Reverse Lookup Gear Chart

    Reverse Lookup Gear Chart

    V0.92 17 June 2021
    Do you know the gear inches you are looking for but wondering what gear and tire combo you need to get there? Then this gear chart is for you.


    Gear Inches

    Accuracy +/- (inches)

    Show Decimal Gears

    Front Sprocket Gear Range

    Rear Sprocket Gear Range


    Brands / Models
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    What you are looking at is a reverse look up gear chart. If you know the gear inches you are looking for (frequently referred to as rollout) this will help identify the right gearing/tyre combo. It’s been an idea floating around in my head for a while, but now it’s finally a reality.

    Road Map of features to come

    • Save selections to browser in cookie
    • Simplify/clean up user interface

    I hope you find it useful. If you have any feedback just email

    Version Updates

    V0.92 17 June 2021

    • Smarter tire selection. Disable tire size options not available when not applicable.

    V0.91 16 June 2021

    • Added some basic validation for when no results are returned, so you know it’s still working.
    • Changed the default values to return a larger result range.

    V0.9 7 August 2019

    • Added the option to see the Rennen Decimal gear options

    V0.8 4 August 2019

    • Add gear range selection

    V0.75 3 August 2019

    • Merge Brand and Model filters to simplify the interface

    V0.7 2 August 2019

    • Select/Deselect all options in filters

    V0.6 1 August 2019

    • Add more tires to bring in line with the full range available on the gear calculator.

    V0.5 29 July 2019

    • Built the calculator with basic filtering and a range of tire options.
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