Answer/SSquared BSX2020 Event Guide


    Monday 13 January, 2020.


    55 Watsons Road, Kinglake West, Victoria.
    (We’re back to the original location)

    Live Results Link

    The live results for the Answer/SSquared BSX2020 will be up on Go to the events page to find the link.

    Live Web Stream Link

    We have a live stream again, but this time we will be getting you in on the action, we have a dual camera set up that will bring you closer to the track than the spectators. It will be available on the YouTube account at

    What is BSX?

    Flat out fun! It’s a very different type of BMX race and it’s all for charity. A head to head elimination race on a two man track with fund raising activites through the day to raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital. It’s the most fun you can have on two wheels!

    BSX is short for Bicycle Supercross, it’s a stripped back variation of BMX racing. Riders compete against each other in a one-on-one elimination style format. Instead of physical strength riders depend on skills and finesse. On a track like this even the smallest mistakes can be costly. As much as it’s challenging and fun for riders, it’s also designed for spectators and more particularly to raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation. All profits raised from gate takings, auctions, raffles and merchandise sales go to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

    Just 19 Days Ahead Of The First Stop Of The 2020 UCI World Cup

    It’s also just 19 days ahead of the first stop for the 2020 UCI World Cup that starts a two hour drive away. We’re hoping to attract some elite riders who might spend a little extra time in Australia making the most of the weather that the Australian summer is famous for.

    Don’t forget to save the date. Monday 13 January 2020. We will have more information for you soon.


    The Answer/SSquared BSX2020 is presented by BSX Inc/ and is proudly supported by

    Platinum Partners
    Murrindindi Shire Council

    Gold Partners
    ODI Grips
    Radio Bicycles
    GT Bicycles
    BMX Victoria

    Silver Partners
    ECI Imports
    Ringmaster Images
    District Cycle Store

    Bronze Partners
    Motorpsycle Co
    Phil Kaye Racing

    When is the Answer/SSquared BSX2020?

    Monday 13 January, 2020.

    Event Schedule

    Block 1


    Practice 10:00am – 11:30am
    Racing 11:30am – 12:30pm


    • 8-13 Boys
    • 8-13 Girls
    • 45+ Open Wheel


    Trophies 1st – 4th

    Block 2


    Practice 12:30pm – 2:30pm
    Racing 2:30pm – 5:00pm


    • Open Men
    • Open Women
    • 30+ Open Wheel Men
    • 30+ Open Wheel Women


    Cash 1st – 4th


    55 Watsons Road, Kinglake West, Victoria.

    There are road signs in the area that should keep you on the right track.

    Who can compete at BSX?

    It’s a common misconception that BSX is an invite only event. This is not the case, everyone is welcome to join in on the fun and festivities.

    How to Enter for BSX

    We have a pretty small but hard working crew at BSX so there are a couple of things that take us a while to get to, the entry forms are usually one of the last things to get done and we know a few of you have been waiting for these. So, like you, we are very happy the wait is over.

    We do things a little differently with our entries, rather than use the standard online entry system and cost you extra money and for us to lose money that we are trying to raise for the Royal Children’s Hospital we offer the following options.

    1. Pre-enter by completing the entry form below, scan it and email it to, money to be paid by 11am Jan 13, 2020
    2. Pre-enter by completing the online pre-entry form (link coming), money to be paid by 11am Jan 13, 2020
    3. Pre-enter at RJPBMX tent at Rounds 1 & 2 of Track Attack
    4. Enter on the day at the venue 9:30 am – 11 am Jan 13.
      Entries on day incur an additional $5 fee, donated to the RCH

    The key information

    • Entry fee is $30 per class
    • We do take entries on the day but it’s worth your while to get a pre-entry sorted out to keep the impact of on the day entries to a minimum and save five bucks ($5)
    • Block 1 Trophy classes (Practice 10:00am – 11:30am Racing 11:30am – 12:30pm)
      • 8-13 Boys
      • 8-13 Girls
      • 45+ Open Wheel
    • Block 2 Money Classes (Practice 12:30pm – 2:00pm Racing 2:00pm – 5:00pm)
      • Open Men
      • Open Women
      • 30+ Open Wheel Men
      • 30+ Open Wheel Women

    Download the entry form here.

