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29/09 ATi news
Well, we here at ATI have been quiet for a while here at ATi, for numerous reasons, but not any longer. ATi has a new look starting in 2005 that will be debuted at the 2004 Interbike show in Las Vegas Oct 6-8 along with some new grips, gloves and handlebars. Stop by and say Hi, pick up a 2005 catalog and some new stickers. There are some other new and exciting things happening with ATi in 2005, keep your eyes and ears open. BOOTH # 5365.

Here is a preview of the new handlebars (Click the image for a larger version). MSRP $US36.95

2004 has been an exciting and winning year for ATi riders and teams, to name a few, WARWICK STEVENSON is the ABA #1 AA Pro and UCI 2004 World Champion, KYLE BENNETT is the 2004 NBL #1 Elite Men’s Champion, ERIC RUPE is the NBL #1 Elite Masters Champion, JOSH OIE is the ABA National #1 Amateur. ANSWER FACTORY is sitting in 2nd Place, SHARP BMX is in 5th Place, CHALLENGE RACING is sitting in 6th Place.Click for full size image

This past weekend at the REDLINE CUP WEST, in Santa Clara, CA., Warwick “ THE WARLOCK”, Stevenson, proved once again that his training program, workout regiment, diet and dedication to the sport of BMX pays off. Warwick has not had much time to train, or race much at all, since the beginning of September, due to his involvement with the MTV MADE commitment and his trip to China for an invitational race. Warwick has flown half way around the world and back, lived on Chinese food for a week, eating rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner, had very little sleep, and still manages to show up at the Redline Cup race and DOUBLE, winning both days. But when you are the ABA #1 AA Pro, and UCI #1 WORLD Champion, I guess you are expected to function at that level…....aren’t you?

Check out ATi's website at

29/09 The Knox Dome
The Knox 'Dome will be Victoria's biggest event this year, it even says it on the entry form. It certainly has the prize money to support the claim.

  • $2000 for AA Men plus $40 payback per entry
  • $500 for AA Women plus $25 payback per enty
  • $500 for A Men plus $25 payback per entry
  • $125 for A Women plus $20 payback per entry
  • $500 for Pro Cruiser plus $25 payback per entry
  • $250 for Vet Pro cruiser plus $20 payback per entry
  • $250 for Vet Pro 20 inch plus $20 payback per entry

Be at the Knox BMX track Saturday November 6th and Sunday November 7th for all the action and the mini trade show. Click here to download your entry form from our racing calendar.

29/09 Lilydale photos
The camera was packed away most of the day with the rain, however we did manage to get some finals photos. Click here to check them out.

28/09 Khalen Young on Intense
We heard a rumour that Aussie AA Pro Khalen Young, current Australian elite #2, will make an appearance at a track near you soon on a new bike. Khalen's parted ways with One Bicycles and will be joining Kamakazi and Michael Robinson riding an Intense.
We will let you know when we can confirm the rumour.

28/09 Lilydale report
The Lilydale BMX Club must have done a fair bit of work to get their track in race condition for Sunday, the surrounds were still very wet and muddy, but the track was in pretty good order. There have been no changes at Lilydale for a few years now, but that's ok, it has it's challenges, particularly the first and last corners which are usually the cause of major carnage. While it's not so good for a rider on the receiving end, it's great for the spectators.
There were only 3 girls making up the female pro field. I didn't get a chance to watch every race but I'm pretty sure it was Lynette Page that took it out. Karen Turner was good for the first half of the track but didn't have the legs to take it to the line.
The Pro open was a little weird, they had $1500 to be shared over 16 riders. They did manage to draw 4 nearly full gates for Pro open, however I am sure they would have received even more had they split the money out to A and AA Pro. They would have had a good Vet Pro cruiser field there too had the class been made available.
That said, the motos looked like they would lead to another Jonathan "Jon Jon" Hoare/Tony "" Harvey show down. Trevor Stamford returned to racing for the first time since breaking his collar bone in the UK after the worlds, he's looking like he's back to full speed.
In the semi finals there was plenty of carnage, the corners didn't let the blood thirsty crowd down. Harvey and Jon Jon took out their respective semis.
In the main Jon Jon got the snap from lane 8, Harvey was in 7 but didn't get up to pace until half way down the hill. Jon Jon took control of the race from the outside lane, but Harvey was all over him. Jon Jon exited the corner first but didn't seem to carry his speed like Harvey, the lead changed, but there was only a wheel in it for the rest of the track. There was a collision exiting the first corner, David Page and Luke Pretlove went down heavily. The last ditched effort for Jon Jon would be in the last corner, Jon Jon rode it cleanly with Harvey defending his lead right to the line. Ben Price rode well to finish third.
That's a win a piece on the Victorian summer circuit, all it will take is for the rest of the AA's to step it up and we are going to have some awesome racing this summer.
Photos to come.
Pro final results
1. Tony Harvey (Avent/ECI)
2. Jonathan Hoare (One Bicycles/
3. Ben Price (Sinister racing)
4. Scott Lacy (
5. Daniel Stocks
6. Adam Robb (Redline/TotalBMX)
7. Luke Pretlove (Redline/TotalBMX)
8. David Page (Norco)
Pro consolation results
1. Levi Collins (Sinister racing)
2. Trevor Stamford (
3. Andrew Toth
4. Adam Carey

27/09 China's International BMX race
There was quite an Australian continency at China's first ever BMX event, Luke Madill, Warwick Stevenson, Jamie Grey and Glenn Codega were put up against some of the world's best. There has been no official report and we haven't seen any photos of the track. Thanks to GT Australia for supplying what we do have.
Final results
1. Thomas Allier (France)
2. Luke Madill (Australia)
3. Florent Boutte (France)
4. Warwick Stevenson (Australia)

Check out Luke Madill's Journal for an insider's view of the event.

24/09 ATi at Interbike
ATi, America's leading manufacturers of grips, pads and plates, are heading to Vegas for Interbike, the world's largest bike show, which runs from October 6 to October 8.
They will be showing off their full product range and their new company logo at booth # 5365. Look out for the new logo, you will be seeing it a lot in the near future. ATi will be promoting their products amongst the who's who of the international BMX industry.
For more information about Interbike check out or ATi check out

24/09 David Comport says thanks
David Comport from was injured at Bellarine on Sunday while he was on his way to taking out what was Australia's first ever Vet Pro 20" race. While in the lead, and approaching the final corner, he lost ballance in a tricky spot on the track and hit the ground hard. The crash set him back to third over all by points, and left the St Johns crew picking up Dave all his BMXBits from the ground. He suffered for the next few days from concussion and some bruising. What helped with his recovery was the overwhelming number of phone calls and emails. He wanted us to thank everyone on his behalf, and let you all know that he will be back racing this weekend.

