many of the female classes have not been subscribed fully for a number of years, we have had to introduce discretionary powers to the Event Management as to whether these classes can be run.
  • The protocol for lobbying the UCI is this. Firstly, there must be compelling evidence that the classes being lobbied for inclusion in the rules have a record of meeting the class requirements of the level of competition being sought. I have not been made aware of any particular classes other than those mentioned above, that can show evidence of being discriminated against, nor have clubs or states agendered such concerns to the National Officiating Committee (which consists of representatives from all states) other than those which were dealt with a couple of years ago and resulted in the introduction of the extra classes outlined in the Australian Regional Procedures. I am then able as the UCI -BMX Commissaire to present such evidence to the UCI-BMX Board and to the UCI Board of Management as rationale for rule amendment. Signed petitions do not equate to hard evidence and whilst I don't want to discourage or dismiss out of hand such an action, I would not be in a position to proceed further without some cold, hard facts.

I apologise for the length of my reply, but as you can see there are small anomalies that exist in the two sets of rules. It is these anomalies that forced the National Council to approve the format of the 2003 National Championships. 2004 should see some sort of normality return to the Nationals.

Ray Stanley
UCI Commissaire.'

'Hi Ray,
Many thanks for your detailed answer. I am still unsure whether if I race 30+ cruiser (assuming a class of 9 exists) at the Nationals whether I am able to race 18+ cruiser at the Worlds?

Is 18+ womens cruiser at the Worlds an open event (requiring no qualification)?

I am not sure what you mean by cold hard facts. Last year (2002) in Victoria alone at our State Titles we had 7 riders in 25-29 Women Cruiser and 4 riders in the 35-39 Women Cruiser ( a total of 11 Victorian riders). Since then there have been two more women riders begin racing in Victoria (who are fully licensed). I raced in Nerang in Jan 2003 and there were 3 Qld women there and there are at least 3 listed as QLD State Plate holders for 2003 for 25 & Over ladies cruiser. I raced in Mt Gambier last year and there were 2 women from SA also who are in 30-34 Ladies cruiser and they also raced at their SA State Titles in 2002. There are 4 women listed in Open Ladies Cruiser for WA State Titles 2002, but I am not sure of their ages.

There are at least 20 women racing in State Title level in Australia (from 4 states that I know of).

A lot of these women will be attending the Nationals and Worlds to watch their children, but due to a lot of misinformation and no class being advertised (i.e. 25 & over), a lot will not enter because of the advertised 19+ class.


OK so there's no resolution right now, hopefully Ray will have the answer to the qualifying for 18+ womens cruiser soon and maybe we could make a difference, if not this year, in the near future.
If you feel strongly about Womens cruiser classes, please send an email which includes your age class and where you are from and we will forward them on, you might want to send a copy to BMX Australia at bmxa@ocean.com.au as well.

28/01 RaceGirl Press release
The Racegirl/Anwser BMX Team Took 1st place in the trophy team category on Sunday and ninth on Saturday at the Mid America National in Wichita Kansas. 9 members of the Racegirl/Answer BMX Team made the journey to the cold country and all the girls made their main events.
The Racegirl/Answer BMX team wore their new practice jerseys on Sunday, (while waiting for the official jerseys to arrive) with Racegirl International, Answer, Sharp BMX products, and Lizard skins logos proudly displayed. Without their support we couldn't have done it.
In related news:
The Racegirl BMX league would also like to send out a very special and gracious thank you to THE HILL BMX track and Mark Knasko for their generous donation to the Racegirl BMX League. Thank you for believing in girls who race BMX!!! Check out the Website for more info on clinics near you..www.racegirlbmx.com

28/01 More on the swindle article
Dear BMX Ultra,
I would like to comment on Darren Hawkins e-mail 20/1
Darren's understanding in some areas is different to my own.
1. No elite rider and that includes Darren has to attend the Nationals in Adelaide to qualify for the Worlds. We are not forcing him to attend.
2. What difference would it make to a rider if the Nationals event was outdoors in Melbourne . Riders in Challenge classes still have to qualify to the Worlds. So how are we forcing riders to Adelaide.
3. BMXA agree that the payment of entry fees has been a culture shock to some and we are very conscious on how this will effect parents and riders. BMXA has re worked tickets to the event and has reduced ticket fees for under 8 year olds and children under 4 are now free.
BMXA National Championship budget has been costed carefully and checked
numerous times. It allows for a break even situation.
Yes there is Government funding but the funding alone only covers the track building. The venue hire comes from ticket sales and is not payable to BMXA until after the event is finalised and all matter including clean up are cleared by Adelaide entertainment centre. I would emphasise that BMXA had a clean up bill after the 1998 Worlds of over $8000. Therefore BMXA has made pre payments for venue and has to pay large amounts up front.
4. As a Board member of BMXA let me say I attend my local club with a son who still rides I also attend open meetings when possible. I do here things at grass root level. Some if it becomes personal and is quite offensive.
5. Darren was referred to UCI rules with regard to World ranking round by Ray Stanley and it's implications including money at the first round Nerang. It clearly states that there is no prize money other than for World and Continental winners . BMXA has chosen to add a small amount of prize
money down to 3rd place in Australia.
Darren also failed to say that entry in the UCI World Ranking round is free and that the Nerang Club paid out $1500 prize money to elite classes at the UCI event held at Nerang.
He also chose to forget that each UCI World Ranking round is held inside an event that offers good prizemoney for AA and A riders.
6. Darren and other senior elite riders competing at Nerang were told by Graham Arnold that the top 4 senior elite male riders in Australia in the UCI World Continental ranking's would be asked to compete against international invited riders in a special Red Bull event at the World Championships for $7000. By the way the ego hungry group especially it's President sought and got the sponsorship from Red Bull.
7 It is the same ego hungry group of people who have worked hard to gain the 2003 Worlds for Australia with BMX Sports WA and to bring an opportunity for the majority to attend the Worlds close to home. In fact it was one of our people Abe Schneider who proposed and got UCI BMX to approve home country riders level being lifted to 32 riders per class.
It is the same group who are currently working on a plan to get another Worlds in Australia within the next 5 years.
8. The same group saved an elite Australian rider from being disqualified for two years for not attending a mandatory drug test. And it is the same ego hungry group who supported the same rider who failed to attend presentation at the 2002 worlds causing UCIBMX and BMXA embarrassment. UCI BMX initially refused to send a cheque for the embarrassment it caused.
9. It is the same ego hungry group who have in previous years financially supported Darren and other elite riders to attend World Championships.

