BMX racing news May 2013

    28/05 Save the date: VANS Kill the Line 2013 – Digging-Teaser & Info

    Vans press release
    We are stoked to announce that at the 7th & 8th of September 2013 VANS Kill the Line will be back in Peynier, France, for the 5th consecutive time. The pine forest on fire: This year again, the best international BMX riders are expected at the legendary trails in the South of France for one of the world‘s most renown pro dirt competitions organised by riders, for riders. In a first teaser, VKTL mastermind and Peynier local Alex Dropsy explains how the line and jumps are changed and improved for this year‘s edition – faster, higher and smoother. Check out the clip and the spot-photo-gallery shot by Greenfilms, mark the weekend in your calendar and stay tuned for the second teaser.

    Official VANS Kill the Line “Digging Teaser” shot by Greenfilms (VIMEO):

    All information regarding VANS Kill the Line on, on our Facebook page, on Twitter and Instagram @vanskilltheline or on

    Vans Kill the line

    27/05 Photos: S-Town Bash

    The biggest backyard social rider/BBQ, effectionately known as the S-Town Bash (S for Sebastian which is just outside of Bendigo) is done for another yet, it would have to have been the biggest so far.

    We would like to personally thank Freelap Australia for supplying the timing equipment the riders couldn’t get enough of it. One thing is for sure, two watches amongst 60 riders just isn’t enough. Thanks everyone for waiting patiently to test out the system. When the dust had settled it was Jame Lautier who had won the fastest lap time. Izzy Penglase had the fastest time for any of the female riders.

    BMXEDGE and Doublecross also supplied products that were given out through the day.

    Click here to check out the photos.

    24/05 New Products: Profile & Madera Ragland 3/4 Sleeve T-shirts

    Looking for something a little warmer this winter? It’s quite timely that Profile and Madera have released their Ragland 3/4 Sleeve T-shirts. The cotton baseball style t-shirts will keep you looking good when the weather isn’t so great.

    Nothing says “BMX” like Profile and Madera.

    Available in sizes Small to Extra Large in a variety of colour combos.

    Profile and Madera are distributed in Australia by Elite Cycle Imports. T-shirts available now.

    24/05 Team Rush and Team Rock’n’Roll Queensland

    Team Rush and Team Rock’n’Roll Queensland press release
    Sleeman Sporting Complex in Chandler Brisbane was where the 2013 Australian Championships were held. One of the best tracks in Australia with over 1200 riders racing for a place in the final for their age group.

    The Championships were held over four days, starting Thursday 2nd May with the sprockets and the Dynamite/Champbix and Probix series being held. Friday was the younger age riders whilst Saturday was the over 14 year riders and the Elite riders. Sunday 5th May was the final day of the championships and all the cruisers were racing for their chance to be the best in Australia.

    Caleb Nancarrow was our youngest rider competing for the team and being he is a 7 year old boy, he was riding to place in the top 16 to qualify for the world titles. Caleb achieved his goal and will be competing in New Zealand later in the year.

    We had three riders racing in the 8 year boys class, Ollie Harvey, Tasman Petre and Stephen Whitmore. Ollie unfortunately did not progress past the Motos whilst Stephen was very lucky to make it through to the quarter final. He knew he had to ride alot hard in the quarter final and he finished 2nd to make it through to the Semi final as was unlucky to finish 6th and not go through to the final. This however allows him to qualify for the Worlds. Tasman rode very well in his motos, this saw him into the quarters were he finished 4th and then 8th in his Semi final.

    Kohan Hanby and Leon Pankhurst both raced in the 9 year boys class and the 8-10 boys cruisers class. The 9 year boys class was one of the largest classes over the championships with some tough competition. Kohan rode consistently in the motos and was unfortunately knocked out in the eighths when he crossed the line in 7th place. Kohan was also unlucky in the cruiser class when he did not progress past his motos. Leon finished his motos in the 9 year boys with a 2nd, 2nd and 1st which he then had to race in the eighths, quarters and semi which he placed 1st, 1st and 2nd. This meant that he was into the final and was racing for an Australian plate. Leon finished 5th fastest 9 year old boy in Australian on his 20” and rode just as well on his cruiser to finish 7th in the final.

    In the ten year boys class we had Sam Harvey who raced well through his motos with a 3rd, 3rd and 3rd. Sam was unlucky in his Eighths and finished in 8th place. Sam also raced in the 8-10 boys cruiser class where he placed 2nd, 2nd and 1st in his motos. This put him through to the Quarters and unfortunately he finished 6th.

    Team Rush are very lucky to have some strong girl competitors with Shannon Petre (10 year girls & 8-10 girls cruiser), Teneille Nesbit (11 year girls), Celeste Barr (13 year girls & 16 & under girls cruiser) and Aislynn Weber (15 year girls & 16 & under girls cruiser). Shannon Petre rode very consistently through her 20” races finishing in the final 3rd, whilst racing her cruiser she won all her motos, Semi and the final to be crowned the fastest 8-10 cruiser girl in Australia. Teneille Nesbit also rode consistency through her motos, finished 4th in her Quarter and was unlucky not to make the final, finishing 7th in her Semi. Teneille has improved out of sight this year and if she keeps continuing in her improvement she will be a rider to look for in the final. Celeste Barr was dominating her motos and Semi-final on her 20” and went into the final looking to bring home the 1A. Unfortunately she got a little too much speed and crashed in the final and finished 7th place with a big smile on her face as usual. Celeste was the youngest girl to make the final of the 16 & under girls cruiser race and finished 7th. Aislynn Weber also dominated her 20” and cruiser motos. She finished 1st in her semi for her 20” and ended up being crowned the fastest 15 year girl in Australia for 15 year girls and also podium in her cruiser final finishing 3rd.

    Zack Pankhurst and Jack Milner lined up for the 11 year boys class. Jack was a little overwhelmed by the competition and atmosphere and was knocked out in the eighths. Jack will be better for the experience and will be a rider to look for in the future. Zack on the other hand had the Sleeman track which is almost his home track. He raced extremely well and won all his motos, finished 2nd in Eighths, 3rd in Quarters, 3rd in Semi and ended up finishing 7th in the final.

    Zack also raced with some other Team Rush riders in the 12 & under boys cruiser race. Joel Grace and George Harvey. Zack rode well through his motos and quarters and unfortunately was knocked out in the Semi’s. George Harvey also rode well on his cruiser and progressed through to the Quarters, but was also unlucky to not make it any further. Joel Grace won all his motos on his cruiser, finished 1st in Quarters, 2nd in Semi and had a great final to finish 3A.

    Joel Grace and George Harvey also lined up together in the 12 year boys class. George progressed well through his motos, finished 2nd in Eighths, 4th in Quarters and was unlucky to finish 6th in the Semi and just miss out on a finals place. Joel however won all his motos, his eighths, quarters and finished 2nd in the Semi. Joel had been training so hard leading up to this year’s Aussies and ended up finishing 4th fastest 12 year old boy in Australia.

