BMX Racing News July-October 2002

04/11 Knox DK Grand Nationals results

A Pro men

1. Brock Tuckerman (Xtreme BMXing/One Bicycles)
2. Jonathan Hoare (KHS)
3. Leigh Darrell (Crupi)
4. Kamahl Lord
5. Dean Miller (GT Aust)
6. James Hollings
7. Scott Lacey (KHS)
8. Glenn Porter (Cassap)

AA Pro Women

1. Chloe MacPherson (Norco)
2. Emma Franklin (O’Neal)
3. Renee Junga (Cassap)
4. Kerrie-Lee Lucas (Redline)
5. Jackie Babington
6. Caroline Sabotka
7. Lynette Page
8. Joanne Kelly

AA Pro Men

1. Wade Bootes (Trek/VW)
2. Sean Dwight (Sun Ringle)
3. John Johnson (Felt)
4. Khalen Young (Norco)
5. Tony Harvey (S&M/ECI)
6. Michael Fenwick (Specialized/Avanti)
7. Jamie Grey (Phirebird)
8. Brett Scruse (Standard)

Pro Open

1. Sean Dwight (Sun Ringle)
2. John Johnson (Felt)
3. Michael Fenwick (Specialized/Avanti)
4. Brock Tuckerman (Xtreme BMXing/One Bicycles)
5. Khalen Young (Norco)
6. Brett Scruse (Standard)
7. Wade Bootes (Trek/VW)
8. Michael Robinson (DK)

01/11 Aussie race gossip

Trek/VW’s Wade Bootes is planning to arrive in Melbourne at
around lunch time today to compete at the Knox Grand Nationals, it will
be the first time Wade has raced in Melbourne for quite some time now.
His plans would also see the mobile home track side. You
should expect to see a little more of him in Australia now that he’s moved
into his new home on the Gold Coast.

Iron Horse’s Danny Galea has only three races left until his retirement.
After a big 4th at the Cash Dash he’s coming into some form…will he
win the Victorian state crown again for 2002?

Redline/TotalBMX’s Luke Pretlove, one of Galea’s biggest threats
for the Victorian state championships is looking to be the first Victorian
to win Junior Elite class one year and the Senior Elite class the next.
Luke has a lot of skill and strength behind him. A win will also make
him the first rider apart from Simon Anderson, Tony Harvey and Danny Galea
to win the Pro class in nearly 10 years.

When we announced the AXO/661 change over after interbike we were
not told the whole thing may take many months in transition. Apparently
AXO will still be manufactured but the range faded out for 661 to take
over, this will happen over the 2003 season.

We hear that “supercoach” Grant White, may no longer
be coaching with BMX Australia, but he is continuing with his own private
coaching duties. Apparently he is looking at racing the 2003 season and
is hunting for a sponsor…when it comes to retirement this guy is worse
than Danny Galea. Can someone please tell Grant the difference between
retirement and a break? It will be good to see him back on the track.

Specialized rider Mike Fenwick is heading over to the ABA grands
and will be competing the in A pro class. Best of luck to the youngster,
if he keeps riding the way he is I wouldn’t be surprised if he follows
in the big footsteps of Warwick Stevenson.

01/11 One Bicycles in Australia

Elisa Foley’s Extreme BMXing website has strong support from the Dutch
manufacturers One Bicycles. So strong in fact that she can support her
own race team which now has some awesome custom race jerseys.

In return Elisa is selling the frames here in Australia herself until
she’s able to find a distributor to handle the products.

The frames retail for about $600 for frame. They’re made of 7005 heat
treated aluminum, available in red, blue and polished. They come in 5
sizes and all feature a CNC’d boxed dropout.


Toptube- 480mm

Chainstay- 370mm

Seattube- 250mm

Head angle- 73.5

Pro 1 3/8

Toptube- 520mm

Chainstay- 375mm

Seattube- 265mm

Head angle- 73.5


Toptube- 525mm

Chainstay- 375mm

Seattube- 265mm

Head angle- 75


Toptube- 555mm

Chainstay- 375mm

Seattube- 270mm

Head angle- 75


Toptube- 560mm

Chainstay- 400mm

Seattube- 300mm

Head angle- 75

One’s product range includes:

-hubs, cassette and flip flop
-chain adjusters

You can email Elisa at xtreme bmxing [] for further details

31/10 New carbon forks from Answer

Check out the new Battleaxe fork from Answer the leading fork manufacturer.
We are told that the fork is “as strong as Hell”.

Battleaxe stats:

– Molded high density carbon legs with forged aluminum dropouts
– High strength forged crown & dropouts
– 1 1/8″ 7050 aluminum steerer tube
– molded multi-direction carbon fiber legs
– added stiffness gives improved cornering ability
– MSRP $US199.95


Apparently the Battleaxe will take over from the Mag Pro fork, and we
are told that “this pretty much is a mag pro with carbon legs instead
of magnesium legs only stiffer”.

30/10 Answer press release: Betcher Scores Big

Valencia, CA – Derek Betcher scores big in Del Mar with 2 big wins in
A-Pro. Aboard his Staats Racing frame and Answer Scythe Pro Fork, Betcher
was virtually unstoppable at the Falls. Look for big things from this
kid come 2003.


30/10 BMXVictoria State Titles entry list update

We received an updated list last night please check that your name
is on this alphabetical list of entries for the Victorian State Titles.
The entries are subject to verification of licences, race numbers, entry
fees, etc. Classes are also subject to final entries.

Some people have already been contacted and the remainder, where there
is a problem with their entry, will be called in the next few days.

If anyone has sent an entry and their name doesn’t appear on the list,
they need to contact BMXV asap on Phone : (03) 9310 7611 or e-mail:
to sort the problems out.

Click here to check the entry list.

29/10 Norco Cash Dash race report

It seems that the Cash Dash has been running forever now. I think this
year would have been probably the 20th running of Victoria’s most prestigious
event. (I can remember only one year in my 21 year racing career when
the Cash Dash wasn’t held.)

The Melbourne weather did let the large number of interstate visitors
down a little, only producing 3 out of the four seasons in one day. While
the day started off looking a little drab with light rain patches it wasn’t
enough to dampen the atmosphere around the track and it didn’t take too
long before it cleared up and the sun came out.

While there were a number of interstate pros, there were significantly
less than past years. In the AA pro class Luke Madill, Tony Harvey and
Michael Fenwick made the journey to take on Victoria’s Danny Galea, Khalen
Young, Luke Pretlove, Peter Godsmark, Adam Robb, Simon Anderson, Levi
Collins, Dean Beerens and Simon Grigg.

While Madill, Harvey, Young and Fenwick were looking good to make the
AA main, Galea had a slow start to what would be his last Cash Dash appearance.
A good finish in his last moto secured him a spot for the main. For Robb,
Godsmark and Anderson it wasn’t so easy, a 3 man run off for two positions
in the main, that’s high pressure racing right there. When the gate dropped
in the run off Godsmark took the early lead, closely followed by Anderson
and Robb right behind them…when they got to the second last straight
with the tight rhythm section Godsmark nearly lost it allowing Anderson
to pull up beside him and Robb was also closing in. By the time they got
half way down the last straight Robb had moved up into second behind Godsmark
eliminating Anderson from the main.

When the gate dropped in the big final it was an even start, but then
Harvey went down, Fenwick seemed to have got caught up in traffic, Madill
was leading with Young and Galea close behind. By the time they got to
the last straight Fenwick had past Galea and Young. Pretlove did a good
job to hang in there for fifth.

The A pro men’s class was well supported with 4 full gates of riders,
meaning semi finals and some action packed racing. In the motos Brock
Tuckerman and Matthew White had perfect scores, with three wins a piece.
Also getting in the mix were the likes of local boys Scott Lacey and Jonathan
Hoare. Ken Babington, Glenn Porter, Trevor Stamford and Rob Slatter were
also looking good.’s Shane Jenkins was consistant through
the motos and qualified comfortably to the semis.

When the dust had settled from the semis only 8 riders remained. In the
main Tuckerman got off to a good start with young Lacey up with him…there
was a bit of carnage as the race progressed with a couple of riders going
down hard, Slatter was way back in the field but made up some ground in
the last half of the track to pull into third.

The AA Pro women was by overall points, I think that Emma Franklin would
have been hot favourite but a crash meant that she had to settle for second
behind Kate Elliot, the South Australian Kerrie-Lee Lucas settled for

The Bruiser Cruiser class was also well supported, 19 riders showed up
to take their share of the money. David “The human cannonball”
Comport ( didn’t let anyone down he was flying
down he first straight, Craig Walczuk and Wayne Flint were also doing
well. When it came to the main Comport messed up the first jump and went
down hard. Walczuk looked like he had it wrapped up but Flint chased him
down taking the win.

The organisers did a good job of getting the motos over and done with
quite early, they still need to work on their lunch breaks though. When
racing was over I was trying to think of the last time that Luke Madill
hadn’t won the Cash Dash, it must have been about 4 or 5 years ago…not
too bad for a guy that’s still recovering from major wrist surgery.

