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    Esther Woodward crashed out of the final at her last race and was looking to make amends at the Eastfield Experience on Sunday. Her day didn’t quite start off to plan, Esther had the moto wrapped up and just had to get over the last jump and roll home to another win when she crashed doing a pedal manual. She dusted herself off and managed a pair of wins in the next two to qualify for the main. When the gate dropped Esther bounced out to an early lead where she stayed and notched up another win in the Pro Women’s class.


    After a long time away from racing with injury Jade is ready to hit the tracks again. He has been far from idle during his break flying all over Australia coaching, and getting his head in the media.

    Here’s a newspaper article and photo from a recent visit to the Northern Territory:

    Jade also got quite a lot of air time on the Khalen Young documentary that aired last night:


    Peter Little has been ramping things up for the upcoming Queensland State Championships which will be held next weekend. On behalf of the Supercross Australia team I’d like to take the opportunity to wish him luck. Go get ’em Pete.

    The Supercross BMX Australia factory team is co-sponsored by Alienation, Speedline Parts, Dirt Designs, and

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