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QLD Championships at Sleeman - risk to 'new' riders


I am all for having our QLD State Championships at the best facility in QLD - Sleeman! (I live in Rockhampton and personally would be happy to have it there every year).

I am also for having our QLD State Championships accessible to all level of rider (i.e no qualification process) as it encourages participation and hopefully raises participation numbers.

HOWEVER I am concerned this year with our State Champs at Sleeman that the new rider who has been going for 6 months at a South QLD club on his/her 'stock' bike decides to enter and may not quite be up to scratch on that track. At what point do we have a duty of care to ensure that the riders we have competing at this facility have the ability to get around the track? So many levels of questions but thought I'd start the discussion. Any thoughts?

Big Block:
I am equally concerned for those riders that are returning to BMX, guys that rode many years ago, say over 35's riders, many of these riders who come back to BMX are rusty on skills but have power and speed, and we all know Sleeman is not forgiving.  I have lost count of the number of riders that have broken bones there.  There are tracks that have technical aspects to them, but also allow riders of all levels to ride safely on.

I agree mate.


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