29/10 Race Report

ABA Fall Nationals Del Mar, CA October 26 & 27, 2002

The ABA held its last regular race of the season this past weekend in
Del Mar, California for one of the best BMX races of the 2002 year. With
35 of the top AA pros in attendance, it was one of he biggest pro races
this year, as well as one of the toughest. Jamie Staff had helped build
a huge pro section on the track during the week and it took its toll on
a lot or riders once they were battling it out in the races. A few of
the Double A Marketing riders are on the injured list, including Robert
MacPherson, Wade Bootes, Christophe Leveque, but will all be back in time
for the ABA Grands coming up in November in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here is how
the Double A Marketing riders who made the mains finished up:

Randy Stumpfhauser once again rode like the World Champion he
is with wins both days in Pro Cruiser. Randy, who currently is the ABA
#1 Pro Cruiser rider, moved back into the #1 spot after the 2 wins this
weekend, after being in 2nd all season behind Dale Holmes. Stumpy had
a bad crash on Friday in practice over the Pro jump and once again during
the Pro 1/4 on Saturday, but came back strong enough to win Cruiser both
days, as well as make the AA main on Sunday and place 8th overall. Stumpy
currently sits in 9th overall in the ABA Pro Points chase for AA. Randy’s
sponsors include Huffy, Fox, Smith Eye Wear, IRC Tires, AC Components,
Vans, Marwi Ti Spokes, Powerbar, Head Lock, Revenge, CTI 2, Champion Nutrition,

Thomas Allier once again performed at the big race, with a spot
just off the podium in 4th in AA Pro on Sunday. Thomas had just gotten
over being sick for a week, but powered his way into one of the toughest
mains of the season, as well as to a win in the 2nd round of the Mains.
Thomas will put a full effort into BMX next season, and he will be one
of the riders to watch in the battle for a #1 Title. Thomas’ sponsors
include Giant, Troy Lee Designs, THE, Oakley, Sun Ringle, Marwi, Revenge/Champion
Nutrition, WD-40, Lava Soap. Marazochi/Sinister Steering system, Hot Wheels,
IRC, Shimano, Jan Sport, ACS,, and Satellite Sports.

AA Pro Saturday

1 Warwick Stevenson
2 Kyle Bennett
3 Robert Dewilde
4 Bubba Harris
5 Jason Richardson
6 Mike Day
7 Cristian Becerine
8 Danny Nelson

Pro Cruiser – Saturday

1 Randy Stumpfhauser _ Huffy

AA Pro – Sunday

1. Robert Dewilde
2 Cristian Becerine
3 Danny Nelson
4 Thomas Allier – Giant BMX
5 Mike Day
6 Jason Richardson
7 Warwick Stevenson
8 Randy Stumpfhauser – Huffy

Pro Cruiser -Sunday

1st Randy Stumpfhauser – Huffy

As we said the last race of the ABA season is the Grands, but we will
be attending the Pro Four Man Challenge, put on By Greg Romero. Greg has
been one of the most influential Pros in BMX with his outspoken attitude
and now will take things into his own hands to help shape the future for
Pro riders. We support Greg and his efforts and would like to help Greg
gain the maximum amount of exposure and sponsorship for his event. Read
on for more info on his race and contact Greg if you are interested in
sponsoring this unique, extreme welcome and exciting event.

Pro Four Man World Challenge

AA Pro, Greg Romero is doing a 4-Man Pro race at his Tulsa, Oklahoma BMX
compound during the ABA Grands weekend. It will be on Friday during the
ABA’s Race Of Champions, during the day between 11am-3pm. The race will
feature a hefty prize purse with a minimum $5000 Pro purse.

According to Romero, he’s received TREMENDOUS support for the Four Man
race, has twenty-five of the top pros in the sport lined up to come, AND
has some great contributing cosponsors to add some spice to the mix! There
will be no entry fee and the race is open to all pros. The format will
be 4 man motos taking the top 2 to the next round. If a pro makes it all
the way to a final (there will be a consolation final) at the most they
will run 4 laps, leaving all participants in good shape to still race
the ABA’s Grand Nationals on Saturday and Sunday. The course was built
by Billy Au and Greg plans on building it up a little for the Four Man
race. The track is no longer than 800ft. and no shorter than 700ft. It
is constructed out of red clay and features 3 turns with technical jumps.

There will be magazine coverage from Transworld BMX, Moto Mag, BMX Plus!,, and, so the pros will get plenty of media coverage
for the pros and their respective sponsors. Greg also plans to go all
out with awards and extras. He’s planning on having trophy girls for the
podium shots, there will be catered food, drinks and tons of other amenities.
Greg’s property has 3 acres and is offering the pros and sponsors plenty
of space if they need it.

The Pro Four Man World Championships marks a continued trend in nontraditional
BMX Pro Only events lead by the Vans Triple Crown, the ESPN X. Games,
Chevy Pro Invitational, The Ride UK/DC Shoes Flats Only Pro Race and John
Purse’s dual participant/flats only Pro Series. For more info on the Pro
Four Man, please contact Greg by clicking here. Thanks to BMX mania for
the 4 man report. proudly represents Thomas Allier, Wade Bootes,, Dale Holmes,
Christophe Leveque, Robert MacPherson, John Parker, Stephane Roncada,
Jamie Staff, and Randy Stumpfhauser

For more information on any rider please visit or e mail

29/10 BMXVictoria State Titles entry list

Please check that your name is on this alphabetical list of entries
for the State Titles. The entries are subject to verification of licences,
race numbers, entry fees, etc. Classes are also subject to final entries.

Some people have already been contacted and the remainder, where there
is a problem with their entry, will be called in the next few days.

By making the list available at Shepparton and Cash Dash, BMXV discovered
a few people whose entries haven’t been received. If anyone has sent an
entry and their name doesn’t appear on the list, they need to contact
BMXV asap on Phone : (03) 9310 7611 or e-mail:
to sort the problems out.

After all queries have been resolved, BMXV will finalise Classes. In some
cases, they will need to speak to riders re available Classes.

Click here to check the entry list.

28/10 The Norco Cash Dash results

Report, photos and video coming soon.

Bruiser Cruiser (30&over vet pro cruiser)

1. Wayne Flint
2. Craig Walczuk (Redline/TotalBMX)
3. Damien Callan
4. Glenn Suridge (Huffy/TotalBMX)
5. Lance Mahuika (Xtreme BMXing/One Bicycles)
6. Colin Forster
7. Jamie Burrows
8. David Comport (

A Pro men

1. Brock Tuckerman (Xtreme BMXing/One Bicycles)
2. Scott Lacey (KHS)
3. Robert Slatter (Profile/ECI)
4. Ken Babington
5. Dean Miller (GT Bicycles)
6. Jonathan Hoare (KHS)
7. David Johnson
8. Trevor Stamford

AA Pro Women

1. Kate Eliott
2. Emma Franklin (Oneal)
3. Kerrie-lee Lucas (Redline)
4. Lynette Page (Huffy/TotalBMX)
5. Caroline Sobotka
6. Jackie Babington
7. Elisa Foley (Xtreme BMXing/One Bicycles)
8. Sally Thomas

AA Pro Men

1. Luke Madill (Norco)
2. Mike Fenwick (Specialized)
3. Khalen Young (Norco)
4. Danny Galea (Iron Horse)
5. Luke Pretlove (Redline/TotalBMX)
6. Peter Godsmark
7. Adam Robb (Redline/TotalBMX)
8. Tony Harvey (S&M/ECI)

25/10 Troy Lee Designs Torch pads and plates preview

Torch plateJust when you think that TLD have come up with a design that can’t get any
better out comes a new one. The new Torch pads are a variation to the
older flame pad. The pads are available in black, red and blue.


You know I’m not real sure about the looks of the new Torch number plate,
but I’m sure it will grow on me, the thing about it is the shape and it
seems that most number plates look the same these days so it definitely
a step in the right direction. They are also available in black, red and


For more information on the Troy Lee Designs product range check out

25/10 Enigma Bikes news

If your going to be in Del Mar, CA for this weekends big ABA Fall Nationals
make sure to stop by the Enigma Bicycles booth. Enigma will be showing
their full line of new 2003 frames, forks, pad sets, and more. And you
can also stop by and check out the new Enigma web site

25/10 news

Hold on to your seats folks, we’ve pulled the rabbit out of the hat once
again! We’re officially back on track with a new host and more site stability
than we’ve ever had before. Many of you gave up visiting the site because
of incredibly slow download times, and we don’t blame you. We’re proud
to announce that the site speed issue has been resolved. Not only that,
we’ve added a few more BMX gems for you to check out.

Travel along with Scott Clark as he lays out a life deeply rooted in the
inception of BMX. Kevin O’Donnell gets the scoop on life in California
during the early years, and serves up a healthy dose of history as told
by this third rider to ever turn pro, and last pro to ever earn a NBA
#1 plate.

Scott Clark Interview

The legendary Voris Dixon sat down for an afternoon of noodle pickin’
from hobbyist Jay Stark, and got the skinny on a lot of grey areas surrounding
the VDC empire. So many incredible facts were revealed, you’ll have to
read this thing twice.

Voris Dixon Interview

We invite you to continue your support of by purchasing
an official 2003 Shop Calendar. Months in the making, we’ve
collected an impeccable collection of high quality photos of some top
notch restorations and slapped them on a professionally printed 11×17
shop style calendar. All proceeds go towards site hosting, and help us
continue to deliver the best little bike site on internet.

We are only ordering the exact quantities purchased. After November 15th,
you will not be able to get one. Please don’t delay.

2003 Shop Calendar

Ride On!


Your friends at

24/10 Profile Racing’s New Website Sets Bicycle Industry Standard

The brand new Profile Racing website and online store is officially
open. The bicycle industry’s first interactive internet site features
product information, racer/rider information, Profile Racing’s online
store and an interactive technical department with chat area. Plans are
in the works to have professional riders and racers as guests on the site
to interact, real time, with web visitors.

Profile Racing has been manufacturing automotive and bicycle parts &
frames for over 35 years. The St. Petersburg, Florida company has worldwide
distribution of its high-end bicycle components that have become the brand
choice of professional BMX and mountain bike (MTB) racers.

Profile CEO and Owner, Jim Alley, said, “This website is the latest
addition to our successful marketing formula. The website will reach consumers
who do not have access to retail outlets that sell our products. It will
also provide information about our products plus, it will be an interesting
and fun site to use.”

The interactive site was created by AliveTek, Inc. a Tampa Bay area web-design
company whose expertise is building customized and online environments
for E-learning, government and business. Charles Fernandez, Profile Racing’s
marketing/promotions director complimented AliveTek saying, “It was
a mammoth task. We asked for E-commerce, interactivity with consumers
and dissemination of product knowledge for bicycle-component education.
AliveTek delivered and delivered on time. The online store is phenomenal,
especially when you consider that a bicycle part might have several specifications
including different styles, colors, and prices. AliveTek did a great job
and will continue to enhance and improve our site in the future.”