John Leary
Board Member BMXA

28/01 2003 UCI-BMX World Championships press release
2003 Worlds Visual Presentation Package announced
BMX Australia has confirmed the appointment of Eurocam Productions as the provider for a wide range of visual support for the forthcoming 2003 UCI-BMX World Championships in Perth, Western Australia.
The preliminary schedule is listed, with some bookings yet to be confirmed.
Ten Network - Australia
Fox Sports Network - Australia
Fox Sports International, Sky Sports UK, Sky Sports NZ, Trans World Sports, SNTV, Reuters, SABC South Africa, J Sky Sports Japan, Pathe Sport Sport ( Europe)
Sportsbrand Media, JCS Israel, Teledeporte.
Eurocam Productions will also coordinate the new 2003 Worlds website
www.bmxaustralia.com.au/2003worlds/2003worlds.html and implement webstreaming of Elite Class finals. The infrastructure will include full OB multi camera coverage, Video News releases, post production highlights and the prparation, distribution and marketing of a 1 hour highlights program.
Eurocam Productions have produced and marketed such recent events as the Australian Beach Volleyball series, Rampant SK8 TV & Web, Red Bull City Moto X-Darling Harbour, Coca Cola Margaret River masters, Red Bull Air Raid Ski/Snowboard, FINA World Cup Watepolo, Yamaha Formulka Xtreme Tri State, Red Bull Mountain Bike Ride ...and many more

28/01 GT Australia Press release: Tiger wins!
Michael (Tiger) Robinson wins Round 2 of the UCI World Ranking Series.
Michael Robinson has had a great start to his UCI points, after a good finish at Nerang with a 4th, Tiger has come to Park Orchards in Victoria, and with great style has won the UCI round 2 final.
Tiger will be contesting as many rounds as possible and will be in Adelaide to contest the Australian Indoor Nationals.
Also, Sunday night at the Gold cup awards Tiger won the Riders rider award.
Well done Tiger, from GT bikes
Tigers sponsors are:
GT Bicycles, Arnette, Troy Lee designs, Profile racing, ACS, Odi grips & Dirt Designs.

28/01 BMX Australia memo regarding classes at the 2003 national championships
The Event Management Group has decided to run "unofficial" classes at the 2003 National Championships. These classes as per table are not UCI endorsed and will only be conducted if the corresponding UCI class is fully subscribed. Undersubscribed classes will be combined with a UCI class only. In the event that a UCI class is fully subscribed (nine paid entries) but less than 32 riders who did not compete in a qualifying class will not be permitted to "top up" the class.
Eg: 8 - 10 cruiser = 15 entries 12 & Under cruiser = 15 entries
Only the 12 & under cruiser riders will qualify (15) providing they compete at the 2003 national championships for the 2003 world championships. 8 - 10 cruiser will not be permitted to enter the 12 & under at the world championships.
Finally we have received some queries regarding certain classes and qualification. The following information is to assist you to clarify some of the statements made in the National BMX Championships event flyer /nomination form regarding qualification to some classes at the World Championships/Challenge.
1. Riders aged 17 or 18 years of age 2003
SECTION IV.G paragraph 1.a of the UCI BMX rules (refer to www.uci.ch) states that at the Championship level Elite and Junior class riders" may be entered without limitation".
This means that riders entering the 17B, 18B, 17G,and 18G Challenge classes at the National BMX Championships may nominate for Junior Men or Junior Women classes for the World Championship/Challenge as there is no corresponding Challenge classes offered at the World BMX Championship/Challenge and further that riders in the Junior and Elite classes can be entered without limitation or qualification.
It should be noted that these classes at the National Championships may only be run if 9 paid Junior Elite Men & Women entries are received by the closing date of Wednesday 12th March 2003. The championship classes are the pinnacle classes and must be run even if the corresponding challenge classes are fully subscribed.
2. 19+ Ladies
There are no corresponding 19+ Women 20" Challenge classes offered by UCI at the World Championships/Challenge. However as the Elite classes for men and women at the World Championships/Challenge can be entered without limitation, riders in the 19+ Women 20" classes at the National BMX Championships (Cat 4) may enter this class at the World Championship/Challenge without limitation or qualification.
3. Championships Riders - UCI Ranking Points
Riders who have competed in the UCI Ranking (Cat 3) events may only enter the Elite Classes at the National Championships. International ranking points apply to the 2 days of racing at the National Championships.
It should be noted that these classes at the National Championships may only be run if 9 paid Elite Womens' Class entries are received by the closing date of Wednesday 12th March 2003. The championship classes are the pinnacle classes and must be run even if the corresponding challenge classes are fully subscribed.
4. 19+ Challenge Men 20" and Masters Classes 24"Cruiser
The Challenge Men 19+ class at the World Championships/Challenge may be entered without limitation or qualification. (Sect IV.G par b).
20" Mens classes 25-29,30-34,35-39,40-44,45-49,50+ will subsequently be offered at the National BMX Championships 2003. However there are no corresponding 20" classes at the World Championships/Challenge. Riders in these 20" age classes may enter the 19+ Challenge Men class at the World Championship/Challenge without limitation or qualification.
24" Masters Cruiser classes must qualify at the 2003 National BMX Championships for Master Cruisers at the World Championships/Challenge.
5. Ladies Cruiser
A ladies master cruiser class will be offered at the 2003 National Championships and may only be run if 9 paid 19 & over Ladies cruiser entries are received b the closing date of Wednesday 12th March 2003 as the qualifying class for the world championships must be run in order to qualify the top 32. As there is no corresponding class offered by UCI at the World Championships ladies competing in this masters class DO NOT qualify for the world championships. Ladies must compete in the 18 & over Ladies Cruiser and qualify in the top 32.
6. 8 - 10 Cruiser
An 8 - 10 year cruiser class will be offered at the 2003 National Championships and may only be run if 9 paid 12& Under Cruiser class entries are received by the closing date of Wednesday 12th March 2003 as the qualifying class for the world championships must be run in order to qualify the top 32. As there is no corresponding class at the World Championships riders competing in the 8 - 10 cruiser class DO NOT qualify for the world championships. Riders must compete in the 12 & Under Cruiser and qualify in the top 32.
7. Change My Entry
Competitors will be permitted to change their pre-entered class providing it is received in writing no later than close of business Wednesday 12th March 2003. No change of class will be permitted after this date or at registration.
We hope that this memo will help clarify your choices for 2003 and hope that you achieve your goals in BMX this year.
Spectator Fees
The prices for spectators is as follows;- BASS call 131246
Adults $66.00 series ticket (5 days) + booking fee.
Children Under 5 - 8 $44.00 series ticket (5 days) + booking fee.
Children Under 4 Free
Daily Ticket $35.00 Adults & Children
COMPETITORS - entry to the venue is included in the national entry fee and is valid for 5 days, EVEN IF YOU ONLY COMPETE FOR 2 DAYS.
Championship Level - 4 classes
Elite Men 19 & over Elite Women 19 & over
Junior Men 17 - 18 Junior Women 17 - 18
Challenge Classes - 22 classes
Boys 5 & 6, 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16;
Girls 5 - 7, 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16;
Men 19 & over
Cruiser Classes
Championship Classes - 2 classes
Elite Cruiser Junior Classes
Challenge Cruiser - 8 classes
12 & under, 13 & 14, 15 & 16, 19-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45+
Women's Cruiser - 2 classes
18 & under
19 & over
8 - 10 cruiser, Ladies masters cruiser.
25-29M, 30-34M, 35-39M, 40-44M, 45-49M, 50+M. May only enter 19+ Challenge (refer to memo above).