24/09 Western Australian Freestyle clinics
In the October School Holidays this year, the Town of Vincent WA, in conjunction with Headquarters Youth Facility and Freestyle BMX Australia are running the Rampage BMX Clinics.

These clinics are a vibrant new program developed by Freestyle BMX to provide Youth with active, safe, fun and exciting alternatives during the school holidays. The coaches are fully accredited under the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme and have an understanding of the sport and the safe introduction of skills.

We would really like to encourage female participation in these clinics - such as female only sessions. Freestyle BMX is a sport which is growing rapidly in popularity, however there is limited female participation as it can often be intimidating becoming involved in a male dominated sport. As this is the first year these clinics are being run, Freestyle BMX are not providing any equipment for hire. It is envisaged that this would not be a problem for many of the male participants, but it is unlikely that interested females will have their own equipment.

We have been able to use 10 20" BMX bikes from the local police for the girls only sessions - they aren't freestyle BMX but will still be okay to use....they are free too! The clinics will be run everyday from Monday October 11 to Friday October 15, 9am - 12noon and 1pm - 4pm.

Click here to view the flyer (pdf) for further details.

23/09 Review: Transit Race 3 DVD
I finally got to catch up on Transit's latest release, Transit 3. It would be awesome if Colin Stiles and his crew could pump these out more regularly, but who's complaining? This is the most well rounded race DVD on the market today. I know someone in Aus who has a copy for sale, email me on the address above if you are interested.
Click here to check out the review.

23/09 King Of BMX
Click here for details.
How's this for an interesting concept, are you the King of BMX material?
Nathan Strieby: "I am having a contest at Indianapolis, IN where you have to race, ride dirt, and street, all on one bike, with overall winners.
No clips and no pegs in the race.
It is on October 16 and 17 and should be really good.
It will be covered by Transworld, Props, Transit,, and maybe BMXPlus."
Click on the image to the right for more details.

22/09 BMXVictoria: The tail wagging the dog
There seems to be a problem with BMXVictoria, once the superpower state in BMX in Australia, they used to be an innovative bunch. Open race meetings would pull 800 riders - they are now lucky to get 200, each event would have a major sponsor, we had a state series that was able to provide top class racing around the state and good publicity for the sport. They seem to have lost focus on the the sport of BMX, possibly by the 2008 Olympics and their desire to comply with guidelines.
You would have though that after a dismal state titles last year where there were only 9 Senior Elite riders and just 2 gates of Junior Elite they would want to try something different. Go back to A and AA pro, get more riders racing for the pro money and/or titles, give their riders the competition they need if they intend to compete well at national or international level Competing in A and AA riders would still be eligible to compete in the Amateur ranks, meaning more entries in the age classes and more money for BMXVictoria. And how about stepping up to the mark? Vet Pro is being run at the Queensland and South Australian championships, but it's not in Victoria. I think it's just from fear that they would be expected to come up with some prize's hardly the money these guys race for, it's bragging rights. You could make it a pay back class and you will get entries, the class will pay for itself, you don't need to even make it a title class.
It's not so strange that the stronger clubs in Victoria are doing exactly the opposite to what BMXVictoria are doing. They are offering A, AA and Vet Pro classes because they know it will provide a great experience for the spectators and great racing for the riders. There are 3 very important things that a rider will consider when racing;
1. Value for money
2. A fun track to ride
3. Great competition
If you can provide such an experience people will go on to talk about the meeting until the next one comes around. I don't hear anyone talking about past state championship events.
It's not all about the pro riders either. At the Victorian state titles there are few classes that have finals, this says to me that there are either too many classes or not enough riders. Take a step back and look at why there aren't enough riders. There are probably around 600 registered riders in Victoria right now, the lowest it as ever been, about half of them compete at the state championships. How do we get the other half their? Reducing the entry fee costs might help, cut back on the number of trophies and we don't need to give every rider a number plate. If I wanted a number plate I would just go out and buy one for half the price and forget about the titles.
What the sport lacks in Victoria is marketing skills, we should be going in trying to compete with other sports, not worrying about recreating infrastructure. Let's look at how we can market the sport from within at little cost. Revamping the BMXVictoria website would be a nice start, that looks far from professional and is, to many people, the face of BMXVictoria, the first thing they might see when trying to find out about the sport in the state.
Maybe BMXVictoria should take a look at what it's clubs are doing, but when it comes to marketing the sport as a whole BMXVictoria should take ownership or they might see further decline in numbers.

22/09 BMXer's to be on Aussie TV's "Fat Pizza" - correction
Kiel Dellow - "Sorry I messed up the dates on this story it is Monday next week."
Below are the details if you missed the original announcement.

5 BMXers from Sydney are going to be on the SBS comedy "Pizza" show. Kiel Dellow, Marty Demasi, Alex Cameron, Terry Scarr, Mitchell Scarr are all going to appear on the show. They are playing the part of BMX Bandits. They had to mug the main star of the show Paulie, in full race gear. The filming was done in August. SBS told us that we should get about 7mins of screen time. The episode will be on Monday the 27th of September at 9pm so make sure you watch it. Stay tuned for more as we were told that we may be asked back to to do a bit for the next movie but it's only a rumour at this stage.

21/09 Training programs from READY 2 RACE TRAINING.
Ready 2 Race training is now offering crazy get fast now programs to get you into gear for the up coming state titles. 4 time national champion Tony Harvey and his qualified team of fitness instructors can put you on the road to victory with an 8 week high strength and speed program, which is guaranteed to produce results!

R2R can also offer 1 on 1 personal training at your local track or gym to ensure the program you purchase is tailor made to your needs.

Contact R2R any time on for further information about personal training or group sessions at your local track.

21/09 Bellarine Photos
The Bellarine BMX Club put on a great meeting on Sunday, setting a high standard for the 2004/2005 peak racing season. There was plenty of hype and music for the pro classes, and the commentator was really getting into the racing, even after the racing had stopped he just kept going until they took the mic away from him.
It's hard to capture the atmosphere of a race meeting in photos, but you can tell by the looks of the faces on these riders that they took the Spectacular seriously.
Click here to check out the photos.