One of a handful of American bicycle companies, Profile Racing, Inc.,
has weathered the Asian market onslaught of cheaper imports. Over 90-percent
of bicycles sold in the United States are made overseas. When asked how
Profile Racing competes, Alley replied, “By making the highest and
best quality product available, offering it to the consumer at a fair
price and then making sure people know about the product. You can buy
a cheaper bicycle component but it won’t last, especially at professional
performance levels. I think consumers understand the economics of purchasing
low quality bicycle parts in order to save money and then end up spending
more to replace the broken component.” Profile Racing offers a lifetime
warranty on its most popular bicycle part, chromoly cranks.

The name “Profile Racing” is well known and highly regarded
in the competitive BMX/MTB bicycle arena. Almost every professional rider
has a Profile Racing component on his or her bicycle. Last year the National
Bicycle League named Profile Racing the “official bicycle of the
NBL.” In addition to Profile Racing, Inc.’s existing 20,000 square
foot facility the company has expanded into another new 20,000 square
foot building located less than one block from our established building
on 95th Street North in St. Petersburg.

If you would like to know more about Profile Racing, Inc. please check

24/10 Ultimate Series press release

Round #2 of the Ultimate Series went down on Sunday October 13 in Avon
Park, Florida. The racing was great! The Highlands BMX track was in great

Congratulations to the podium winners.

Pro Men:

Spanky Gravenmier, Standard Bykes

Mike Brandt, Bully Bikes

George Ocampo, Intruder Bicycles

Pro Women:

Michelle Cairns, Standard Bykes

Melissa Gremal, Dans Competition

Shley Kneram, Bully Bikes

16 and Over Open:

CJ McQuire, Rite Bikes

Ryan Zeilinski, Stileman

Tony Ennis, IC Bikes
I like to keep it simple and short. I’d like thank our sponsor’s and all
the people who helped out. Thanks alot!

Brian Fell

Ultimate Marketing

23/10 Australia’s Biggest Freestyle Sports Festival is Back!

2002 Planet X Summer Games

29 November to 8 December, Sydney Superdome, Homebush Bay

Sydney’s set to become the playground for some hardcore competition at
the 2002 Planet X Summer Games, the biggest extreme and freestyle sports
event in Australia, from 29 November to 8 December.

Hundreds of the world’s best skateboard, freestyle BMX, inline skate,
freestyle moto X (motor cross) and Wakeboard riders will come head-to-head
for the crowning of the “Planet X Games” champions. The Games
will feature international competitors from the USA, Canada, Spain, Japan,
New Zealand and the UK, all eager to take on the local Aussie talent.

An awesome two and a half-hour freestyle Moto X competition will officially
kick off the 2002 Planet X Summer Games on Friday, 29 November 02 at the
Sydney SuperDome. See Australia and New Zealand take on the USA, as riders
launch up to 30 feet in the air flying over 90 foot gaps to battle it
out for first place. Aussie favourites Jono Porter, Luke Urek and Dayne
Kinnaird will be revving up their 250cc dirt bikes to take back the crown
from last year’s winner Clifford Adoptante from the USA.

The jumps are set up for riders to launch big air and pull off big moves.
Jono Porter from Australia is one of only five athletes in the world who
have pulled off a back flip mid air on a moto x bike – a move the crowd
will be hoping to see at this year’s Planet X Summer Games. USA’s 18 year
old competitor, Drake McElroy is geared up to impress the crowd and judges
with his own crazy moves such as the “dead body” or “coffin”
which in laymen’s terms means his body is out flat feet first with his
hands still on the handle bars whilst flying through the air.

Following the freestyle moto x action the 2002 Planet X Summer Games will
see the boys on their wakeboards rip into Penrith’s International Regatta
Centre on Sunday,

1 December 02. Watch out for the strong Aussie crew, including Josh Saunders,
Daniel Watkins and Brett Eisenhauer who are all eager to make a splash
for some cash against international rival and last year’s place winner
Jeff Weatherall from New Zealand. Wakeboarding competitors will boost
themselves off waves created by the boat to spin, twist and flip themselves
up to 12 feet in the air travelling over 30 feet – a sure crowd pleaser.

On Sunday, 8 December 02, its time for the skateboard, freestyle BMX
and inline skaters to show of their skills as the Sydney SuperDome sets
up the skate vert and skate street course featuring rails, tabletops,
mini kickers, and one huge vert ramp. Pure skating nirvana! The Aussie
crew will be out in force, led by Tas Pappas who took home first place
in the skate vert last year, and Dave Bodnar who took home second. In
the street skate course, Josh Evin from Canada will be dropping in – going
neck-to-neck with local favourite Darren Khaene from Australia with both
riders hungry to pull off the best moves on the day.

The BMX street and dirt jump events also take place on Sunday,
8 December 02 at the Sydney SuperDome where competitors will be showing
off their own handstands, bar spins and backflips with only pure adrenalin
pumping their bikes.

Home grown BMX vert legend Rob Smith will be back to claim his
title taking on Zach Shaw from the UK and Rob Sigaty from
Canada. Australia and Canada will also be battling it out in the BMX street
events with last year’s first place winner Dave Osato from Canada
up against last year’s third place winner Colin Mackay from Australia.

Besides all the sporting action the Planet X Summer Games also hosts a
Freestyle Sports Festival including the Motorola National Breakdancing
Championships and the Jim Beam Rock Xposed band competition.

Tickets for the 2002 Planet X Summer Games go on sale next week from 21
October, through. Ticket prices start at $49.95 per adult and $39.95 per
child. Log onto
from 21 October to buy your tickets or call Ticketek on 02 9266 4800.

The 2002 Summer Games is proudly brought to Australia by Planet X and
partner sponsors X Box, Jim Beam and 1800Reverse.

Events times, competitor listings and a full entertainment line up can
be downloaded on-line at,
keep hitting the website to be updated on the parties, people and places
to be. Get your tickets through Ticketek!

22/10 Pazzaz carbon fibre/alloy fork preview

After meeting up with David “Captain Chaos” Lee, the marketing
wiz from Pazzaz at the Australian bike show this past weekend, I have
finally managed to have a look through the 2003 product catalogue.

The biggest standout item was the new BMX fork that’s about to hit the
market, check out these stats then pay a close attention to the approximate
Australian retail price.


Steerer tube: Al-7075
Crown: CNC Al-6061
Legs: Al-7075 reinforced with carbon fibre with forged dropouts
Colour: Black

Retail Australian price will be just over $250, this is an awesome price
for an entry level alloy fork. I’ll see if we can chase up a set for review,
watch this space.

22/10 To my fellow Victorians…

This year I will be competing at what will be a milestone for me,
my 20th consecutive Victorian state championships.

While it’s a big event for me it’s disappointing that for others it’s
simply unaffordable. The entry fees are double that of the Cash Dash or
any of the DK nationals which are always well received events.

I think that BMX Victoria has taken the state championships and turned
it into an opportunity for revenue generation. My simple calculations
show that BMXV are to make approximately $20,000 out of entry fees alone.
After spending about $8,000 in trophies/presentation plates and maybe
$2,000 in prize money, that leaves $10,000.

I’m very confused, BMXV is a non-profit organisation, an organisation
that should be encouraging growth and new riders, not thinking about growing
a bank balance.

I’d like to challenge anyone from BMXV to email us and show us what is
being done with our entry fees and give us a break down of where the money
is being spent.

I also lay down the challenge that if the entry fees where half the price
and the event was promoted well in advance BMXV will double their number
of entries and still make similar profits, which they should be putting
back into promoting the sport in Victoria.

If nothing is done about it in the next 12 months the only losers will
be BMXVictoria, it will take far less time than that for people to find

To my fellow Victorians it’s time to take a stand.

21/10 Shepparton GV Masters race report

The Shepparton BMX club put up a lot of money (nearly $3000 in the
end) for the GV Masters which attracted a number of riders but I think
the club suffered a little because entries were due in at the same time
as the “Victorian OVER PRICED state titles” were due. That said
the weather was perfect for racing, it was sunny but not too hot.

The track hadn’t changed much since we were there about 2 months ago and
the gate that was going to be replaced was still there and again it played
up. This time a full gate of older riders went over it and Simon Grigg
looked like the worst of them all, putting him out of racing for the day.

There were 6 riders in the AA women, it’s good to see their class is growing
but would be nicer to see them fighting for a position in a main. Emma
Frankin (O’Neal) and Kate Elliot were battling it out for first but Emma
was just too strong and took the bigger share of the prize money. Elisa
Foley (One Bicycles/Xtreme BMXing) looked content for the third.

In the single A men there were two full gates. In the motos Rob Slatter
(Profile/TotalBMX) was making it look easy qualifying in the top spot,
Brock Tuckerman (One Bicycles/Xtreme BMXing) was flying, he qualified
second and Shane Jenkins ( qualified third, Jonathon Hoare
(KHS) also made the cut and was a big chance for line honours.

In the main when the gate dropped it was Tuckerman, Slatter and Hoare
head to head down the first straight, Jenkins coming out of lane one was
trying to get up on the inside, but the big guy Slatter shut him down.
As they rode through the first corner they started to sort themselves
out, Slatter taking the lead and Hoare slipping into second just ahead
of Tuckerman then followed by Jenkins and Porter, which is how they stayed
until Lacey pulled a move on Porter and May moved up on Stamford to take
7th which is how they finished.

With the bike show a 2 hours drive from Shepparton, Norco’s Luke Madill
and Khalen Young were both returning to racing from injuries and were
ready to take on the Victorians. Danny Galea (Iron Horse) coming from
a win last week was fired up and ready to show people it’s a good six
weeks before he retires. Luke Pretlove (Redline/TotalBMX) was looking
to make an impression after finishing 8th last week. Levi Collins (Huffy/TotalBMX)
had a lot of support from his club, and was certainly the crowd favourite.
Peter Godsmark made the move from A to AA pro and was looking quietly
confident. Adam Robb (Redline/TotalBMX) and Dean Beerens (Specialized/Top
Gear) were also in the mix.