Enquires: Phone (03) 9654-2790 B.H. Fax (03) 9654-2310 Email: bmxa@ocean.com.au

27/01 BMXPress Gold Cup winners announced
Last night in Melbourne BMX Press magazine had it's third Gold Cup Awards. It was attended by some of the biggest names in Australian BMX both on the track and off.
Khalen Young won rookie pro of the year and announced that he'll be riding for Elite Cycle Imports/Pro Concept for 2003.
Norco's Luke Madill took out the Male Pro rider of the year, he announced that he'll be with Norco for at least another year.
Kerrie-Lee Lucas looked surprised and was speechless when she was awarded Female pro of the year. She has been on Redline for many years but has been riding in GT colours throughout the Track Attack series, more about that when we get the full details.
Norco won the bike of the year and Redline took the team of the year.
Kamakazi won the international rider award.
The riders rider award, as voted by the Australian BMX Pros, went to GT's Michael Robinson.
When the awards were over a couple of the pro riders got up to thank Warwick Wheeler and all his efforts through his magazine and TV show which was great to see.
The night was finished off with former BMXer Xavier Millis (Weapon X) entertaining the crowds with his rap performance. Look out Eminem. The grand finale was bigger brother Julian Millis fronting the hard hitting punk/metal band the Deadthings. Long live the Deadthings.

24/01 NBA Press release response
Apparently there are some people out there who think it not possible to start a sucessful BMX body while BMX Australia is still running (do you think that McDonalds would have told Burger King that they won't succeed?), and there would be no chance the members would be able to ride at UCI or international level...don't they remember that the ABA also has a world championships?
I'm not going to post any more responses to politically based articles for a while, particularly press releases that I didn't write, because there is a lot of good racing going on in my home town right now. The Track Attack series started last weekend, and I haven't had any time to report on it. That and the organisers haven't fulfilled their promise of sending me the full results. And you'd be interested to know there is still no "facts" supplied by BMX Australia's president Graeme Arnold (RE the swindle article). I'm glad there are people like Ray Stanley on the Board of BMX Australia that are happy to keep us informed. (Sorry folks that was a little bit unprofessional wasn't it? That's because I don't get paid to do this website, wow I guess that means I'm not a professional reporter after all, just some Geek with a computer and an opinion and 21+ Years of experience with racing in Australia and internationally. BMXUltra exists to get news to the riders and allow them to voice their own opinions openly without censorship.

'The press release detailing the formation of a new association would be great except for a few things.
The mathematics detailing costs and benefits do not take into consideration Public Liability, Risk Management, or Insurance costs which has driven some 30% of sports to the wall. The right to protest is not a right. It was a rule subject to abuse as any thing else. Fact is that the rules must reflect the international rules and not be in contravention of it. There is no rider protest in international BMX for judgement decisions. name me a sport in which this exists. The answer is simple, the structure is already there, just stand at the next election and get voted in. My guess is that you've tried that already and failed. Get real, if you want change, then get involved. Your efforts to surplant an existing an recognised (by Government and UCI and IOC) association will only live as long as people are told the truth of what will happen to their nomination to ride in a State, Australian or International Championship. You obviously don't have the facts of what is happening in the USA with the NBA and ABA or else you would not be peeing into the wind.

Ray Stanley - UCI rep BMX Australia' - I think you mean NBL and ABA right?

'Just wanted to put my 2 cents into the discussion about the new association.
Firstly, this is a great idea to further BMX in Australia. Even if the NBA folds after 2 yrs, the competiton alone would (hopefully) make BMXA get off their arse and do something constructive.
The ways you have outlined on payment of membership fees is really unique, and a great idea to start with. However, I have a coulpe of concerns. Firstly, I dont know how we can expect to grow the rider count expecting riders and their families to make such a large outlay at the start of the year. I know first hand, when I started as a 12 year old, my mum would have no way to pay $100+ at the start of the year to pay my entry fees. Neither did I. However, if I had the opportunity to pay as I go, I would have the ability to earn my money throughout the year and pay then. I think BMX is already regarded way to much by the layperson to be an extremely expensive sport, far much more than say footy, soccer, etc, to have an extra $100 added to it, albeit they will receive the benefits later, I think it may be hard to sell people on this idea. My ideas? Maybe to offer a payment plan, or break it down into maybe, 2, 3 or 4 smaller fees. Maybe you could offer say, $50 a year to pay strictly for locals, and another separate payment of $50 for open races.
I don't know about cutting down the number of clubs either. I think we are very blessed in Australia to have a great number of clubs per capita. California is one thing, but in Tennessee, I have to travel 1 & 1/2 hours to my nearest track. Why would I want to race, or why would my parents be willing to drive me that far if I was a kid? My idea would be to group tracks into regions or districts. Then have those tracks in that district work together on racing on different days and nights, much like Adelaide is where Cross Keys races Wed nights, Happy Valley Friday nights, Tea Tree Gully Saturdays and The Cove on Sunday (I dont know if thats the way it is now, but it used to be like that at one stage). This would allow for all the riders in that one area to race at all four locations, in turn building rider counts at each track.
Obviously a National series is crucial for development of sponsors and other corporate funding. We have to be careful though of not totally disregarding the small clubs, as has happened over here, where the local programmes are stuggling as the National series' are too huge. Also, I think promotion at the local level is really badly needed. As a larger association, the NBA could acquire funding from the government to then distribute to local clubs to use in promotions. Demos at schools would help also. Maybe a school based series? That may be a little far fetched, but just an idea.
Anyway, like I said earlier, just my 2 cents on it. I didn't want to just criticise without offering alternatives, which I hope I have done. I figured these sorts of things have probably already been discussed, so this may be a little repetitive, but just some ideas.