    Ronan Weber competed in the 13yr boys class as well as the 13-14 boys cruiser class. Ronan rode well during his 20” motos to finish 3rd, 3rd and 1st. He then finished 2nd in his quarters and was possibly one of the unluckiest riders of the day to just miss out on a finals berth by finishing 5th in his Semi. Ronan’s cruiser day was unfortunately not his day. Ronan was one of the younger competitors in his moto’s and did not progress past the moto’s.

    Liam Vitale raced in the hotly contested 14 year boys class. He rode through his motos well and just made it through the quarters and semis by finishing 4th in both. Liam rode very consistently during the day and ended up finishing 5th in the final.

    Michael Wallin raced in one of the closest age groups, 30+ Masters. Michael had four of the fastest riders in his moto but still rode consistently to make it through to the final. Unfortunately the final did not go to plan and he had a large fall in the first straight, where his front wheel was so badly buckled that he had to carry his bike across the finish line.

    As usual we are extremely impressed with how our riders raced over the entire Championships. The Queensland Team bought home 13 plates. Two riders achieved 1A, Three riders 3A, One rider 4A, Two riders 5A, Four riders 7A and one rider 8A.

    This will be the last year that Team Rush and Rock’n’Roll Queensland will be competing and we would like to thank all our wonderful sponsors, Rush Industries, Rock’n’Roll Lubricants, Axleworx, BMX International, Troy Lee Design, Smith Optics and Maxxis.

    We look forward to seeing you all at the Queensland Championships in Nerang later this year with our exciting new team.

    22/05 Speedline 20″ carbon forks are available now

    Supercross Parts Australia press release
    The long awaited Speedline carbon fork is finally available to the public.

    Not all Carbon is created Equal. Some people think that Carbon is Carbon, but as with all things there are different qualities of products. At Speedline we pride ourselves on working with only the highest grade carbon fiber suppliers to ensure that the Carbon Material and the Resin are only the highest quality and strength. After selecting the finest carbons and resins, each Speedline Fork is hand wrapped and layered to ensure the proper layup for maximum strength and minimal weight.

    The Pro Speedline 20mm Carbon Fiber Fork uses a special High Compactation molding process which means a more consistent product with a denser material so there are less voids and the resulting fork is lighter, stronger and longer lasting.

    After selecting the finest materials and processes, we did a full FEA examination of the fork to optimize the shape for maximum strength and minimal weight.

    The result is a Speedline 20mm Carbon Fiber Pro Fork that weighs in at a scant 555 grams.

    It is a 1 1 /8″ steertube ( 175mm long ) and comes with adapters to run 9mm axle hubs or 20mm axle hubs on the same fork.

    Available in Black ( clear gloss over carbon ) or a special Limited Edition White.

    Speedline BMX carbon forks

    Speedline Parts
    Speedline Parts is a bicycle parts manufacture located in Southern California. We currently produce cranksets, pedals, chains, headsets, brakes and seatpost clamps. All of our products are tested and used by team riders. Speedline Parts are distributed in Australia by Supercross BMX Australia.

    Supercross BMX Australia
    Supercross BMX is a leader in BMX by design, innovation and manufacturing. The Supercross ENVY is the lightest production frame, full stop! However there is much more to the brand than the ENVY frame. There is also the alloy BLUR and the cromo BOLT LT, both of which have the same race winning geometry as the ENVY. Supercross BMX currently produces some of the most respected cromo/heat treated handlebars and forks in the business as well as hubs, stems, seats, posts, tires, cranks and a while lot more.

    Supercross BMX Australia are the exclusive Australian distributor, keeping prices competitive and in many cases cheaper than the US. On top of that SX Australia put back into Australian BMX sponsoring some of the most talented riders in Australia on the Supercross Australia factory team and supporting the Speedline Parts/Supercross BMX Australia and teams. Supercross BMX Australia is also a big supporter of the BSX charity event.

    21/05 Walker to Ride Avanti at Home World Championships

    Avanti press release
    London Olympic silver medal BMX rider Sarah Walker will proudly carry a brand synonymous with New Zealand cycling at July’s UCI BMX World Championships in Auckland with news that Avanti is once again set to make its mark in the world of BMX.

    Sheppard Cycles is the New Zealand Company that engineers and distributes the Avanti brand of bikes throughout New Zealand and Australia and has in recent years supported World Champion pursuit rider Alison Shanks and the Pure Black Racing Team and in 2013 the Huon Salmon Genesys Pro Cycling Team.

    Now the brand is set to feature once again in the world of BMX bikes with the race bikes carrying the iconic New Zealand Avanti brand from August 2013, with Walker, Tahlia Hansen, Kurt James, Max Macready and Richard McLachlan amongst the first to enjoy the best in Kiwi engineering.

    Avanti BMX

    Walker rode the 2014 Avanti branded prototype for the first time today and will take the bike with her to the USA as she prepares for the July 24 – 28 UCI World Championships at Vector Arena (

    “I have been a professional athlete racing BMX for a number of years and I absolutely love what I do,” said Walker. “The preparation, training and of course the execution of race plans is critical.  However, I have also learned that another key to a top performance is surrounding myself with top quality equipment and people who have as much passion and commitment to succeed as I do.

    “I have been involved with the Avanti family for a number of years now and they have been an integral part of my success.  The team believe in what I do and are always looking for ways to continue to adapt and improve my frame technology and equipment.  I am excited to be able to represent all that Avanti stands for and showcase this when I am training and racing.

    It is a fantastic feeling when competing on the international stage as a New Zealander and knowing that I have the backing of a strong, NZ brand like Avanti.  These guys have over 25 years in the bike industry with their first bikes being BMX so these guys truly know what they are doing.  This knowledge and commitment is totally reflected in the bike I ride and just adds to my confidence.

    “I am really excited about taking Avanti all the way to Rio 2016.  Like me, Avanti believe in the success of New Zealanders and that if we work together you can be the absolute best in the World.”

    John Oldale leads the BMX design team at Avanti and spoke of the work that has gone into the development of the new frameset.

    “The Avanti Team issue frameset was developed in conjunction with our team riders,” said Oldale, Avanti BMX Bicycle Product Manager.

    “The initial design brief was to come up with something that was light, fast and stiff giving the rider the ultimate advantage out of the gate and down the first straight. In order to do this we needed to develop a back end that was incredibly stiff yet had no weight penalty. We chose to use custom shaped tubes made out of Kinesis K7 alloy which offers a strength-to-weight ratio and produces a very strong but lightweight frame.

    “The frame also features a BB30 PF bottom bracket which is a technology borrowed from road bikes allowing for a larger crank axle and bearings. The rear hub is custom made for Avanti and uses a 15mm axle which is 5mm larger than a standard BMX race axle, once again making the overall package stiff. The hub has 120 points of engagement – meaning that there is little to no slip on the chain for immediate pick-up out of the gate. To finish the frame off we have used “double pass” welds to help reduce stress and increase fatigue life.”

