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Product Spotlight: Profile Racing’s Sabre Chainwheel

I’m not sure how I missed the Profile Racing Sabre Chainwheel, but I did, I do apologise. Actually let me take a step back. I’ve seen the Sabre Chainwheels but missed an important point, they are perfect for Profile Elite cranks as an alternative to running a spider and chainring set up. This is what I really failed to notice. When I first saw the Sabre I thought it was just another fixie chainring and I was so wrong.

The Sabre is quite versatile. Available in 36-45 T options the Sabre is a two piece chainwheel. Rather than producing multiple sprocket options with different spindle options like spline drive, non-spline drive, 19mm, 22mm, etc. Profile have developed their cromo inserts to come up with a universal system. So now you buy your chain wheel and you buy a universal adapter that slots into the chainwheel which makes it fit any 48 spline Profile compatible spindle. A benefit of this is you can change your Profile cranks to a different sized spindle and all you need to do is change the adapter and you can run the same chainwheel on the new cranks. The Sabre has an offset in the teeth to help with chain alignment for those of you running your cranks with outboard bottom brackets.


Product Description


-CNC machined from 7075 aluminum

-The Profile Sabre is a unique “universal” sprocket.

-It uses an adapter insert to make the sprocket compatible with spline drive or bolt on style cranks.

36t thru 45t Sabre Sprockets do not have a spider bolt hole. They can ONLY be used as either 19mm or 22mm spline drive depending on adapter chosen. Can not be used as bolt on sprockets.

-The adapter is available for 19mm & 22mm axle sizes.

-A Universal Adapter Insert can be added when purchasing the guard sprocket(Recommended), purchased seperately, or be not required if you already have one.

Following are the Universal Adapter choices:
A. 19mm Spline Drive
B. 22mm Spline Drive

36t, 37t, 38t, 39t, 40t,  41t, 42t, 43t, 44t, 45t- 3/32? chain width
***The race versions(36t-45t) do not have extra spider bolt holes and will only work with the 19mm and 22mm Spline Drive Inserts.***

Colors: Black anodized with laser etched graphics

Weight(without insert):
45t: 177g/6.2oz

NOTE: Spline drive sprockets are not compatible with 2-piece cranks for Right Side Drive (not enough room for splines). Spline drive sprockets are compatible on Left Side Drive 2-piece cranks though.

Distributed Across Australia by Elite Cycle Imports

Profile Racing is distributed across Australia by Elite Cycle Imports who are celebrating 20 years of distributing BMX products this year.

ECI work closely with local retail stores to make sure you can get the hubs you want the way you want them and at unbeatable prices.

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