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I have been using my Shimano DX clipless now since 2009 but on the weekend I unclipped twice in racing (on about the second pedal).  They are tighened up to the max.  Should I:
 - get new cleats; or
 - get new cleats and pedals?

If it's new pedals, what pedals are us older blokes using?  Want to stay with SPD, not going TIME...


It will be the cleats!

One of the people I help coach unclips a bit, put new cleats on and he does not unclip until cleats are worn again.

Awesome, thanks.  Will get some new ones and go from there.

GT Interceptor:
I've had the same Shimano pedals for 4 years. Every 6 months (before Nats & before my States) I put new cleats on. Very rarely unclip.

I did find that once 2 screws on the pedal itself had unscrewed a bit a were binding on the pedal cage stopping the cleat mechanism from rocking freely & allowing me to clip in properly. That caused heaps of unclips until I found the cause.

Thanks mate.


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