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30/05 Team Profile Racing/Maxxis Tangles Up Tanglewood.

Fernandez Wins First Pro Main Event
Team Profile Racing/Maxxis BMX Pros Percy “O-Show” Owens and Chris Fernandez left Florida for North Carolina in the rain and then raced in the rain, lots of rain. Both racers say the track, although a bit tacky was in pretty good shape. The heavy rains could not put a damper on this Tarheel National at Tanglewood BMX. Percy and Chris say it was the dedication of the track volunteers that kept the race from being a washout. While it rained off and on both Saturday and Sunday, the track was kept in good shape so there were only a few short delays.
There was a field of 24 pro racers signing up for the Tanglewood Pro Open and that meant Semis. On Saturday’s Pro Open Main, Javier Columbo (Intruder Bikes) came out of the gate on top followed closely by Profile Racing/Maxxis’s rookie Pro Chris Fernandez. The track announcer kept announcing him as, “Profile’s Percy Owens”, but then going into the second turn, Columbo went a little too high and Fernandez took the low line and forced Columbo high. That’s all she wrote and Chris rode to the finish line (with the announcer finally calling his right name) holding off top AA-Pros like teammate Percy Owens and Lance McGuire (Hyper-Hotwheels Bikes) to win his first Pro Main! Chris FernandezTo say Chris was excited after that Main has to be the understatement of the year. Way to go Chris, for a great race and your first Pro Main win. Sunday's Pro Open Main was won by Javier Columbo followed by Hyper/Hotwheel's riders Lance McGuire and Justin Loffredo and Chris crossing over fourth.

Saturday’s Pro Open Final
1. Chris Fernandez – Profile Racing/Maxxis
2. Javier Colombo – Intruder Bikes
3. Michael Gravenmier – Webco
4. Justin Loffredo – Hyper-Hotwheels
5. Sherrill Jason
6. Sidney Borba
7. Percy Owens – Profile Racing/Maxxis
8. Lance McGuire – Hyper-Hotwheels

Sunday’s Pro Open Final
1. Javier Colombo – Intruder Bikes
2. Lance McGuire – Hyper-Hotwheels
3. Justin Loffredo – Hyper-Hotwheels
4. Chris Fernandez – Profile Racing/Maxxis
5. Percy Owens – Profile Racing/Maxxis
6. Sherrill Jason
7. Dominic Therrien
8. Alejandro Larose – Dan’s Competition

Thanks to our major sponsor, Maxxis and supporting sponsors Answer, Cane Creek, Hot Shoppe, Marwi USA, Spy, Sun Ringlé, Thomson, Troy Lee Designs, UGP and Vans. Special thanks to Shelby Russ and for the action photo of Chris Fernandez (not shown) and Rolf Bostrom of for the photo of a smiling Chris.

29/05 More Northern Rivers entry forms

The latest news just in from Northern Rivers is that the race that was to be held at Benella has been moved to Bendigo. The entry forms for rounds 5 and 6 of the series are available (in pdf format) for download on our race calendar.

29/05 Bendigo race report

The Bendigo track was in great condition and the weather was beautiful for the fourth round of the Northern Rivers championships. The track has always been one to challenge riders physically and mentally and many showed they were up for it.
In the 19& Over womens class Kate Elliot (DK) was doing well to hold off the ever improving Maree Kenyon. In the 19& Over men there were two strong gates but only two riders seemed to be up for jumping the big doubles at the end of the first straight local rider Jamie Bullows and Northern Rivers regional president Trevor Weber (Tuf-Neck/ECI).
In the Money class there were 3 full gates there were the regulars like AA Pro's Levi Collins, Brock Tuckerman, Adam Robb and the A Pro's of Robert Slatter, David Page, Nathan May (Sinister Racing), Shane Jenkins (, Jarred Kahl, Grant Carra and Ahron Jeffree, they were joined Dean Miller and a bunch of other guys.
In the motos Collins, Tuckerman, Robb, Miller, Slatter and Page were all qualifying comfortably. May had a crash early in the day which put him out of the running for a finals birth. Jenkins started off well but two slow starts in the last two motos cost him dearly, he was seen watching the finals with May from the sidelines.
When the gate dropped in the main Robb Slatter was off to the early lead, but found some loose stuff in the first corner which forced him to drift wide, this allowed Collins to slip though and take the lead. Robb was in third fighting off the fast finishing Tuckerman. Miller and Page had to settle for minor placings. Connor Hunter and Joshua Dixon finished 7th and 8th in a strong field.
Once again the racing, put on by the Northern Rivers region, was great. The meeting ran smoothly and everyone was home early.
Money class

1. Levi Collins (Sinister Racing)
2. Robert Slatter (Profile/ECI)
3. Adam Robb (Redline/TotalBMX)
4. Brock Tuckerman (Sinister Racing)
5. Dean Miller (GT Australia)
6. David Page
7. Connor Hunter
8. Joshua Dixon

28/05 Verbena CD giveaway

Thanks to Verbena and Capitol Records we have some giveaways to mark the release of Verbena's latest Album.
This competition is simple, we have three questions, and the answers are all on the bands website at
Each of the 5 winners will receive a "Truckers" hat and an EP called The Albama Boys Choir which has 4 previously unreleased tracks.
Entries are open to everyone world wide and close June 7th.
Here's the questions:

  1. What is the name of the latest Verbena Album?
  2. What's the name of the song released as the first single from the Album?
  3. How many people are in Verbena (the band)?

Send an email to with "Verbena CD giveaway" in the subject line, your answers and your details. Including your return email address and postal address. (These details will only be used by and Capitol Records to contact you and deliver prizes, if you win. They are not forwarded to a third party or used for any other reason).
Winners will be announced here shortly after June 7th.
Don't forget all your answers are at

28/05 Supercross' 17x Thomas " The Hitman" Fernandez turns PRO!!!!

Thomas FernandezAfter a 6 win streak in 17x and doubling both days in New York at the Empire nationals and Doubling on Saturday in Lancaster at the Springs, Supercross' 17x Thomas "The Hitman" Fernandez turns pro!!! No one expected Thomas to turn Pro this quick he was expected by fans and competitors to remain the dominating force in 17x that he has been, but the decision to turn Pro was one that Thomas had been contemplating for quite some time after being roomates with AA PRO sensation Bubba Harris.

Thomas won his first moto of A pro on sunday and then failed to qualify out of his semi, Thomas is on the road with the Supercross/Supercamp tour for the next 2 and a half months teaching, training and racing with Supercross AA Pro Jan Baltzersen and Redlines AA Pro Bubba Harris, with that type of training and support, look for Thomas to have his first big A Pro win in Colorado.

For more information about Supercross see

28/05 Racegirl Report

Racegirl/Answer Team Rider Mollie Crohan takes 1st at the Florida State Championships in the 6-7 girls class ..Racegirl/Answer Team Rider Cassie Watts receives Florida State Commissioner award along with Racegirl Ambassador Amanda Geving who also won the 14 girls title!!

