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Racing / Re: Tyre pressures
« on: September 12, 2014, 09:31:02 AM »
We have since switched back to powerblocks ,1.75 front -1.60 rear. from vee rubber. My son found the vee rubber very loose on the bitumen. Just a little information on the vee rubber, 897 grams for front and rear combined weights on the digital scales compared to 667 grams for the power blocks. If your chasing weight savings steer clear of vee rubber. Also the front 1.75 vee rubber tyre was the same width as the rear 1.60 vee rubber measured with digital vernier calipers. Inflated height was exactly the same. If you cannot do the mathematics on that it means there is no difference in the 2 tyres. The only difference between the vee rubber and powerblocks  is you don't have sore thumbs from putting the buggers on. The first time ever I had to use a tyre lever to get it on the rim and take it off. Powerblocks have got the nod of approval once again.

Racing / Tyre pressures
« on: September 08, 2014, 09:37:41 AM »
Just a question which is probably on everyone's mind when pumping up tyres. With all the new Kevlar tyres on the market what pressure do you run. I don't know what everyone thinks but I believe 110psi is way to hard on vee rubber tyres. Kevlar powerblocks are out to 120 psi which is ridiculous. I tend to think 80-90 psi is a good pressure for dry. My son says at full pressure it seem to just bounce all over the track. What are your thoughts.

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