    Download Entry Form

    You can also pre-enter online here. (Enter now, pay later)

    Pre-Enter for BSX2020

    Entry List (Last updated 10/1/2020 9:00pm)


    Craig AustinSpeedline / Supercross BMX AustraliaVictoria, Australia30+ Open Wheel Men
    Paul KnoxBMXUltra.comVic Aus30+ Open Wheel Men
    Grant HinesPlanett Performance ApparelVictoria30+ Open Wheel Men
    Aaron RogersBMXUltra.comVic30+ Open Wheel Men
    Glenn MainProfile RacingVictoria30+ Open Wheel Men
    Carly MorrisVictoria30+ Open Wheel Women
    Shaun CollinsProfile RacingVic45+ Open Wheel
    Ashley MorrisVictoria45+ Open Wheel
    Paul KnoxBMXUltracomVic Aus45+ Open Wheel
    Geoff BorrellVictoria45+ Open Wheel
    Wayne JollyThrodwnVictoria Australia45+ Open Wheel
    Trevor WeberAustralia45+ Open Wheel
    Shane JenkinsProfile RacingVictoria45+ Open Wheel
    Lachlan HinesPlanettVictoria8-13 Boys
    Declan MorrisVictoria8-13 Boys
    Liam MorrisVictoria8-13 Boys
    Jonty WoodburnDynamite CyclesVictoria8-13 Boys
    Zae CobainDadVic8-13 Boys
    Tyler HabelTrail and TrailVic/Aus8-13 Boys
    Rustyn McCarthyVictoria, Australia8-13 Boys
    Josh jollyThrodwnVictoria Australia8-13 Boys
    Noah Mason-WeberAustralia8-13 Boys
    Jack GibsonVictoria Australia8-13 Boys
    William DriscollVictoria8-13 Boys
    Brandan BullowsVictoriaOpen Men
    Cohen GoodenVicOpen Men
    Chris GoodenVicOpen Men
    Reece ellisTasOpen Men
    Marcus WalkerTrail & TrackVictoria AustraliaOpen Men
    Vanessa GoodenVicOpen Women


    Block 1

    The eight fastest riders in each class will be given a number plate for their bike which shows how they ranked in the time trial. This must be worn for racing. At the end of the racing the riders can keep their number plate.

    Block 1 finalists (1st – 4th) awards will be extremely unique, like nothing seen in BMX before. We pride ourselves on producing very different trophies each year. For 2020 we have worked with ODI Grips who have supplied engraved grips specifically for the event and Thinglab to make a stand to bring the grips and the plates together to make up another amazing reward.

    Block 2

    The 32 or 16 fastest riders (depending on number of riders) in each class will be given a number plate for their bike which shows how they ranked in the time trial. This must be worn for racing. These plates will be signed and handed back by the riders as they are eliminated, the plates are then auctioned off to help raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

    Money for 1st – 4th place.
    The total prize pool is based on the pay pack system. The more riders, the more money, so make sure you get your friends along.
    The break down is 1st = 40%, 2nd = 30%, 3rd = 20%, 4th = 10%.

    Answer/SSquared BSX2020 Tees

    The Answer/SSquared BSX2020 tees are uniquely designed and printed by the crew at Phirebird Designs on high quality tees. The tees are strictly limited edition, so you will need to make sure you get in early and pre-order to avoid disappointment.

    Tees are just $35, plus postage where required, and are available in youth sizes from 6 to 14 and adult sizes S to XXXL.

    To lock in your purchase you must email and give us your name, address, phone number, sizes and quantities.

