Product Spotlight: Ringmaster Helmet ID Decal Kits

A little while ago we mentioned Ringmaster’s fork wraps, it’s just one of the many products these Action Sports legends offer.

Another stand out Ringmaster product is the ID Decal Kit. The sheet contains more decals than you would ever want to put on your helmet, leaving plenty of left overs should you need to replace a sticker after a crash, or should you want to deck out your bike, or anything else that might sit still long enough for you to slap a sticker on.

These kits are fully customisable with your name, number (or national flag) and are made the highest quality materials that are built to last. I’ve had an ID Decal Kit on my helmet for nearly 12 months now and they still look as good as new and are showing no signs of wear or lifting.

These ID decal sheets aren’t exactly going to make you any faster but they will give you the pro look.

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