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General Discussion / Re: Modern Track Design
« on: March 04, 2014, 12:28:55 PM »
Melba was the worst track I have been to, and yes there were crashes across all age classes and a steady stream of ambulances. Nine year olds were trying to jump the "hidden pro straight".

Their were three Police officers at the gate (they were hiding in the parked cars with a speed gun) and I heard them telling someone that after seeing the carnage the sport should be banned.

Definitely wasn't a good look for the sport  :(

Racing / Re: 2014 Shootout Series
« on: February 08, 2014, 12:53:20 PM »
It's done ... come over and check it out :)

Racing / Re: 2014 Shootout Series
« on: January 28, 2014, 02:01:06 AM »
The money rasied by this event is put back into bmx,not just pocketed.
Where does the money go??  apart from the camp for the kids at Somerset dam each year.
As for the prizes, a plaque for the riders who compete five rounds costs about three dollars each.

And they still can't get the scoring right, lots of complaints about placings happening.

Queensland used to be the cutting edge of BMX but now we are falling behind. Its time to get transponders into the clubs.

Racing / Re: 2014 Shootout Series
« on: December 29, 2013, 11:32:49 PM »
It's a great series but could be improved by using transponders and having finals.

Racing / Re: Spectator shades - Nerang Internationals
« on: December 28, 2013, 05:55:40 PM »
NOMS CLOSE TOMORROW FOR THE NERANG INTERNATIONALS, THERE WILL BE NO LATE ENTRIES DUE TO THE HIRE OF TRANSPONDERS......... gates practice times for next week are Wed 1ST from 3 - 7pm, thurs 2ND 4 - 8 pm and fri 3RD 10-11.30...Please be aware that there will be no parking inside the gates as the pro shops will be setting up,
ALSO ALL GATES WILL BE OPENED AT 8AM on Friday morning for shade tents to go up and not before........
any problems with this come and see ME in the canteen......bags of ice will be sold at the track. We are looking forward to having an awesome race meet and seeing old friends and new ones BRING IT ON POSSUMS.

It's also worth mentioning that ANYONE caught entering the premises unauthorized prior to 8am on Friday (or scaling/cutting through/going under the fence) will be asked to leave the premises, they will also be removed from the event entry list and will NOT be refunded their nom fees.

General Discussion / 2014 Crackerjack and Dynamite Teams
« on: December 19, 2013, 03:30:37 PM »
Dear BMX Queensland Members,
BMX Queensland will announce the 2014 Crackerjack and Dynamite Teams in December.
Please note these selections are based on the guidelines set by BMXA to be eligible to participate in the Crackerjack / Dynamite series at the 2014 National Championships.
These selections are not squads and no camps will be offered at State level. 
Dale Percy
BMX Queensland Inc
Director of Coaching & Athlete Development

Racing / Re: Spectator shades - Nerang Internationals
« on: December 03, 2013, 12:59:09 PM »
Get a bloody life, or find something decent to bitch about. I have been to this event for the past six years and have never had a problem and no I don't sit at the gate waiting to jump in. I usually arrive around 10am and always find a spot.
I just don't bother sitting on the edge of the track.

Nerang just hosted the state titles without a problem.

General Discussion / Re: Cracker Jacks and Dynamites Series
« on: October 11, 2013, 11:15:04 PM »
Big discussion on Facebook on this topic.

Jabin Crisp
Hi All , I'm trying to gauge people's response to a national Bmx series run for the younger boys and girls . I was reading the Pro bikes / Champ bikes flyer and thought that wouldn't a series for the crackerjacks / dynamites at the same time be a great idea than a one off race at the national titles . Just putting the idea out there . Sorry for the tag people but feel free to comment . with Stacey-Lee Morgan and 64 others.
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Brendan Abel Thought. A state series first?
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Stacey-Lee Morgan State series would be good Brendan Abel
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Jabin Crisp Most serious Bmx families already to the Nerang Bmx nationals and the national titles so it's only one extra away round for people now . If people can't afford it don't do it Stacey-Lee Morgan it's just for the families that like the extra competition .
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Michael Tucker A state series would be good...... any step forward would be beneficial long term.
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Blake Schofield From a WA point of view expense will be a huge thing and to introduce kids to National series racing at an even younger age exposes the parents to a much longer time frame of expenses.
Many won't be able to afford it and the sport risks becoming a battle of the bank accounts.

