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We are frequently asked about advertising on so we have put this information together to answer any questions you might have.

Established in 1996 was established in 1996 to provide information for BMX racers around Australia. At the time there were no magazines and tracking down information about the sport we dearly love was nearly impossible.

Recognised as one of the original BMX racing websites has grown over the years and provides content that appeals to a wider international audience. One thing that sets apart from all the rest of the BMX racing websites are the in depth product reviews. With a site rebuild, from the ground up in mid 2013, we decided to put more focus into the product reviews and divide them up into categories, not only making them easier to navigate but making similar products easier to compare.

Big names

We have worked with many of the biggest names in BMX, and some large names outside of the industry too, including

  • Alienation BMX
  • Tioga BMX
  • Supercross BMX/Speedline BMX
  • Troy Lee Designs/Steve Cramer Products
  • Dirt Designs
  • Freelap Timing Systems
  • Kuwahara BMX
  • Sun Ringle
  • Tektro
  • Nike
  • Warner/AOL
  • One Bicycles
  • S&M, Profile, Madera, THE, Sinz & Answer BMX/Elite Cycle Imports
  • Loose Kid Industries
  • and many more

A brand new website for 2013

  • New logo
  • Cleaner website design
  • Responsive page design that will scale to your desktop computer or smart phone
  • Categorised product reviews
  • Simpler image galleries
  • More social media hooks
  • More updates
  • More original content
  • Greater advertising opportunities

Web site traffic (March 2013 – June 2013)

  • Average unique visitors per day: 3,011

Regular features

  • News
  • Product reviews
  • Photos from racing and social events
  • Interviews

Standard advertising options

960 x 50 pencil banner
960 x 250 expanding panel
Displayed on homepage only

728 x 90 horizontal banner
Displayed on all pages except home page

220 x 500 tower banner
Displayed in the right hand column on all pages

Background wallpaper
Displayed on all pages across the site

150 x 38 partner logo
Displayed in the footer on all pages

Viral advertising options

We have worked with many companies helping them reach a wider audience through interviews with key staff members or team riders, product reviews and regular press releases and product updates.

We prefer this type of advertising as the content remains on the website forever, a much better long term ROI for the advertiser. All of our content is archived, so it also becomes a part of BMX history.

While a lot of the product reviews rate highly this has nothing to do with advertising, we will rate the products exactly how we see them. It’s just coincidental that we deal with distributors and manufacturers of high end / leading edge products.

iPhone/iPad BMX Gear Calculator

We decided it was about time we released the BMX gear calculator as an app for iPhone/iPad. After 10 years of evolution we believe we came up with the most useful BMX gear calculator available, and it’s absolutely free online. The problem we found was slow internet connections at the track sometimes made it difficult to use. It made sense to make an App for the iPhone and iPad.

There is potential for advertising within the App and in a future Android version.

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BSX Charity Event

BSX has raised in excess of $30,000 for the Royal Children’s Hospital and $1,000’s for the Kinglake West CFA

BSX is an annual event held in the Kinglake (Victoria) area during the Track Attack race week in January. Riders from all over the country gather in Melbourne for a week of racing. BSX is a stand alone event that is slotted into the week to give the riders something different to do.

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