This weekend Girl Pro Results
ABA Spring Nationals ~Lancaster, Ca ~Motos 261 Saturday and 229 Sunday
GIRLS PRO Total Riders = 9
GIRLS PRO Total Riders = 8

NBL Tarheal National~ North Carolina~ 119 motos
Super Girls ~Total riders 9
1 Michelle Cairns
2 Gabriela Diaz
3 Ashley Ross
4 Carley Young
5 Jill Botchler
6 Shelby Russ
7 Jessi Sox
1 Michelle Cairns
2 Gabriela Diaz
3 Ashley Ross
4 Carley Young
5 Jill Botchler
6 Courtney Sylvester
7 Becky Smith

Kelly hutto won the 15 girls class both days with Lilly Cooke in 2nd and Samantha Story in 3rd both days ... 14 girls class was won by Jessica Moore. Also Girl Pro ALICE JUNG, ENIGMA RACING/POWERBAR broke her Collar bone this weekend in a crash in motos ...

Check the gossip page for more race reports on the ABA weekend and the Florida Championships!!


Lancaster, California - Phantom / Avent Cycles / Fly Racing / adidas' Stephanie Barragan, 15, from Montclair, California grabbed her first Women's Pro victory at the ABA's Spring Nationals last weekend. After several second and third place podium finishes this season, Stephanie was excited to finally reach the top. Barragan survived Lancaster's tricky track layout on her Avent Pro frame and Bombshell Shrike carbon-fiber forks and her consistency paid off. "I'm really excited for Steph. I knew she would take one soon and I'm glad it happened close to home. The whole team is super proud of her." Look for Stephanie Barragan to be at the top of the podium again real soon.

Stephanie Barragan proudly represents the following companies:
Avent Cycles (, Fly Racing (, adidas Cycling and Eyewear (, Answer Products (, ODI Grips (, Tangent Products (, EVS Speed Equipment (, MarwiUSA Ti Spokes (, Velocity Wheels (, United Brands Co. proud makers of US Energy Drink and Synergy Sports Drink (, and Bombshell Racing Systems ( Support the companies that support BMX!

27/05 Racing in Victoria this weekend

With the Hoppers Crossing track still not ready there has been a last minute change.
Saturday's racing will be held at Bellarine starting at 2:00 pm, we don't have an entry form but are told people can enter on 03 9749 2414, with no additional phone entry fee.
The Lalor (now called Northern Park) track rebuild is now completed but may need minor adjustments as the track settles. So with that out of the wey they will be hosting racing on the Sunday starting at 11:00 am.
If you don't have an entry form call 03 9749 2414.
While talking about Lalor, they have gate practice on Wednesdays from 5.30 pm onwards (until about 7:30 pm), starting from this Wednesday. Also their club racing at this stage is every fortnight (next one is Friday 6/6/03 and gate drops at 6.45 pm). This Sunday will be a good test for the new track and the club will be able to determin what will need to be done to make it the best possible track for the State championships at the end of the year.

27/05 GT Australia press release

Michael Tiger Robinson headed down to Sydney to the DK Supernats at Penrith BMX track on the weekend. Penrith was recently rebuilt, so all the riders where keen to see the new track, only to find the heavens open up and rain all weekend.
In very trying conditions, Tiger made it to the AA pro main. In the first of three finals Tiger finished 3rd out of lane 2, In the second final he started out of lane 7 and over the line he placed 4th. With the rain still going, the third final was ran where Tiger placed 3rd even after spinning his wheel out of the start. Tiger placed 4th overall in the AA pro final. In the Pro Open final it was GT all the way to the line with Tiger storming home 1st even in the very wet conditions.
GT would like to thank there co-sponsors, Troylee Designs, Profile racing, ACS claws, Dirt Designs & ODI.

27/05 Race Report

ABA Spring Nationals Lancaster, California
Race number 12 of the ABA's 2003 National Pro series was held in Southern California, in Lancaster, CA. One of the biggest events and best race tracks of the year awaited all the riders when they arrived on Friday. From the plentiful grandstand area, the track was a work of art, with a the addition of a very technical Pro section. With all the top teams, manufacturers, and riders in attendance, the ABA Spring Nationals was by far the best BMX race of 2003. Unfortunately, the Pro section had been build without racers in mind, as it was not possible by any of the Pro riders to ride through the section. Even the best trail riders could not go through the entire section, and it was not used by any racer the entire race weekend. Here is how the Double A Marketing riders finished up at the event.

Randy Stumpfhauser has been amazing the past few months, and once again Stumpy opened up the speed and skill at the Spring Nationals, taking home another impressive win in the incredibly hard AA Pro class on Saturday, along with another win in Pro Cruiser. On Sunday, Randy was close to another win, but just missed out in both AA and Cruiser, scoring 3rd's in both classes. With these impressive finished, Randy has moved up another few spots in the ABA overall Pro Points chase, getting closer to the top spot, which he holds in the NBL at this time. Randy's sponsors include Huffy Bicycles, Fox Racing, AC Components, IRC Tires, Smith Eyewear, Alex Rims, Thompson Seatposts, S & M Forks and Bars, ODI Grips,, Champion Nutrition, Shimano, Vans, and CTI Knee Braces.

Dale Holmes was undecided about the Spring Nationals a few days before it, as his hectic schedule left him without a lot of time, as he was getting ready for the first of a 2 week tour in Europe for the UCI world Cup MTB races. Dale did make the venture out to Lancaster for Saturday, where a 2nd in Pro Cruiser was enough for him in the weekend, as he decided not to race on Sunday. Dale still sits in the top 5 in AA points and now looks to add some on the MTB side. Dale's sponsors include Free Agent, O'Neal, Smith Eyewear, Kenda Tires, Bombshell Forks, UGP, Sun Ringle, Profile, S & M, ODI Grips, Vans, Shimano,, Champion Nutrition, and

Christophe Leveque made another impressive weekend showing, by first Holeshotting the Pro Open main event and then making the tough AA semi on Saturday, just missing out of being in the main. Doesn't sound too tough? Try not racing for 12 months, and then jumping back into the AA Pro Class after a few surgeries. This guy is unbelievable. Christophe's sponsors include GT Bicycles, Hyundai Motors USA, Fox Racing, Marazochi Forks, Tangent, Smith Eyewear, Tioga,, ODI, Profile, Easton, Champion Nutrition, and Powerbar.

Jamie Staff made the long trip from Australia to come on over and fly the Hyundai / GT colors into the Pro Open main both days. Jamie has been concentrating on the UCI World Cup Track scene, where he has impressed the cycling world by winning the World Championships last year, and this year winning a World Cup event. Jamie's back off to England for a few weeks of intensive training before the track worlds, but then he will be back in full BMX racer mode. Jamie's sponsors include GT Bicycles, Hyundai Motors USA, Oakley, Alpine Stars, Answer Forks, Adidas, Troy Lee Designs, Thompson Seat Posts, Sun Ringle, Tioga Tires, Profile Hubs and Cranks, ODI, Tangent Plates and Pads, Shimano,, and

Double A Marketing proudly represent Wade Bootes, Dale Holmes, Christophe Leveque, John Parker, Stephane Roncada, Jamie Staff, and Randy Stumpfhauser.

For more information on any of the riders or inquires about sponsorship, please visit

26/05 Bendigo Photos
We are waiting on the official results for the Bendigo race report, in the meantime check out the photos in the photos section of the site.

