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What's you favourite race meeting?


We're interested in finding out what is your favourite race meeting and why.

It could be your local club race because you get to race against your friends or the world championships because you see the best of the best in pressure cooker situations.

Come on let's hear them.

I really liked coming down for the VIC titles. Good bunch of guys and prizes etc. Things have changed now though!!

My favourite was the Warnambool/Portland double header before Warnambool got their new track. 

I like supporting the smaller clubs that struggle for numbers, they were always friendly and fun races, You often raced against some people you normally didn't race as some the SA guys came across.

The Eastern Vic region always get great numbers and the non metro clubs ALWAYS have representation at those races, but very few of the eastern region members travel to the likes of Portland, Warnambool, Border and Bendigo which is a shame.

Nerang Nats is usually a great event, also because we tag a bit of a Gold Coast holiday on to it - Xmas and NYE. 

Also, most of our Central QLD Zone meets are good as it is good to catch up with plenty of familiar faces.

Warrnambool and Knox Thunderdome are two of my favourite Victorian events.


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