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2018 Australian Championships Live Feed Today – 8-13 and 30-50+ 20″ Classes

With the cruisers and under 8’s done for this year’s Australian BMX Championships we move on to the 20″ challenge classes. There are two blocks today 8-11 Girls and Boys are up at 8:00am in Bunbury for the first block, and the rest of the classes kick off 5 hours later at 1:00pm Bunbury time.

Block 1 racing starts at 8:00am AWST in Bunbury.

Auckland 1:00pm
London 12:00pm
Los Angeles 5:00pm
Melbourne 11:00am
New York 8:00pm
Phoenix (RTB) 5:00pm

Block 2 racing starts at 1:00pm AWST in Bunbury.

Auckland 6:00pm
London 5:00am
Los Angeles 10:00pm
Melbourne 4:00pm
New York 1:00am
Phoenix (RTB) 10:00pm


Live results will be posted as they happen here


Make sure you keep an eye out for some great photos from Bruce Morris from LUXBMX/Race over at www.facebook.com/luxbmxrace/

Live video feed

You can watch the live feed right here once the action starts.

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