    Answer/SSquared BSX2020 Tee

    Answer/SSquared BSX2020 tees by Phirebird

    What to bring

    • BSX is a flat pedal race, so bring your flat pedals and appropriate shoes.
    • Full race gear is required as per normal.
    • Bring your deck chairs and shade tent, to keep you comfortable and sheltered.
    • Bring lots of money for raffles, auctions, and the BBQ.
    • Be ready for all sorts of weather conditions, you never know how it might end up on the day. (Hat, Sunscreen, umbrella, ski jacket, you name it)

    BBQ by Kinglake West CFA

    The Kinglake West CFA are supplying a BBQ and drinks. They cook a mean BBQ and have great prices. Buying your food from them also helps the local community.

    Want to become a BSX2020 partner?

    Email today for details.

    BSX has raised nearly $60,000 for the Royal Children’s Hospital and thousands for the Kinglake West CFA

    BSX is an annual event held in the Kinglake (Victoria) area during the Track Attack race week in January. Riders from all over the country gather in Melbourne for a week of racing. BSX is a stand alone event that is slotted into the week to give the riders something different to do.

    What is BSX?

    BSX, short for Bicycle Supercross or Backyard Supercross, is an annual event that started in 2006. Since then the one on one elimination race has hosted thousands of BMX racers, and even dirt jumpers, from all over Australia and around the globe.

    With 100% of profits going to charity the event has raised well over $58,000 for the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation and helped raise thousands of dollars for the Kinglake West Fire Brigade.

    The Answer/SSquared BSX2020 will be a special event, marking the 15 year anniversary of the backyard BMX bash.

    Barry Nobles and Caroline Buchanan enjoying BSX2013

    Barry Nobles and Caroline Buchanan enjoying BSX2013

    What are the rules?

    1. Platform pedals only, no clip pedals or clip shoes allowed!
    2. This is a BMX event, only BMX bikes are allowed.
    3. Full race gear should be worn, including; full face helmet, full fingered gloves, shoes, long pants and long sleeves.
    4. Riders can choose their lane for their timed qualifying lap. Riders who fall in their time trial will not get a second chance, they should attempt to complete their timed run.
    5. Only the fastest 32 pro open men, top 32 pro open women, top 32 30 & over riders and the top 8 for block 1 classes, according to time trial results, will continue to the elimination rounds.
    6. Riders who qualify to the elimination rounds must wear the event number plate as supplied without covering the event sponsors logos. The numbers should not be changed or modified in any way. Block 2 riders only – Once you are eliminated you must sign the plate and return it to the race officials at the finish line.
    7. In the elimination rounds riders must stick to their side of the track without causing interference until the second straight. The lanes are decided by the rider from each round with the fastest qualifying time from the time trial. The winner of each round is determined by the rider who crosses the finish line first.
    8. Prize money for block 2 riders will be payback for open men & women and 30+ class (Max $1000 for pro open, $500 for other classes, remainder will be donated to the RCH). Entry fee is $30 per rider. The breakdown of the money is 1st = 40%, 2nd = 30%, 3rd = 20%, and 4th = 10%. The winner of the semi finals will race for 1st & 2nd and the riders who place second in the semi finals will race for 3rd & 4th.
    9. Prizes for block 1 riders will be trophies.
    Kuwahara's Taylor Davis lapping up his first attempt at BSX

    Taylor Davis lapping up his first attempt at BSX

    How does the elimination work?

    The BSX transfer system was designed to make the racing as close as possible. It’s not run like other cycling elimination events.

    After a long ride/fun/practice/photo session we start the eliminations

    We have a time trial to work out the seeding. This is often done with transponders but has been done with stop watches. When a stop watch is used we use three of them so there’s no biased.

    Only the fastest 32 pro open men, top 8 pro open women (or 16 if numbers allow), top 16 30 & over riders (or 32 if numbers allow) and top 8 13 & under riders, according to time trial, will continue to the elimination rounds.

    If there are 32 riders in the first round:

    • #1 qualifier will race against #17 qualifier,
    • #2 qualifier will race against #18 qualifier,
    • #3 qualifier will race against #19 qualifier
    • and so on.

    If there are 16 riders in the first round:

    • #1 qualifier will race against #9 qualifier,
    • #2 qualifier will race against #10 qualifier,
    • #3 qualifier will race against #11 qualifier,
    • and so on.