20/09 Bellarine Spectacular report
Determined to put on a big event the club at Bellarine, located just out of Geelong - about an hour drive south west of Melbourne, put up some big money. The Bellarine track has been host of the Pacific Oceanic championships and World Cup events, compared to all other tracks in Victoria it is one of only a few that is still at an international standard. The Bellarine track has big jumps and lots of them, it's very technical, keeping riders on their toes the whole way from start to finish. There isn't much of a chance to pedal so it's important to carry your speed through the corners and jumps. The only problem was it was pretty much only the pros that were able to do so, riders in the other classes struggled, but if Bellarine were able to hold more meetings I am sure this would change.
In the Vet Pro Cruiser class there were only 6 riders so every moto was like a final. It was a battle between Jamie Bullows and local rider Craig Walczuk, they were close in every race but in the end it was a few small mistakes from Walczuk that gave Bullows the win. Greg Siinmaa must have been training during the off season, he was giving up a few years to Bullows and Walczuk, but was keeping up with them.
Bellarine were the first club in Victoria to run the Vet Pro 20" class, although there were only 7 riders in the event there was a huge battle amongst the top 5 riders. In a class that's for the over 30's, a technical track, a little bit of side wind and throw in a few egos and you will have some very competitive and entertaining racing. Walczuk took the first win after Bullows took a fall in the first corner, David Comport took the next 2 wins and Shane Jenkins took the fourth when Comport crashed heavily just before the last corner. Walczuk took the overall win being the most consistant on the day, but he couldn't have done it without some help from his friends. It was the first straight of the second or third moto where Bullows and Walczuk collided mid air, Bullows fell heavily, but Walczuk fell against Jenkins, who didn't budge. Walczuk bounced back upright and continued on with the moto to finish third.
Pro Open has 3 gates of riders, there were probably as many AA pros as there were A pros. Unfortunatly none of the A pros made it to the main, but Aaron Jeffree was impressive getting amongst them, he didn't have the legs to take it to the line, but this guy will be getting amongst it over the coming months.
In the main, Tony Harvey would have been the home crowd favourite, but Jonathan Hoare has been in good form lately. Ben Price was riding well and there were a few other with good chances.
When the gate dropped though it was Jonathan Hoare who got the snap, Price fell trying to go too early and Harvey seemed to have got out slow. Harvey had caught up to Jonathan by the first corner but had the inside line, cutting the corner too tight his back wheel washed out. Allowing Jonathan to pull ahead clear of the field. Simon Anderson and Levi Collins were battling for third. Harvey tried to reel Jonathan in but there wasn't enough track. Jonathan Hoare took out the win and the big share of the money, setting up what will be an interesting summer of pro racing in Victoria.
The track was awesome, I think I'll be heading down to Bellarine again in the near future.
Pro Open
1. Jonathan Hoare ( Bicycles)
2. Tony Harvey (Avent/ECI)
3. Simon Anderson (GT Aust)
4. Levi Collins (Sinister)
5. Brock Tuckerman (Avent/ECI/Bendigo Cycles)
6. Luke Pretlove (Redline/TotalBMX)
7. Ben Price (Sinister)
8. Dean Miller (GT Aust)

Vet Pro 20"
1. Craig Walczuk (Redline/TotalBMX)
2. Shane Jenkins (
3. David Comport (
4. Greg Siinmaa (Sinister)
5. Jamie Bullows
6. Andrew Jeffree
7. Cameron Murray (Blowfly)

Vet Pro Cruiser
1. Jamie Bullows
2. Craig Walczuk (Redline/TotalBMX)
3. Greg Siinmaa (Sinister)
4. Damien Walczuk
5. Colin Flaherty
6. Cameron Murray (Blowfly)

20/09 Cash Dash 2004
The South Eastern BMX Club are holding their annual race meeting “Cash Dash 2004” on the 24th of October at Stan Riley Reserve, South Oakleigh (melways reference 78 E2). The "Cash Dash" has been one of the premier events on the Victorian Calendar of over 20 years.

The prize purse this year is:-
AA Men $750.00 + $20.00 payback per rider entered
AA Women $250.00 + $15.00 payback per rider entered
A Open $250.00 + $15.00 payback per rider entered
Bruiser Cruiser $150.00 + $12.00 payback per rider entered
Vet Pro 20” $150.00 + $12.00 payback per rider entered
8-12 and 13-15 vouchers included as well as the usual age and cruiser classes

A great range of classes to encourage the BMX family to have a fun day.

South Eastern BMX Club would like to thank their sponsors for their support, for without their help this race meeting wouldn’t be possible.
New World Honda, Uncorked Wines, New Oak Ford, Print Essential,, BMXMAD, Bicycle Super Store including Haro and Diamondback,, Hampton Bicycles Pro Shop, Supercycle, Sun Ringle, Total BMX

Please support South Eastern on the 24th October. Any enquires contact Diane Lacey (03) 9563-8552.

Click here to go to the race calendar to download the entry form.

20/09 BMXer's to be on Aussie TV's "Fat Pizza"
Kiel Dellow -
5 BMXers from Sydney are going to be on the SBS comedy "Fat Pizza" show. Kiel Dellow, Marty Demasi, Alex Cameron, Terry Scarr, Mitchell Scarr are all going to appear on the show. They are playing the part of BMX Bandits. They had to mug the main star of the show Paulie, in full race gear. The filming was done in August. SBS told us that we should get about 7mins of screen time. The episode will be on Monday the 20th of September at 9pm so make sure you watch it. Stay tuned for more as we were told that we may be asked back to to do a bit for the next movie but it's only a rumour at this stage.

17/09 2005 Gavin D BMX Calendars available next week
Gavin D is the freelance photographer that has been capturing BMX racing action all over Australia and New Zealand for around 3 years now. A few days ago we were lucky enough to catch up with him and check out the proofs for the upcoming 2005 BMX Calendar, it looks very slick.
If you thought last years calendar was good, or even if you didn't like last years at all, Gavin has turned it up to 11 this year, you will love the 2005 calendar. There is something for everyone, the layout is awesome, there's greater variety of photos from different classes and from all over Australia and New Zealand, the comments on each page have gone, and it's jam packed full of photos.
There's also a cool business directory pull out, that's like a poster, for quick reference to bike shops, websites and other BMX industry related businesses.
If you want to find out how you can get your hands on the calendar or you would just like to check out Gavin D's handy work (he just might have taken some photos of you) you can check the website at

16/09 South Australian titles update
NOVA FM 91.9 joins the party at the South Australian state titles.
The new Adelaide FM station will be setting up camp at the Tea Tree Gully BMX Track for the 2 days with their 2 brand spanking new roving Casanova street vehicles to bring you live broadcasts and heaps 'n heaps of give aways. NOVA FM will be adding an extra sparkle to the already gleaming SA state titles.