    The move to reengage the Avanti brand in BMX racing sees the company go full circle from the very first bike produced by the company to once again proudly providing world class framesets to the best riders in the world.

    “Sheppard’s are excited to re-introduce the Avanti brand back in the BMX race scene – the grass roots of where the company began over 30 years ago,” said Bob Boniface, Sheppard Cycles Managing Director.

    “It completes the circle of high performance athletes we support under the Avanti brand with the likes of Alison Shanks and Cameron Brown and supports our drive to grow and support top level competitive cycling in NZ.

    “We are looking forward to the range being released in August and are excited to be part of the sponsorship group helping bring the UCI World Champs to Auckland this coming July with Sarah, Max, Tahlia and Kurt all to race on the new Avanti frame.”

    Additional information on Avanti BMX riders:

    Sarah Walker           @swbmx (twitter)
    24 years old, London Olympic Games silver medallist, 2009 World Champion, 4th place Beijing Olympic Games

    Tahlia Hansen   
    15 years old, 2009, 2010 World Champion, runner up 2011, 2012

    Kurt James                   
    21 years old, BikeNZ HP squad member, attended multiple world championships

    Max Macready
    16 years old, one of NZ’s top juniors looking to progress into elite ranks

    Richard McLachlan
    41 years old, leading master class BMX rider, most successful NZer at World Champs level, 11 times NZ champion. Retail Sales Manager with AvantiPlus and has assisted Sheppard Cycles in technical development of bikes since 2003.

    20/05 Troy Lee Designs 2013 Summer/Fall catalog

    The latest Troy Lee Designs bicycle catalog is available online now. There’s some sweet new designs to keep you looking sharp on the track.

    Check them out for yourself.

    Troy Lee Designs 2013 Summer Fall catalog


    20/05 Walker excited as tickets on sale for World Championships in New Zealand

    BikeNZ press release 
    New Zealand fans are gearing up for their first chance to see the best BMX riders on the planet when Auckland hosts the 2013 UCI BMX World Championships on 24-28 July.

    Tickets go on sale to the public worldwide from today for the week-long championships to be held indoors at Vector Arena on the Auckland waterfront.

    Kiwi star and Olympic silver medallist Sarah Walker said she can’t wait to compete at home for the first time and believes the sport will be showcased spectacularly at Vector Arena.

    “All of our lives we have had to travel around the world to compete at the Olympics and the World Championships. It is going to be unreal to finally be able to race here at home in front of our family, friends and sponsors,” Walker said.

    “It will be fantastic to host the world championships here and I am sure the riders will love coming to New Zealand to enjoy our country and the hospitality from Kiwi BMX fans especially.

    “This will be a fantastic chance for us to showcase our sport at the highest level to the public of New Zealand. I am told that BMX was one of the most popular events on television at the Olympics, but it is nothing like seeing it live.”

    Organisers expect more than 2000 riders from 30 countries to come to Auckland with tickets available for as little as $9 for children, $29 for adults and a family of four pass from $129.

    All riders who compete in the Challenge Class racing will receive a ticket that includes access to Vector Arena for both days of Challenge racing on 24 and 25 July. All ticketing for Challenge days will be General Admission, which means you have access to sit where you choose.

    Challenge Class riders will need to purchase a ticket to the Elite racing on 27 and 28 July, with the final day of Elite racing on Sunday 28 July to be allocated seating.

    There are differing viewing opportunities in Vector Arena. Please check the website carefully which outlines each of those zones. For instance some seating which is spectacularly close to the start gate action will have some restricted viewing of turn two and the finish. There is a big screen to embellish viewing.

    Full event details:

    20/05 Grace Galley joins Team Kuwahara

    Grace Galley joins Team KuwaharaKuwahara Australia press release
    Team Kuwahara Australia is very proud to announce the signing of a Grace Galley to our team which came about prior to the Aussie titles. Grace is a very accomplished rider who has been working very hard behind the scenes to better herself as an athlete. Grace regularly places in Pro Ladies finals and has a never say die attitude toward her racing which makes her stick out amongst the crowd.

    Grace has also been going the hard yards chasing the champbikx series all over the country and has been holding her own in the tough field that turn out to these rounds.

    Grace is a young lady of few words who prefers to let her riding speak for the type of person she is and we at Team Kuwahara are very excited to have her part of the team.

    Grace unfortunately had a bad turn of luck at the Aussie Titles where she crashed in one of her motos and broke her collar bone. This hasn’t stopped Grace from training she is currently sitting in front of the television on a wind trainer plotting her return and goals.

    We once again welcome Grace to the Team and wish her a speedy recovery and can’t wait to see her on the new custom built Kuwahara that Grace’s dad is piecing together for her.

    Team Kuwahara is supported by Answer BMX and Dirt Designs.

    19/05 The S-Town Bash 2013

    The S-Town Bash is on again this coming Saturday. That’s right Saturday May 25 will be the third running of the S-Town Bash.

    The S-Town bash is no ordinary BMX race event. It’s a fun day with a BMX BBQ (BYO) and ride session on a backyard track.

    S-Town Bash 2013

    S-Town is short for Sebastian Town, it’s also known as the SCCE (Sebastian Cycling Centre for Excellence) all tongue in cheek of course. Sebastian is about 15 minutes outside of Eaglehawk (Bendigo), with racing at Eaglehawk on the Sunday the S-Town Bash draws a number of quality riders who travel far and wide to let their hair down and have some fun S-Town style. Phil Kaye has driven from Sydney for the day for the past two years just to sample some S-Town soil and hospitality – that’s over 16 hours in the car!.

    There will be events like

    • the Freelap Half Track Hero (from the starting hill and straight back around to the starting hill)
    • the Freelap Full Lap Frenzy (this goes from the starting hill and follows the full length of the track around behind the starting hill right around to the final jump then back up the starting hill- it’s going to be a burner)
    • Style comp
    • Crash of the day
    • and a whole lot more

    There will also be some random prizes given out on the day, but you will have to be there to win.

    The S-Town Bash is proudly supported by, Freelap Australia, Double Cross and BMXEDGE.

    19/05 Nic Long earns his sleeves; Alise Post repeats her USAC Title

    USA BMX press release
    Chula Vista, Calif. — Make it three straight elite supercross national titles for Olympian Alise Post (Saint Cloud, Minn./Redline) after she dominated the women’s competition on Saturday at the 2013 USA Cycling Elite BMX National Championships in southern California. Fellow 2012 Olympian Nic Long(Lakeside, Calif./Haro Bikes) captured his second national championship and first since 2010 in the men’s elite field.

    After winning all three motos as well as the semifinals, Post held off a hard-charging Arielle Martin(Spanaway, Wash./Intense BMX) in the final to claim victory.

