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SE Bikes 2015 PK Ripper Elite XL

SE Bikes, originally established in 1977, have deep roots in the BMX scene. Along with RaceInc, SE were true pioneers building aluminium…

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Kuwahara Laserlite team

How many bikes can you think of that come complete in an XL size with a 21″ top tube length that are…

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Kuwahara Laserlite Team 2009

The guys over at ECI hooked me up with a 2009/2010 Kuwahara Laserlite Team to play with for a couple of weeks….

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Kuwahara Laserlite Pro 24

The legendary Kuwahara brand was resurrected a couple of years ago now, and with riders like Warwick Stevenson, Matt Pholkamp and Jeff…

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Perv Lewd 24

If you are wondering why you haven’t heard of a Perv race bike before well, that’s because this isn’t a race bike….

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Kuwahara Laserlite Team 2007

Kuwahara is one of the old school names that is synonymous with BMX. It’s a legendary brand that reached it’s peak around…

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