With Grigg out of the 9 man field the motos were for lane positions in
the finals which was still an incentive for the riders to go hard. Madill
was unstoppable, Collins tried to keep up with him a few times and did
well for a youngster. Young was looking quite fast but seemed to take
it easy towards the end of the track…it was hard to tell if he was dogging
or was getting tired.

In the main Madill grabbed the lead but only narrowly over Young and Galea
was all over them but ran out of track coming out of the first corner
allowing Collins to slip through into third as Collins tried to pull a
move on Young in the second last corner he went down and Pretlove moved
into third closely followed by Godsmark which is how they finished.

The “odd spot” for the day; David Comport of
was seen supporting a Jersey in his first race after
about 3 years off. “The human cannon ball” outsnapped everyone
in the 19+ field but had trouble keeping it together for the rest of the
track. Look out for him in the bruiser cruiser class at the Cash Dash,
we believe he’ll be up against the likes of Julian Millis. We’re taking
bets on the drag race to the first corner.

The photos are up in our picture section.


AA Women

1. Emma Franklin
2. Kate Elliot
3. Elisa Foley
4. Joanne Kelly
5. Lauren Beaton
6. Marree Kenyon

A Men

1. Rob Slatter
2. Jonathon Hoare
3. Brock Tuckerman
4. Shane Jenkins
5. Scott Lacey
6. Glenn Porter
7. Nathan May
8. Trevor Stamford

AA Men

1. Luke Madill
2. Khalen Young
3. Luke Pretlove
4. Peter Godsmark
5. Adam Robb
6. Dean Beerens
7. Levi Collins
8. Danny Galea

18/10 Australian bike show report

Click here to check out our report from the bike show includes photos.

17/10 Khalen Young news

Current Australian junior elite champion, Norco’s, Khalen Young is
back in Victoria and is getting on his bike again for the first time since
his x-games crash. He’ll be missing Shepparton this week and concentrating
on his preparation for the prestigious Cash Dash next week.

Just before his big accident Khalen hooked up with Black Flys,
be sure to check out his new sunglasses and casual wear, also Fleshworx
who are a Western Australian hardcore fmx/bmx crew that do tattoos.

Also before the injury Khalen predicted a back flip over the big doubles
at Knox for the TV race on the first weekend in November, we’ll have to
wait and see if he’s still up for it.

Khalen’s other sponsors include Norco bikes, AXO, 661, Perv, Marzocchi,
Tangent, Warpt clothing,, and

16/10 Victorian state titles entries closing

If you are in Victoria and haven’t completed your state titles entry
form yet you had better get it in quick. Entries close 4pm this Friday
even thought the event is actually on 23/24 November. If you don’t have
an entry form make sure you contact BMXVictoria and let them know all
about it. Their phone number is (03) 9310 7611.

16/10 mascot named

The name the (Kangaroo) mascot competition is finally over. After
hundreds of emails and nearly 6 months we have finally settled for “Thunder”.
There are many reasons for it, like Thunder from Down Under, etc, but
the biggest reason is because it’s “Thunder” Danny Galea’s (Iron
Horse) last season, he’s a legendary Australian pro rider who has been
on the circuit for a very long time.

We’ll look through all our entries over the next few days and see if we
can find a match, if we can’t we’ll look for the next best name and send
the sticker pack prize to the winner.

Thanks for your help.

15/10 One Bicycles news

7 times European champion, and current European junior elite champion
Arturs Matisons (
from Latvia signs with One Bicycles for another year.

One Bicycles 2003 sponsors are: Carnac shoes, WLM Designs, Bolle, Fizík
saddles, Bomba Energy drink, Stronglight headsets, Sun Ringle…and at
the moment the team is talking with Troy Lee, Bombshell and Profile Racing.

For more information about One Bicycles check out

15/10 Australian bike show this week

The Australian bike show is on this Thursday, Friday and Saturday
at the Exhibition Buildings (Next to the Museum) in Melbourne. The first
two days are open to trade people only and Saturday is open to the public.
If you want to check out the latest products from the bicycle industry
check it out for yourself. For further details check out

15/10 Cash Dash entry form

Finally the 2002 Norco Cash Dash entry forms are available, this year
it’s on October 27. The Cash Dash has been running at South Eastern for
as long as I can remember. There was only one year the club didn’t hold
it in over 20 years, the Cash Dash has a lot of history and has been the
makings of a lot of legends. Can Luke Madill take it out again, this time
with screws and plates in his wrist? Will Danny Galea take line honours
at his last ever Cash Dash. Will Michael Robinson finally get that win
he’s been so close to before?

Click here to download the entry form (138kb jpg image) for further details.

14/10 Lalor race report

The Lalor clubs decision to hold their biggest race for the year on
a Saturday evening just might have paid off. I’d have to say it was their
most well supported race meeting for a long time. Personally I think it
was a combination of good weather leading up to the event and the fact
that the club has removed their tar surface that got them the numbers.

There was a bit of a mix up with the entry form which could have caused
the A and AA riders to race in seperate classes which would have been
dull for the riders out for competition leading up to the strong events
and state titles only weeks away, but that was sorted out and the riders
would be combined in what was called the 14& over money class.

The weather was great although it looked like it could rain, it held off
for the night. The track was a little slippery, but most riders adjusted
to it. During practice the track took it’s toll on former Australian 19&
Over Amature champion, Profile’s Robert Slatter, he snapped his forks
which put him out of the Pro class.

It was great to see a full gate of Pro female riders just one more and
it would have made for a main. Emma Franklin had the upper hand throughout
the motos with Jackie Babington right on her tail and even getting the
lead and giving Emma a scare a couple of times. Elisa Foley and Kylie
Gray battled it out for third place Elisa taking it by count back. Lynette
Page returned to racing, it’s the first time we have seen her on her bike
for a while and finished 5th, it was good to see Dannielle Cutmore, Melissa
Vuknic, and Tanya Hiller also competing in the prestigous pro class.

With the Pro men it was going to be tough to make the main, both of the
two gates were full, a mixture which included 6 AA riders, Danny Galea
(who had just returned from a week of racing in Adelaide and finished
3rd overall), Adam Robb (the winner of the event in 2001), Luke Pretlove
(comming off a win the week before), Dean Beerens, Simon Griggs, and Paul
Morris who hasn’t been racing for a while. Then there were the A pros
local favourite Ken Babington and Anthony Gray. There were some youngsters
who were also out for their share of the cash Warren Stoll, David Page,
Grant Carra and Emanuele Failla. Australian 25-29 cruiser champion Dave
Cleary made his return to racing after a few months off by entering the
pro class, and then there was the oldest guy in the field’s
own Shane “The Godfather of BMX” Jenkins.

In the motos Galea dominated winning all 3, he was hungry for a win, it
had been nearly 6 months since Danny had won the biggest chunk of the
prize pool. Paul Morris qualified second, Jenkins was the highest qualifiying
A pro in third, equal points with Luke Pretlove and Adam Robb was one
point behind. When the final points were tallied there was a run off between
Ken Babington and Dean Beerens, Beerens grabed the early lead but Babington
wasn’t about to let up, he rode hard all the way to the line missing out
by only inches.

In the main when the gate dropped Galea edged his way ahead of the field
with Pretlove, Grigg, Robb, Beerens and the rest of the field in tow,
Jenkins was left at the gate. Galea increased his lead to a comfortable
buffer with Grigg and Robb fighting for second, Beerens was right behind
them with Morris and Jenkins not far behind, when the dust settled it
was Galea who took line honours.


Pro Women

1. Emma Franklin (ONeal)
2. Jackie Babington
3. Elisa Foley (One/Xtreme BMXing)
4. Kylie Gray (Redline/TotalBMX)
5. Lynette Page (Huffy/TotalBMX)
6. Dannielle Cutmore
7. Melissa Vuknic
8. Tanya Hillier

Pro Men

1. Danny Galea (Iron Horse)
2. Adam Robb (Redline/TotalBMX)
3. Simon Grigg
4. Dean Beerens (Top Gear/Specialized)
5. Paul Morris
6. Shane Jenkins (
7. Warren Stoll (
8. Luke Pretlove (Redline/TotalBMX)

11/10 AXO BMX line dropped

Valencia Sports Group (,
makers of AXO and SixSixOne, have announced that they will be dropping
the AXO BMX line of racing clothes. They will be pushing their SixSixOne
product range in the BMX market from now on.

Some of you may have read here a while back that the 20 strong Australian
Huffy/TotalBMX team would be called the AXO team for 2003. Well there
is a slight change of plan. The guys will be wearing SixSixOne pants and
have been working out deals with other sponsors, more about that as it
comes to hand.

10/10 Knox entry form

The Knox DK Grand Nationals (sponsored by DK, BMXCentral and BMXPress),
to be held on 2/3 November, is an event that will be televised for BMXCentral
and aired on Fox Sport. If it’s anything like Eastfield was a few weeks
back this is a race that’s going to be well worth attending. It has been
a long time since I have enjoyed a race meeting like Eastfield and it’s
only a week after the Cash Dash, that’s going to make for two weeks of
serious competition.

For full details click
here to download the entry form
(170kb word document).

09/10 New Answer Shoe

Answer Palisade SPD compatible cycling shoe

-Value for money performance orientated shoe
-Two Velcro strap closure system
-High traction real rubber sole
-Lateral heel strap to support heel and prevent slipping
-Suggested Retail Price $AUS139.00
-Sizes 36-48
-Available now


If you’d like to find out more about Answer products check out their
website at,
or visit them at the Australian Bike Show at booth number 90, at the Main
hall of the Old Exhibition buildings in Carlton (Melbourne) on Saturday
19th October 2002.