By age 14 riders are maturing and looking interstate for more competition as are parents to further develop their kids riding, with a couple of years prior to plan for it.

Too much pressure earlier in their careers could see kids giving it up at a younger age or fall outs within the family as kids are pressuring parents to spend more earlier.
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Jabin Crisp There are 5 year old kids competing at the world titles . Wouldn't that be a bigger pressure than a national series . This would aid those kids and parents that need regular competition to compete on a world stage. If you lived in the USA u could do a national series every month and I'm sure those kids love it.
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Dale Percy What's the long term goal here? I would suggest having fun and develop skills, maybe work towards an open day win first.
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Peter Patzwald open up all state titles to all you will be able to race them all if you bank account allows
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Jabin Crisp Open days can be the same three kids winning every week Dale Percy , wouldn't that get more boring for kids than racing a series were up to 10 kids can win it . We did round 4/5/6 of the NSW State series and thought that was fantastic and we're from QLD . We fly to ACT to do there titles . We just had several members of our club fly to Darwin to do NT Titles . That would be expensive . Isn't racing fast kids from other states developing skills ?
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Wayne Angel Get rid of the dynamites altogether its not achieving anything.
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Angelo Lauro I like the idea of developing a regional or state series. National is something that is too far out of our control with regional- state series is more achievable. I agree with both arguments in that potentially more series to improve skills and competition but also needs to be a point where the kids have some fun. There is plenty of material out there that points out the kids focus more on friendship, competition, fun and fitness so it cant be just about one or the other. Also.. I would like to point out.. nothing beats good and regular coaching.. skillsets are built through this and not racing because the rider has time to learn. anyway... many valid points.
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Brendan Abel Mastery vs competitive climates @Angelo Lauro
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Rebecca Beggs Wow dont we race enough????
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Jabin Crisp Suck it up Rebecca Beggs , u love it ! Lol
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Will Booker Great Idea Jabin Crisp, but I think with the younger ages doing a national series might be a bit to much. Want to keep the sport a bit fun for the younger ages, I know that all the kids in NSW love the week off between opens here
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Jabin Crisp U could easy substitute an open day or two to get to race all the fast boys and girls from other states Will Booker . The nationals is such good racing , imaging if u got to do that mire than once a year .
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Will Booker some parents might not be able to afford it, I know Im scrapping the bottom of the barrel to get bailey to vic states next month
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Jabin Crisp Again , people find the money when they need to , look how many went to the worlds this year and probably couldn't afford it . People are using the excuse that everything is too expensive so we shouldn't do anything . Those people and stay home and do open days , this was to give kids exposure to faster kids more regularly and not have to go overseas to get it .
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Will Booker I know where your coming from
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Rodney Stewart Jabin Crisp great post for discussion and we would probably race such an event. Life is about choices you do not have to ride such events but the choice would be nice.

But here is a thought that is usually the last thought it was for me 2 years ago when I thought the best place to have Aussie titles in 2013 was Sleeman. I thought it would be easy had the best track in the country, ( may I add the only people riding Sleeman at the time was the Australian HPP squad the average punter could not get access) had Blue Chip sponsors in my back pocket that fitted the sport and National Marketing company that secured large deals for Greenedge Cycling and Triathlon,how hard could this be!!!!! How wrong was I.

Conservatively I would estmate between Bruce Oliver Paul Connors and myself we would have put in 1500 thankless man hours before we start the actual organization of the event. There is a lot of work to take it from concept to reality in this sport. A lot of this time is very frustrating but it is the road to move the sport forward.

