2003 Racing photos

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April - Adelaide, South Australia - Australian Championships (by Tracey Coles)
This is how close some of the semis got - 34-34 cruiser Elite class action Elite class action 19 & Over men - Rob Slater looping out The nationals were full of crashes Junior Elite women, Emma Franklin in front and  Renee Junga jumping the step up Elite Women  - Tanya Bailey jumping the step up Jamie Gray on his way to a win in the Elite mens final Jamie Gray national # 1 for 2003

April - Adelaide, South Australia - Australian Championships
Elite women - Kylie Patroni Elite men - Luke Madill and Jamie Gray Junior Elite Men - 12 Josh Issac Elite men Elite men - Kamakazi and Wade Bootes Junior elite men Elite women Elite women - Tanya Bailey The track Fenwick leading Jnr elite Madill leading snr elite Hawkins leading snr elite Hawkins (blue) in senior elite



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