Matt Burrows - Ex-patriot Aussie living and racing in the US'

'I am never one from stopping free enterprise.
The riders are whinging about paying $ 62.00 for a licence. Just ask the Presidents of some States.
By the way which Insurance company has quoted for Insurance? Not to mention the fact that the current Insurance Company will withdraw cover including that covering office bearers and coaches for tracks moving to NBA.
Hows your risk management plan? Insurance companies now require a sport to hold one . There are a number of sports in Australia now paying out nearly $20,000 to have one prepared. There is a good one for sale just ask Planet X.
What will happen to Federal Government funding . The ASC only recognises bodies with link to the peak sport body such as UCI BMX.
Are you going to risk elite riders funding to World Championships? I guess not they can carry two licences like they do in the USA .One costing $60 and the other $140.
The ASC is currently pushing sports with similar backgrounds to form only one association so that funding can be better utilised. This is now happening with Softball and Baseball.
As Ray has said get involved and get elected. It is best to change from within. BMXA welcome new blood and ideas. We don't disagree with some of your ideas in fact we welcome them.

John Leary' - Sorry John (whoever you are) I didn't write the press release, you need to direct it to NBA.

'Bring it on ! Anythings better than the bunch of beureacrates that have evolved into the national body over the last twenty odd years.
My parents were involved in the starting of BMXNSW and hence the supporting of the state delegates that worked towards the forming of the original national controlling body ABMXA. The same one that ran the '82 (i think) Australian titles in Melbourne with corporate sponsorship from Nestle' via Milo and well over 1000 entries if my memory serves me right. That was 1000 actual riders not counting doubling up of riders in extra classes. The titles events over the 80's were huge. my parents and those others that worked so hard to establish the sport for no pay but just with love and dedication to their children and this sport look at it now and wonder what the hell these so called BMXA executives are doing.
The original national and state controlling bodies were formed as I said above by non paid dedicated parents of children riding in a sport they lived for. Somewhere along the line after all the hard work was done along came the glory seeking individuals intent on making a name for themselves by taking credit for all that work done by others in the past. They layed claim to corporate titles that they themselve created within what now had become a corporate structured monster and lost all touch with the sports roots, kids racing BMX bikes. Hell, as has been said before by others, when was the last time you saw the BMXA president or others attend an open meeting, even when there's a number run within a short drive of his own home. A lot of these peoples kids haven't ridden and/or they haven't riden or been near a BMX track in Australia other than the token appearance at the Nationals for years.
The only way to get it to work is to go back to how it all started. People working because of the love for their kids and/or the love of the sport. All positions to be of an Honourary nature with the only renumeration being the refunding of approved expenses. People who hold positions on the board and on staff to have a background of active involvement in the BMX. (Including coaching staff ) This is how the clubs started, then the state bodies and hence the national body started.
You cut off a trees roots it withers, dies and fall over. Don't let the same happen to this great sport!

Wayne Strachan.'

23/01 National Bicycle Association Press release
This article is to determine interest in the formation of a new Australian BMX association to benefit current and new riders in the sport.
There is no intention to damage the sport in anyway, however competition between associations can only pressure the governing bodies to act in the best interest of the participants and the sport in general.
Listed below are starting points for discussion.
We believe the annual licence fee should be approx. $140.00 with a portion of this amount going back towards the administration of the clubs.
Your current licence fee per annum with a membership fee of $10.00 per anum (Victoria) and a levey of $2.00 per rider at open race meetings. (An average member rides 20 open race meetings per year). Your club membership fee is approx. $25.00 per year, some a lot higher. The approx. amount you pay now is $137.00 per annum and what benefits your club receive from your contribution?
By restricting the number of clubs in Victoria, for example, to 9 instead of the current 22 and averaging 80 riders per club, the contribution to each club would be in excess of $4,0000 with no entry fee for club racing, another saving. This enables clubs to fundraise for prize and trophy money without fear of going into administration difficulties.
It should also keep entry fees to a minimum instead of the outrageous fees being asked at the moment, especially the state run events and this year the National Title Blackmail entry fee because the World Titles are in Australia in 2003. What happens in 2004?
Our intention is to come forward with a constitution that is understandable and straight forward, a Rule Book that is simple and easy to administer with no hidden meanings. We would also like to give back to the riders the right to protest, after all, they are the participants.
We are here for the sport and its participants, A NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.
If you have an opinion, now is the time to express it. Email it to webmaster@bmxultra.com and we'll make sure that the NBA see it.

22/01 BMX Australia news
Wade Bootes on line as 2003 Worlds International Ambassador.
BMX Australia has announced the release of the new UCI-BMX 2003 World Championships website
that has been created by Eurocam specifically for the event.
As part of the overall marketing plan, Wade Bootes, well known Australian AA Pro and UCI Mountain Bike World Cup champion , was flown to Perth to attend the State Government Media launch of the 2003 Events Corp WA Tourism campaign.
Bootes is featured in the Gallery section of the new site , and can be seen at a variety of well
known Perth tourist venues.
The new site also features details on the venue, the track, merchandise and a link to Quality Travel
for flight and accomodation bookings.
The magnificent Burswood Casino and Convention Centre is adjacent to the Burswood Superdome,
the venue for the week of racing, and has already been inundated by international teams who are
taking advantage of the favourable low currency exchange rates of the Australian dollar.
The new website is: www.bmxaustralia.com.au
Red Bull Energy for Worlds 2003.
The Event Manager for the 2003 UCI-BMX World Championships have confirmed the involvement of Red Bull , the internationally recognised market leader in energy drinks ,in a substantial sponsorship for the forthcoming Titles to be held in Perth , Western Australia.
Confirming the sponsorship, BMX Australia has advised that Red Bull will be involved in the mid week 2003 King of Dirt Titles, as well as the innovative Red Bull One on One Shoot-Out which will see select invites to the top 4 UCI ranked riders from each continent to contest a series of 2 man shootouts.
The Red Bull King of Dirt event will be held at the Burswood Superdome under lights on Wednesday 23rd July.
Prizemoney for the 2003 KOD will be Aus$10,000 , along with Aus$7,000 for the Shootout.
Riders currently contesting the various UCI Ranking Series around the world will be eligible for invitation to the 16 man Elite only Shootout.
Red Bull have provided substantial support for the overall week of BMX action in Perth, including the legendary Red Bull Finish Line arch , all competitor number plates prizemoney and a full promotional campaign which will include a dedicated event website and professional video package.
Well Known Canberra BMX family lose all
The recent fiece firestorm that engulfed the Australian Capital Territory has seen a massive 402 homes destroyed.
One of the casualties was the well known and regarded Buchanan family of Laurie, Gail, Caroline and Sam.
In a catastrophic morning of uncontrolled bush fires that swept down on the city in over 40degree celsius searing heat, they had little time to salvage anything from their Duffy home before it was totally destroyed. Laurie is best known for instituting and maintaining the www.actbmx.com.au website that is also used by BMX Australia as their Community Website for club contacts throughout Australia.
Graphic details on their escape can be read by accessing the website.
Knowing that the family was intending to attend both the 2003 Australian National Championships and the 2003 UCI-BMX World Championships in Perth, BMX Australia has rapidly re-issued the family with Rider Licenses at no cost, and has taken the initiative to offer to pay for the entry fees for the Buchanan family riders who will be competing at both events.
It is hoped that the wider BMX community in Australia will rally behind supporting the Buchanan family in their time of need. In other similar cases in the past, collections from the clubs have been gratefully received.
BMX Australia and all the various State and Club bodies wish them well and are grateful that they did not suffer any serious personal injuries.
At the same time, the Tuggeranong BMX track, the venue for the 3rd Round of the UCI-BMX Raning Series in March, suffered damage to their facilities. Club officials advises that they are still hopeful of conducting the event as key buildings on the site were left untouched.

