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Just a question which is probably on everyone's mind when pumping up tyres. With all the new Kevlar tyres on the market what pressure do you run. I don't know what everyone thinks but I believe 110psi is way to hard on vee rubber tyres. Kevlar powerblocks are out to 120 psi which is ridiculous. I tend to think 80-90 psi is a good pressure for dry. My son says at full pressure it seem to just bounce all over the track. What are your thoughts.

I run powerblocks and always just go by what is recommended.  Depends on track surface as well though. Love just pumping up as hard as it says for tracks with bitumen corners.  They just hook in...

I also run Tioga PowerBlocks (non foldable version), I run 80psi. I'm heavy and I do most of my riding at home where the corners are tight so it's hard to turn unless I have lots of pressure. Even 80psi can sometimes be quite jarring, it's a fine line though. It took me a while to find the right pressure for me.

GT Interceptor:
1.75 Powerblocks on both bikes

20"- 70psi
24" - 80psi

Big Block:
For me I like to run as hard as possible, am running 1.75 torch at 100psi


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