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Prize pack for this week's post of the week


So things have become a little quiet around here. So we thought we'd make it worth your while to start posting again.
We have a GHP trucker cap, t-shirt and sticker pack, thanks to Greg at GHP.

So get posting, try to keep it family friendly, interesting and of course BMX related

Thanks to everyone who posted to the website. We haven't forgotten our promise, there will be a prize pack, we'll announce the winner in the next day or two.

Sorry for the long delay.

After much deliberation we decided it was going to be tough to seperate bert_halts and Big Block and toss of the coin fell in the way of Big Block this time.

So Big Block send an email to with your address details and we'll get that prize pack out to you.

More spot prizes coming soon. Keep posting for your chance to win!

Big Block:
Woohoo, stoked to win the prize pack

Thanks for the great site Shane!

mr ex speaker:
Cant wait for the next prize pack to be announced.


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