    “Today was a lot of fun,” said Post. “It was good racing, all the girls were on point. For me it just felt really great to win three in a row. It’s a great accomplishment. On top of that, I made my momma proud. She’s been watching from home and wasn’t able to make it, being in the hospital. I’m happy to have won for her.”

    Long used a quick burst out of the gate to gain an edge on Olympic teammate and defending national champion Connor Fields (Henderson, Nev./Chase BMX) who had the inside position, and never relinquished the lead to be the first over the finish line. Fields was coming off last weekend’s double victories at the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Argentina, making Long’s victory all the more impressive.

    “It was a super long pause on the random gate and I was sitting there thinking about it and followed through and had a good start,” Long commented. “I don’t know if Connor messed up or he just was late, but I beat him down the first straight and moved over a little bit so he couldn’t come up alongside of me and just held on for the rest of the lap.”

    In the juniors elite races, last year’s bronze medalist, Maliek Byndloss (Cape Coral, Fla./Factory Ssquared), captured the men’s gold medal with a stellar day of racing, while Shaelen Reno (Plano, Texas/Hyper Bicycles) won the women’s juniors title.

    2013 USA Cycling Elite BMX National Championships
    Chula Vista, Calif.
    Saturday, May 18, 2013

    Elite Men:
    1. Nic Long (Lakeside, Calif./Haro Bikes)
    2. Connor Fields (Henderson, Nev./Chase BMX)
    3. Jared Garcia (Victorville, Calif./Speedline-Supercross)
    4. Barry Nobles (Wetumpka, Ala./DK Bicycles)
    5. Corben Sharrah (Tuscon, Ariz./Haro Bicycles)
    6. A.J. Hiatt (Fresno, Calif./
    7. Nick Koehler (Tustin, Calif./Speedline-Supercross)

    Elite Women:
    1. Alise Post (Saint Cloud, Minn./Redline)
    2. Arielle Martin (Spanaway, Wash./Intense BMX)
    3. Dani George (Palmdale, Calif./Factory Supercross BMX)
    4. Brooke Crain (Visalia, Calif./Haro Bicycles)
    5. Shelby Stacy (Bakersfield, Calif./Answer-Profile-Ssquared)

    Juniors Elite Men:
    1. Maliek Byndloss (Cape Coral, Fla./Factory Ssquared)
    2. Aldon Volle (Penryn, Calif./Dan’s Comp)
    3. Hunter Pelham (Conroe, Texas/Haro-Promax)
    4. Shane Harlow (Moreno Valley, Calif./Fullerton Bikes)
    5. Layne Gainer (Wauconda, Ill./FBN-Supercross)
    6. Sean Gaian (Santee, Calif./Factory GT)
    7. Tyler Whitfield (Rockford, Ill./Factory Ssquared-Answer)
    8. Cole Tesar (Huntersville, N.C./Factory Felt-SC ActionSP)

    Juniors Elite Women:
    1. Shealen Reno (Plano, Texas/Hyper Bicycles)
    2. Shay Glynn (Norco, Calif./Profile-Monster)

    16/05 2014 Troy Lee Designs D3 helmets

    It’s about this time of the year we get excited to see the new range of D3 helmets from Troy Lee Designs, we usually get an early preview before we’re allowed to show our readers. It looks like the new D3 helmets have already been release and slipped under our radar this time around.

    Check em out.

    Carbon models

    Composite models

    For a closer look at the helmets check out

    Troy Lee Designs is distributed in Australia by Steve Cramer Products (

    16/05 Kerstin Meyer changes to Supercross Bicycles

    Supercross Germany press release
    Kerstin Meyer, formerly Fritscher, with 4 world titles, 3 European titles, one World-Cup Overall Win and altogether 25 German Champion Titles the most successful German BMX-rider, changes to Supercross bicycles effective now.

    For that Kerstin, who was – for more than 17 years – well known on a Redline and several times named as “Mrs. Redline”, returns to the brand she was riding until 1995.

    With her, the complete German Redline-Team of the year 2012 changes to Supercross.


    • German Champion and National ranking N°2 Boys 15/16 Philip Mühlner,
    • Fabian Otto Elite N° 1 und national series winner 2012, as well as Samuel
    • Kern and Tim Schmidt.

    All of them will ride under Supercross colors as “Factory Team Germany”.

    15/05 Weekend round up (late edition)

    The international race scene was split on the weekend. While many of the worlds best chased the UCI points and glory at the second round of the Supercross Series at Argentina many remained on US soil chasing USA BMX series points at the Tar Heel Nationals in North Carolina.

    Tar Heel Nationals – USA BMX


    A PRO    Total Riders = 20    Groups = 3

    VETERAN PRO    Total Riders = 11    Groups = 2

    USAC JR DEV BOYS    Total Riders = 16    Groups = 2

    GIRLS PRO    Total Riders = 8    Groups = 1

    AA PRO    Total Riders = 27    Groups = 4
    6  MATT CAMERON, ,


    A PRO    Total Riders = 20    Groups = 3

    VETERAN PRO    Total Riders = 11    Groups = 2

    USAC JR DEV BOYS    Total Riders = 13    Groups = 2
    AA PRO    Total Riders = 26    Groups = 4

    Sam Willoughby takes his sixth consecutive USA BMX win this season and only time will tell if he’s able to break the seven race winning streak record currently held by John Purse in the 1998 season.

    Argentina Supercross – UCI BMX

    Women’s Time Trial (Super final)

    1 READE Shanaze GBR 35.217
    2 PAJON Mariana COL 35.518
    3 AILLOUD Eva FRA 35.883
    4 CRAIN Brooke USA 36.123
    5 DIAZ Mariana ARG 36.545
    6 MCLEOD Melinda AUS 36.661
    7 SMULDERS Laura NED 36.759
    8 MARTIN Arielle USA 37.056
    9 SORIANO Florencia Ayelen ARG 37.067
    10 AZUERO GONZALEZ Domenica Michelle ECU 37.334
    11 CARR Amanda THA 37.356
    12 RIMSAITE Vilma LTU 37.425
    13 DIAZ Gabriela Maria ARG 37.69
    14 LABOUNKOVA Romana CZE 37.851
    15 GEORGE Dani USA 37.881
    16 JONES Rachel AUS 01:11.79

    Men’s Time Trial (Super final)

    1 FIELDS Connor USA 31.892
    2 DAUDET Joris FRA 31.993
    3 ANDRE Sylvain FRA 32.167
    4 REZENDE Renato BRA 32.304
    5 PHILLIPS Liam GBR 32.514
    6 VAN DER BIEZEN Raymon NED 32.603
    7 CALEYRON Quentin FRA 32.657
    8 VAN GORKOM Jelle NED 32.717
    9 BUSTOS Lucas Alfredo ARG 32.752
    10 DEAN Anthony AUS 32.845
    11 ROBINSON Donny USA 32.918
    12 NOBLES Barry USA 32.924
    13 PELLUARD Vincent FRA 32.981
    14 GODET Damien FRA 33.019
    15 RICCARDI Remi FRA 33.028
    16 GARCIA Jared USA 35.341

    Women’s Final

    1 Shanaze READE GBR
    2 Mariana PAJON COL
    3 Laura SMULDERS NED
    4 Vilma RIMSAITE LTU
    5 Teagan O’KEEFFE RSA
    6 Amanda CARR THA
    7 Arielle MARTIN USA
    8 Melinda MCLEOD AUS

    Men’s Final

    1 Connor FIELDS USA
    2 Jelle VAN GORKOM NED
    3 Joris DAUDET FRA
    4 Renato REZENDE BRA
    5 Justin POSEY USA
    6 Sifiso NHLAPO RSA
    8 Quentin CALEYRON FRA

    Shanaze Reade once again dominated the women’s class winning both the time trial and the final and securing her lead in the series. Shanaze sits clear in first overall after two rounds with Brooke Crain in second and Arielle Martin in third.

