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Are their too many classes after 30yrs old?

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Big Block:
Simple one I often think about, are their too many classes when racing at club days?

How good would it be to have 30-39, 40-49 and 50+ ?

Would create larger classes, more competition and personally I reckon all-round better racing

The age break down that you have suggested is exactly what happens in Victoria at the moment and it seems to work well, albeit with a little grumbling from the olders guys that line up against people nearly a decade younger than themselves.

It doesn't bother me as I been smoked by people who are younger and by people who are older than me.  ;)

The mixed age groups works great at open days in vic as the comissioner said. It makes for healthy competition and bigger classes that means you get to do sime serious racing with 2+ gates at times. Better than rolling around with 3 or4 riders in each class
Vic still goes back to the 30-34 and 35-39 etc groups for states. So you can still get your plate in your actual age.

I'm in ageeance with mixed classes.

Hi guys,  I would rather see a 30+ and 40+ class. This would give the quick over 40's the chance to test themselves against the quicker 30+ riders.
 My times at the recent qld titles were 1.5 to 2 seconds off the guys who won and about the same to the 35-39 class winners. I was also slower than the top guys in 45-49. Would be great racing to watch as well.

However it is worded doesn't really matter, there is nothing stopping a rider who may be 42 years of age from nominating and riding in a 30-39, Vet Pro Class or even 14+.


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