2002 Racing photos

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November - Melbourne, Vic, AUS - Victorian State Championships
20-24 Cruiser - Jock Kelly and Glenn Suridge 19-29 Cruiser final Jnr Elite cruiser - Hollings, Babington, Collins 17 Girls - Monique Rademaker Jnr Elite final last corner - Young, Beerens and Hoare Elite Women Elite Men Final - first jump Elite Mens final - Last corner - Galea in front

November - Melbourne, Vic, AUS - The Knox DK Grand Nationals
19+ Girls The WadeBootes.com mobile home AA Pro AA Pro AA Pro Danny Galea doing his best Mr T AA Pro Pro Open

October - Melbourne, Vic, AUS - The Norco Cash Dash
19+ Men A pro semi A pro semi 19+ Men

October - Shepparton, Vic, AUS - G.V. Masters
Luke Madill back in the swing of things 19+ Main A pro main AA Pro main - Levi Collins hits the ground

September - Eastfield, Vic, AUS - DK Spring Nationals.
19 + men A pro AA Pro John Johnson Pro open main Pro open Main 19+ ladies - Rachel Rademaker Smiles all round Harvey doubles, a successful meeting from Wheeler and Fenwick watching on

Chloe McPherson - AA Pro ladies winner AA and Pro Open winner Tony Harvey

August - Shepparton, Vic, AUS - Northern Rivers Regional Championships final.
OPen class Pro men Levi Collins - Pro winner for the day Pro mens final

June - Mt Gambier, SA, AUS - Vic V's SA (UCI Points race)
Pro Men - Khalen Young - most riders would recognise him better from behind Pro Men - Danny Galea in second Pro Men - Mike Fenwick leads the way in Saturday's final, with Barker ready to pounce. Pro Women - 35 - Kerry Lee Lucas Pro Women - Tanya Bailey Pro Men - Khalen Young Pro Men - Mike Fenwick Pro Men - Simon Anderson

March - Tas AUS - Australian Championships - Hobart
Jnr Elite - Barker, Young Snr Elite Men Snr Elite Men - Kamakazi, Robinson, Madill Jnr Elite - Collins, Jedrzejczyk, Black Hall 15/16 Cruiser - Fenwick Snr Elite - Pretlove, Fisher, Taylor, Harvey Jnr Elite Cruiser - Barker, Young Elite Women - Bailey

January - Victoria AUS - Track Attack - Park Orchards
AA Women - Tanya Bailey AA Men - Sean Dwight AA Men AA Women - Cloe MacPhearson

January - Victoria AUS - Track Attack - South Eastern
AA Men - #1 Kamakazi AA Men - Kamakazi A Men A Men - final - Luke Pretlove


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