    Britian’s Liam Phillips was again a contender, but was unable to follow up his remarkable form at Manchester. It was Connor Fields who emerged to dominate the Time Trial and the Final of the men’s class. Fields now has a commanding series lead with everyone’s favourite Frenchman Joris Daudet sitting in second with Liam Phillips right on his heels in third.

    15/05 ONE Bicycles at the National BMX Championships

    One Bicycles Australia press release (Written by Miekel Rose)
    There was a lot of hype about the Sleeman track and how fast and technical it was and how difficult it was to jump. I had seen the old track 12 or so months prior and it was nothing like the track we saw when we arrived. It looked great and we were fortunate to watch the event held on the weekend before the Nationals so we could see how riders were riding it.

    Mikayla had a busy schedule as she was selected in the ACT Dynamite Squad for her third and final year. Mikayla stated that she was happy to just make finals at the event as she was still one of the smaller riders in her class. This little girl has a big heart and a heap of skill and had trained hard leading up to the event. Mikayla rode well in the time trial finishing with the third fastest time. This was great and a good boost for her confidence leading in to the Nationals themselves. Mikayla rode well in the heats with strong second place finishes. In the semi-final she also finished second securing a finals berth in the Dynamites for the third year running, In the final Mikayla landed in Gate 1 and was hoping for a smooth run to the first corner. When the gate dropped the girls came out quickly. Mikayla was almost involved in a crash with another rider who came down on the last jump in the first straight. After narrowly missing her Mikayla got back in to her rhythm and rode hard to finish in fourth place. She was happy not to be taken out in the crash and satisfied with the placing.

    On the day of the National Championships, Mikayla was feeling confident after a good run the day before. She was curious if any of the riders were holding back in the National Series and hoping she could repeat the good form she took in to the Series decider. Mikayla drew Australia number 2 ranked rider Celeste Barr in the motos and rode hard in her heats to finish second to Celeste. Mikayla was happy to make it to the semis and with some fast times and confidence at a high, she was hoping to just get in to the final after a disappointing event last year when she missed out. Mikayla again had gate 1 and was determined to follow the two fast riders of Shelby Green (1A) and Celeste Barr (2A) down the first straight. When the gate dropped, Mikayla had a slow reaction and managed to claw her way back when Celeste lost control on the big double in the first straight and veered straight in to Shelby causing both girls to crash right in front of Mikayla. Mikayla braked and avoided the carnage and got back on the pedals to slot in to fourth place. She battled hard with her close rival Emma O’Hearn and the two rode hard all the way to the line with Mikayla crossing in fourth. Mikayla was happy to have made the final and not be involved in the big crash and also happy to be Australian ranked again.

    This 4th Place in the Nationals has allowed her an opportunity to represent Australia at the upcoming World Titles in New Zealand. With some support from her grandparents, Mikayla is heading over to the land of the long white cloud for a crack at the world’s best and hopes to fulfil another goal of being World ranked. We know she can do it! Good luck little Squishy!

    Nik was riding in the last round of National Series in the 15 Boys class. Wow there is some amazing talent in this age class. Nik rode well and confidently in his time trail with a time that had him sitting in 16th. Nik had a tough draw and struggled to have any decent results with 5th placings in all his motos. Unfortunately this was not enough for Nik to make the semis and he sat it out after the motos. Nik said he wasn’t feeling it and was disappointed he couldn’t get the track as dialled as he wanted.

    At the National Championships themselves, Nik was feeling more confident after a good warm up and a chance to nail the second and third straights in practice. In his first moto he had an outside gate and came out well to finish in fourth a good start to getting through to the quarters. In his second moto he had an inside gate yet struggled to find the right lines in the lap and finished in fifth. In the last moto Nik realised he need a good lap to be able to progress. He came out of the gate on fire and slipped in to second place and pulled out a screamer of a lap to finish second and enough points to get in to the quarters. Nik was stoked, his goal for the Nationals was to make it past the first corner in the Quarter finals and he was half way there. In the quarter final Nik had a shocker start and found himself sniffing around the back of the pack down the first straight but managed a great move in to the first corner and found himself sitting in fourth. In that move he almost hit his ACT team mate Steve Henderson and that spooked Nik and he found him right on the white line of the Pro straight when he backed off and did not have the position or speed to hit the second straight. Nik’s hopes had gone in that move and yet he was happy as he managed to finish the race a goal he had set himself for the event. With some more hard training and more aggression, Nik has the ability to make semis and finals. Good luck next year mate.

    Josh had entered the 17-24 Mens National Series and the numbers were low with only one full gate entered for the Nationals final round. Josh had only flown in the night before so was using this event as a practice to sight the track and prepare for the National Championships themselves. Josh did an OK time trial finishing in 6th a position he would find himself in over the next three motos. In the final Josh rode well and looked to be riding comfortably on the track and finished the day with a 6th in the final of the day.

    In 17-24 Men at the national Championships, there was a massive 80 entries, primarily due to the new ruling for Elite and Junior Elite eligibility to make the World Championships. This was going to be a tough class with many pros stepping back in to age! Josh was well aware of this and did not set his expectations too high. He did however hope to make quarter finals. Josh came out in his first two motos with 4th place finishes setting himself up for a birth in the 1/8ths. In his third moto he rode well and managed a third guaranteeing him a spot to go through to the next round. In the 1/8 Final he was sitting in an outside gate and knew he needed to get a good start and get across by the first corner. Josh rode hard but found himself getting boxed out and only managed a 6th over the line. He was disappointed but also happy that he wasn’t out after the motos. It was a very tough class at this year’s event. Better luck next year mate with some hard training anything is possible.

    A massive thanks to my childhood friend and part of the family responsible for my BMX life, Michael Jankowski (4A) who put a roof over my families heads for the event. So glad he rode well and plated this year! Big thanks to all the sponsors and people who support my family, it makes this sport so precious to us.