09/10 Interbike

Redline had a nice Line up. The most improved had to be Alliant
– Gary Turner and Mike Devitt formerly of GT and SE, respectively) The
bikes look good and the shop owners were loving what they were seeing.
The other big suprize was how far DK has come. From just a stem
to having multiple bike styles/entries. DK had a full bmx line up for
all sizes of racers, or dirt jumpers and now MTB Downhillers!

Speaking of Mike Devitt, SE Racing had a nice booth with some good
looking bikes. Not great but good. They brought back the Landing gear
forks, The PK Ripper the Mini Ripper and the avalanche with a quadangle
rear end.

Losers of the show were GT and Nirve with two year old looking
bikes, paint and graphics. MBAs just don’t get BMX.

Mosh went totally dirt jumping with no BMX racing at ALL!! I really
admired the Kastan built Mosh but they don’t offer it anymore.

HARO was so-so. Four entries into the market. Mini, Expert, Pro
and 24″ Whooptie doo! You’d think that guy would support the sport
that “Made” him.

That’s my two cents

We’d like to thank John Hammons from California for giving us his interpretation
of this years interbike.

08/10 Aussie racing gossip

Oh baby…

Simon Anderson and his lovely wife Tess have had their second child,
a healthy girl named Mya Zarra.

Trent Rapp and his girlfriend Christy are about to have their first
child, which they expect will be around November, just in time for the
Victorian state championships.

Craig Merritt (Dirt Designs owner) and wife Nat are expecting their
first child which is due around the time of the National championships.


David Comport, owner of PedalInn bicycles (, and
one of the major sponsors of had a birthday last week.

Glenn Suridge, current 30-34 cruiser Victorian Champion, is another
year older, his birthday was on friday.

Shane Jenkins, webmaster has also had a birthday, on

Other stuff…

Adam Robb had his car stolen, the thieves also scored most of Adam’s
race gear which he carried around in his car, luckily not his bike, but
they did get the master copy of’s new video “Home Brew
Volume 1”.

Simon Anderson, an advocate for platform pedals has purchased a set
of clip pedals and shoes.

Khalen Young is back in Western Australia looking after his mother
who is in hospital.

08/10 Warrnambool race report

It was a little disappointing that more people didn’t make the trip to
Warrnambool on Sunday, the track was fast and the meeting was run particularly
well, everyone that did race seemed to enjoy themselves.

There were two gates of riders in the Pro class and in the motos the local
Luke Pretlove was on fire, Ken Babington, and Adam Robb were doing well
too. Craig Merritt (Dirt Designs) competed in pro for the first time,
he only started racing 2 months ago and narrowly missed out on the main
by just one point, finishing equal 9th overall with Damien Walczuk. The
other older guys in the class were Craig Walczuk, Wayne Flint and Shane
Jenkins, that was nearly half the field of 30 and over riders.

In the main when the gate dropped Pretlove got the snap with Robb and
Babington chasing him down, then it was Walczuk, Brookes, Flint, Malseed
and Jenkins who got a slow start, but by the first corner had pushed his
way into 6th. In the next corner there was little change in the order
until the South Australian Brooks lost traction allowing Jenkins to move
up another position, but behind Walczuk who was having a bit of trouble
staying in a straight line…but atleast he made it around the track in
one piece, and that’s how they finished.

In the amature classes Trent Rapp took his first win in the 19+ Open class
and he’s only been racing for about 2 months as well, Glenn Suridge took
the 19+ Cruiser win. 13 year old Shaun Craven did well in the 16 boys
finishing 3rd overall after missing a moto.


Pro Ladies

1. Jackie Babington

2. Elisa Foley (Extreme BMXing/ONE)

3. Melissa Smith-Vuknic

Pro Men

1. Luke Pretlove (Redline/TotalBMX)

2. Adam Robb (Redline/TotalBMX)

3. Ken Babington

4. Craig Walczuk (Redline/TotalBMX)

5. Shane Jenkins (

6. Nick Brooks

7. Wayne Flint

8. Chris Malseed

07/10 Lalor entry form

The Lalor BMX Club is the host for the next event on the Victorian
racing calendar, it will be held on Saturday evening and not on Sunday
as most races are. I believe this was to avoid the clash with Bathurst.

The Lalor track hasn’t changed much over the years so the only real surprise
is that the tar surface has been lifted from about 80% of the track.

Click here to download the entry
form (112Kb jpg image) for further details.

04/10 Test the gear chart.

A couple of weeks ago I did a week of Macromedia Flash MX training and
my first project was to create a gear chart. It works and everything,
but I just want some feedback from my readers. I need to know things like,
is it useful? Where would be the best place on for it? Would
it be better if you could download it to your PC and not have to go to to check what gear to change to? Is it too big and slow to

To let me know what you think email me at the email address above.

02/10 Warrnambool race meeting this Sunday

The Warrnambool BMX track (about 3 hours drive west of Melbourne)
was the venue for the 2001 Victorian State Championships, if you didn’t
get a chance to check it out then, do yourself a favour, it’s a great
track, it’s both fast and technical.

If you are looking for a weekend away there’s plenty to do, including
checking out the cool cafe’s, hanging out at the beach, surfing or whale

The pro class is the 14& Over open with a $600+ pay back prize pool
(equity rules apply), and the entry fee is $20, age classes have awards
1-8 and a $15 entry fee, and sprocket classes are awarded trophies for
all riders and an entry fee of $12.

The gate drops at 11 am on Sunday and if you ask nicely Paul Pretlove
will be taking phone entries, the number is 03 5562 3873. See you there.

02/10 Interbike envy

Interbike is the biggest international event in the bicycle industry,
it also has a big impact on the BMX community with riders chasing up new
sponsors and all the newest in BMX technologies being released for public
viewing for the first time.

It’s on again this year at the Sands Convention Center in Vegas from Sunday
the 6th of October to Tuesday the 8th. Unfortunatly we won’t be able to
make it, but if you’re in Vegas for the weekend and want more information
check out
Oh and don’t forget to email us and tell us how it went down, we envy
anyone going.

01/10 Sponsorship

I frequently receive emails requesting sponsorship and I think it’s
about time I set the record straight.

Before you send an email to everyone you can find on the internet, ask
yourself “why do I need a sponsor?” and “why would people
want to sponsor me?”.

It’s a common opinion that to make it in BMX you need to have a sponsor,
let’s cut that out right now. To make it in BMX is to win races, to be
a good sports person, to be consistant. (I’m sure there are other things
but we’ll leave it at that for the moment.) If you happen to achieve those
it’s possible to land sponsorship.

The truth is no one needs a sponsor, sure it’s nice to have support and
not have to pay for things out of your own pocket, but to win races all
you need is skill and determination.

There are three main types of sponsorship (in Australia at least):

The most common is a bike shop deal. It’s usually based on the
same model, the bike shop will make a deal with a distributor and a rider
or two will benefit by getting a bike and gear at cost price, or close
to it. It’s usually based on a friendship between bike shop owners and
the rider, the shop benefits by referals from the rider and the rider
benefits from cheaper equipment, etc.

Then there is the co-sponsor style deal. In Australia there is
no real local industry, most of the stuff is imported, so it can be quite
difficult to land a deal where you will get product for free, but it’s
not uncommon.

And finally the full factory deal. Only the elite would get a deal
like this in Australia where a rider might get “everything”
for free, riders like Luke Madill, Khalen Young and so on. You will see
these guys in magazines on TV races, posters, heck their names are even
used on signature bikes. The manufacturer and/or distributor which ever
the case may be might even have a small budget to help the riders compete
financially. But just as you are thinking that’s the type of sponsorship
that you want it’s not all about freebies…it takes a special type of
person and the sponsor are always out for return on their investment.

What to do next…

So if you have read this far, it’s best to forget about emailling every
email address on the web. If you are seriously looking for a sponsor talk
to your local bike shop and ask them how you can help them sell more bikes…it’s
the personal touch that makes a world of difference so go in and speak
to them. Never forget that sponsorship works both ways.

If you would like to find out more information about sponsorship it’s
well worth visiting SponsorHouse, a website that is specific to helping
people find sponsors, creating resumes, etc. Check it out for yourselves

01/10 Josh Isaac looking to move to Melbourne

Josh Isaac had conquered Tasmania and is looking to make the big move
to Melbourne. Currently sponsored by and ranked 5 Australia
in the 17-18 cruiser and 7 Australia 17 boys, Josh is enthusiastic about
joining the pro ranks and further his racing career, hitting all the big
races that Australia’s mainland has to offer.

His current plans are to go to the Cash Dash at the end of the month and
maybe stay on for the DK race at Knox, during that time he will be both
job and room hunting, however he will be heading back for the Tasmanian
state championships.

If you have a room you can offer Josh to board in and think you can help
him, email him at

30/09 news – Jamie Staff wins at the
Track World Championships!

2002 UCI Track World Championships Copenhagen, Denmark

Jamie Staff lead the Great Britain Track Team to a Gold Medal
at the Team Sprint World Championships!

Last weekend, while attending the ABA Gold Cup Championships in Nebraska,
The UCI Track World Championships were the furthest thing from his mind.
But as Jamie was crowned ABA Gold Cup Champion, he dreamed of stepping
atop the Podium at the UCI Track World Championships, and his dream just
came true. In just his first year of World Cup level Track cycling, Jamie
Staff has shown the track world just what BMX riders are made of, as he
lead his Great Britain Sprint Team to the World Championships this past
Friday at the UCI Track World Championships.

Staff, has proved himself to the track community with medal’s at this
summers commonwealth games, showed his strength and fast learning curve
in qualifying this past week. Jamie first opened up all eyes, as he was
the fastest qualifier in the Men’s Individual Sprint race, where he would
go onto be knocked out by the eventual Bronze medalist.

