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Where are all the Pro riders in QLD??


Big Block:
I keep hearing about the need to make tracks to train the next generation of riders, but of the 2 most recent events in SEQ being the Sleeman SX event in late July where no male or female pro riders turned up out of 140+ riders, and Redlands on the weekend where there were 230 entries, only 8 male pro riders, and there were 12 female pro riders??

Are tracks wasting time, resources and money on pro sections?

Or are the pro's only interested in racing when there is money available?

A very good question. I have no answer, maybe some of the 'pros' can answer that.

I was talking with my son the other day, and the subject turned to PRO'S. He asked the question "Why are PRO'S so greedy nowadays?" The answer is, of course, that PRO'S in general are no more greedy, violent, generous, or kind now than they were 10, 15, 20, or 40 years ago. They make decisions and respond to incentives the same way they always have. The technologies and the institutions with which they can do their good or bad, however, certainly have changed over time. The ups and downs of BMX had much more to do with the laws and political institutions (BMXA) which affected the incentives for the PRO'S to be productive and responsible than with changes in the nature of the PRO'S themselves.

The reason is BMXQ are banning them for being Pro's and banning them from jumping Pro sections, i also think the changes they made to Redlands kept them away.

Banning Pro riders? Banning Pro straights? I am confused, why would anyone do that?
Perhaps changing definitions of Pro and matching to Jnr Elite and Elite will help solve the problem?
Pro's do seem to ride for the money and don't seem to want to travel.


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