Don't forget entries close tomorrow. You can find an entry form on our race calendar.

15/09 One Bicycles frame discounts
Just a quick reminder that there is just over a month left to use the exclusive One Bicycles/ voucher for a 10% discount on retail value for any frame in the One Bicycles range. That includes both chrome-moly and alloy, with european bottom bracket, you can check the full product range on the One Bicycles website at
This is the same frame that Khalen Young has been racing and took him to #2 in the Elite class at the Australian Championships this year. We also ran a review on the 2004 XXL frame that you can check out at
Are you wondering what's in it for We just want to help our fellow Aussie riders save a few bucks (we'd like to help all riders, but can't this time around).
Here are all the details from the launch of the voucher posted last month: is proud to announce an exclusive offer to it's Australian readers. In conjuction with One Bicycles and DP1, the Australian distributors for One Bicycles, we have put together a 10% discount offer that is valid until October 19, 2004 and only available for Australian residents.
The offer is 10% off the recommended retail price of any frame in the One Bicycles range.
Here's how it works;

  • Click on the voucher image (below) to get the full size version.
  • Print the full size voucher.
  • You can either contact DP1 direct and they will let you know where your local One reseller is
    You can take the voucher to your local bike shop and they will contact DP1 and order the frame for you.

It's that simple.

If you are thinking of making a change for the upcoming season or looking for that perfect Christmas gift this could be the perfect opportunity.

Check out to browse the full range of One frames and other products.

15/09 Aussie Scott Taylor's US tour: week 2
Here's the latest from Aussie AA Pro Scott Taylor:
"I just went to the gym with Javier Columbo.. he's from Argentina but been out here for 4 years. It was a pretty good session, my legs are sore as ^%#$. I haven't been for, like, over 2 weeks. Got a cheap as membership too...$US40 for 3 months. It was a bit dodgy though. One of the employees had like a free membership card for his family, or something. Then he was selling it to me. I was like aghhhhh, but it was the cheapest way, otherwise it was going to be a lot more going through the system.
I'm eating like pasta and tuna everyday, that's all I got.
I have a race coming up in 2 weeks, then a week after that I'm going to Vegas with Avent guys, I'm going to do a bunch of riding out there because I met a bunch of guys who live out there. So it should be good, then I have a race in Del Mar, then the ABA grands. Then home!!!
I rode pretty bad at the comp, crashed two 360 whips and one 360, so my score was absolute s%$t. I think I got like 3rd last. 5 out of 10 of the finalists where Aussie, it was awsesome!!! Most guys didn't really bust out massive tricks in qualifying, just enough to make it. That's probably what I should have done...or at least landed the 3- whips...dumbasss!!!
Nate Burkhiemer made the finals, he doesn't have much of a trick list, flip x-up was the best thing and a turndown 3...but man, he goes high as!!!! He charges the first jump at the was like 8 metres..long, he blasts a turndown, 20 odd feet high...pretty good rider...but busted his ankle going for a 720 over the last set so he couldn't do the high air comp...which was held over the second set anyway!!!
The high air comp was won at 19'4"...pretty high man...All the Aussies completly shred it up!!(but none of us done high air)
I'm probably staying in hostels till next Monday, then moving in with Robbie Miranda, he's a good guy...most of them are top blokes.
Okay well that's about it, I am training hard for this next race, I will make the final and some money!!! "

15/09 Too many trophies - revisited
Warwick Wheeler from BMXPress/BMXCentral is a big contributor to the discussions. He came in late on the trophies topic, but had some interesting points.
Warwick Wheeler - BMXPress/BMXCentral (New South Wales)
I have had the opportunity to live and race in the USA.
Their system is tough and fair.
1. Only Pro riders compete for money. Am's do not get paid. Simple.
2. At bigger races such as nationals a rider can choose between trophies or saver stamps. Saver stamps are then accumulated and used at approved pro shops to purchase bike related product and or entries to other events. Trophy hunters can keep on hunting and those who are over it can get better things to save on the hip pocket.
3. At other events there is a two tear entry fee. The first and more expensive entry is where you race and if good enough you win a trophy. The second is that you pay a much lesser fee and compete for the love of it. So if you win your class you walk away with nothing. Hence a much lesser fee. The clubs then make close to a 100% profit on those entries. This is decided when you sign-on or place entry form.

14/09 Shepparton GV Masters entry form
The GV Masters is on again this year on October 17th. Shepparton is about a two to two and a half hour drive north of Melbourne's CBD.
To download the entry form check out the race calendar.

14/09 Sub-standard entry forms
I have noticed a growing trend in entry forms lately, it appears that there is a lot of information assumed of the entrant.
I have been looking at the entry forms from a beginners point of view, as there are a couple of people I am trying to help get involved in the sport. The thing is if you were to show them an entry form they wouldn't know where to start.
I don't mean to pick on Shepparton, or their hard working volunteers, but I will use their entry form as an example.
As a beginner the things I would need to know about a race is;
1. Where is it?
It's hardly enough to say behind the Veledrome and give a street name and the town name. If I had never been to Shepparton or had a map of the town I'd be lost. At minimum we should provide directions or a very basic map on the entry form, or provide it on the club's website and include a link on the entry form.
2. How much will it cost me?
There's so much information crammed into entry forms it's often difficult to find out what is probably the most important thing to help people work out their budgets...the cost per class. That should at least appear before you need to start entering your details so when it asks you to fill out the fee section you know exactly how much it is without having to hunt for it.
3. What Classes are there?
If I was new to the sport I wouldn't know what the classes are. Let's say I had only been riding club races until this event, the class I had been racing in would more than likely be a combined class. I think it's important to let people know what the age brackets are for various classes.
4. What are the prizes?
On the Shepparton entry form it has clearly marked at the top the prizes for the pro class, wouldn't it make sense to put the "Prizes & Awards…Trophies Will Be Paid From 1st to 8th place" directly under that for the amateur classes?
5. What if I had never raced before, or had retired for a while and don't have a licence?
We should encourage riders to every event, even if it means we licence them up on the day, I think there is a need to simplify the process and make it clear on the entry form, right along side rule 1 of the rules and regs "1.Riders with a sprocket or Open BMXA Licence are eligible to participate in this event." add something like "To organise a new Licence, or relicencing, ask at the registration tent."
Another thing, if I was a potential sponsor I would look at the entry forms as being thrown together and amateurish, would I want to put my logo on there and advertise? Probably not. Where would they put it anyway?
Why would I look at the entry form anyway? The entry form gives people a first impression of a race meeting and are widely distributed. You would get greater exposure through an entry form that you would on a Pro finalists cheque.
I think it's time for the associations to step up and help the clubs, and the sport, by creating templates to help the clubs with a starting point.

