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Victorian State Championships, Vic, AUS, November

GT Cash Dash Oakleigh, Vic, AUS, October
AA Pro The Victorian's get tangled as Madill gets comfortable Pro Cruiser Pro Cruiser Darren Hawkins looked like he had the win A Pro (1A) Luke Pretlove looked the goods in the main until he left the last corner wide open 16+ Girls 15 Boys 19+ Trevor Webber in front 25-29 Damien Walczuk Stylin' in front
NBL Stars N Stripes Nationals South Park PA, USA, July
AA Pro - The decision makers; Holmes, Pohlkamp, Miranda. Stevenson went off the track when he ran out of room AA Pro - Mario Soto, Kevin Tomko, Percy Owens, Steve Veltman, Thomas Allier, Jason Richardson AA Pro - The decision makers; Allier and Soto high flying AA Pro - Christophe Leveque and Craig Reynolds leading the way AA Pro - Matt Hadan, Eric Abbadassa, Christophe Leveque First Straight AA Pro - Thomas Allier and Jamie Staff leading the way UCI World Cup - Holmes, Pohlkamp, Wood, De Wilde, Stumpfhauser, Bittner, Owens AA Pro - Allier, Staff, Holmes, Tomko AA Pro - Mario Soto and Warwick Stevenson AA Pro - Abbadassa, Veltman, Leveque, Foster AA Pro - Craig Reymolds, Warwick Stevenson, Erik Abbadassa, A Pro - Brian Streiby
NBL Summer Nationals Evansville IN, USA, June
Pro Pro Pro Pro Pro Pro Pro Pro AA Pro - Loaded gate A Pro - Strileki and Strieby AA Pro - Stacked field A Pro - (790) Ben Price (yellow helmet) Colin Styles
ABA Midwest Nationals Rockford IL, USA, June
Pro Pro Pro Pro Pro Pro Pro Pro Pro Pro Pro Pro
Shepparton, AUS, April
AA Pro - A very even start in the AA Pro main AA Pro - Leigh Webber (No number) and Luke Pretlove lead the rest of the field coming out of the s bends AA Pro - Dallas Gale leading from Nathan Wilkins and Shane Jenkins (BMX Ultra)


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