21/01 UCI Rules at the Australian Championships
We asked Ray Stanley from BMX Australia why the Australian Championships would be run under UCI rules and how the riders attending can get a better understanding of the rules.

'The basic reason the nationals are being held under the UCI rules is twofold:
a) The Aust regional application classes do not align with the UCI world classes and for the purpose of qualifying to the worlds, riders have to enter the classes they wish to ride at the worlds. (THIS EXCLUDES ELITE AND 19+ AMATURE CLASSES)
b) part of the problem in 1998 was that Aussies did not know how to ride in a UCI event and consequently did the overseas guys a lot of favours by rubbing each other out. We are using this as a practice event for the worlds for officials, spectators, and competitors.
Lyndon Downing has put together a handy one page comparison of where the two systems differ (the table below).
There will be a number of Australian classes offered at the nationals for classes that do not have a corresponding world championship class. Judie has sent out this to each rider affected by these changes. You should be able to get a copy so as to publish this for everyone. So you can see the titles will be a hybrid of UCI and Aust rules due mainly to the input of the national Councillors.
The riders can find a rulebook in www.uci.ch look up RULES and BMX is chapter 6.'

This table is an overview of the similarities and differences between BMX Australia and UCI BMX Race Rules. It has been prepared as a guide for BMXA riders encountering UCI rules for the first time in 2003.
For more detailed information refer to the published rules from each organisation.
Prepared by Lyndon Downing
Revision 2, 7/11/02. Added Lane Allocation for Finals.

Points Scheme 1 for first, 2 for second etcDNF, last place in the motoDNS. A rider who does not start in any race can not progress to the next stage of the event. So if you miss a moto then it's put the bike away time. 1 for first, 2 for second etc.DNF, last place in the moto.DNS 8 points.
Pre-final Motos Three. Varies between events from 3 to 7.
Class of 8 or less riders. Race three pre-final motos only. Result on points with count-back used to separate riders on equal points. Race pre-final motos plus an additional moto during the final round. Result on points with count-back used to separate riders on equal points.
Class of 9 riders Seven rider final. Eight rider final.
Rider to Moto Draws Same riders always race together for the three pre-final motos. Mixed rotations for pre-final motos.
Moto Draws number of gates 9 - 16 riders, 2 gates
17 - 19 riders, 3 gates
20 - 24 riders, 4 gates
25 - 32 riders, 4 gates
33 - 39 riders, 6 gates
40 - 64 riders, 8 gates
65 - 79 riders, 12 gates
80 - 128 riders, 16 gates
129 - 192 riders, 24 gates
193 - 256 riders, 32 gates
9 - 16 riders, 2 gates
17 - 24 riders, 3 gates
25 - 32 riders, 4 gates
continuing always filling all available lanes before "spilling" into next gate.
Rider per Class for Semi and Quarter Final Thresholds 17 - 19 riders, two 6 rider semis
20 - 32 riders, two 8 rider semis
33 - 39 riders, four 6 rider quarters
40 - 64 riders, four 8 rider quarters
65 - 79 riders, six 8 rider eights
80 - 128 riders, eight 8 rider eights
129 - 192 riders, eight 8 rider sixteenths
193 - 256 riders, sixteen 8 rider sixteenths.
25 - 48 riders, two 8 rider semis
49 or more riders, four 8 rider quarters.
No provision for eighth or sixteenth finals.
Transfer Systemfinal to final(eg quarter to semi). Riders placed 1 - 4 in each final progress to the next stage of racing. Exception is a 9 rider class where 1-4 from the 5 rider gate progress and 1-3 from the 4 rider gate progress. Riders placed 1 - 4 in each final progress to the next stage of racing
Lane Allocation for Finals (sixteenth, eighth, quarter, semi and final) Random allocation by a computer program or by riders drawing lots. Riders select their lanes (Olympic Draw) in order with ranking based on points at the end of pre-final motos.
Finish Line Finishing order of all riders is recorded in writing by a minimum of five officials placed "immediately adjacent" to the finish line. A simple majority determines official finishing positions. Varies from UCI style pencillers to the more common arrangement of two officials on the line to call and point with 2-4 officials (skittles) to ensure riders line up as called.

If you have any questions for Ray email us at webmaster@bmxultra.com and we'll be sure to help clarify everything to make life easier when qualifying for the world championships.

Phantom's amateur team was out front all weekend. Sean Gaian was on his way to double-double (6x,6open) when he crashed in the lead of his 6x main on Sunday. Phantom littlest guy, World Champ Jacob Abbe, got a 3rd and a 5th in 6x. 8x Chad Kerley, in one of the toughest classes in BMX, scored a 2nd and a 4th in class and the same in open. IDC BMX Photo-of-the Month winner Brandon Schreuder was out front all weekend long and made all 6 mains (expert, cruiser, and open), scoring a 5th a 6th and a 3rd on Saturday, and a 7th, an 8th and a 2nd on Sunday. Dennis Enarson made both of his 11-12 open mains scoring a 5th and a 6th and got a 4th in class on Sunday. Shelbi Long, still recovering from a broken wrist and bruised spleen, made all 4 (11 girls and 11-12 mixed open) of her mains finishing with a 6th and a 7th on Saturday and a 4th and a 6th on Sunday.
Nic Long, still transitioning into the 13x class, had a tough weekend making 2 mains. 15x Dustin Black made 3 mains (class and open) with a 5th and 4th in open and a 5th in class on Sunday. Mike "Twitch" Lundy, 16x, won cruiser and got 2nd behind Staats rider Paul Lange on Saturday. On Sunday, Lundy got squeezed and took 3rd in cruiser and, while attempting to pass Lange for the lead, crashed in the rhythm section. 17G Rakay Robinson had a great weekend. After being signed on Saturday morning, Rakay won both days in cruiser and got a 3rd and a 4th in class. Another new pick up, 19-27x Scott Smith, got two 2nds in open and a 6th and a 4th in class. Eric "E-Dub" Elliott got a 2nd and a 5th in 26-30 cruiser and after a hard fall in Saturday's 28-35 expert main came back strong with a 3rd on Sunday. Last but not least, "Angry" Steve Stewart was seen out front in every moto but crashed in both mains in 36-40 cruiser.

