Are You a Punk Rock BMXer?

Are you a punk rock BMXer?

Before answering that, let me clearly define what I’m asking because I’m not asking “are you a BMXer that’s into punk rock”.

To me punk rock is a lifestyle, much like BMX is. Punk rock has been defined to reject the excesses of the mainstream. OK now let that soak in for just a bit. If BMX is just a sport to you then you could be missing a key aspect of the sport. Let’s not forget it was started by 14 year old punk, Scot Breithaupt, at the birthplace of punk in California USA and in the 70’s around the same decade that punk was created.

I guess I’m trying to point out that there’s a clear divide of BMXers. There are those who chase glory and seek out the potential to take their BMX racing to a new level, whether that’s a national championship or to make a name for themselves on an international stage as a BMX pro. These are the riders who are always working hard at the gym or at the track striving to continually improve. Then there’s a growing number of those who race BMX because they love it, it’s unlikely this group would bother to go to a gym and they aren’t going to be spending as much time at the track, at least not the race track. The punk rock BMXers seem to want a little more from their BMXing and are less likely to find it in a controlled environment where people are always throwing rules and conditions at them.

The punk rock BMXers, won’t go chasing the latest fads to keep up with the Jones’s, or seek the lightest products in the latest materials, they have one bike to do it all. They are usually in it for the long run so you are more likely to see them using products that are durable, and built to last the distance.

I may be describing someone you know, they might be racing on a cromo frame, maybe even with flat pedals. They are most likely the guys and girls smiling and having fun on their bikes while everyone else is studying their reaction times or weighing up which lane to pick for the final.

If this doesn’t sound like you don’t let those punks have all the fun. Don’t forget to take some time to enjoy your BMX. Don’t take your BMX racing too seriously. Relax, remember to make the most of your BMX experiences, the memories will be with you long after you have discarded your bike to the latest model on your hunt for a short cut to save that extra thousandth of a second off your lap time.

To all the punk rock BMXers out there, dare to be different and Rock On!

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