Jamie Also competed in the Kilo, an individual time trial for a 1 k race.
Jamie once again was very impressive with a 5th overall finish at the

Men’s Team Sprint

Having been beaten by Australia at the Commonwealth Games last month (admittedly
as two separate teams), Great Britain gained some revenge in the Team
Sprint by winning the World Title against the Aussies. The British team
of Jamie Staff, Chris Hoy and Craig Maclean had qualified fastest in the
morning in a time of 44.813, better than Germany, France and Australia.
However the Australians improved in the first round, beating Spain in
a time of 44.779, earning them a place in the final against Britain, who
were still the hot favorites with 44.575. However the Australians couldn’t
match the Brits in the final. They were down 0.4 seconds after the first
lap, and Dajka and Bayley tried in vain to close the gap but could only
come within 0.15 seconds of Britain’s excellent time of 44.370 seconds.
Jamie Staff, who last week was the winner of a BMX AA Pro event, The ABA
Gold Cup Championships, was one of the most impressive racers to attend
the Worlds, regarding that this is his first year of track racing!

Jamie puts another great mark on a great cycling season, with medaling
at the Commnwealth Games, Medaling at A UCI Track World Cup, making the
finials of the X-Games BMX Downhill event, Sitting in 3rd overall in the
ABA Pro Points standings, and Being crowned ABA Gold Cup Champion.

Jaime’s BMX Sponsors include Haro, Adidas, No Fear, Lee Pipes, O’Neal
Helmets, Tangent, AC Components, Smith Eye Wear, Champion Nutrition, Answer
Forks, Shimano, Powerbar, Kicker, Bob’s Stores,, Headlock,
and Double A Marketing.


27 Sep 2002 at 21:25 – Race distance: 3 laps

World Champions


1 93 HOY Chris GBR

2 89 TOURNANT Arnaud FRA

3 12 KELLY Shane AUS

4 109 LAUSBERG Sören GER

5 100 STAFF Jamie GBR


28 Sep 2002 at 10:00 – Race distance: 200m flying start (3.5 laps)

1 100 STAFF Jamie GBR 71.076

2 89 TOURNANT Arnaud FRA 10.216 70.477

3 105 FIEDLER Jens GER 10.238 70.326

4 80 GANE Laurent FRA 10.307 69.855

5 10 EADIE Sean AUS 10.326 69.726


29 Sep 2002 at 15:15 – Race distance: 3 laps

5th 105 FIEDLER Jens GER 10.736 67.064

6th 80 GANE Laurent FRA

7th 107 JOHN Matthias GER

8th 100 STAFF Jamie GBR

Double A Marketing proudly represents Thomas Allier, Wade Bootes, Dale
Holmes, Christophe Leveque, Robert MacPherson, John Parker, Stephane Roncada,
Jamie Staff, Warwick Stevenson, and Randy Stumpfhauser. For more information
please visit
or e mail

30/09 Norco Sponsors the 2002 Cash Dash

Norco bicycles is once again proud to be sponsoring the South Eastern
Cash Dash, in the eastern Melbourne Suburb of Oakleigh (Australia). The
Cash Dash is twenty years strong and one of the most prestigous Pro classes
to win. AA Pro class will race for $1500.00 plus $20.00 pay back per entry.

Norco Factory team Pro rider Luke Madill will be operating clincs
on the Saturday at the track, places are limited and last year all times
slots were filled very early and many missed out, so be sure to let the
club know if you are interested in being coached by the 8 time National

Entry Forms are available at race meetings or through your local Norco
Bicycle dealer, alternatively contact the club at

30/09 The interview. is known widely for it’s interviews with BMX pro riders and
industry personalities.

When we were asked by US AA Pro Mike Gul if we were interested in being
interviewed by him, we thought it would be interesting to be on the receiving

See what Shane Jenkins ( webmaster) has to say about,
Australian and US BMX racing, Australian and US pros and Neil Young.

here (
check it out.

27/09 Knox DK Grand Nationals info

The Knox DK Grand Nationals will be a two day race held over the 2nd and
3rd of November. It will be another televised event, covered by BMXCentral
and of course BMXPress magazine.

The racing format is Ams will run 1 x two day race and the pro’s will
run 2 x one day races.

Saturday will not be a TV race however it will have a $1000 pro open race
shred male and female. Just like an American pre-grands event.

Sunday will have the same format as Eastfield with all the cameras, music,

The flyer for the event should be finalised this week.

Also Eastfield finals will be available on VHS and DVD in the middle of
October and will be sold through BMXCentral and BMXPress magazine.

27/09 Apologies to BMXPress/BMXCentral

For the past few days you’ve been hearing a lot about the DK Spring
Nationals. We must apologise as we had mentioned DK as a sponsor but failed
to mention the other two major sponsors BMXPress magazine and BMXCentral,
without them the event wouldn’t have been possible.

27/09 Where is Shane Agalawatta?

South Australia’s Shane Agalawatta won the 2001 Australian Junior Elite
titles in both the cruiser and 20inch classes. Shane had a big future
ahead of him in the Pro ranks in Australia and he had his eyes set on
hitting the US circuit…but then he simply dropped out of the scene.

Click through and find out what Shane’s up to today

26/09 DK Spring Nationals full results

Ok this is the last of the outstanding news from the DK Spring Nationals

for full amature class results

for Pro Open results

for all other Pro class results.

24/09 Horleys 1800NATRAL WA State Titles


The Western Australian state championships will be on over the weekend
of the 5th and 6th of October, it will be called the “Horleys 1800NATRAL
WA State Titles”. Horleys is a sports supplement range that has been
in Australia for over 20 years.

Currently the is under construction but people can call
1800NATRAL [1800 628725] direct. The best thing about this is that the
call cost is free and you can ring from anywhere in Australia at no cost.
Mention BMX to receive a 15% discount off all your vitamin, mineral and
sports supplement needs on top of that is an offer of free freight.

24/09 at ABA Gold Cup Central Kearney,

The ABA Gold Cup season is upon us, with the Gold Cup Central being
held in Nebraska this past weekend for round 2 of the 3 round Gold Cup
Series. With just a few weekends of National events left, its time for
the riders to get in all the points they can towards the overall title.
Right now, Warwick Stevenson has a slight lead over Danny Nelson for 1st,
but after that there is a slight gap in the points. Jamie Staff was close
to Dale Holmes and Robert Dewilde until this weekend, where Jamie showed
his consistency with taking home 2 podium spots and more importantly,
gained a lot of points.

On Saturday, Staff finished 3rd overall in AA pro, while on Sunday, he
was victorious winning AA pro and the Gold Cup title. This currently puts
Staff in a great position and hopefully with just a few races left, he
can move up into the top 2. Jamie has had a great season on the BMX track,
as well as of it. He has pursued track cycling, with some great results,
including a medal at this summers commonwealth games. Jamie will be racing
both Track and BMX full time next season, with the hopes of being picked
for the 2004 Olympics. From what we have heard, if Jamie keeps up the
impressive riding he has done already on the track side, BMX will hit
the big time with Jamie being in the Olympics!

Jamie’s Sponsors include Haro, Adidas, No Fear, Lee Pipes, O’Neal Helmets,
Tangent, AC Components, Smith Eye Wear, Champion Nutrition, Answer Forks,
Shimano, Maxxis, Powerbar, Kicker, Bob’s Stores,, and Headlock.

Double A Marketing proudly represents Thomas Allier, Wade Bootes, Dale
Holmes, Christophe Leveque, Robert MacPherson, John Parker, Stephane Roncada,
Jamie Staff, Warwick Stevenson, and Randy Stumpfhauser. For more information
please visit
or e mail

23/09 Eastfield DK Spring Nationals report

Tony Harvey - Doubled, taking out both the AA Pro and Pro Open.Have
you ever wanted to do something that would take BMX racing to new levels?

Warwick Wheeler, head honcho at BMXPress magazine, has done just that.
He has single handedly secured a series of BMX shows, called BMXCentral,
to be aired on FOXSport (which will be exported to over 50 countries),
this will have a huge impact on Australian BMX racing.

The DK National events are unlike any ever run in the history of Australian
BMX racing.

These races showcase Australia’s finest pros in a way that may be compared
to the ABA in America, but with an Aussie flair.

There’s plenty of hype for the pros with short interviews during their
morning warm-up session, and during the motos you certainly know they
are about to race when the high energy music (like POD, Metallica, ACDC,
Limp Bizkut, and so on) is cranked out of a very expensive looking PA
system…creating an atmosphere that you wouldn’t see at an Australia
BMX race meeting.

I believe that Warwick really deserves a big congratulations for all he’s

The Eastfield BMX club was host of the first of the two DK National events
to be held in Victoria, and while the event wasn’t supported as well as
any of the previous events held in NSW and Qld it was certainly the largest
meeting in Victoria for a long time, doubling the attendance of any of
the popular Track Attack events held during January. I’m sure with a little
bit of effort from BMXVictoria in helping promote the event the final
round at Knox in November will be even bigger.

It is without a doubt that the track was certainly up for such an event.
With it’s tall and steep start hill and fast dry surface there was only
one way around the track and that was “flat out”. And technical…I
don’t think I spoke to one person who didn’t have trouble with at least
one jump on the track, not to say that there is anything wrong with that,
it’s actually good that everyone is challanged, it simply makes for closer

In the morning the weather looked like it could go either way…then low
cloud cover rolled in indicating there was rain on the way, and for a
short peroid there was a little drizzle, but that eventually cleared and
the sun was out in full force for the rest of the day.

Chloe McPherson - Winner of the AA Women's classWhen
you talk about a Pro class prize pool that’s over $6,000 you can be guarenteed
that you will get Australia’s best riders attending, while there were
a few big name riders missing there were still plenty of riders (16 entries)
to make for some great racing. Riders like Tony Harvey, Michael Robinson,
John Johnson, Sean Dwight, Scott Taylor, Michael Fenwick, Julian Lim,
Danny Galea, Simon Anderson, Adam Robb, Levi Collins, Luke Pretlove and
more in the AA pro and Pro open (19 entries) classes , Chloe McPherson
made the trip to take her share of the AA Pro women’s (5 entries) prize
money. And in the A Pro class (20 entries) were the Victorian riders like
James Hollings, Brock Tuckerman, Peter Godsmark, Dean Miller, Jonathan
Hoare, Scott Tabe-Lewis, Ken Babington and’s own Shane Jenkins
joined by the interstate riders of Michael Wellman, David Johnson, and
Clayton Smith.