Happy to support my suggestion if you want to get a National Series running in 2015 start working on it now and I wish you the best.
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Leah Pankhurst Perhaps more could be done to support the development of the dynamite team through regular coaching and get togethers throughout the year instead of more competition.
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Dale Percy Brett Scruse Jade Mcpherson healthy discussion, your thoughts on this topic?
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Jabin Crisp This dad looking for quick results has his level 2 official , level 1 coaching almost completed and is actively helping with club coaching each week plus sponsoring his sons team. The whole point to this discussion was to value add to everything done at a club level and provide one or two additional races for the kids against other kids from other states and not just wait till the nationals each year . I think everyone is missing the point .
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Andre Vinnell How much
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Sam Domin I know many years ago we did a state series and it worked well for awhile but then it became to expensive and the same people were the only ones going to each event and in the end the nationals and state championships suffered as it was all the same people you had been riding. Just my thoughts.
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Jabin Crisp Funny isn't how people voice there opinion then delete their comment !
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Julie Cary Coming from a country that had a national series for all age groups (although I accept it was a much smaller country!), which ran from march/april to september culminating in the British Championships, i know how much everyone got excited in the lead up to the start of the series and during it. It gave us an incentive to train up ready for the start of the series and maintain it during the series and you were pretty much guaranteed to race all the best/fastest riders in the country rather then rocking up at an open day not knowing who was going to be there. For me personally and that's only me, I find the racing scene here very flat with no 'season' as such , unlike most other sports, and just drags on all year round with only a couple of major races a year and the main reason I've stopped racing. I've advocated to numerous people that there needs to be some sort of series/season, probably given the size of the country, a state series would be more achievable. It could easily be done by making some of the open days around the place from north to south into some sort of series with the opportunity of say dropping one event if you didnt want to travel or couldnt afford one of the longer distances but as jabin find the money.You could also run 2 day events with a race meeting on each day to make it worthwhile the travelling. From my experience the two day events create the opportunity to enjoy the event more and socialise and make friends with people that you wouldn't normally have the chance to. Some of my best friends todate are those that i made from these events over 20 years ago. Without those events i can definately say that those strong friendships would not have been made without the national series and that the BMX scene is better for it. Thats my two cents anyway for what its worth !!!
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Jabin Crisp Awesome Julie Cary ! That's sounds great , I love the idea .
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Clinton Stroud Let's make a push for our sprockets, crackerjacks and dynamites be on flat pedals first to develop their skills and help with higher retention rates to double the size of our younger rider pool.
This will be much more effective in developing our riders than carting them around the county for a couple more races. Double the size of the rider pool and we will double quality and depth of our advanced riders in the classes. As well we will double the money within the sport and it then start to really feed it self.... It's been a long time since I have had a little rant but I am sure this is the best way to grow and develop the whole sport.
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Sam Domin ^^ everyone should learn how to ride on flats before even thinking about getting clips. I think in so many ways this sport needs to go back to the basics and that includes having fun cos each and every one of us joined this great sport in the first place to have fun
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Clinton Stroud So you are saying England, USA and some Europe have it wrong with their blanket national decisions on flat pedal.... Interesting thought ...
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Julie Cary Who's saying that? Have I missed a post?
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Michael Morgan Flat pedals are old school, BMX needs to be bought into the 21st century. BMX is now an Olympic sport and needs to be treated as such. New bikes are being developed, carbon fiber bikes are here, road clips are being used by the pros and spreading through the ranks. the machinery is changing and fast. Tracks are changing., bitumen burms, supercross tracks.start ramps etc.
I'm afraid kids can't just turn up and ride once or twice a weeek if they want to be competitive. Think swimming, running, tennis, rowing etc, most kids in these sports train twice a day and Yes from a very young age.
We need a new breed of coaches, ones who are schooled in the latest scientific methods and techniques, including off the bike activities,
I was pleasantly surprised when speaking to a couple of the new young pro's who are beginning to coach. They are right on the ball with nutrition, exercises and race preparation. How many of the kids do you see stretching and warming up before a race, very few.
Sorry I have gone off topic here but these are just a few thoughts I thought I would throw into the mix.
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Michael Morgan >>>So you are saying England, USA and some Europe have it wrong with their blanket national decisions on flat pedal.... Interesting thought ...<<< They didn't do that good at the World's against our young guns who have been on clips since they first started riding
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Cheetah Bmx Coaching Some possibilities

state level series
Pick 4 key open days , 1 in each zone at the best track in each zone and run state series with points at these open days and the annul state titles as the final round. Every open day will have there own zone level riders and state level riders already there and other state level riders from other zones can by choice go and chase a state series.