13/09 Jana wins World Title
ONE Bicycles' Elite Woman Jana Horakova has won the 4X World Championship!!!!


13/09 August / September 2004 update UNIVOFBMX
We just received an email from the legend and Old Man of European BMX, Gerrit Does. He's been updating his site, which is a must see for fans of Old School BMX.

Here's what he had to say: "After a couple of months "time-out" I picked up the pace again, to update the Old Skool is fun.....check it out."

13/09 Too many trophies - the last word
Every once in a while we like to write an article to air our thoughts and get people thinking about our wonderful sport, BMX. If you have been reading since late last week you will notice that the subject of trophies has managed to cause quite a stir. We have received some emails from organisers which we found interesting and wanted to share with you. These should be the last ones for this topic.

Wayne Austin (New South Wales)
I am the Secretary of the Macarthur BMX Club. I have only been in the BMX scene sine late 2001 (around 3 years). Trophies, smophies, who cares? I tell you who cares, young kids that don't normally win. Kids that win all the time, well it all gets a bit blarzay for them and it just gives their mum the sh*#s, because she is the one that has to dust them. Forget the trophies business, BMX should be looking at riders costs, because without the riders, there's no racing.

One of what I see as the biggest downfalls of BMX at present, is the ever increasing costs of race entry fees and license. I have been doing some research lately and haven't finilised it yet, gathering entry forms from all race meets as far back as I can go. As for the cost of a BMX license, you can't even get a Rule Book out of BMXA, you have to print your own off the web site. Why is the licence so expensive and what does a rider get in return?? I joined the BMX scene because it was affordable, but in the short time being involved, due to increasing costs, I am considering future options. I used to race go-karts in the mid to late 80's, but license fees kept going up each year to what I believe is around $350-00 now, wow !! BMX is (or was) a cheap and affordable alternative, but let's keep it that way.

Open meeting entry fees - if BMX Clubs do not keep entry fees to a much lower level than what they are now, patronage at race meetings I feel will dwindle. People cannot afford to keep paying out large sums of money every second week-end or whenever Open meetings are held. For example, NSW generating a State Series comprising of all NSW Open meetings, but the only people that will qualify for the series are the rich people, than can afford - 1. the entry fees, 2. travelling costs and 3. accommodation costs at the far away places you have to travel. Have a look at the web site and see how many riders qualify, not many and some classes not any at all.

Keep on putting the prices up and people will just say, why bother, can't afford it. Who misses out, the whole of BMX. So Clubs should keep entry fees as low as possible or the sport will not grow as one would like it to.

Brian Lacey (Victoria)
Good to see a few opinions on the topic of trophies. As an organiser I know it's a topic that gets a lot of discussion during setting up a series or meeting. As a rider I do appreciate the sentimental value of quite a few of my trophies and not necessarily those from the big meetings, however there are a lot of the "don't care" ones. One thing that ought not be forgotten is the needs and desires of the little kids and those relatively new to the sport (that is anyone with any space left on the mantle-piece!) - there is a most definate need for race organisers to cater for these riders.
The challenge for any organiser is to understand their "customer base" and set the trophy/award system accordingly.
I'm pleased to note that a few clubs have gone all vouchers for their open meetings this year - it will be interesting to see what the opinion is of this later.
It's also interesting to note that the Eastern Region regional day this year had about 3/4 of the entries of a Metro Plate round, and the awards were medallions for first only, and a sugar fix (can of soft drink and a chocolate bar) for all riders!

13/09 2004 BMX North Island Titles
2004 North Island BMX Championships (New Zealand)

The New Zealand North Island Titles is the 2nd Biggest race in New Zealand and most riders favorite race of the New Zealand Calendar. We have Australian Riders, last year we had Canadian Riders and we have also had USA riders before. With the New Zealand Vs Australian Test Series which is also held at the North Islands is a great crowd pleaser.

UCI points round
New Zealand vs Australia test series

For more information, check out

11/09 Factory Avent / Bombshell caps off summer in Grand style
Louisville, Kentucky - Labor Day weekend marked the running of the NBL Grandnational in Louisville, Kentucky. Several Avent / Bombshell Factory riders were in contention for NBL National #1 titles and the team was sitting soundly in the third spot for national teams coming into the race. 18 Expert Mike Lundy, 15 Expert Warren McDow, 14 Expert Joey Bradford and 11 Expert Connor Fields were all in the running for national titles. Mike Lundy had a difficult class to get around, with the likes of Fabien Hernandez and Chris Burke in the mix. Lundy came out victorious, however, on his Avent Factor XXL and is proud to be the new NBL National #1 in 17-18 Expert. Warren McDow battled hard on his Avent Factor XL to retake the title in his age group. Joey Bradford pulled down the 14 Expert title and came close on his Avent Jibster mountain bike in cruiser. Connor Fields was flying on his Avent Morpheus' to take both the 11 Expert and 11 Cruiser titles. Superclass Pro Jason Rogers had an off weekend only making it to quarters. The team maintained its standing in the NBL National team hunt and was proud to cap off its first year racing NBL in third place.