This was Phantom's first race for their newest sponsor, Avent Cycles. Avent sales manager, Vince Briant was ecstatic about the team's success and growth. "The entire team looked great and did a fantastic job for us. My hat goes off to team manager Will Rells and team owner Donavon Long for putting together such a killer program." Apparently the exposure paid off as Pro-Bike Parts picked up both Avent and Phantom products and will continue to carry both lines throughout the entire 2003 season. Fly Racing's Terry Baisley and Ray Hudson were also ecstatic about the look of the 2003 Phantom program. "Phantom did great and looked outstanding," according to Baisley. "Fly makes excellent products and we're happy to have such generous support," added Rells.

20/01 The Great Australian BMX Swindle part 2
There have been some strong responses to our "swindle" article, especially that from BMX Australia president Graeme Arnold. Graeme tells us we don't have the facts so I have asked him if he'd like to detail the facts for us...let's see if we hear from him.

'Re your recent article on the Australian National Championships, may I remind you that it is the first and foremost function of professional reporters to ensure that they are in full possession of the facts before they undertake to make statements, or at the very least reproduce unsigned e-mails.
As I am sure that you are aware of this fact, may I suggest that you refer such items for the National Body for comment. If you wish to assume a degree of credibility within the sport that you purport to represent, may I also suggest that you provide your readers with well-balanced, incisive and less hysterical opinions that will not affect your image.
With both the Nationals and the 2003 Worlds about to happen, the spotlight of the BMX world will turn to Australia, and it seems only logical that your site could be an integral part of that structure.
With the contracted undertaking by Jerry Landrum at BMXmania to represent the UCI for all press releases, and the fact that Jerry will be attending the Worlds in Perth at the behest of UCI-BMX, it seems totally rationale that you should give due consideration to where you wish to stand in the structure.
Please remember that the future viability of a BMX website depends on the sport it reports. If we fail to provide the sport, you fail to report the sport.

Without Prejudice

Graham Arnold
President , BMX Australia Inc'

There was also an email from one of Australia's best AA Pro riders Darren Hawkins.

'In relation to the article on your site. I was of the opinion that South Australia was the host of the BMX Nationals for the next 3 years, due to the Government Funding/sponsorship received. Therefore according to my understanding of mathmatics, i would have thought that the increased government funding would therefore reduce the costs to riders and spectators. I have no problem with charging admission fees but the problem i do have is when the majority of the people are family of the riders.
BMXA are forcing riders who wish to attend the world champinships (the pinancle of the sport) to compete in Adelaide. The riders hands are tied by a bunch of ego hungry people. Who actually know very little about the grass roots of the sport.
When was the last time you or any of your readers saw i BMXA board member at a BMX race?
In additional to the Nationals, BMXA are running a UCI series for the junior and senior elite riders in Australia. They are putting no prize money up for this series and according to UCI guidelines they are required to have money $2250 for elite men and $750 elite women per round.
According to BMXA they are giving the elite riders an opportunity for a world ranking and prize money but in actual fact they are ripping the elite riders off by not paying the elite riders the correct prize money per round.
I feel BMXA are using and abusing the BMX community. Unfortunately with the world championships in Australia this year our hands are tied.
However we can protest.


BMX Rider running out of money
Darren Hawkins'

And here are a few more.

'Thanks for coming out and commenting on the cost of the Aussies this year. I have never seen such greed (other than from banks!). I have the cost of getting my kids coaching for the next few months, then getting four of us over from Perth, two weeks accomodation in Adelaide, hire car and then as if it wasn't bad enough having to pay such exorbitant entry fees, I now find I have to pay to watch my own kids race!
Its obscene and clearly capitalising on people hoping to get the kids into the worlds. They may end up regretting it after the worlds when people leave in droves because they ahve nothing left to give back to the sport, nor do they feel an obligation to, after they have just been screwed.

Rob Emery
Southside BMX Club
Western Australia'

'when I first heard the aussies being in S.A. and indoors for the next 3 years my reaction was great only an 8 hour drive. Then we received the entry form boy was I wrong. A family of 6 being 2 riders and 4 spectators
1st rider elite 20" $210.00
elite cruiser $100.00
2nd rider age class $110.00
4 spectators @ 66.00 $264.00
making a grand total of $684.00
How selfish of me to think I was only 8 hours away.
BMX A should realise that our once great and affordable sport is not all that big compared to soccer, aussie rules, rugby, basketball etc.
Look at the cost of setting up a bike, racing gear, entries and so on as againts the cost of playing basketball runers, shorts, top and entries, need i say anymore?
BMX A would have known the huge talking point the prices for this event would create instead they held back any information regarding prices until the entry forms were released.
1. BMX A say the prices have increased to cover the costs of setting up the track and for equipment
if so what wasthe large sum of money i believe in the order of $50.000.00 given by the government of s.a. being used for
2. Why then has sprockets and age class gone up from last years entry fee by $35.00.
3. Entry fee to the venue is $66.00 per head for a series ticket not all attend every day when has the aussies been called a series
4. Why should spectators have to pay entry to the venue to watch there children practice
5. Apparently when the idea of the meeting to be in s.a. for the 3 years the state delegates at the time were told bmx a agreed to keep the costs within reason. BMX A would raise revenue by charging pro shops, food and drink vendors. It seems this may not of happened
6. BMX A seems to have increased the entry fees as anyone how wants to ride the worlds has to qualify at the aussies but are all riders required to qualify ?
7. Thinking of whats going on i feel bmx a is loosing touch with the sport, riders, parents and any spectators
8. Does all this fuel the fire regarding talk of a new bmx association because of the attitude of bmx a
it a possability
Is there hope for the future

