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Jumbo-tron at the nationals

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The massive screen at the nationals was pretty cool, as a rider though, it would have been nice if there was a screen that was able to seen from the staging area. It is impossible to watch racing from there. What are your thoughts?

Liked the big screen at Shepparton but you had to be in the main track to view it. I guess it is one step forward, the first time I've seen it used. Pity Cruiser day missed out.

Would like to see a second screen at Sleeman pointed back into staging as the spectator area becomes very cramped very quickly.

GT Interceptor:
Bit peaved that cruisers missed out on the live streaming too!

Up until then it was awesome.

Big screen was a great idea. I agree with shane having one in staging area for riders to see the racing. A lot of people miss their motos because they get caught watching the racing.

Also what could be a good idea would be to have a screen in staging for the next class being called up to staging. A lot of riders were doing warm ups or stretches and almost missed racing because it was just one person trying to yell over 100 of kids and commentry. That way all the riders have to do is check the screen and make there way to staging, it would also stop the MASSIVE build up of riders near staging.

Great ideas, but I don't think a Jumbo-tron or screen will stop the army of kids pushing forward to the front of staging directly after they have finished their previous Moto..


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