National series
The same as the state series format except its in conjunction with the current national series locations and dates
Follow the above state series format, pick a key open day 1 in each state and territory and offer national series points at each round
Local riders will always race big local races and why not encourage out of Towner's to come and enjoy the competition of BMX racing and the joy of traveling our great country.
As Peter mentioned open up all state and territory titles and run series points with them.

After looking back at all the races I have attended and the great results or heart ache , the traveling , meeting new people and riding great tracks in new locations has to be the best part.

BMX is a competition sport and competitive competition produces new levels , new challenges and new goals.
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Clinton Stroud Actually I was being sarcastic towards your comment as these counties have realised the errors of the ways on the past and if we do not change our development process now these counties will be blowing us away as the next generation comes through.
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Dale Percy Everyone is entitled to their opinions and Jabin I won't delete this one..... My opinion is anyone feel free to come along and join my self next race meeting. No bullshit, just healthy discussion surrounding development in BMX.
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Julie Cary I think they blew them away in the elite men. W1 didnt drop a race all day
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Dale Percy Going back to the initial topic, what are people's honest thoughts on the current crackerjack/dynamite concept? Is it sending the wrong message to riders who miss out at such a young age ?
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Michael Morgan The idea of Crackerjack's and Dynamite's is good but the implementation is crap. Need to go right back to the start of the concept and start again.
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Michael Tucker There is plenty of quality racing to be had in Australia and NZ for the younger ages. If you have the desire and the means it is already there. To tie it into a series would be nice of course but not necessarily as a development tool but as an opportunity to win, because as a development tool the options already exist although the quality may be better under series conditions. After all to win is what all parents and riders alike want but it is all too often not mentioned as if your desire to win is revealed you may feel let down when it doesn't happen. People need to evaluate what they want out of Bmx be it to win a club race, an open day or a title event it may be as simple as not coming last. There is no correct path for development as every rider is different as are their goals and the budget they are committing to the sport. So in short work out what you want, how much you have to spend and develop an informed and realistic plan of how to get where you would like to be. If you wait for the sport to become flawless and provide what you want it will be to late. What is being tabled here is an option for the future not an instant solution for today's issues. Criticising the associations won't help either, sensible consultation is the only way to implement change. And just for the record Jabin I promise not to delete this even if it is interpreted incorrectly.
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Jabin Crisp I think it's great that people are voicing their opinion as it shows the passion amongst our parents , riders and officials. I'm all for anything that will benefit the kids in the long run weather it be a state series or an extra development squad training session. There is no quick answer but if this topic post gets a few of the right people thinking more about it I'm happy.
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Racing / Re: Pre nom for events
« on: October 08, 2013, 11:35:12 AM »
Cooloola missed out on us attending, things happen, if it wasn't pre nom we would be there.

Racing / Re: Road clip shoes for racing
« on: September 27, 2013, 10:04:28 PM »
One of the Qld ten year old boys has been using road clips for three years, never unclips except for a couple of times when the cleat was worn right down. Thats the only con to using road clips, walking around wears the cleats down and in his case the cleats last about three months.

My theory about the pro's unclipping is because they don't know exactly what they are buying. 
Pedals and cleats come in different degrees of float, most are 0, 3, 6, or 9 degrees of float.
The best option for BMX is 0 float, the foot is held securely, also because of less lateral movement the foot produces more direct power, however BMX riders (and a lot of road cyclists) don't know that there is a choice and tend to get the cleats with 6 or 9 degrees of float which gives the foot more sideways movement making it relatively easy to unclip. 

Yes it can be difficult to clip back in but after frequent use it becomes second nature, just watch the ten year old I mentioned, today at the Queensland titles the wind almost blew him off the gate just as it went down and he had to unclip to steady himself, he clipped back in so fast no one noticed and he went on to win that moto.

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