24/05 Supercross Australian grass roots program

Supercross USA are looking for 4 Australian riders to join it's Australian grass roots program. This is a rare opportunity to help one of the worlds best BMX manufacturers promote it's products in the Australian BMX market.
You don't have to be the best rider in your class to guarantee yourself a position, what is more important is that you have a passion for BMX. A friendly and outgoing personality is also a plus. If you are a successful cantidate, you will receive a large discount off the complete SX product range and receive a factory SX jersey. You will also receive regular promotion on, and other websites, through the Australian SX team press releases. As they say "from little things big things grow ", there is every possibility that the deal could improve over time as more and more products are sold in Australia.
If you have any questions or you are interested in applying please send your resume to by 7 June 2003. Remember this offer is limited to Australian riders only.
Check for details on their product range.
Supercross are still seeking an Australian distributor, if you are interested please contact

24/05 Team Profile Racing/Maxxis shines at Sunshine State BMX Championships

Daytona, FL was good to Team Profile Racing/Maxxis at the State of Florida BMX Championship Race (5/17/03). The Florida SSA (Sunshine State Association) State Series always rivals NBL and ABA race turnouts and this race was no exception. Over 1200 racers and close to 240 motos for the one-day event. AA and A Pros were battling to claim prize money and bragging rights for the top Sunshine State BMX plate numbers. Going into the championship race, Profile Racing/Maxxis AA-Pro, Percy “O-Show” Owens was tied for first with two other riders. Profile Racing/Maxxis A-Pro rookie, Chris Fernandez was hovering in the top 5. Other age classes and proficiency levels were in the hunt too for that treasured #1 Florida plate.
Percy was just as hot as the temperature Saturday (at least 90 degrees, humid and very little wind) and carved up the short and very fast track at Daytona BMX.
Owens never came in lower than second in motos and Semis then ate up the Pro Open Main and finished a bicycle length and a half in front of Standard’s Randall Neave. A-Pro, Chris Fernandez made the Pro Open Main too finishing in fifth. Chris’s most interesting race had to his Semi when he and Jonathon Suarez (Intruder Bikes) snapped the gate and got out in front of the pack racing full-tilt down the first straight. The two widened their lead down the second straight with Suarez about a bike length in front of Fernandez. As both racers launched into the tight, 180-degree, left turn to head down the third straight, Suarez went down, right in front of Fernandez. With just milliseconds to decide what to do, Chris kept his line and bunny hopped over Suarez’s bouncing bike and finished the Semi in first.
Final standings for Profile Racing’s Pros: Percy “O-Show” Owens is this season’s #1 Florida BMX Pro and Chris Fernandez is the #5 Florida BMX Pro. Check out the Semi and Main action at
Team Profile Racing Expert Racers finished the season in the top five standings. New team member, Caleb Minthorn (7X) received the #2 Florida state plate and Harry Britt (14X) picked up the #4 Florida state plates in both 20-inch and Cruiser. Congratulations to them all.
Unofficial Final Top 5 Florida State Standings:
Pro Open Series
1. Percy Owens (28A) – Profile Racing
2. Javier Colombo (25A) – Intruder Bikes
3. Alejandro Larose (23S) – Dan’s Competition
4. Randall Neave (20S) – Standard Bikes
5. Chris Fernandez (19S) – Profile Racing
1. Robert Wolff
2. Chris Williams
3. Drew Doan
4. Harry Britt – Profile Racing
5. Tony Gyllenberg
14-15 Cruiser
1. Timothy Gorham
2. Derek Baum
3. Bo Seamon
4. Harry Britt – Profile Racing
5. Drew Doan
1. Tanner South
2. Caleb Minthorn – Profile Racing
3. Santiago Marin
4. Cody Sandford
5. Bryan Evans
Special “Thank You’s” to our major sponsor, Maxxis and supporting sponsors Answer, Cane Creek, Hot Shoppe, Marwi USA, Spy, Sun Ringlé, Thomson, Troy Lee Designs, UGP and Vans.

22/05 Troy Lee Designs new catalog

Have you seen the latest Troy Lee Designs catalog? TLD are a leader in design and quality with anything they put their name to, from protective gear to casual wear to luggage.
One of the things that really caught my eye from the current range was the Knee Guard. While to some a knee guard in BMX racing might seem a bit of an overkill, the evolution of BMX has seen a move to more technical tracks over the years, and lets face it even the best riders crash. If you're trying to reduce the chances of injury, in training or racing, these just might be for you.
We've all seen the TLD SE pants out on the track, but probably more eye catching are the AIR racepant. These are designed more for motocross but would work just as well on the BMX track, the lightweight materials providing air flow and a full range of movement, let's not forget how good they look.
I'm very impressed with the look of the brand new TLD jeans. With a price tag comparable to Levis, these things are going to be very popular. Let's face it most of us spend more time off the bike than on, dress to impress.
Finally, the SE gear bag with wheels. I have a TLD SE gear bag that I bought back in 2000, they have changed somewhat, but the biggest improvement is the wheels and pull out handle. Because the SE bag is so big I use it when travelling, but the problem is it's very easy to fill it up which can make it bulky and heavy and very difficult to carry. This bag could be the perfect solution for any travelling BMXer.
Troy Lee Designs - Knee Guard Troy Lee Designs - AIR race pants Troy Lee Designs - Jeans Troy Lee Designs - SE Gear bag with wheels
Troy Lee Designs is distributed in Australia by Steve Cramer Products.
Check out the full Troy Lee Designs catalog at

22/05 Doetinchem opens his new track! (Netherlands)

Doetinchem, organizer of the European Championship 1997 and the World Cup 1999 has left the location 'Vredestein BMX Stadium'.
Last year they build a complete new track, which applies to all the latest standards in European BMX.
The track has a length of 400 meters and the same lay-out as the former track.
It has spectaculair jumps on the first and second straight where high speed will be made.
On the third straight there is a whoop section of seven whoops! with a step-up in front of them.
The fourth straight is just technical till the finishline!
Of course we thought about the public, they can see everything on the track: it's like a Stadium!
On the first of June 2003 the track will be officially opened with a regional race.
Foreign racers are welcome of course!

22/05 specials, Australia's premier online mail order BMX company, have released some big specials this week and wanted us to share them with you.
Check out this week's HOT specials:

  • Comp III Tyre 20 x 1.5 $12.00 each
  • Federal 2003 Nation and Extension Frame bargain at $399.00
  • We The People AirWin Bike complete (2 only Black or Red) only $449.00
  • Federal Crank Set only $299.00
  • T-1 Gareth Brynes Frame (Only Fifty Made) Signed $999.00 (one only)
  • S&M DIRT BIKE CLASSIC frame Black $599.00 (one only)
  • Macneil Heaton Frame $499.00 (one only)

Call 1 800 632 157 today, 218 Nepean Highway, Edithvale Vic 3196, Australia


New York, New York - After a great outing at the ABA's Empire Nationals, one of Bombshell and Avent's two premier factory teams, Factory Phantom / Avent / Fly / adidas headed down to New York City. Phantom's Mike Lundy, Eric Elliott, nearly the entire Empire Nationals' 19-27 Expert class (Chris Powers and Phantom's Scott Smith and CC Hightower, Spinners Adam Pollock and Brandon Hopkins ), A-Pro Joey Bippus, Mary, Maty, and Paul Sanz, and 16X Matt Vandevere joined Bombshell / Avent marketing director and Phantom team manager Will Rells in the Big Apple for a little R&R.

