The Dave Cleary BMX collection

Dave Cleary is two times 25-29 Australian Cruiser Champion ('98 & '02), he was once a pin-up boy for Hoffman Bikes in Australia, and quite a fast A Pro in his time. Like many riders his age his BMX roots run deep, he's been in the sport for 20 years and has every BMXers dream job, he runs a bike shop - Glenroy Cycles (Victoria). What many people don't know about Dave is his extensive collection of old-school and rare BMX memorabilia. He has everything from early Mongoose and Redline bikes to more modern Profile X-file (his current race bike) to limited edition Evil Knievel Hoffman bikes.

Profile frame/fork and complete Diamond Back, check out the IRC poster. Evil Knievel Hoffman Evil Knievel Hoffman Complete Redline
SuperMax - this was one of Australia's most popular complete BMX bikes back in the day The Titan was the Ferrari of BMX, this particular frame belonged to BMXUltra webmaster long before it did the rounds and ended up in this collection Mongoose Californian Pro Skyway TA, check the tear drop down tube.
Auburn Early mongoose Profile X-file Auburn and Skyway frames, but check the Shimano poster in the background.


Last updated: Thursday, 2 April, 2009 7:33 AM