Pictures - Racing - 2001 (best of)

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MidVic Nationals Puckapunyal, Victoria, Aus, October
AA Pro final AA Pro final
Cash Dash, Victoria, Aus, October
Pro Open final, Robinson leading from Madill and Galea in third 19+ Expert men A Pro final Pro women - Kate Elliot in fromt
Bellarine, Victoria, Aus, September
AA Pro - Simon Anderson Vs Ben Price AA Pro - #1 Danny Galea
Bendigo Gold Rush, Victoria, Aus, September
25-29 Men - Dave Cleary and Trevor Webber cross dressing A pro Luke Chiemelewski ( leading in the 19+ Expert class AA Pro - Luke Madill Leading Danny Galea
Puckapunyal, Victoria, Aus, July
AA Pro Main 19+ Cruiser - Slater leading AA Pro motos AA Pro motos
Australian BMX Championships - Happy Valley, South Aus, April
Elite Cruiser - Kamakasi in front Elite Cruiser - Shane Agalawatta - Dominated the Jnr Elite classes all weekend 30-34 Cruiser Class - Brad Farrant (yellow jersey) and's Shane Jenkins (blue jersey) dominated the class 25-29 Cruiser - In Simon Anderson's dust Trevor Webber (green) and Dave Cleary (Blue) settled for 2nd and 3rd Elite Men - Luke Madill (not seen in thumbprint) leaving the rest of the field, including Kamakazi, in his dust 19+ Men - Cassap's Glenn Porter (32) leads's Luke Chmielewski (30) Elite Men - the talented Mr Darren Hawkins riding the tight rope. 30-34 Men - Brian Kelly S&M leading Shane Jenkins (in blue) and Glenn Suridge
Track Attack, Round 1 - South Eastern, Aus, January
A Pro Main, Luke Turner with a strong lead AA Pro Main, Warwick Stevenson Dominating AA Pro Main, The pack closes in AA Pro Main, Madill goes down causing grief for Sean Dwight
Track Attack, Round 5 - Lilydale, Aus, January
AA Pro Main, first corner AA Pro Main, Warwick taking it to the line with Sean Dwight close by in second A pro main Women Pro, first corner


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