    This essentially splits the eliminations into two pools, separating odd and even qualifiers.

    During each of the rounds the highest seeded rider gets lane choice.

    For each round the first across the line transfers through to the next round, the other rider is eliminated.

    We do this until we are down to the final four. The two winners of the semi final race in the A final (first and second), the other two riders race in the B final (third and fourth).

    Still don’t understand?

    There are a bunch of videos from past BSX events on our videos page. If they don’t help, it doesn’t matter, what matters is you come along and enjoy the atmosphere, get involved, spectate and maybe even win some of the coolest prizes on the planet. It’s a charity event and it’s awesome!

    Caroline Buchanan helping us raise money for the Royal Children's Hospital

    Caroline Buchanan helping us raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital

    High jump competition!

    We have also had a high jump competition to break things up. It’s a great way to get the crowd revved up for a big day. We could be looking at a whip competition this time around.

    BSX High Jump

    Photo by Stephen Harman

    Want to get involved?

    Volunteer,  donate, become an event partner, compete, spectate whatever you have in mind, if you have a question for us about the event please shoot us a short message through the contact us page.

    BSX is also an official BMX club!

    Although we don’t hold regular races or gates sessions like normal clubs you can join the BSX club. We signed up as a club primarily to reduce our event over heads, especially insurance, in order to raise even more money for the Royal Children’s Hospital. While we don’t run regular events like a “normal” BMX club we do have a lot of social rides. Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for updates.

    About the Kinglake Area

    Accommodation & Food

    • The Kinglake Pub is a quiet country pub that offers a bistro and accommodation to find out more visit
    • The Gums Camping Area is situated close to a meandering mountain stream and is nestled amongst tall eucalypts and ferns. The Gums is ideal for families and small groups, with 18 camp sites of which five are suitable for caravans up to 20ft in length. Check for details.
    • Cappa Rossi’s, in the heart of Kinglake, offers a large range of food whether you are looking for a coffee and snack or full blown meal make sure you check out Cappa Rossi’s. See their Facebook page for details at
    • Neighbouring town Whittlesea also has a lot of food options available.

    What to do

    Are you looking to stay in the Kinglake area and not sure what there is to do aside from BSX?

    • Kinglake Forest Adventures
      Kinglake Forest Adventures is an adventure and nature oasis perfect for the young & the young at heart. Offering treetops, zipline, high ropes, freefalls, mountain biking, discovery center, kids birthday parties, team building & outdoor activities, Kinglake Forest Adventures is perfect for your next weekend adventure. Check out their website to find out more at
    • Fun Fields
      With 25 Awesome Rides & Attractions, including NEW Volcano Beach Heated WAVE POOL! Funfields is also home to 3 ProSlide WORLD RECORD Waterslides; Kraken Racer, Typhoon & Gravity Wave & many other wet & dry rides including Aqua Shak, Pirate Ship, VR Ride, Go Karts, Alpine Toboggan Slide, Mini Golf and our Kids Zone. Take a look at their website for more info at
    • The Yarra Valley wine region
      The Yarra Valley is recognised as one of the world’s premier wine growing regions with over 80 sensational cellar doors, superb restaurants serving fresh regional produce, luxury accommodation, iconic scenery and stunning artwork. Visit for further details.
    • Healesville Sanctuary
      Healesville Sanctuary is a bushland haven for Australian wildlife. Discover Australia’s majestic birds of prey and magnificent parrots and get up close and personal with a massive range of native Australian animals. Visit to find out more.
    • National parks, waterfalls, and look outs
      Visit Kinglake’s national parks offering dramatic views of the Melbourne skyline, Port Phillip Bay, the Yarra Valley and across to the You Yangs. This is a good spot, not far from Melbourne, to go camping, enjoy a bushwalk or have a picnic. Find out more at

    Looking for some more BMXing? Be sure not to miss Track Attack in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs. Six races over nine days. January 11 – 19. Check for more information.

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