The first stop was ground zero, the site of the World Trade Center attacks. This was an absolutely awe-inspiring experience. The devastation that occurred at this spot was inconceivable and the entire crew was dumbstruck. It really made them stop and re-think their priorities. There was a football-field long wall that people left photos of their loved ones and wrote messages. It was a really sad testimony to what went down there. About a block from there was a parking garage and sitting in one stall on the second floor was a Porsche covered in dust and scratched all over. We asked a cop that was nearby what was up. The cop, named Joe, told us that the car probably belonged to someone that didn't survive the disaster and never claimed it. That was about the craziest thing they had heard in a long time.

After a nice walk through lower Manhattan where they saw the Statue of Liberty from Battery Park, they stopped in Greenwich Village for lunch then headed off to the Empire State Building. A 1 1/2 hour wait later, the view from the observatory deck was spectacular. The New York skyline was amazing. Then it was up 5th Avenue and over to Times Square. They checked out where MTV's TRL is filmed and saw where a lot of the Broadway plays run.

All-in-all it was an amazing trip. Another Bombshell / Avent road trip in the can! Check out all the pics at Phantom's newly updated website racing.

Check out and for the lates and greatest in BMX technology!

21/05 Dirt Designs prototype pad set

Dirt Designs pads Melbourne, Australia - Dirt Designs, Australia's leading number plate manufacturer, are always playing around with new ideas, the latest being the pad set.
"We wanted to expand our product range and we've been talking about doing pads for a long time now. Just like the number plates, we want to appeal from grass roots to pro levels, making our products at the highest quality possible but at affordable prices." said owner Craig Merritt.
It is uncertain when the padests will go into production.
Dirt Designs is distributed in Australia by Elite Cycle Imports.
Dirt Designs are proud sponsors of Mike Fenwick, GT Australia, Redline/TotalBMX team and
For more information about Dirt Designs check out the website at

21/05 SA Vs Vic entry forms available

We recieved more entry forms yesterday for Mt Gambier SA Vs Vic and Knox Metro Plate round 4 & 5, they are now available from the 2003 calendar.

21/05 MCS wins Florida state series

Well, the smoke has cleared and the final points are in. The Florida State Series has finally come to a close. The Championship race was held at Daytona BMX in Daytona, Florida. The race had 237 moto¹s. Our team did great, we won the race, and took first place for the series. The competition was pretty tough this year with the likes of J&R Bicycles, IC Bikes, Dan¹s Competition, Hyper/Hot Wheels, Roadkill and late season newcomer Red Hot Racing. We would like to congratulate all of the teams for a great year of team competition and look forward to next year.

Individually, the MCS team were standing out in front of all their mains. RJ Scott doubled, Kalin Hall doubled, Amanda Geving doubled, as did Raul Gomez who almost tripled had he won 18 and over cruiser open. Part time Florida resident Philip Delizia won 15 Expert. Aaron Butler smoked the comp in 13 Expert. Petey Peters got a second in 16 and over open, but crashed in his class semi. Brooke Lloyd got second in cruiser but still got the number one plate. All total we got 9 Number one¹s.

We would also like to thank all of our sponsors: ANSWER Products, Odyssey, Profile, UGP, Hammer, ATI, Hot Shoppe, ACS, Sun Rims, and Diatech.

21/05 Factory Phantom racing dominates Empire Nationals

Kingston, New York - A small but explosive contingent of Factory Phantom Racing / Avent Cycles / Fly Racing / adidas riders made the trek to the ABA's Empire Nationals to wreak some havoc. Superstar 16X Mike Lundy, 16G Rachael Blackwell, and 30X "E-Dub" Eric Elliott joined Sacto's own 20X Scott Smith and team manager Will Rells in the Empire State for a little race and relaxation.

Lundy continued his hot streak on his Avent Pro XL bike and double-doubled in class and cruiser for the fourth time this season. "E-Dub" nabbed his first double-double in class and cruiser for 2003. Smith also won 19-27 Expert both days on his Pro XXXL frame with Bombshell Carbon Forks and Will earned a second on Saturday and won on Sunday in 31-35 Cruiser. 16G Blackwell got two hard earned seconds in class and cruiser. The team finished up with two wins in Factory team competition!

Factory Phantom Sponsors: Avent Cycles (, Fly Racing (, adidas Cycling and Eyewear (, Answer Products (, ODI Grips (, Tangent Products (, EVS Speed Equipment (, MarwiUSA Ti Spokes (, Velocity Wheels (, United Brands Co. proud makers of US Energy Drink and Synergy Sports Drink (, and Bombshell Racing Systems (
Support the companies that support BMX!

20/05 New Northern Rivers website

Northern Rivers is the name of the 20 year old regional BMX organisation that covers the north of Victoria, Australia. The name deriving from all the rivers that flow through that area. You may have read a number of reports about Northern Rivers regional events here on These guys really know how to run race meetings.
If you'd like to find out what NR are about, or are looking for race or series results, check out

19/05 Park Orchards report and results

It seems that every time an event is held at Park Orchards there are more and more changes made to the track. It looks like they are heading in the right direction as numbers are up and a lot more people are jumping the technical second straight.
The (14 & Over) Money class was stacked with 4 gates of riders. It was the AA pros of Tony Harvey, Luke Pretlove, Levi Collins, Dean Miller, James Hollings, Adam Robb, and Ken Babington taking on the A pros lead by Scott Lacey, Charles Nelson, David Page, Nathan May, Shane Jenkins and Gary Morgan. Even A pro female rider Lynette Page was getting amongst it. Ben Price was on the track for the first time in about 6 months, but seemed to disappear as the day went on. The motos were so tight there were 5 guys knocking on the door of making the semi, but all missed out by a point, qualifying in equal 17th.
Both the semis were tough. One of the biggest upsets was David Page in the first semi got off to an awesome start and hung on for 4th, eliminating Adam Robb and Ken Babington. In the second semi three riders were racing for the last place through to the final, Charles Nelson, Nathan May and Shane Jenkins, but Nelson got a smoother run and pulled away.
In the main it was all Harvey, Pretlove and Collins tried to chase him down, but Harvey was on a mission and is in great form at the moment.
Results - Money Class
1. Tony Harvey (S&M/ECI)
2. Luke Pretlove (Redline/TotalBMX)
3. Levi Collins (Sinister Racing)
4. Dean Miller (GT Aus)
5. Scott Lacey (Felt/
6. Charles Nelson (Specialized/TotalBMX)
7. James Hollings (Top Gear cycles)
8. David Page
Click here for the full results

16/05 JASON DONELL is BACK AT BMX and out of Retirement and on SUPERCROSS!!!!!

