2003 Racing photos

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March - Canberra, ACT, AUS - ACT titles - Tuggeranong (Photos by Tracey Coles)
Senior elite moto - Madill leading, Pretlove going down Elite men - Pretlove getting hammered AA Pro - Fenwick V Bootes AA Men - Robinson, Bootes and Fenwick AA Men - Johnston, Madill and Anderson 30-34 Cruiser - Fisher leading Weber A Pro Final - Leigh Darrell leading Peter Trenwith and the rest of the field AA Women Final - Emma Franklin with her nose in front AA Mens final  - Robinson, Johnson, and Madill Elite Men - Robinson and Johnson Jnr Elite women Elite men - Robinson, Johnson, Pretlove Jnr Elite Women - Emma Franklin 30-34 Men 35-39 Men 19+ Men - Robb Slater leading 19 & Over cruiser - Pretlove leading from Anderson 35-39 Cruiser Jnr Elite Men - Fenwick leading Elite men Jnr Elite men - Fenwick leading and Beerens going down Elite men Elite men AA men - Madill, Johnson and Fenwick



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