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More Photos of the New Supercross Cromo

Anyone who has been a reader of bmxultra.com for a while will know I am a big fan of Supercross BMX and cromo products. So when Supercross releases a sneak peak of the new cromo frame this morning I thought I would try my luck and see what other photos I could get my hands on and here you have it, more photos.

The frames appear to have returned 10mm dropouts from the 15mm that were used in the 450z. They have built in chain tensioners, and still using the 1 1/8″ straight through steerer tube. Tapered and ovalised chain stays and seat stays for a stiffer rear end. Also this is the first cromo Supercross frame we have seen without a built in seat clamp for quite some time.

Most interesting though is the weight. A cromo frame running in at 3.7lbs and that’s for the XXXL frame with a 22.25″ top tube! For comparison, the S&M Speedwagon weighs in at 4 lbs 2.8 oz.

More information on this frame as it comes to hand.

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