Jason DonellSanta Clarita CA - We all knew that Jason would not be able to stay away from BMX, after 22 straight years of BMX racing Jason has it in his blood like no other. Now after a brief 6 month hiatus Jason is back on the bike and racing for fun. Jason will be doing select BMX nationals as his bands touring schedule allows and will be headed off to South America on Tuesday for the Pro Invitational race and then he plans on heading to LA for the X-Games downhill challenge and fitting in whatever other races he can along the way. This way with the new sponsorship from Supercross there is no pressure for team titles or to stress to win every race, but to go out and have fun and enjoy the races or the trails with your friends. Jason's new ride is also the first time in quite a few years he has been on a cro-mo bike and the bike of choice is the SUPERCROSS UL XXL, so wherever there is a cool race or some jumping going on, look for Jason to be there and being more relaxed.

You can also hear Jason playing bass on tour this summer on his band John Wilkes Kissing Booth's tour. Check out their web site at and for more information on SUPERCROSS and Jason's new ride please visit

The Supercross Factory team is proudly co-sponsored by: Answer, BKS Plates, Exclusive 1, Intense Tire Systems, Lizards Skins, Pauls Components, SDG Saddles, Thomson Posts and Voler Apparel

16/05 Enigma's new head set

Enigma HeadsetThe all new Enigma Racing full cartridge-bearing head set is now available in both 1" and 1 1/8. Superior bearing technology with angular-contact cartridge-bearings that feature a full complement of continuous-contact stainless steel balls rolling on stainless races, and neoprene seals. CNC-machined alloy cups to insure that the head set is not only smooth and strong, but also that it light weight.
What does that all mean to you? It means if your looking for a high quality head set at an affordable price, check out the new head set from

16/05 Review: Hot Hot Heat - Make Up The Breakdown CD

With thanks to Sub Pop/Warner Brothers Records continues with the lifestyle reviews. This time it's Hot Hot Heat's second album called Make Up The Break Down.
Check out review and feel free to let us know what you think of it.
We have more CDs to review and a bunch to giveaway very soon, stay tuned.

15/05 UCI World titles jersey exchange

It has become a tradition for riders to exchange jerseys at the world championships. At we aim to make it easier for everyone by setting up an exchange where all you need to do is email us the details and we will try to match it up with someone who might be interested in what you have to offer.
Send an email to with "Worlds Jersey Exchange" as the subject or click here to start up your email automatically.
Include the following details:

  • Country of the jersey you have
  • Size of the jersey you have
  • Country of the jersey you prefer
  • Size of the jersey you prefer

If we find a match we'll give you the email address so you can organise the exchange at your own leisure. (Please ensure that your return email address is correct, if it's not then we wont be able to contact you.)

That said I have a 1998 Australian Jersey size XL (in good condition only used once) and I will have a 2003 Australian Jersey size XL. I would like to swap for a Canadian or USA XL or XXL and am open to other countries in XL or XXL.

14/05 World's BMX stars heading to Australia

It's no secret that some of the world's best riders will be heading to Australia for the World Championships in July.
Some of those riders confirmed to be attending the championships are two times Elite world champion Dale Holmes (Free Agent), this will be his fourth trip to Australia I believe.
Alice Jung (Enigma bicycles), 2 times ABA Pro Womens champion is set to make her first appearance off US soil. Will she be able to add the UCI crown to her growing list of titles? Travelling with her will be AA Pro Mike Gul (Enigma bicycles).
That's all we have confirmed so far, but we are told that there will be a large number of US riders heading to Australia.
We'll keep you posted.

13/05 Mt Gambier ready for Vic Vs SA

The Mt Gambier club had a BIG working bee the weekend just gone and some big improvements have been made to the track. The second corner has been made higher and steeper which should make it a lot faster. The third straight has also had a reasonably big set of doubles put in. The back straight has also been changed for the second time since last year's race and is a big improvement. If the Vic Vs SA race over the Queens Birthday weekend last year is anything to go by, this year it is going to be a must attend race, particularly important in the lead up to the world championships.


Hanford, California - Factory Phantom Racing / Avent Cycles / Fly Racing / adidas had another great outing last weekend at the ABA's US Nationals. Several Phantom riders took home wins including Vet-Pro Charles Townsend, 9G Tiffany Ford, 11G Shelbi Long (double), and 12X Dennis Enarson. The entire Phantom team was ready to rock sporting new Fly Racing 208 leathers and gear.

The Phantom pro team of Donny Robinson, Robert Pierce, Charles Townsend, and Stephanie Barragan was out in full force. Highlight of the weekend was Charles' return to the top of the pro-podium with a well deserved 1st place on Saturday. Townsend dominated on his Avent frame and Bombshell Shrike Pro Forks on his way to the Vet-Pro podium. He followed it up with a 5th on Saturday due to some mechanical pedal problems. Unbelievable as it may seem, that was the first oversized winner's circle check that "Choo Choo" had ever received. I guess they never made those back in the day and the old man was stoked to finally get one.

Also impressive was "DR" Donny Robinson. DR powered his Avent bike and Answer Scythe Pro Forks to a 2nd in AA Pro on Saturday and followed it up with a 4th in AA and a 2nd in Pro Cruiser on Sunday. Looking to make his sponsors FSA, ACS, Answer, Fly, MarwiUSA, Kovachi, IRC, Spy, Avent/Bombshell, adidas, Shimano, and EVS proud, this was the most consistent that DR has been since his jump into AA Pro last year.

Shelbi Long took her Avent Expert XL and Answer Scythe Expert Forks to the winners circle on her way to a double in 11 Girls. 12X Dennis Enarson was fast as ever using a new pair of adidas Hemotoma clip shoes to get the job done in 11-12 Open. Special thanks goes out to Michael and Kelly at United Brands Co. for providing plenty of delicious US Energy and Synergy Sports Drinks to keep the entire team's energy levels up.

PRO TEAM: Donny Robinson - AA Pro - 2nd and 4th, Pro Cruiser - 8th and 2nd; Robert Pierce A Pro - 5th Sat.; Charles Townsend - Vet Pro - 1st and 5th; Stephanie Barragan - Women's Pro - 6th and 7th.

AMATEUR TEAM: Jacob Abbe - 6x - 4th and 3rd, open - 2nd and 3rd; Sean Gaian - 7x - 5th Saturday; Chad Kerley - 9x - 5th and 4th, open - 2nd and 3rd; Mike Wolfe - 9X - 4th Sat, 9 Cruiser - 4th & 6th; Tiffany Ford - 9G - 2nd and 8th, open - 1st and 6th; Shelbi Long - 11G - double, open - 2 6ths; Dennis Enarson - 12X - 7th Sunday, open - 1st and 3rd; Aaron Petrille - 13X - 3rd Sat; Nic Long - 13X - 2nd & 6th, 13cr - 5th & 4th; Shawn Regalia - 15X - 6th Sat., 15 cruiser - 5th & 4th; Dusty Black - 15X - 4th & 5th, open - 7th & 8th; Kyle Biagi - 16X - 3rd & 6th, open - 3rd & 2nd; Rakay Robinson - 17G - 6th & 8th, 17 GC - two 2nds; Scott Smith - 20X - 5th & 4th, open - 4th & 5th; Steve Stewart - 38X - 4th & 2nd, 38Cr - 2nd & 4th.

