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Know Your Product. Profile Episode 8. Build Your Own Hub

This is our eighth episode of Know Your Product, looking at Profile Racing with ECI’s Gary Brookes.

Profile’s wide range of hubs are fully configurable to match your budget and your requirements. Profile have a BYOH system, which stands for Build Your Own Hub, which allows you to purchase your hubs the way you want them right up front. You can change just about anything and everything, most options are at no extra charge unless you are looking at upgrading to titanium. The materials, size and style of the axle bolts, the materials for the driver (alloy, cromo, titanium), the number of teeth on the sprocket, hub shell colour and shape and so on.

We have a whole lot more Profile videos and we’re sure by the end of the series you will be a lot more familiar with the Profile Racing product range.

Special thanks to Gary, ECI and Profile racing.

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