John Robb

'I've seen allot a whinging about the raised cost of the nationals, as I'm not directly involved in running the show I can not offer a direct account of the cost, however I was involved in running the indoor Nats in Perth and also setting up the ground work for the Perth Worlds.
So from my side, I can understand the cost, as it is expensive to build and indoor venue, understand this, parents and riders say, OH an indoor venue is great, it has atmosphere and the event goes right off, let's do it again, well BMXA did.
I have over the many years of being involved with BMX at most levels have been constantly amazed at the parents and riders wanting something spectacular and not realizing the overall cost it involves. I can guarantee, that BMXA has costed the NATS on a budget that if everything goes to plan with sponsors and pricing there will be a very small profit, however if things blow out then a breakeven situation is more likely.
You guys can't have your cake and eat it too, you want a show to be proud of, then initially you have to pay for it, and let's not jump on the "what about sponsors " bandwagon, very, very few sponsors are going to cough up big bucks unless we put together a consistent crowd pleasing event that has them wanting to be associated with us as they can see a dollar value in it for them.
So drop the whinging crap and get behind BMXA and make this and all the rest of the events bigger and better.
Oh and for your info, Perth Nats cost the association about $60,000.00 to put on, that was a cost to BMX Sports W.A. not to any other rider or parent, and the worlds in Perth, well have a think of the cost associated with that event, BMXA's budget is over $500,000.00 and a whole lot more I suspect, and if you think that is way over the top, then rethink the cost of having 600 plus riders from Australia at the worlds in another country, you want to have an indoor Nats, you want a World Titles in Australia, you got it, and at a lot less than you think it would cost you.

Everett Young'

Firstly I would like to thank everyone for their input, in this case a closed suggestion box would see little discussion outside of BMX Australia.
To me it seems that the reasoning behind the entry fees was to pay for the large costs of an indoor championships. If I was in the business of selling fish and chips on a beach, and let's say people wanted a view so I added a second level for the view and doubled my prices to pay for it, people would go to a shop down the road that was more affordable and not worry about the view. It's common business sense that if you can afford to do it then don't do it. Happy Valley was an awesome venue for the 2001 Nationals and BMX A's money shouldn't be thrown away on a temporary track.

17/01 The Great Australian BMX Swindle
It concerns me when I receive emails like the one below, but I also find it interesting that I'm not alone when it comes to my feelings about the outrageous entry fees and excessive profits.

'What's up with the cost of Aussies entries? $110.00 is crazy, up around 35% from last year from memory. Perhaps the cost is directly related to the fact that racing the Nationals is a prerequisite to a worlds entry. Where does this money go, assuming 1200 plus riders / entries that totals over $130,000.00 to BMXA coffers. Sadly very little of this flows back to the riders, with the exception of year books with outdated info, rule books that are usually old etc. What are the elected reps of our riders ( the states) doing? Sweet FA! Rest assured that in future years the entries will continue to increase at an outrageous rate, entry fee's to the races for spectators will set in place and the sport in general will pay the price. Hopefully the rumours of a new association are true and this could be the catalyst to assist with it's (BMX's) future success.' - written by a BMXUltra.com reader.

Another interesting additional cost that wasn't included in the above email is the $66 per spectator. If for each rider there is one spectator that's an additional $79,200. The question that you need to ask here is not only where the money is going but what effect will this have on the future of BMX in Australia? Will people pay to watch BMX?
In 1995 BMX Australia tried to charge people to park and spectate at the National championships in Canberra, but were forced to drop the fees when people refused to pay.
Instead of looking at where BMX Australia can make more money I think it's time that they are forced to assess their expenditure. This can only be done by you, write letters to BMX Australia or your state association and make your opinion heard.
Apparently a number of riders will not be attending the 2002 Australian titles because of the excessive costs, and it's understandable. When you add the costs to attend the Nationals to the costs to attend the UCI world championships in Perth, it's probably cheaper for an Australian to attend the 2003 ABA World Championships, which are also held about the same time.
It's your sport, your association and your future, it's time you asked the questions. Why does BMX Australia need so much money for entry fees when they spend so little on trophies. The 2002 trophies weren't worth racing for, hell they weren't even worth taking home. What happens to your money?

If you have any comments you'd like to add feel free to email us at webmaster@bmxultra.com.

The ABA's season opener marked the debut of Phantom's Pro Team. Most notable was the return of BMX legend Charles Townsend. During the off-season, team manager Will Rells worked out the deal for the superstar's return to the pro ranks - this time as an ABA Vet-Pro. After over a year away from BMX racing, the former ABA National #1 Pro proved he was still one of the most popular pros out there, judging from the crowd's cheers and applause. "Choo-Choo" made his Vet-Pro debut Saturday, finishing 5th and followed it up with an impressive 4th on Sunday. When the rust comes off, expect Charlie to make a run for the Vet-Pro title.

Reno was also a great weekend for Phantom's A-Pro Robert Pierce. "Fierce" Pierce led all his motos until he got squeezed in his semi on Saturday. Determined to redeem himself, Robert powered to a 4th place finish on Sunday. As one of the most respected Pro's on the tour, Robert's incredibly motivated right now . He's got a new ride, a new job with Action Video Productions, and was out front all weekend. Watch out, Robert expects to make the jump to AA-Pro very soon!

Phantom's Rookie Pro Stephanie Barragan raised some eyebrows by getting out front into the first turn in most of her motos. Stephanie finished up 5th on Saturday and, after some bad luck on Sunday, didn't make the main. Barragan's dead-set on winning in the Women's Pro class, so look for Stephanie to come back strong in Phoenix.

Phantom also picked up Tangent Products as a new sponsor. Look for the entire Phantom Factory team to be sporting Tangent's new Matrix line of number plates and pads. Check them out at TangentProducts.com.

14/01 BMXUltra.com is back in full force for 2003
Ok we're back from holidays and it's catch up time, we'll put a few things up that were sitting in our email, just in case you missed them.

14/01 Track Attack entry forms
I was disappointed to find the Melbourne Track Attack series entry form was sent out very late, which is why I hadn't put it on my site. I am sure that the organisers will be taking late entries so download the entry form and you should find all the contact details there.

14/01 New ScottTaylorBMX.com website
Australian Pro BMXer Scott Taylor has his own website now. It includes a journal that is updated every couple of days, pictures and news on a regular basis too. Check it out at www.scotttaylorbmx.com.

14/01 Asia Pacific UCI World Ranking Series Round 1 Results
Please find listed below results from Round 1 of the UCI World Ranking Series held at Nerang, January 3rd.