Factory Phantom Sponsors: Avent Cycles (, Fly Racing (, adidas Cycling and Eyewear (, Answer Products (, ODI Grips (, Tangent Products (, EVS Speed Equipment (, MarwiUSA Ti Spokes (, Velocity Wheels (, United Brands Co. proud makers of US Energy Drink and Synergy Sports Drink (, and Bombshell Racing Systems ( Support the companies that support BMX!


Hanford, California - OK, here's the scoop. Bombshell and Avent have teamed up to put together the finest factory sponsorship program in BMX. With the likes of pros DR Donny Robinson, "The Amtrak" Charlie Townsend, Dale Holmes, Eric Meyer (March BMX'er cover boy) , Robert "Fierce" Pierce, Tyler Brown, Dustin Armstrong, Stephanie Barragan, and Kevin Jones and the hottest factory teams in BMX, current ABA National #1 Factory Team Redman-Yamaha Waverunner, Phantom / Avent Cycles / Fly Racing / adidas, and Factory Free Agent / IE bikes, Bombshell and Avent have the best riders in BMX absolutely loving the new Bombshell forks, wheelsets and Avent frames.

DR had the best weekend of his pro career with a hard-earned 2nd and 4th in AA Pro. Nasty crashes once again plagued Robinson with a 8th in Pro Cruiser on Saturday but Donny followed it up with a strong 2nd on Sunday to make it once again to the podium. The clock is ticking for DR to finally make the top of the podium in AA Pro. Look for DR to take his Avent bike to the winners circle soon.

" The Amtrak" Charles Townsend also had the best outing of his short Vet-Pro career by placing 1st on Saturday. Charles had some pedal problems on Sunday yet still managed a respectable 5th in the hardest old-man class in the ABA.

The newest member of the Bombshell squadron, San Clemente, California's Tyler Brown was a man on a mission in A-Pro. Tyler strapped on a new pair of Bombshell Shrike Carbon Forks and kicked some major tail, finishing second on Saturday. On Sunday, TB couldn't seem to get away from Jarrett Kolich and got put over the first turn and finished in the 8 spot. Tyler is really getting the feel for the pro-class - look for him to take one soon.

Bombshell and Avent's amateur riders absolutely ruled Hanford. With doubles by Phantom's 11G Shelbi Long, Crupi's 12X Andrew Churchwell, and Free Agent's Jeromey Gippetti in 21-25 Cruiser and another triple by Redman-Yamaha Waverunner's 13X Jeff Pease, the Bombshell and Avent Factory riders were dominating the central California national. Other riders taking wins were Phantom's 9G Tiffany Ford and 12X Dennis Enarson aboard Avent Aluminum Race Frames, Redman's Jerek Rosales, Ashley Caldwell, Brooke Crain, Jessica Cisar, "The Cheetah" Josh Pendleton, Julio Fierro, and Matt "1st on Saturday" Faulk all on Bombshell Tribal Forks in Redman's Team Issue blue color and newly recruited Free Agent rider Michael Darnley in 31-35 cruiser on a new set of Bombshell Carbon Shrike cruiser forks.


The week before the ABA's US Nationals in Hanford, California last weekend, a contingent of Bombshell and Avent's Factory-sponsored riders convened in Sacramento, California for a little pre-national fun. Phantom / Avent and Bombshell Pros "DR" Donny Robinson, Robert "The Tugboat" Pierce, and "Choo Choo" Charlie Townsend joined top ams Matt Faulk of Redman-Yamaha Waverunner, Phantom's Chris Raza, Kyle Biagi, Scott Smith, Nic "Double-X" Long, Dusty Black, CC Hightower, Aaron "The Animal" Petrille and Bombshell/Avent marketing guru and Phantom Team Manager Will Rells for a photo shoot with dirt-jumping photographer extraordinaire, Blake Petersen of, who just happens to be Stephen Murray's roommate.

The crew's first stop was Sacto's infamous Bourbon Trails. The session was off-the-hook and Pierce was killing it with big 270 X-ups. DR one-upped the Tugboat by clipping-in and charging Bourbon's big 20 foot gaps! That was all good until some local trail-boss decided that we were having too much fun and told DR and Pierce they couldn't ride and hassled CC about being a "black-guy." That's all right, he got his later. Check out April 23rd at for the details.

They weren't done yet. Raza decided to leave his brain at home and go for this unthinkable 40' transfer. This thing was monster! The lip had at least a foot of vert that shot you right into a tree branch! The run-in had a 20' double that made it almost impossible to get enough speed to hit the monster transfer but Raza was dead-set on conquering the beast. On his first try, he jumped on his prototype Avent dirt-jumper, pedaled his butt off, and...came up 5 feet short, pile driving his face into the landing! Everyone was stoked that he had the huevos to even THINK about it. After about 20 minutes to regroup, Raza gave it a second try and...came up about 5 feet short! This time he really wrecked himself and his ankle said, "Ya, whatever." He was done for the day but was definitely the hero. Look for the footage to be up on within the next week.

So the trail boss rode the crew off but it was lunchtime anyway. They hit up a little Mexican food place around the corner that just happened to have this sweet little wall-ride - a 8-foot tall mini-quarter with about 2 feet of vert. Scott Smith was definitely ruling this thing, getting completely flat about 2 feet out. The crew sessioned that all through lunch then it was off for some more trails.

They hit up Crosswoods Trails and absolutely blew it up! By this time,'s Trevor "Cupcake" Cummings and Prodigy's Justin McLintock had joined up and were ready to rock it. DR was doing big 270 X-ups, super-flat tables and whips - clipped-in of course. Biagi was throwing big one-handers and Nic "Bike Too" Long was struggling on his 21.5" top tube bike, which earned him the nickname "Twenty-one Five!"

Then it was off to Eric Dyer's track, Pecan Park for some race shots in full Phantom / Avent / Fly / adidas gear. The photo shoot gained some spectators watching the whole Factory crew rip up the track. Blake Petersen is one heck of a great photographer and the crew was stoked to have him.

After a full day of pics, it was back to Raza's for the pre-Hanford Wednesday night bash. Brandon Meadows, Mary, Jen, Thomas Lane, Eric, and a gaggle of others joined the crew for a little celebration to get ready for the big race. It got a little hectic when the trail-boss from Bourbon showed. Remember, check for the scoop. Nic and Aaron proved they could hang with the boys and earned themselves spots in the club. This is where Pierce dropped the Milk and Cookies and earned himself the nickname the "Tugboat"! Let's just say the kid has mad pull!

After 2 hours of sleep, Faulker, Biagi, CC, Raza, Will, Nic and Aaron piled into the infamous Bombshell box van for the 3 hour trip to Hanford. After setting up the enormous Phantom pit area, the crew headed to the hotel and met up with Allen Sailors, Tiff (TRRR), Kim, Ryan, Dusty, Travis, Rakay, Donny (DRRR), Jackie, Ruthie, Paige (the young one and Biagi's true wuv), and others. The lowlight of the evening was watching some psycho chick go ballistic in the parking lot of the Days Inn trying to get everyone in trouble.
Paige and Raza were trying to catch a duck for Will to bring home without much success.