With half the team in Kentucky, the Bomb Squad had a limited roster for the ABA's Silver Dollar Nationals in Reno, Nevada the same weekend. 28 Expert TJ Johnson, 7 Expert Jacob Abbe, 10 Expert Chad Kerley, 12 Expert Lahsaan Kobza, 13 Girl Alise "The Beast" Post, 17 Expert Mike Moeller, and Steve Stewart in 36-40 Cruiser made their way to Nevada to keep Avent / Bombshell in first place in the ABA's Factory Team battle. The skeleton crew made the boys in Kentucky proud, winning the Factory Team competition on Saturday and followed it up with a decent third place on Sunday. With the win on Saturday, Avent / Bombshell improved their record to an incredible 13 wins in 16 races for the summer, including an ABA World Championship title. Jacob Abbe scored himself a double in 7 Expert and 7-8 Open, proving he's ready to take on the big boys in 8 Expert in Del Mar. Chad Kerley has been on fire lately and scored himself a win in class on Saturday and an Open win on Sunday. Lahsaan Kobza has also been looking extremely strong and nailed a double on Saturday in class and cruiser. TJ Johnson pulled down double wins in 28-35 Expert and an Open win on Saturday. Mike Moeller has been untouchable since the Worlds and proved it again in Reno with a huge double double in 17-18 Expert and 17-24 Open. With the two class wins, Moeller moved into eight place to join teammates Mike Lundy and Joey Bradford in the amateur top ten and have a legitimate shot at the amateur title. "The Beast" Alise Post injured her rotator cuff once again in a bad crash before coming to Reno, but still had enough to double in 13 Girls and win 11-13 Girls Cruiser on Saturday. The two class wins moved Alise to the top of the amateur girls standings to add to her #1 ranking in the Girl's Cruiser standings. Post looks to be the favorite to win BOTH titles in the same year. With the team scores from the weekend, the first-year team increased its lead to 15 points over second place Answer.

Look for the team to do battle next at the ABA Fall Nationals in Del Mar.

For the latest and greatest in cycling technology check out and!
Factory Avent / Bombshell is supported by the best sponsors in racing: Fly Racing (; FSA (; Shimano (; Six Six One (; Maxxis Tires (; Tangent BMX (; Thomson Seatposts (; Hot Shoppe Designs (; Red Baron Racing (; Moto Mag BMX Magazine (; IDC BMX (

10/09 South Aust. titles update
South Australia's Vet Pro picks up 2 more sponsors: Polar and Hoyt's joins the long list of sponsors with donating merchandise. (There will also be prizes given in the Vet Pro consolation final.) The Metropolitan Fire Brigade have also announced they will be attending the South Australian state championships by providing a fire truck for "hands on" demonstrations for the children and spectators.
Don't forget entries close soon.

10/09 Too many trophies follow-up
We received a number of emails in response to the Too many trophies article yesterday. It wasn't our intention, this time, to prompt a discussion, just food for thought, but we were happy to see that we aren't the only ones how find it a bit of an overkill and detrimental to clubs to give away so many trophies.
Here are some of the responses:

Matt Butterworth (Western Australia)
Just a quick word regarding your article. I am amazed clubs in the east of Australia give out trophies 1-8 AND 1-3 in a consolation final. That really must have a huge impact on their profit margin for a race meeting.
Here in WA, the only time 1-8 trophies are given out is for the State Championships. These are supplied by BMX Sports WA. All our Super Series rounds are 1-3 (supplied by the clubs). For the non Super Series race meets, some clubs have taken to award cash prizes 1-3 instead of trophies. Sure your don't have a memento to take away with you, but the kids get really excited at having some money to burn in their hands. The clubs make money as the total purse awarded for each age group would be less than the cost of a set of trophies.
I agree clubs should think outside the square a little bit and come up with a cost effective, unique form of award for their race meets to ensure that not only the clubs make a bit of money from the event, but also that the kids have something to remember the race meet by (hence they come back next year. It's the old marketing strategy of attracting customers (riders) and presenting a product and service (race meet) that attracts repeat business (more nominations next year)

Jane Ollerenshaw (Victoria)
You bring up a very valid issue in this sport, and one that I feel brings the sport down. There are far too many trophies awarded. You can walk into any Olympians house, and there will not be a whole lounge room covered in trophies, yet they have achieved far greater within their sport. Walk into any 'mediocre' level BMXer's house, and if they have been racing a few years, the place will be chockers with lots of ugly trophies. I was really surprised on returning to BMX that they still award trophies, and feel the sport is still stuck in the 80's where it began. In mountainbike racing they give out cash, (not much) or product prizes which are often given by sponsors. I find this far more usefull than a dust catcher, which very quickly gets shoved in a cupboard somewhere. I don't need to have a trophy to remind me of how I did at a race. If I need a trophy to remember the race, then the race wasn't that special after all.

Brett MaliC (South Australia)
This trophy thing!!!!
I ride for the fun of kick'n butt.
I ride harder for the challenge of the track and for competing against the "better riders in the sport" however the money factor is a bonus. Take the ACT's, I would defiantly not travel that distance had it not been for the competition that it draws in my age class and to watch other classes, it gives me the opportunity to see Australians best PRO's in action. If ACT didn't offer the big Pro Purse to the elite boys they would not attend and I would not go either. The biggest driving force behind alot of riders these days is the opportunity to win money, to help out with the travelling costs.
It feels good to get something back for the travelling and entry fees you pay. I have always been the biggest advocate for a big prize purse, if you offer an amount that draws the attention of the BIG NAME PRO riders then the other riders will follow.
If organisers want a big event they have to offer the big money and only have to get off their butts to get it. I have alot of respect for Blue Lake BMX (Mt Gambier), they not only get the sponsors, but they shove everything in your face saying here are our sponsors, go and buy stuff off em and support them. That's what you do and that's how you keep them.
If you're not sponsored and travel alone of with your family, this sport is expensive. Hence why we are making an effort too travel as a group and not as individuals this year.
Winning trophies used to be enjoyable, winning money has knocked off the impact of the trophy prestige at a local level. The kids today are so used to the money that winning a trophy is as common as brushing your teeth. I agree, a bit of variety is a blessing. Offer some merchandise or even a wad of chocolate!!!! A trophy to me, at my age, is still a bonus, but I would rather a voucher at a local pub or MITRE 10. Kids, a voucher at the local toy store etc. The other argument against this is that is racing for money at all ages give the kids that pocket money incentive. Why not at the large meets get the big trophy thing happening again???
I have thought about this trophy stigma for a while that is why, for the South Australian titles, I have chased POLAR for merchandise and Hoyts for free tickets, it adds variety and riders don't look at the trophy and think "Ah crap not another one of these, must of cost em $2"
I liked the idea at Knox last year when they gave riders a framed photo of Wade Bootes as an alternative to a standard trophy, would have liked Miss Universe but Wade was OK. It was different!!