During practice Danny Galea, who’s finishing out his final season before
retirement, wen’t down hard loosing his chain just before the first step
up. He was lucky to have enough momentum to throw his body up to the top
of the jump, any shorted and it could have been much worse for him.

The motos were intense in all pro classes, the riders all battling it
out for the top 8 positions in their classes and a share of the prize
money. The interstate riders had a strong hold on most of the pro events
during the qualifying motos. Levi Collins made the cut of what was his
first AA final at a national event. Galea did the Victorian’s proud qualifying
for the AA Pro and narrowly winning his run off against the fast Daniel
Johnstone for a spot in the Pro Open final. Tony Harvey, Sean Dwight,
Michael Robinson, Scott Taylor, John Johnson and the high flying Michael
Fenwick were all outstanding in their motos. In the A Pro men there was
no room for error, when it came to making the cut for the final, only
the most consistent riders remained. It was extremely close with riders
like Ken Babington and Jonathan Hoare missing out by just one point.

The pro mains started with the Pro Open, Galea looked like he was starting
to feel the pain from his crash during practice and couldn’t put the power
down when the gate dropped. Harvey and Robinson lead the charge and the
rest of the field were all over them, while Fenwick was strong and jumping
everything in sight in the motos he was kept at bay in the final. John
Johnson was looking very impressive on his new Felt.

In the A men James Hollings was the most consistant over the 3 mains taking
the big cheque over Tuckerman and Godsmark who both had a finals win each.
David Johnson was right amongst them until a big fall in the third final
which dropped him back to fifth overall. BMXUltra’s sole representative
Shane Jenkins “The Godfather of BMX” was the oldest guy in the
pro finals and was out to make a point but didn’t quite pull it off…after
out snapping the field in the first final he nearly looped out coming
down the hill and lost momentum. Although he got another good start in
the second final, a fall in the last corner didn’t help. Don’t worry he’ll
be back for more A pro action very soon.

In the AA Pro Women Chloe McPherson had straight wins, the likes of Franklin,
Junga, Babington and Foley were no match for her skill.

The AA Men’s three finals were interesting, Johnson came out in the first
final to pull out a convincing win, Fenwick and Dwight finished second
and third. Harvey was back in fourth and Robinson in fifth. The second
main was all Harvey, Johnson had to settle for second Fenwick third, then
Robinson, Taylor, Collins, Galea and Dwight dropped a chain putting him
in 8th. I was sitting in front of the Felt tent where I heard Johnson
say he could win overall if he gets a second truth is he could have won
with a fourth. In the third it was Robinson who took line honours, followed
by Dwight, Taylor, Harvey, Fenwick, Collins, Johnson and Galea.

When it came down to overall points Harvey won with 9 points and second
to forth were locked in at 10 points, this is just an example of how close
it can be.

Some of the Ams that were impressive were David Page (Norco), he seems
to have picked up the pace lately. Glenn Suridge was on the hunt for the
Bruiser Cruiser crown but had to settle for second. Craig Merrit of Dirt
Designs fame was in the 19+ Expert and looked like a good chance for a
podium finish, he was strong out of the gate but struggled a little on
the jumps and in the pack…not too bad for a 33 year old on his second
race back after a 4 year lay off. In the 19+ girls, sisters Rachel and
Monique Rademaker (,
locals to Eastfield, have shown a big improvement over their four open
races so far…I believe Rachel took her first ever first place finish
(in a moto) and Monique complete a meeting without falling off. Trevor
Weber took a big digger in a Bruiser Cruiser moto and was looking a little
worse for wear for the rest of the day…you can be sure he’ll bounce
back for the next big event.

This race meeting was awesome. Do yourself a favour, don’t miss Knox.

Photo’s available soon.


A Pro Men

1. James Hollings (Top Gear/Specialized)

2. Brock Tuckerman (Extreme BMXing)

3. Peter Godsmark

4. Michael Wellman

5. David Johnson

6. Clayton Smith

7. Dean Miller (GT Australia)

8. Shane Jenkins (

AA Women

1. Chloe McPherson (Norco)

2. Emma Franklin (S&S)

3. Renee Junga

4. Jackie Babington

5. Elisa Foley (Extreme BMXing)

AA Men

1. Tony Harvey (Elite Cycles Imports/S&M)

2. Michael Robinson (DK)

3. Michael Fenwick (Avanti/Specialized)

4. John Johnson (Felt)

5. Sean Dwight (Sun Ringle)

6. Scott Taylor (BB Cycles)

7. Levi Collins (Total BMX/Huffy)

8. Danny Galea (Iron Horse)

Pro Open

1. Tony Harvey (Elite Cycles Imports/S&M)

2. Michael Robinson (DK)

3. John Johnson (Felt)

4. Sean Dwight (Sun Ringle)

5. Scott Taylor (BB Cycles)

6. Michael Fenwick (Avanti/Specialized)

7. Julian Lim (Phirebird)

8. Danny Galea (Iron Horse)

19/09 USA racing gossip

We hear from a good source that Jason Donnell will NOT be re-signing
with Answer for next year and Donny Robinson looks to be back on
Powerlite for 2003.

Also after this past weekends race action. Warwick Stevenson’s
ABA points lead is now down to only 16 points!!!! Danny Nelson
is pulling him in real quick here towards the end. It’s going to come
down to Danny and Warwick at the Grands. We hear that Warwick is going
to every race to try to ensure a points advantage and defend his title,
some think he’s risking burnout, only time will tell.

19/09 Tasmanian State Championships Entry Form

The Tasmanian State Championships are on in Davenport this year, on the
weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of November. But please note entries close
on the 10th of October. This will be an opportunity to compete against
Tasmania’s best riders, I believe the event is open to other states.

Click here to download the
entry form (49Kb word document)
and further details.

18/09 Shepparton Goulbourn Valley Masters Entry

The Shepparton BMX Club seem to be taking over from where the Bendigo
Gold Rush left off, putting up a AA prize pool of $1600+ payback, also
running A pro for men and women. Country BMX in Victoria is still going

The event is on Sunday the 20th October and should be a great day, Shepparton
is just short of a two hour trip North of Melbourne, well worth the drive
for some action packed racing.

Click here to download the entry
form (27Kb word document)
and further details.

17/09 The CASH DASH is on again in 2002

The South Eastern BMX Club proudly presents one of Australia’s most prestegious
events, the 2002 NORCO CASH DASH. With a new track comes new challenges
for the riders and more spectacular races for on lookers.

The event will be held on the weekend of the 26th and 27th of OCTOBER,

Don’t forget;

  • big prize money
  • great racing
  • coaching clinics with Luke Madill and the Norco race team

Don’t miss one of the best BMX race events on the calendar, and maybe
you too can make some Cash Dash history.

Flyers soon to be distributed, for more information call (03) 9563 8552.


ABA Super campSanta
Clarita, CA –
Supercross/Atomlab is proud to announce the sponsorship
of the ABA Supercamp. Effective immediately the ABA SUPERCAMPS will be
known as the SUPERCROSS¹ ABA SUPERCAMPS. Supercross/Atomlab is proud
to have Burlin Harris continue to run the best BMX teaching camp in the
world. The SUPERCROSS¹ ABA SUPERCAMPS rigs will be on the road for
over 250 days next year traveling to local tracks and nationals by you
to ensure that a SUPERCROSS¹ ABA SUPERCAMPS will be at a track near
you. Returning camp teachers include: AA Pro Bubba Harris, A Pro Mikey
Day, A Pro Robert Bebout, A Pro Ken Cools, and top amateurs of Thomas
Fernandez, Kasey Martin and Michael Pederson. The Supercross Factory Pros
of Tim Kniep, Randy Roberts and Jan Baltzersen will also be stopping by
on select stops of the camp tour as well.

Supercross/Atomlab will be providing the SUPERCROSS¹ ABA SUPERCAMPS
tour with test bikes for the camp riders to be able to try different models
and sizes of Supercross bikes to be available for riders interested in
BMX that might not yet have a bike to take to camp.

Please stop by the new SUPERCROSS¹ ABA SUPERCAMPS pits at DelMar
to find out more information on when and where a clinic will be in your
area, or visit the website at

12/09 Racegirl BMX League news

Calling All Girls — Racegirl BMX League Announces Oct 19 All Girls Racing
Clinic. All Levels Welcome

Black Mountain BMX, Arizona – Sept. 11, 2002. Veteran Pro BMX
Racers Mark Metlton and Jake Johnson will be conducting an ‘all girls’
racing clinic from 9 to 11 a.m., October 19, 2002, at the Black Mountain,
BMX race track, at 7th street and Alameda rds. Following the clinic, Racegirl
BMX organizer Kim Fisher will conduct an injury prevention stretch session.
Kim is a certified personal trainer and licensed sport massage therapist.

This unique training opportunity is free to all Racegirl BMX league members.
A $10 entry for non-members provides access to the clinic and automatic
enrollment in the Racegirl BMX League. Racegirl BMX is the first Nationwide
non profit organization specifically designed for female BMX racers –
from the beginner to the expert.

Girls will have the bonus incentive of attending the first ‘all girl’
BMX racing practice. Hosted by Debbie Kelly, owner and operator of Black
Mountain BMX and the Racegirl BMX League, this all girl event will be
held from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. prior to the regularly-scheduled practice.
First time riders are welcome at both practices. Anyone needing equipment
(long sleeve tops, long pants, pad sets and helmets) can call (602) 315-2438.
Participation in the ‘all girl’ practice session will determine the frequency
of ‘girls only’ practice nights at Black Mountain BMX.