Everyone was ready for a great weekend of racing and another week-long road trip was in the can. Look out for the next one!

13/05 race report - ABA Lonestar Nationals Humble, Texas

Race number 10 of the ABA's 2003 National Pro series was held in hot and humid, Humble Texas this past weekend. With a different track set up than seen before, the pros were met with a rhythm section right out of the gate. The Humble Arena is a bit tight, but the ABA did a great job making a challenging track for the pros to race it out for the prestigious national win. Riders were tested this weekend with some nasty weather conditions, but the true pro riders were able to overcome the elements and race onto the mains. Here is how the Double A Marketing riders finished up at the event.

Randy Stumpfhauser continues to show his skill and power to his BMX fans, with great race performances one after another. This weekend, Stumpy had to battle a cold, but still was impressive in AA, being in the main both days. Once again, Stumpy was riding strong, with a super impressive 2nd place finish in AA Pro on Saturday. On Sunday, Stumpy finished up 7th in AA. Randy's sponsors include Huffy Bicycles, Fox Racing, AC Components, IRC Tires, Smith Eyewear, Alex Rims, Thompson Seatposts, S & M Forks and Bars, ODI Grips,, Champion Nutrition, Shimano, Vans, and CTI Knee Braces.

Dale Holmes was back at the BMX races, just a few days after returning home from England and a successful race at the UK Bike Show. You would have never known that Dale was jet lagged as he was in both main events on Saturday, with a 3rd in Pro Open and a 5th in AA. On Sunday, Dale was once again in both the AA and Pro Open mains, placing 4th in AA and chalking up an impressive win in Pro Open. Dale will be up in Big Bear, Ca next weekend for the Norba National series opener for fourcross. Dale's sponsors include Free Agent, O'Neal, Smith Eyewear, Kenda Tires, Bombshell Forks, UGP, Sun Ringle, Profile, S & M, ODI Grips, Vans, Shimano,, Champion Nutrition, and

Christophe Leveque made his BMX race comeback in Humble. Christophe has been injured for the past year, and finally was back on the track flying the Hyundai/GT colors for all his fans that missed him so desperately, as well as making his life dream of racing bicycles a reality once again. Christophe looked strong for his first race in AA in over a year, and on Saturday just missed out from making the main event in AA Pro. On Sunday, Leveque showed the fans what they had been waiting for, as he was in both the AA Pro and Pro Open main events on Sunday. He finished 6th in AA and 4th in Pro Open. Look for Leveque to be atop the podium near you soon! Christophe's sponsors include GT Bicycles, Hyundai, Fox Racing, Marazochi Forks, Tangent, Smith Eyewear, Tioga,, ODI, Profile, Easton, SRAM, Champion Nutrition, and Powerbar.

Double A Marketing proudly represent Wade Bootes, Dale Holmes, Christophe Leveque, John Parker, Stephane Roncada, Jamie Staff, and Randy Stumpfhauser.

For more information on any of the riders or inquires about sponsorship, please visit

12/05's first social night a success's first social night was held at the Ice Hockey on Saturday. It wasn't a bad turn up to watch Melbourne Ice take on the Newcastle North Stars in the first round of the Australian Ice Hockey League. What started off a great game for Melbourne getting to a 2-0 lead finished up a 9-3 loss. The crew got to see some big some big hip and shoulder action as players were driving each other into the walls and the ice, there was even some fighting that got the crowd and the players fired up. I'm not sure if it was the action on the rink or the cheerleaders that were keeping most of the guys interested.
The next AIHL game in Melbourne is on Saturday May 31. A number of the riders who attended on Saturday said they would be back for more. If you are interested in going, please email us at the address above.
For more information download the flyer or check the Melbourne Ice website at

09/05 Penrith Supernats entry form available

The entry form for one of Australia's premier events that Penrith Supernats in now available for download from our calendar. The track has changed location, details on the entry form. Also Luke Madill has been responsible for designed the new should be well worth checking out.

08/05 Review: Troy Lee Designs XC race gloves

One of the best things about is doing product reviews, the latest is on the TLD XC gloves.
What more can you ask for in a glove beyond comfort and protection? Troy Lee Designs have come up with the latest feature filled glove called the XC. Full review >>

07/05 More Australian titles Elite finals videos

We've had the Senior Elite mens class video available for download for a couple of weeks now and have finally finished off the rest of the elite classes.
The list now includes:

  • Senior Elite Men - See how Jamie Gray just managed to hold off Tiger Robinson and John Johnson
  • Senior Elite Women - Watch Tanya Bailey win yet another Elite title
  • Junior Elite Men - Mike Fenwick totally blew the rest of the field away after a slow start
  • Junior Elite Women - Emma Franklin just managed to hold on to this one narrowly ahead of Renee Junga

You can download all the videos from the pictures section of

06/05 race report

NBL Golden State Nationals Prunedale, CA - Round 5 of the 8 race weekend NBL Pro Series tour headed out to Northern California this past weekend. When the NBL makes the move to the West Coast, its a special thing, as they try to have a fun track for the riders to race on. Prunedale offers a great BMX track, forcing riders to have both power and skill. With just 3 weekends left in the NBL, it is important for the rider who want a shot at the NBL #1 Pro plate to be in each of the main events and stay consistent, and once again, Randy Stumpfhauser was the definition of consistency. Here is how Randy finished up.
Randy Stumpfhauser once again was super consistent with two 2nd place finishes in AA Pro. With these 2 finishes, Randy builds on his lead in the NBL #1 Pro Points chase. Randy is having his best season ever, with a slew of wins and top 3 finishes in both the ABA and NBL Pro racing series. Randy looks to better his ABA standings this up coming weekend in Humble, Texas at the ABA Lone Star Nationals.
Randy's sponsors include Huffy Bicycles, Fox Racing, AC Components, IRC Tires, Smith Eyewear, Alex Rims, S & M Forks and Handle Bars, ODI Grips,, Champion Nutrition, Shimano, Powerbar, Vans, and CTI Knee Braces.
Double A Marketing proudly represents Wade Bootes, Dale Holmes, Christophe Leveque, John Parker, Stephane Roncada, Jamie Staff, and Randy Stumpfhauser. For more information please visit or e mail

06/05 Cedar BMX Park news

Cedar BMX Park is the oldest running BMX park on the East coast of America. The new track operator is Jeff Azarovich. There are plans of changing & adding a few things.
The club now offers:

  • Trophies
  • Cedar BMX Buxx
  • Saver Stamps

Watch for rider incentives, raffles & give a ways!
Remember, at THE NEW Cedar BMX Park, everything is for the kids!
Cedar BMX is non profit with all monies going back into the track!

Cedar BMX Park Red Barn Village, Clarks Summit, PA, USA PA 01
(570) 586-1146,

06/05 One Bicycles news: UK Nationals

Kelvin Batey won the Blue Peter race that will be broadcasted this wednesday at 17.00 on BBC1.