    Thanks for the ongoing support Shane Jenkins, ECI for the amazing opportunity to run great ONE bikes, Scott Hand of A Team Distribution for the brilliant SNAP gear and the Alius parts, Craig Fisher from Bike Corp for the best grips you can ride with in Lizard Skins. Without this ongoing support, we could not keep doing this sport we love, it mains a lot to us.

    See you all at Shepparton next year.

    How to buy One Bicycles products in Australia
    If you would like to purchase a One Bicycles frame or accessories in Australia the best way to do so is to head down to your local bike store and place an order. If they don’t know what you are talking about tell them to call Elite Cycle Imports while you wait and place your order there and then. After doing some calculations ourselves we have found the cheapest way to get One Bicycles products in Australia is through a local reseller.

    About One Bicycles
    For over a decade ONE Bicycles (operating out of Holland), inducted into the European Hall of Fame, has solely focused all their efforts on the sport of BMX. Today they are at the forefront of BMX product design Worldwide. Utilizing advancements in the industry, some of which were conceived in ONE’s own engineering department, their products directly reflect the evolution and maturing of proven BMX design. Like a fine wine ONE Bicycles product line has come of age as a result of years of dedication to the sport of BMX.

    One Bicycles are a major sponsor of the team
    Over the years One Bicycles have sponsored

    • Khalen Young
    • The Phirebird team which includes 2005 & 2006 World Championships finalist Jamie Gray and 2006 NBL Grands (A Pro) champion Glenn Codega

    In 2008 Maris Strombergs rode his One Bicycle to victory in the Elite Men’s class at the UCI World Championships and followed that up by taking the first ever Men’s BMX Gold medal at the Olympics.

    For more information about One Bicycles check out

    One Bicycles are distributed in Australia by Elite Cycle Imports (

    14/05 BMX Australia High Performance National Team and Elite Team Announced

    BMX Australia press release
    BMX Australia is proud to announce the members of the BMX Australia High Performance National Team and Elite teams to compete at the 2013 UCI BMX World Championships being held in Auckland, New Zealand in July.

    Aiming to make back-to-back World Championships, Sam Willoughby and Caroline Buchanan will spear head the Australian teams, which fill the quota assigned by the Cycliste Internationale Union (UCI) having qualified in the Top 4 of all BMX nations. Selection for the teams commenced in September last year with athletes being assessed on their performances across the BMX Australia National Series, the 2013 Subaru BMX National Championships, Oceania Championships and UCI BMX World Cups.

    BMX Australia High Performance Coach Wade Bootes said the riders who have been selected have demonstrated the ability to gain results for Australia.

    “Competition within Australia is very strong at the moment,” Bootes said. “The BMX Australia National Series is a great development tool with riders coming from the junior ranks and stepping up to the seniors, they are competing well and doing all the little things that enables them to win.

    “Definitely with the High Performance Program we have three great girls with Caroline Buchanan, Lauren Reynolds and Melinda McLeod all proving they can perform internationally along with the guys like Sam Willoughby and Anthony Dean who placed 4th at last years event.

    “And then we have a few Junior Elite athletes within the HP program who have also performed well domestically and internationally like Rachel Jones.

    “I think that a lot of young guys have stepped up this year; it’s great to see a lot of kids aiming to be the worlds best.

    Two riders who have stepped up are Aaron Nottle and Corey Frieswyk. Nottle, from the Hills BMX Club in Western Australia has competed in his first year as a Junior Elite rider winning 6 of the 7 rounds in the Nationals Series including the Oceania Championships before going on to win the Junior Elite Men’s National Championship.

    Corey Frieswyk took the Elite Men’s National Championship 2 weeks ago in his first year as an Elite rider beating a highly fancied field that included Sam Willoughby and Anthony Dean. Corey placed himself well out of the start gate with both Willoughby and Dean locked in a battle around the track until the final turn where Frieswyk seized the opportunity to come from underneath in the corner and race for the win.

    The World Championship track will be indoor at Vector Arena in downtown Auckland where the restricted space in the arena has resulted in an innovative approach to the track design, which will see all classes – Supercross, challenge and Cruiser – using the same start ramp and the first straight. With the track being constructed solely for the championships, teams will get limited practice time as they attempt to dial in their preparation.

    Despite the lack of time being able to ride the actual track in Auckland, High Performance Coach Wade Bootes didn’t see that as a problem saying they prepare the athletes to be adaptable to these situations.

    “Within our training we do a lot of variations so it gives the riders that adaptability to change, at this level the guys should know how to ride their bikes, it’s just about learning the track and riding their best.

    And on who will be the main rivals, Bootes said the US is always one to look out for.

    “USA always have strong contenders – they are professional athletes. Holland has a great program and France so it’s not going to be an easy feat. Great Britain stepping up a bit more this year too.

    “We have to focus on our individual riders and give them the best opportunity to perform at their best at the World Championships.

    The High Performance National Team will come together in early July for a training camp at the Brisbane SX track ahead of the World Championships.

    Elite Men
    Joshua Callan – Lilydale BMX Club, VIC*
    Anthony Dean – Cross Keys BMX Club, SA*
    Corey Frieswyk – Walkerston BMX Club, QLD
    Darryn Goodwin – Eastern Goldfields BMX Club, WA
    Matthew Juster – Westside BMX Club, WA
    Brian Kirkham – Cross Keys BMX Club, SA
    Bodi Turner – Eastfield BMX Club, VIC*
    Sam Willoughby – Happy Valley BMX Club, SA*

    Elite Women
    Caroline Buchanan – Tuggeranong BMX Club, ACT*
    Leanna Curtis – Southlake Illawarra BMX Club, NSW
    Kirsten Dellar – Westside BMX Club, WA
    Melinda McLeod – Walkerston BMX Club, QLD*
    Lauren Reynolds – Bunbury BMX Club, WA*
    Gemma Sloane – Caboolture BMX Club, QLD

    Junior Men
    Max Cairns – Park Orchards BMX Club, VIC
    Kerrod Connors – Nerang BMX Club, QLD*
    Matthew Hollibone – Logan City BMX Club, QLD
    Tristyn Kronk – Walkerston BMX Club, QLD*
    Jordan Lecher – Penrith BMX Club, NSW
    David Lyon – Eastfield BMX Club, VIC
    Aaron Nottle – Hills BMX Club, WA*
    Kai Sakakibara – Southlake Illawarra BMX Club, NSW

    Junior Women
    Sarah Harvey – Pine Rivers BMX Club, QLD*
    Rachel Jones – Lake Macquarie BMX Club, NSW*
    Jade Parker – Pine Rivers BMX Club, QLD
    Jacinta Pink – Cairns BMX Club, QLD

    (* Denotes BMX Australia High Performance National Team)

    13/05 Speedline Parts/Supercross BMX Australia at the Australian Championships

    Supercross BMX Australia press release
    The Speedline/Supercross put in a fantastic effort at the Australian Championships at the Sleeman Complex in Brisbane Queensland just over a week ago. For many it was about the bigger picture of qualifying for the World Championships in New Zealand which are just over two months away.