09/09 Too many trophies?
I have been racing for a while now, since 1981 as a matter of fact. Racing in the amateur ranks for so many years I have earned a lot of trophies, but there are few that I have kept. The trophies that I did keep are either from State, National or International championships, there may be one or two others with sentimental value. The rest of them were recycled, donated back to clubs to reuse at club events, which helped generate some much needed funds.
The question is does BMX give away too many trophies? The answer is that they are not given away, the riders pay for them, they are budgeted for in your entry fees. I will never understand why, at a state level, we give trophies for every meeting to the top 8 finalists and in most cases the next 3 in the consolation final. To an extent I understand the idea behind awarding those who may never make it to the top 3, but by doing that a rider may be content to finish mid field and never strive to achieve greater goals. When a meeting struggles to pull enough riders for finals in each class it can be quite expensive.
A couple of years ago I looked at this problem while preparing for the Mid Vic National event that I ran at Puckapunyal. I decided to make the entry fees affordable and work backwards from there. With the entry fees $5 less than equivalent meetings I had $5 less per rider and I still had to make the event work. So what is it that drives riders to race meetings? Is it the trophies? There may be a minority group that hunts trophies, but most BMXers love a challenging track, competitive racing and some fun. They do like to get something in the end that will be a reminder of the event and sponsors like to have their names all over the place, around the track, on entry forms, any where that would help them increase exposure. It was with this that I approached Dirt Designs to have a custom made presentation number plate made up. The idea was that it would sit along side trophies (and not take up so much room), but naturally stand out amongst them. We spent a lot of time designing the plate so that it would generate a high "wow factor", some riders liked it so much they modified the plate and raced with it.
I'm not saying that we should never give out trophies to top 8. However that should be reserved for larger meetings like state championships, national and international events. What I am saying is that we should make racing more affordable at state level events. Instead of trophies for the guys who finish 4-8, find something else that may have a similar impact without removing the prestige of making it to the top 3. Get creative, if you make BMX too expensive, people will find other things to do.

08/09 race report: NBL Grand Nationals Louisville, KY
Bennett and Stumpfhauser take home the #1 Pro titles

The 2004 NBL Grand Nationals will go down as the most exciting and unpredictable #1 Pro title chase in NBL History. At the start of the weekend, there were 6 riders (Warwick Stevenson, Jason Richardson, Robert De Wilde, Randy Stumpfhauser, Kyle Bennett, and Matt Pohlkamp) who had a chance to win the NBL title and all but 1 (Warwick Stevenson) had made it to the main event. The one main format in the NBL also added to the excitement, but as well as the confusion with trying to guess who would become the new #1 Pro. Any of the riders who were now in the points chase who could win the main event would become the new NBL #1 Pro and 2 of the riders had a shot fro the title, as well as a total of 4 of the riders in the main were riders. Here is how each finished up-

Kyle Bennett has had a few changes in 2004. First his new ride with Free Agent back in January and then getting married just a few months ago. The one thing that was a constant with Kyle was his ability to win races and be consistent in the NBL. Going into the NBL Grands, Kyle was just in 5th in the points chase, but with Double Points awarded in the Elite main event, it opened the door up for Kyle. When the gate dropped it was a dead even race until just before the first turn where Kyle powered his way out front and never looked back, taking the biggest win of the season, and clinching the 2004 NBL Elite Men's Pro Title. Kyle was so happy with the win and the title, and was mobbed by his fans at the finish, that he wore himself out in celebration and decided to sit out the Pro Open main event that he qualified to race. Who could blame him! Congratulations on winning your 2nd NBL #1 Pro title Kyle! Kyle's sponsors include Free Agent, KHS, Answer, Sun Ringle, UGP, Truvativ, Velo, Vans, Maxxis, S&M bars, ATI, Shimano, Profile, Powerbar, Smith, Cyto Sport, and

Randy Stumpfhauser, the 2003 NBL #1 Pro had a great season as well in the NBL with making al but 2 main events this season and having won almost every Cruiser race he was in. Going into the main event, Randy was looking to hold onto his Elite Pro Men's #1 title, but as he was trying to get to the front of the pack in the main event, he instead went down and crashed, ending his chance to retain his title. When the Cruiser main event lined up thought, Randy planned on going round the first turn in the lead and having no trouble with his incredible gate start, he did just that. Randy lead the entire race but did have some stiff competition from Jarrett Kolich. Randy crossed the line in 1st with Jarrett just behind him and Randy clinched the 2004 NBL #1 Pro Cruiser title. Adding that to his 2004 UCI and ABA World Championship titles, Randy is the best Cruiser rider in the world! Randy's sponsors include GT Bicycles, Hyundai, ODI, IRC Tires, Shimano, Fox Racing, Smith, Sun Ringle, Bombshell Forks, AC, Thomson, Powerbar, CTI Knee Braces, Tool Shed, Marwi, FSA Headsets, S & M, Cyto Sport, and

Cristian Becerine has been one of the fastest guys on the BMX track this year but just hasn't had enough wins to put him in a shot for the NBL title. Just behind the guys with a mathematical shot, Cristian was one of the favorites to win the main, as he had been laying down the power since the first gate dropped in Louisville. In the Elite main, Cristian was up in the front and just was edged out in the first turn to have to settle back into the 3rd spot. Cristian laid down some serious pull and stayed in the 3rd place spot for the rest of the main event. In Pro Open, Cristian was looking for another great results, but a crash held him back to 6th for the day, but overall it has been a great season for Cristian. Cristian's sponsors include Crupi, O'Neal, Answer, UGP, ODI, Sun Ringle, Marwi, Shimano, Tool Shed, Powerbar,, Cyto Sport, and Thomson Seat Posts.

Dale Holmes considers himself an NBL Grands specialist and by watching him ride in Louisville, he was able to back up that statement. Dale started off the season strong in the NBL with a handful of podium finishes and had sat in the top 5 of the Pro standings for most of the season. As summer hit, Dale was off racing Mountain bikes, so he missed 3 of the NBL Nationals, keeping him out of the top 5 and just a bit behind and unable to be mathematically able to win the NBL #1 title. That didn't stop Dale from going the NBL Grands and giving his fans a real show as he powered his way into the Toughest main event of the NBL season. Dale finished up 5th for the day. Dale's sponsors include Free Agent, KHS, Troy Lee Designs, Kenda, Bolle Eyewear, Sun Ringle, Powerbar, Tangent,, DALEHOLMES.COM, Cyto Sport, and Shimano.

