2003 Racing photos

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March - Lilydale, Vic, AUS - Metro Plate Rnd 1 (Photos by Tracey Coles and bmxultra.com)
Bruiser Cruiser - Dean Coles and Glenn Suridge Pro Open Moto - Anderson and Tuckerman Pro Open Moto - Pretlove leads Robb in second Pro Open Moto - Adam Robb Pro Open Moto - Luke Pretlove Pro Open Moto - Ken Babington leads Scott Lacey Pro Open Moto - Jenkins leads Anderson Pro Open Moto - Jenkins leads Hoare Pro Open Semi 1 - Tuckerman leads, Babington about to hit the ground Pro Open Semi 1 - Babington takes 4 other riders with him Pro Open Semi 1 - Brock Tuckerman Pro Open Semi 2 Pro Open Semi 2 - Simon Anderson Pro Open Main - Tuckerman, Robb and Harvey Pro Open Main - Harvey Leading Pro Open Main - Pretlove, Robb Pro Open Main - Harvey leads the fireld out of the first corner Emma Franklin - 3rd in the 16 Boys class.


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