    Instead of us telling you how their finals went down we have linked their results with the videos that were taken by Make sure you check out the website for a whole lot of racing action.

    Danny GaleaDanny Galea (VIC)

    Travis Pope (VIC)

    • eleventh – 35-39 Men

    Ethan Zrna (SA)

    Madie Guyers (SA)

    • semi finals – 15 girls

    David Elms (Qld)

    A massive congratulations to the team in their great effort. A number of the team riders who couldn’t make it to the nationals at Sleeman have already committed to 2014 at Shepparton. The Speedline/Supercross team will be in full effect, don’t say you haven’t been warned.

    Speedline Parts
    Speedline Parts is a bicycle parts manufacture located in Southern California. We currently produce cranksets, pedals, chains, headsets, brakes and seatpost clamps. All of our products are tested and used by team riders. Speedline Parts are distributed in Australia by Supercross BMX Australia.

    Supercross BMX Australia
    Supercross BMX is a leader in BMX by design, innovation and manufacturing. The Supercross ENVY is the lightest production frame, full stop! However there is much more to the brand than the ENVY frame. There is also the alloy BLUR and the cromo BOLT LT, both of which have the same race winning geometry as the ENVY. Supercross BMX currently produces some of the most respected cromo/heat treated handlebars and forks in the business as well as hubs, stems, seats, posts, tires, cranks and a while lot more.

    Supercross BMX Australia are the exclusive Australian distributor, keeping prices competitive and in many cases cheaper than the US. On top of that SX Australia put back into Australian BMX sponsoring some of the most talented riders in Australia on the Supercross Australia factory team and supporting the Speedline Parts/Supercross BMX Australia and teams. Supercross BMX Australia is also a big supporter of the BSX charity event.

    13/05 Anarchy Australia at the Australian Championships

    Anarchy Australia press release
    The Anarchy Australia team of James Lautier (Vic) and Cat Hopkins (WA) lined up for their second national championships for the Australian Anarchy team at Sleeman Queensland at the start of the month. Both riders were coming off injuries that hindered their preparation for the event, but didn’t dampen their enthusiasm.

    James Lautier
    James was in the toughest class of the event, in elite men, and was up against some real heavy hitters. Although he didn’t qualify out of the motos James took it in his stride and has taken away a lot of valuable experience on the biggest stage on the Australian circuit. He’s already training hard for the next event in preparation for the Australian Championships next year at Shepparton.

    Cat Hopkins
    After a long lay off from major knee surgery Cat made the tough decision to relegate to the amateur class after making the main for the Elite Womens class for the past two years. Cat qualified out of her motos comfortably and won her quarter final and semi final. The main didn’t go to plan though, Cat missed the gate and was spat out to the back of the pack. She moved up into the four spot in the first corner and bridged the gap to the leaders but just gave them too much of a head start and had to settle for fourth. Not bad at all after a big lay off.

    The Anarchy BMX Australia team is co-sponsored by Madera, Supercross BMX, Speedline Parts, Alienation, and Dirt Designs.

    Anarchy Australia

    About Anarchy BMX Australia

    2012 saw the rebirth year for Anarchy, new owner, new identity, new bike, new team.

    Starting with the heritage, of the original Anarchy Race Frames, we have gone back to the drawing board and built the best 7005 Race frame we could. We use Easton ULR Ultra Light Race Tubing that features Easton’s taper wall technology, we have lowered the profile to be light, stiff and responsive, the seat stays utilize a pierced wishbone design to offer a sleek look and an elongated weld area, not to mention a cool place for the Anarchy A logo at the end.

    The CNC’d dropouts are extra thick where your axle bolts on to optimize the stiffness and strength while minimizing weight. Pass through cable guides show the race lineage by making it easy to tear down for travel and allowing the full length housing for optimal braking.

    The Australian Anarchy factory team includes Victorian Pro James Lautier and Western Australian Pro Cat Hopkins.

    For more information about Anarchy BMX products check out or visit our Facebook page at

    If you would like to purchase Anarchy BMX products in Australia please have your local bike shop contact us. Please note, we do not sell direct to the public. We support the Australian BMX Industry! Do You?

    For more information and dealer enquiries email

    10/05 Video: New Answer products

    We’ve been noticing a lot of new products coming out of Answer lately and it’s not so obvious just how much until Answer point it all out in this new video.

    Check it out.

    08/05 Video: GT Carbon Speed Series frame and fork

    GT Bicycles press release
    This is the edit for the launch of the Carbon Speed Series BMX. It looks like at this point the bikes will hit the Stores, Sept 2013

    07/05 Supercross BMX Australia National Championships round up

    Supercross BMX Australia press release
    The Supercross BMX Australia team had been plagued with injury these past few months while Peter Little is now back on his bike, Jade McPherson is still forced to watch from the sidelines. Esther Woodward was the one rider on the team to stay clear of injury trouble and had an awesome lead up to the National Championships which included pulling her first backflip into a foam pit.

    Peter Little
    Peter’s first year in the Junior Elite Men’s class was always going to be challenging, but with months off his bike to recover from an injury in training he had given his competition a head start. Peter’s results from the nationals may not reflect it but with another massive event under his belt he’s another step closer to the competition and now that he’s healthy again it’s only a matter of time before he starts mixing it up with the best Junior Elite’s Australia has to offer.

    Esther Woodward
    Esther was also in the Junior Elite class for the first year. On Tursday in the final round of the ProBikx series she attempted to jump the first straight doubles off the Elite hill. While she came up a little short, she did manage to hold on to her bike and ride it out. The impact was so heavy however that she blew her ankle out and ended her Nationals campaign early. While it was tough on her to have to watch the racing from the sidelines it was a massive weight off her shoulders to have attempted to jump the massive double, which she’s already planning to conquer.

    Despite the ankle injury Esther finished in sixth place in the Junior Elite women’s class of the ProBikx series, she was also awarded eighth place in the Junior Elite women’s class for the National Championships.

    The Supercross BMX Australia factory team is co-sponsored by Troy Lee Designs/Steve Cramer Products, Speedline Parts, Dirt Designs, and

    About Supercross BMX Australia

    Supercross BMX Australia are supporters of BSX and the Royal Children’s Hospital and while we have our own Supercross and Speedline/Supercross teams we also co-sponsor the team and the Anarchy Australia team.

    To find out more information about Supercross BMX products, Anarchy BMX frames and Speedline Parts check

    If you would like to purchase Supercross BMX products in Australia please have your local bike shop contact us. Please note, we do not sell direct to the public. We support the Australian BMX Industry! Do You?

    For more information and dealer enquiries email

    07/05 team at the Australian Championships part 2 press release
    The Australian BMX Championships are over now and team riders Dane Pangallo and Levi Collins put in a great effort at the big event.

