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Product Spotlight: Clayborn BMX Frames

Since Answer/SSquared acquired Clayborn in September 2015 there has been some speculation about the future of the brand. Some rumoured that it would be made in Asia and become a better priced mass production frame, which has worked for many others, so maybe it wouldn’t be a bad thing. But I must admit I’m glad that there are a few bike frame manufacturers still willing to stick their necks out, taking a risk with a larger price tag to have their products made in the USA while the market is more than competitive, heck it’s flooded with frame brands right now.

While the Clayborn brand has been around since the 1989 it’s one of those brands that just always seems cool, but almost unobtainable. Past owners Bill Madden and Richard Bunt were both passionate BMXers and passionate about Clayborn, but unfortunately they both had a lot on their plates and the Clayborn brand never seemed to reach it’s full potential. But then again, that could be a part of the appeal. Despite that though the Clayborn has always fielded a team on the US national circuit and has always been well represented.

As a BMX nerd, I’ve sat back and watched some of the highlights of the brand. Like a 17 year old Barry Nobles taking an amateur world championship win in Perth Australia and Travis Turesson flying the Clayborn colours in X-Games downhill races. I’ve always wanted to get some time on a Clayborn, and I’ve even picked up a Clayborn stem and a Turesson race jersey for my personal collection along the way. Now they are going to be available in Australia through one of the countries biggest BMX race distributors I just might get an opportunity to take one for a ride soon.

ECI have announced “Clayborn BMX frames will be available soon in Oz after a long wait. We’ll keep you posted when they land.” In the mean time take a look at claybornbicycles.com for frame specs and everything else Clayborn.

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