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Question is will the shootout series success continue in 2014?
Interested to hear peoples thoughts?!!!

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Seeing how you have thrown up an open question, I guess you are asking for all opinions...good and bad.

I am looking forward the the shoutout as I do every year, for riders in SEQ it is 6 rounds of great racing, with arguably some of the hottest competition in the country.

I think the numbers may be a little low at a couple of the rounds, Toowoomba being one with it merely a week after Nerang and a decent travel for some.
Beenleigh will be another I believe that will suffer with numbers, I have heard a lot of talk about people dropping this round due to track surface and layout.
Likewise Hinterland may suffer the same being a decent drive for some and track suffering poor publicity in the past.

It's a new era for BMXSQ and I wish the new committee all the best and hope this format survives as it is a great series!

Yeah, also hoping that it kicks off the year with some great events and great racing.

It's a great series but could be improved by using transponders and having finals.

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--- Quote from: Cyclops on December 29, 2013, 11:32:49 PM ---It's a great series but could be improved by using transponders and having finals.

--- End quote ---

I agree transponders would be great for the shootout, better still at every track, the problem is for clubs being able to afford the setup of at least $7900, perhaps our governing body could assist, and not just by offering a cheaper option?

In regards to finals, I am fine either way, with the series being in the heat of summer the 5 races are enough, you just need to look at the Beenleigh round of 2013...a very hot day.  I heard many suggest a true twilight meet, but hard with 300+ noms, especially for sprockets.


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