The 2nd National in the UK championship was won by Jamie Staff (GT), followed by Kelvin Batey (ONE Bicycles) and Dale Homes (Free Agent).
Batey won the 1st main, the 2nd and 3rd main were won by Jamie Staff followed by Kelvin Batey and Dale Homes.
Jamie Staff is now on his way to Sydney Australia for the track World of the major stops on his way to gold at the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

06/05 updated

Former Australian Pro Champion Tony HRV Harvey (S&M/ECI) has been learning how to maintain his own website and has added a journal which he's updating daily. Find out what Tony got up to in the foam pit at Cranbourn, and a bit of inside gossip about his training video.
Check it out for yourself at

06/05 updated is back up and running with a fresh new design thanks to the help of Trevor Cummings from Mikes site was temporarily down with server problem's, but that is no longer the case. While your at the site, be sure to check out the schedule page for all the info on when/where Mike and other's will be, including the training camp in Elgin, IL.
If that wasn't enough Mike Gul and the ABA's 2001 & 2002 #1 Pro Girl Alice Jung will be teaming up to do a 2 day mini camp this weekend, Saturday, May 10 and Sunday, May 11 at the Manzinita BMX Raceway in Tucson, AZ. The camp is from 12:30-4:30 on Saturday and 10am-2pm on Sunday. The cost is $60.00 for both day's per rider or $35.00 for one day. The Enigma Big Rig Truck will be out there and every one that joins the clinic will get free prizes from some of the following clinic sponsors; Enigma Racing, ATI, Static, Power Bar, Dope BMX Products, S&M, Transworld BMX, Moto Mag, Maxxis, and Dragon
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. Every time you sign up for any Mike Gul & Alice Jung clinic/mini camp your name will go into a drawing that will be decided at the 2003 ABA Grand Nationals in Tulsa, OK (if you sign up for 2 days of a mini camp that counts as 2 times) . The first grand prize winner will receive a new Enigma frame of their choice, 2nd grand prize winner will receive a new Enigma fork. There will be more grand prizes from ATI, Static, Dope BMX Products, and Kovachi Wheels. Each prize winner does not have to be present in order to collect his/her prize.
Check out for more information.

05/05 Wodonga Race Report

The Border BMX track, located in Wodonga Victoria, is about a 3 and a half hour drive north of Melbourne. It has been the host club to many old school races, like the NSW Vs Victoria event. Round 3 of the Northern Rivers regional championships wasn't quite enough to pull all of the riders out of what is traditionally a quiet spell for the couple of weeks that follow the National championships.
The weather as sunny and quite comfortable for racing and the track was in great condition. Over the 20 years I have been racing at the Wodonga based track, the club has always kept it well maintained. It has been a few years since I last ventured to Wodonga though and I was surprised to see how much the jumps had changed, it's now quite a technical track and you could see by the way the riders were warming up that they were having a lot of fun on it. I now know where local rider DK's Kate Elliot, number 2 Australia in the 19&Over womens class, gets her skills from.
In the money class there were 2 full gates. AA Pros Brock Tuckerman and Levi Collins had a bunch of A pros to contend with, including Robb Slatter, Nathan May, Shane Jenkins, the new comer to the sport Shannon Rademaker, old timer Dean Coles, the improving Ahron Jeffree and a bunch of local and regulars. Even Australia's Junior Elite womens champion, Emma Franklin, was getting amongst them along with Australia's 40-44 Champion, Shepparton's, Darren May.
When racing started Tuckerman, Collins, Slatter and Nathan May were looking comfortable. Jenkins made a big mistake over the tight 4 pack and ended up taking soil samples. He had to use the remaining 3 motos to qualify, but the 4 pack had him beaten for the day. Other qualifiers were Rademaker, making his first ever money class appearance, and local riders Adam Carey and Clayton Hancock.
When the gate dropped in the main 4 riders got hooked up, Tuckerman and Collins and Jenkins and Carey. Slatter jumped to the lead with May all over him, Jenkins broke free quickly and managed to slip into third. As Tuckerman and Collins were winding it up in the back of the pack Slatter and May seemed to keep up a good pace, Tuckerman took Jenkins through the 4 pack, then Collins at the end of the second last straight and both riders took May in the last straight, Slatter was just too far in front for the fast finishing AA pros.
The next round of the Northern Rivers regional championships will be at Bendigo on 25th of May.
Click here for full results.
Open Money Class Results
1. Robb Slatter (Profile/ECI)
2. Brock Tuckerman (Sinister Racing)
3. Levi Collins (Sinister Racing)
4. Nathan May (Sinister Racing)
5. Shane Jenkins (
6. Shannon Rademaker (
7. Adam Carey
8. Clayton Hancock

05/05 More entry forms

Our 2003 calendar now also includes the following entry forms for download

  • Frankston on 18th of May
  • Bendigo for the 25th of May

Click here to check out the calendar and download the entry forms.

05/05 social night reminder

The social night at the Ice Hockey is on this Saturday.
You will see Melbourne Ice face Newcastle in their first game of the Australian Ice Hockey League season on the 10th May. The game will be played at 5:30pm at Olympic Ice Skating Centre which is located in Centre Rd, Oakleigh South, Victoria.
The normal admission price is $10, but we will get a 20% discount for a group of 10 or more. So that is $8 each. Meet at the main entrance at 5:15pm for the group discount. Remember everyone is welcome, so bring your friends.
If you can't make it to Melbourne some of the games are played in Bendigo, check the schedule on the website.
For more information download the flyer or check the Melbourne Ice website at

02/05 Lalor BMX Club on the move

The Lalor BMX Club, the track that held the 1998 world cup and pacific oceanic championships, will be hosting the Victorian State Championships in November. As many of you will be well aware the track hasn't changed much since then, but in the coming weeks will be completly overhauled. Although the layout will be basically the same the jumps on every straight will change bringing it up to date and giving the Lalor club members the best possible preperation for the more technical tracks, and in particularly the upcoming world championships. I believe former Australian Pro Champion Tony Harvey will be involved. More news about that as it comes to hand. Wednesday night gate practice and Friday night club racing is planned to recommence next week.

02/05 Cyrille Olive's new website

If the name Cyrille Olive rings a bell that's because he's helped us in the past getting photos and news out of Europe. He's finally got around to creating his own site, which includes photos, news, rider profiles and more.
Check it out at

02/05 John Purse joins Hyundai Mongoose team

The Hyundai / Mongoose Pro BMX team is proud to announce the addition of John Purse to its BMX Pro team.
John joins the Hyundai / Mongoose Pro BMX Team, consisting of Eric Rupe, 19 time national Champion and Brian Schmith for the remainder of the 2003 season. John will compete on the complete 2003 Pro racing schedule. John will be going after his 3rd NBL and 2nd ABA Title. John Currently sits #2 overall in the NBL and #5 in the ABA.
For the past few seasons, John had been supporting himself primarily on the Pro racing circuit, and now with the help of Hyundai/Mongoose and their team sponsors, Tioga, O'Neal, SRAM, and OGIO, looks to return atop of the Pro podium come year end. John will also be driving a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe to selected races. This is the same type of SUV that you can win, by coming by the Mongoose pit area at selected BMX races, and fill out a ballot form, for a chance to win a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe.
We are all proud to have John join our program and look forward to a great 2003 season.


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