Elite Mens Final
1. Wade Bootes
2 John Johnson
3. Julian Lim
4. Michael Robinson
5. Darren Hawkins
6. Jamie Gray
7. Kamakazi
8. Tony Harvey

Elite Womens Final
1. Natarsha Williams
2. Emma Franklin
3. Renee Junga
4. Julie-Anne Codega
5. Krystal Cranfield
6. Markara Martin
7. Tanya Thiele
8. Jamie Rogers

Junior Elite Mens Final
1. Michael Fenwick
2. Brian Kirkham
3. Ben Clark
4. Peter Cowper
5. Ryan Carter
6. Daniel Wallace
7. Sam Baber
8. Mick Waldock

The event was the first round of the revised UCI-BMX Ranking Series. Attendance at the Nerang ( Queensland) event was strong, with indications that the series will be hotly contested through to the World Titles in Perth in July.
The event saw a number of expatriate Australians return for the summer break, including Wade Bootes, Natarsha Williams, Kamakazi and Sean Dwight.
Racing in all classes was intense, and this years Ranking series concept seems to have been eagerly accepted after previously been shunned by Australian riders.
Bootes & Kamakzi have both indicated their intention to contest as many rounds as possible. Both will return at Easter to contest the Australian Indoor Nationals in Perth.
Round 2 of the Ranking Series will be held at Park Orchards ( Victoria) on January 25th as part of the annual Track Attack series.

14/01 BMXPros.com Race Report - Bootes wins!
Wade Bootes wins Round 1 of the UCI World Ranking Series
Wade Bootes kicked off his 2003 BMX season in style this past weekend at the Nerang, Queensland UCI BMX event. This event was Round 1 for the UCI's new continent overall ranking system, where the top rider in each continent participating, will be invited to a special pre race before the UCI BMX World Championship's in August, to compete for over $10,000.
With plenty of Power on the track, as well as off with his JBL Powered Bus, Wade was victorious at the UCI event, taking 1st in AA Pro.

On Sunday, it was the Gold Coast Nationals, where attendance was once again strong, with indications that the series will be hotly contested through to the World Titles in Perth. Racing in the AA Pro class was intense, with Wade once again taking home the win.
Wade has indicated his intention to contest as many rounds as possible and will return at Easter to contest the Australian Indoor Nationals in Perth. Wade then can go for the UCI overall #1 Pro world Ranking by adding in the UCI BMX worlds result.

Wining both days is a great indication that Wade has been training a lot lately to take back both the AA Pro BMX title and UCI World Mountain Bike titles he held just 2 seasons ago.
Round 2 of the Ranking Series will be held at Park Orchards, Victoria on January 25th, and Wade will be there.

Wade's sponsors include Trek, Volkswagen, O'Neal, ATI, AC Components, Bombshell Forks, Asterisk Knee Braces, IRC Tires, THE plates and Pads, Marwi Ti Spokes, Oakley Eyewear, ToolShed Under Garments, Vans, Azonic, WadeBootes.com, JBL, and BMXpros.com

Elite Men's Final
1. Wade Bootes - Trek/VW
2. John Johnson
3. Julian Lim
4. Michael Robinson
5. Darren Hawkins
6. Jamie Gray
7. Kamakazi
8. Tony Harvey

Double A Marketing proudly represent Wade Bootes, Dale Holmes, Christophe Leveque, John Parker, Stephane Roncada, Jamie Staff, and Randy Stumpfhauser.
For more information on any of the Double A Marketing Pro riders or inquires about sponsorship, please visit BMXPros.com.

14/01 BMX Australia Press Release
UCI-BMX World Championships 2003 Issue- 7th January 2003

The 2003 UCI-BMX World Championships will creativily adapt the Western Australian Tourism slogan to read: " The Best BMX on Earth in Perth".
The 2003 Titles were officially launched at a Media Presentation at the Burswood Convention Centre, the site of the event.
In the presence of the UCI-BMX Coordinator Johan Lindstrom and some 50 press and dignitaries , the new 2003 Australian Race Jersey was released and modelled by Australian Champions Tanya Bailey and Cale McCullough.

A decision by the UCI-BMX Commission to allow an increase in host country rider number will effectively see a potential 1200 Australian riders contest the World Titles. Another 800 International riders from 30 countries will attend.

In addition, the Commission has allowed the use of the Indoor Titles track for the 2 day Pacific-Oceania meeting on the weekend prior to the World Titles. Many overseas and local riders will take this opportunity to get extra track time prior to official practise on the Wednesday.

A number of external specialist companies have been contracted to supply Event Sports Packaging, Event Entertainment, Project Management and Merchandising.
All of the supporting companies were heavily involved in the recent successful 2000 Sydney Olympics.

A new website specifically dedicated to the 2003 World Championships has been trialed and finalised, and will be released by mid January 2003.

The 2003 Australian BMX circuit kicked off over January 4 and 5 with the prestigious Gold Coast Nationals in Nerang, QLD. As was the case last year it was a couple of Grant White trained riders taking home the GOLD in the Pro-Elite Men's and Women's classes.

Wade Bootes (Trek/VW/O'Neal) kicked off his 2003 season in winning fashion. Wade won the first round of the 2003 UCI Pan Pacific Series on Saturday, and then backed it up with a huge win in the AA Pro class on Sunday. It is fair to say that Wade Bootes dominated the BMX track this past weekend, putting on an even more impressive show than he did in Melbourne to take out the 2002 DK Grand Nationals in November.
Wade is currently getting set for another busy year traveling the globe competing in BMX, MTB and track cycling competitions. Once again Grant White will be preparing Wade to perform to his ultimate potential, just as has been the case for the past 4 years.

Chloe MacPherson (GT) debuted a new sponsor in Nerang and the GT BMX was seen flying out front all weekend. Chloe picked up wins in both her entered classes this weekend, the AA Pro Women's class and the 15-year girls.
Chloe will again team up with Grant White in 2003, when she'll be out to defend her Australian and World Championship titles.

Kurt Nicholls rocked the 11-year boys class in Nerang, taking home the big winners prize in fine style. Kurt and his brother Ryan (7th place 13-year boys) signed up with Grant White in 2002 to ensure that they're fully prepared for the huge 2003 Australian BMX season. Keep on the look-out for the Cairns boys to be continually up front at all the major Australian competitions in 2003.

Nathan Smith was another youngster out to impress on the weekend in the 9-year boys class. Nathan bobbled at the start in the main event, but worked his way through the field to take the winners prize as he crossed the line. Seems Nathan's pre-season fitness work paid off for him on the weekend, and he's now set to continue to develop as the 2003 racing season gears up.

We leave no stone unturned in our quest for ultimate performance!
If you're serious about your performance in 2003 then get in touch with Grant White today to discuss the options available to you. Ph: 0402 047 377 Email: gwhite@bmxtrainer.com
Grant White - in the business of training champions!


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