    Dane Pangallo
    Dane followed up his seventh place in the 30 & Over Mens class from Friday with an outstanding effort in the 30-34 cruiser class on Sunday.

    Dane borrowed a cruiser for the event and didn’t manage to get any time on the bike at all except for offical practice sessions at Sleeman, with that in mind Dane finished with a 2-1-2 in the qualifying motos to make it to the final again. After a great start Dane looked comfortable and strong, he finished with a second place. His best finish yet at a national championships.

    Well done to both Levi (who finished second in the 25-29 mens class) and Dane with their fantastic efforts at the Nationals.

    The team is proudly supported by One Bicycles, Supercross BMX, Alienation, Dirt Designs, Tioga, Elite Cycle Imports, THE, Profile

    07/05 HRVfitness update

    HRVfitness press release

    04/05 Corey Frieswyk seizes National Championship ahead of Sam Willoughby

    BMX Australia press release
    Corey Frieswyk from Walkerston (QLD) has scored an amazing win over favourites Sam Willoughby and Anthony Dean in the Elite Men’s Final at the 2013 Subaru BMX National Championships. Melinda McLeod also of Walkerston made it back-to-back Elite Women’s National Championships as she out rode Olympic finalist Caroline Buchanan.

    For Frieswyk riding in his first Men’s Elite National Championship Final, the race opened up in front of him in turn 3 as Willoughby and Dean bumped bars. Dean took the lead down the first and second straights as the BMX World Champion, Sam Willoughby moved up on him in the third. Entering the final corner Dean and Willoughby were locked in their own battle leaving Friewsyk to pounce.

    “I thought when they bumped bars in the last straight this is it, I just went under and tried to stay as smooth as possible,” Frieswyk said.

    “I kind of missed the start which is hard to do with the guys around you, but down the first straight I just went for the inside and that put me in a good position in third place.

    “I just stayed smooth around the track behind Dean and Willoughby which is unbelievable in itself, I was so stoked.

    “I saw the opportunity and took it as fast as I could. It was an unbelievable feeling down the last straight being in first place.”

    Willoughby secured 2nd place managing to keep out Anthony Dean in third despite Dean leading for all but the final corner and straight.

    “I’m really happy for Corey,” Willoughby said. “He’s a good kid and that’s a great win for his first time in elites.”

    “He did exactly what you need to do out there to win; he rode well.”

    The win for Melinda McLeod wasn’t nearly as clear cut. The elite women rode 3 motos only with their accumulated points determining the overall winner. That meant it was an anxious wait after the finish line where she crossed in fourth place to see if her previous races were enough to secure the win.

    Earlier in the motos, Caroline Buchanan and last years 2nd place Lauren Reynolds crashed, giving McLeod a small gap over the field. Entering the final 2 points clear of second place Kirsten Dellar and 4 points clear of Buchanan and Reynolds, the numbers needed to be crunched before a winner could be determined.

    “I missed the start in that last race, it was a terrible way to finish the day,” McLeod said. “Bitter sweet I guess”.

    “I’m stoked, national champ last year and to get it again this year is so awesome.”

    Rachel Jones (NSW) and Aaron Nottle (WA) were awarded Junior Elite National Champions with convincing wins in the lead up to the Elite’s.

    The 2013 Subaru BMX National Championships has awarded 21 National Champions across 2 days of racing with more to be awarded tomorrow when the cruiser class hits the track.

    03/05 team at the Australian Championships press release team riders Dane Pangallo and Levi Collins hit up the National Championships at the Sleeman Complex in Brisbane today, the first day of competiton at the event.

    Dane Pangallo
    Dane was first up in the 30 & Over men’s class.

    He took a clean sweep of his motos and, after a slow start, finished with a third in his semi to cement a berth in the final.

    Unfortunately though, the final didn’t go to plan, Dane got caught up in a crash and had to settle for seventh place.

    Dane still has the cruiser class on Sunday.

    Levi Collins
    Levi was in the next block with the 25-29 men’s class.

    He took a 1-2-1 in the qualifying motos, and a win in the semi final to set himself up as a favourite for the #1.

    When the dust settled Levi emerged with another podium, a second place.

    Well done to both riders for qualifying for the World Championships in New Zealand in just 80 days.

    The team is proudly supported by One Bicycles, Supercross BMX, Alienation, Dirt Designs, Tioga, Elite Cycle Imports, THE, Profile

    02/05 Sam Willoughby & Caroline Buchanan take out Oceania Championships

    BMX Australia press release
    Sam Willoughby and Caroline Buchanan have shown themselves to be the pinnacle of the BMX athletes in Australia with wins at the Oceania Championships under lights at the Brisbane SX Track.

    Spectators packed every vantage point of the track and were rewarded with a fireworks display prior to the main event. Under lights and the sound track pumping the short spectacle of colour built the atmosphere for the finals that would eventually see a complete Aussie whitewash keeping the visiting Kiwi’s at bay ahead of the World Championships in July.

    Both Willoughby and Buchanan jetted back to Australia earlier this week to be a part of the week long 2013 Subaru BMX National Championships after races overseas. Sam had taken 3rd place at the opening World Cup in Manchester, while Buchanan has been swapping wheels between BMX and mountain bike and alternating between the two proved a little cumbersome at first.

    “I had my gearing set a little wrong, I dropped it for the last race and noticed a massive difference. I’m feeling a lot more confident now heading into the Nationals,” Buchanan said after the race.

    “Being off the bike a bit, not being on the big ramp since the London Olympics and different training was a factor, I gave it a little test and it wasn’t working, so I went back to what I know and it paid off.

    “The conditions made it challenging, this is already a world class venue and they’ve stepped it up a lot with the changes they’ve made and having that wind factor made it challenging.

    “There’s been some tough competition today, it came right down to the wire in that last race. It’s never over till its over and I came out when I needed it the most and got the win.”

    Sam Willoughby lead home Josh Callan of Victoria while Anthony Dean of South Australia finished third and in doing so bumped Brian Kirkham leaving him crossing the line on the ground.

    All day Willoughby had lead from the front with a clean sweep of every moto and then into the semi-finals. His dominance was plain to see and it kept racing exciting in seeing just how the competition would or could react.

    In the Junior Men, Aaron Nottle continued his winning ways by crossing the line first and giving him the National Series win. Nottle had only dropped one round and that was back in Round 3 at Westside where he finished second. Riding in a similar style to Willoughby, he led most, if not all of his races with the rest of the field left to fight out the minor placings.

    Sarah Harvey from the Pine Rivers BMX Club in Queensland held out Rachel Jones by winning 2 of the 3 motos with Jones finishing behind Harvey in all but the first. Jade Parker took 3rd place with 3 consecutive third placings.

    For today’s full finals results click here.

    01/05 Videos: MCS Bicycles

    MCS Bicycles press release
    [Editor: MCS have sent a couple of videos over the past couple of days. Check ’em out.]