Elite Pro Men Results NBL Grands
1st Kyle Bennett 2nd Jonathan Suarez 3rd Cristian Becerine 4th Robert De Wilde 5th Dale Holmes 6th Jason Richardson 7th Matt Pohlkamp 8th Randy Stumpfhauser

NBL Elite Men's Pro Year End Overall
1st Kyle Bennett
2nd Robert De Wilde
3rd Jason Richardson
4th Warwick Stevenson
5th Randy Stumpfhauser

08/09 Jonathan "Jon Jon" Hoare heads to NSW
After a convincing win at the Victorian season opener at Eastfield on Sunday,'s AA Pro rider Jonathan "Jon Jon" Hoare, is heading up to NSW this weekend to take on the big names of Australian pro racing at the NSW Tri series. The Tri series is three events run over two days.
Look out for Jon Jon on board his One bike wearing the One/ jersey, he'll have some stickers for those that ask nicely.
Jon Jon's sponsors include:, One Bicycles, Answer, Supercross, Dirt Designs, ATi,, Pazzaz, Control Tech, Tektro and Bayswater Cycles/

08/09 Bellarine news
The Bellarine Spectacular, to be held September 19, is shaping up to be a big race this year. We hear there are plans to make some last minute changes to the track to make it more fun for the riders. There is also talk that if the Vet pro class is well supported this year the club will double the prize money next year.

07/09 Aussie Scott Taylor's US tour: week 1
Hey Y'all.. hahahaha...
Sending from Louisville Kentucky.
Week One down and out! Meeting so many new people, its crazy!!
Raced NBL Grands on the weekend. Rode pretty well, but not well enough. It went like this:
A Pro
Race 1 - 2nd
Race 2 - 5th (clipped out bottom of gate)
Race 3 - 2nd
1/4 - 4th (easily equl 1st into turn one but got passed by two guys in 2nd turn, racing is different here!)
1/2 - Got shut down then crash in 4th in the 2nd turn.
Pro Open
Race 1 - 3rd
Race 2 - 7th (hit gate and went down)
Race 3 - 2nd
1/4 - Got shut down and ended with 6th.
Guys over here are plenty faster out of the gate.,. first few pedals most of them have got down really good!!!
Big difference to racing in australia!! but will work it out!
Had some major problems with credit card due to no fault of my own, really bad info from the bank BANK WEST.. (w&^%ers) on several occassions. Causing me all kinds of dramas!!!! Anyway, I have money back now!!
Just booked my flight over to LA, was hoping to be able to room with a pro out there but not to be for one or 4 reasons or another, so will stay on my own somewhere and try and get a bit of normality back into life!!! Like doing some training and not having to eat out every night!
Well I am out to ride a skatepark here in Louisville.... its unreal!!! will take some shots tonight.
Okay well thats about it for now,
Stay tuned... ahahahahha


07/09 Liz Phair CD winners announced
We have drawn the winners of the Liz Phair CD out of a hat, and the three winners are;

  • Pertina Pert
  • Nancy Morrison
  • Tina Willis

Their CD's will be mailed out soon. We also gave away 4 CDs on Sunday at Eastfield and have a couple left to be given away Bellarine on Sunday week.
Thanks to EMI Australia for supplying the CD's. We hope the winners enjoy their copies.

07/09 Eastfield photos
Click here to check out the photos from Eastfield on Sunday

06/09 Eastfield results
The Eastfield BMX club kicked off the summer season for Victoria riders on Sunday. The previous two years the Eastfield Spring Classic was known as the Eastfield Spring Nationals, being a part of the prestegious BMXPress/BMXCentral TV series. With no TV coverage it was a very different race with little prize money, and Pro open rather than the usual A and AA Pro classes. It's not surprising that they couldn't pull any more riders than a regional event. Although the meeting may have changed the track hasn't changed a bit over the last few years, it's still a big long peddlers track with jumps that only a handful of riders could jump in a race and gain very little advantage.
The Pro open class drew four gates of riders, the only two Victorian AA's missing from the field (that I could think of) were Tony Harvey and Luke Pretlove.
In the motos One Bicycles/'s Jonathan "Jon Jon" Hoare was unbeatable. Redline/TotalBMX's Adam Robb, surprisingly, also had perfect motos.
When it came to the semis the only big surprise was Sinister's Levi Collins crashing out in the first corner.
In the final Jon Jon was the favourite, but it was Ben Price who got the snap and surprised everyone, by the first jump Jon Jon had pulled up next to him and slipped into the front of the field. Coming out of the first corner Scott Lacey had slipped into second, Price had slipped to third. By the last corner Lacey had caught Jon Jon, but he managed to pull away down the last straight, taking the lions share of the prize pool. Price finished in third, just ahead of the fast finishing Bendigo Cycles/Avent/ECI's Brock Tuckerman.
Pro Open Results
1. Jonathan Hoare (One Bicycles/
2. Scott Lacey
3. Ben Price
4. Brock Tuckerman (Bendigo Cycles/Avent/ECI)
5. David Page (Norco)
6. Rober Slater (Melbourne Bicycle Center/Profile)
7. Adam Robb (Redline/TotalBMX)
8. Simon Anderson (GT Australia)

Click here for the full results from the Eastfield Spring Classic.

03/09 Sponsorship Season is Open on
Sponsorship resumes for the 2005 season are now being accepted by more than 65 companies in the mountain bike and BMX industries through Leading mountain bike companies like Foes Bikes, Smith Optics, Turner Bikes, Hayes Brakes, Intense Cycles, and Iron Horse Bikes are using SponsorHouse to field their 2005 rosters. BMX companies like Bombshell/Avent, Intense BMX, Supercross BMX, FMF BMX, Tangent, and Sun Ringle are also on board with SponsorHouse and looking for riders like you.

Founded in 2001, is the source that helps to connect riders with sponsors in the motorsports and bicycle industries. By moving the process online, it has become the preferred method for companies helping to get faster responses to riders while helping to reduce the time it takes to process mailed in resumes. Say No To Mail ... and jump on to for more information.

03/09 Review: Shimano M071 SPD shoes
Our AA Pro rider, Jonathan Hoare, has been putting his new Shimano M071 SPD shoes through their paces. Check out the review to see what he had to say about them.

02/09 Brian Kelly fires up for Vet Pro
With the eve of Australian Vet Pro upon us we have just heard from Brian "Jock" Kelly (S&M/, two time national champion and legend of the masters classes. He's been fighting of teeth pulling dentists, with little success, the flu and chicken pox. All of which have kept him off his bike since the Australian Championships at Easter time.
With Brian in the Vet Pro mix, along with the many other national quality 30+ riders in the country, Australia is in for some very close racing as the riders fight it out to prove themselves the king of Vet Pro.

01/09 Interviews
We have been a little slow on the interview front for a while now , and since it's also a slow news day we thought we'd ask you who you think we should interview. Email us at and let us know who your favourite rider is and we'll see if we can organise an interview.


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