New bmx specific gear calculator

Have you seen our latest gear calculator/chart hybrid? If you like what you see where you are going to love it.


  • Generic and Tioga Specific tire sizes, as well as some ITS and Maxxis DTH sizes
  • Works on any javascript enabled device (smart phones to PCs) in any browser (yep even ie6)
  • Interactive chart
  • Selectable front gears 22-48 (+/-3)
  • Selectable rear gears 8-22 (+/-3)
  • Tire sizes: 16" - 24"

Check it out now!

The Tioga Gear Chart

The gear chart and calculator are specific to the outer diameter of the listed tyres manufactured by Tioga. If you are looking for a generic gear chart click here.

Gear Calculator
There are three different tyre treads listed so the pulldown list for tyre size starts with the model name then the size.

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Tioga BMX gear chart

The calculator requires the Macromedia Flash player plug in (


Last updated: Thursday, 2 April, 2009 7:33 AM