To reserve a space at the Oct. 19 All Girl Clinic call (602) 315-2438.

For more information on the Racegirl BMX League log onto
or call (602) 315 2438.

11/09 Australia has a new BMX association

Are you tired of the way BMX races are being run, long drawn out days,
expensive entry fees and cheap prizes? Sick of competing in classes where
there are not even enough riders for a final? Do you long for competive
BMX racing all year round and grown tired of the idea of having only one
national event each year?

National Bicycle Association (NBA) Aust. will be taking Australian BMX
racing to new levels.

Here’s how they plan to make a difference:

  • National events in each state of Australia with rankings for
    all classes both male and female, pro and amature. There will be one
    weekend set aside for each state to host two national rounds, one on
    Saturday and one on Sunday, that’s two national races for each state
    (14 events for the year). You would only be required to race a minimum
    of 4 events and then the Grand National to end the season (bonus event,
    taking the total to 15 National races for the year).
  • Each event will be well promoted, and well in advance. All
    registered riders will be posted a 12 month race calendar and every
    6 months will receive an entry form booklet with entry forms for 6 months
    worth of racing. On top of that there will be the SuperBMX website and
    the bi-monthly magazine for each member, both full of up to date results,
    National standings, Rider and team profiles, the latest product releases
    from manufacturers and distributors and other useful information. You
    will also be able to find entry forms at your local bike shop.
  • The National series will be a televised event, videos will
    also be available for purchase.
  • Competitive racing for all classes right throughout the year.
  • Better prizes and bigger prize pools.
  • Downhill and one-on-one trails events for 14 & Over classes.
  • Enter on the day at all events or save money and pre-enter
    by mail or on-line.
  • More organised events, don’t spend all day at the track. The
    classes split will be split into two groups, younger riders (up to 13
    class) race from 10am until 12pm then senior classes get one hour practice
    with racing starting at 1pm.
  • Officials paid for their work, that’s right, they work hard
    they deserve more than a drink and a sandwich.
  • A website that has it all, subscribe to our magazine, enter
    for an event or pay for your racing licence online, check your race
    points or the latest race results, read the latest industry gossip,
    find a track or riding spot close to you, read the complete Australian
    BMX race history.
  • Win a chance to compete at the 2003 ABA World championships.

When does the NBA start and where can you sign up? We’ll actually you
can’t…it’s all made up, but don’t let that deter you, Australian BMX
can be everything as big as what I have listed above, and you can make
the difference. Forget about the logistics for a minute the possibilities
are endless.

If you would like to have your say about this article email



Take a road trip across America with Mat Hoffman and 10 of the greatest
riders of all time in the ultimate BMX game. Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2 features
8 enormous free-roaming, fully populated levels, all new BMX Course Editor,
exclusive footage from the MHPB 2 Road Trip ESPN2 program and innovative
features like the new trick tweaking system, flatland tricks, and 2-player
split screen with PUSH mode.


  • Top Riders – Ride with the skills of the undisputed king of BMX and
    10-time World Vert Champion, Mat Hoffman, or 10 other top pro riders
    including Mike Escamilla, Kevin Robinson, Simon Tabron, Joe Kowalski,
    Rick Thorne, Cory Nastazio, Ruben Alcantara, Day Smith, Seth Kimbrough
    and Nathan Wessel.
  • Road Trip Across America – The only game to let you go on the road
    with the greatest athletes in the sport. Exclusive behind the scenes
    footage from Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2 Road Trip offers insight into the
    BMX lifestyle and the athletes that have shaped the sport.
  • Interactive Obstacles and Multi-Tier Objectives – Explore 8 enormous
    free-roaming environments that come to life with helicopters, boats,
    cars, and pedestrians. Full motion video and a non-linear game progression
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  • Trick Tweaking System – Manuals, wall rides, tire-taps, grinds, airs
    and signature tricks can be morphed and altered into hundreds of new
    tricks and combos.
  • Flatland Tricks – The only BMX game to offer flatland tricks like
    the backpacker, whiplash and hitchhiker.
  • Custom Courses – Use the next-generation BMX Park Editor to create
    your own dream BMX courses with ramps, rails, fun boxes and a variety
    of other obstacles.
  • Multiple Modes – Modes of play include Road Trip, Single Session and
    Free Ride. Multiplayer games include 2-player split screen featuring
    exclusive Activision O2 “PUSH” mode, Half-Pipe Hell, Treasure
    Hunt, Tag, Trick Attack, Graffiti, and HORSE.
  • Photo Scrapbook – Take control of the camera and snap photos of your
    best tricks to keep in your scrapbook.
  • Exclusive Xbox features – Xbox owners can enjoy an exclusive pro rider
    and a bonus level to show off their trick style.


PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, Xbox™ video game
system from Microsoft, Nintendo GameCube™, Game Boy® Advance


$99.95 – PS2, Xbox, GameCube

$69.95 – GBA


PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube – M15+

Game Boy Advance – G


PS2, Xbox, GBA – September 2002

GameCube – November 2002

See the Activision website for more information at

08/09 Khalen khrashes out of X-Games

At the Planet-X Winter X-Games on Thursday Norco’s Khalen Young crashed
out of the mountain bike downhill and wasn’t able to compete in the big

Rather than settling for the Planet-X report that stated that Khalen had
broken his back we dropped the Norco team manager Julian Millis an email
to get the low down on Khalen…this is what he had to say;

“…he’s moving around but not to well. He compressed his spine
and fractured a vertebrae on an impact when he landed on his feet, he
travelled about 40 to 50 feet before landing. He and another rider collided
on the take off to the last jump, the other rider kicked out and got squirrely.
Khalen actually took his hand off in the air and pushed the guy out of
the way to prevent an even worse crash. We checked it out in slow mo’
on the video after taping it off Sports Tonight last night.

He looks to be out for a while, the doctors say three months, but knowing
Khalen it could be sooner.”

The crew at wish Khalen a speedy recovery.

08/09 Dave Mirra Reaches Platinum Status

Superstar Dave Mirra Reaches Platinum Status with Game Boy Advance at
Camp Woodward

Woodward, Penn., August, 2002 – BMX superstar Dave Mirra took time in
between two national competitions to show off his video game skills on
Game Boy Advance Platinum and Nintendo GameCube for kids at Camp Woodward,
an extreme sports camp for kids.

met and dueled against Radio Disney national sweepstakes winner Zachary
Miller, 16, on the limited-edition Game Boy Advance Platinum systems.
The two competed via the Game Boy Advance title, Dave Mirra Freestyle
BMX (TM) 2, with Dave winning the event in a fierce freestyle battle.

Dave, the most decorated athlete in X-Games history, visited with fans,
signed autographs, broke off a few impromptu tricks and even shared his
enthusiasm for Game Boy Advance Platinum with a few other notable celebrity

athletes including BMX stars Colin Mackay and Kenan Harkin and 1992 Olympic
gymnastics champion, Tatiana Gutsu.

Finishing off a day of hanging out with kids, riding around with fellow
athletes and playing his Game Boy Advance non-stop, Dave battled one lucky
camper in Wave Race: Blue Storm on Nintendo GameCube. This time, however,

Mirra did not find victory. While his ability to ride both a real and
virtual BMX bike are unparallel, water sports may not be a strength.

06/09 Answer Warlock fork

click here for a closer lookYou
may have heard all about the Warwick Stevenson (Diamond Back) limited
edition Answer signature fork, but you’re probably one of the many unfortunate
people, like ourselves, who didn’t get to see what the fuss was all about.

When we heard about the Warlock fork we went straight to Answer and asked
them for some information so we could share it with you.

Here’s the stats:

  • There were only 100 made and they sold for $US199.95
  • 1 1/8″ gold anodized aluminum legs
  • Forged aluminum dropouts
  • Forged aluminum crown with bolted legs
  • 1 1/8″ 7075 aluminum steerer tube
  • Plastic/Gold anodized aluminum thread in leg caps
  • Weight 795 grams

For more information on Answer Warlock forks and the entire Answer range

05/09 Khalen Young at Winter X-Games

Current Australian Junior Elite BMX Champion, Norco’s Khalen Young, is
about to be the first AA Pro BMXer to ever compete at both the Planet
X Summer and Winter X-Games. Today he will be competing in both the Men’s
Mountain Bike downhill and Men’s Mountain bike Big Air competitions at
the Winter X-Games currently on at NSW’s Perisher Blue Ski Resort.

Although a wild card entry, he will be a favourite for the big air competition.
It was only at the last summer X-games where Khalen double back flipped
at the X-Games so we know he has the skills.

For Khalen it will be only the second Mountain Bike event he has entered,
but don’t worry he’s a quick learner, he took out the elite class at his
first competition only a couple of weeks ago.

Khalen tells us they have planed to do a rider profile on him, so look
out for that, and look closely to see how many stickers he
has on his helmet.

View the highlights on Planet X TV, Sunday, 6 October, 11am, Network 7,
the half hour TV coverage runs for 10 weeks each Sunday thereafter.

Check out
for up-to-date snow sports action.

04/09 Instant canopies

Every once in a while we have people ask us if they can advertise
non BMX related products on the answer is always no. I’m
a big fan of the instant canopy and this is not an ad, it’s more like
an announcement. It’s difficult to find instant canopies in Australia,
but this guy does the whole range and they can be made to order. When
you’re wondering what you are going to do to keep your crew out of the
sun or rain or even how to promote your products, instant canopies can
be the answer to all your questions.

Instant Canopy – E-Z UP – this is a small canopy with floor area of
3 metres x 3 metres and roof area of 2.5 metres x 2.5 metres, water resistant
roof, carry bag and takes two people to erect but can be done by one,
this is a pull out and pop up canopy for a retail price of $250.00. We
also manufacture weatherproof sides for this – POA.

Instant Canopy D.U.C – there are three sizes in this range, they are 3metres
x 3 metres, 3 metres x 4.5 metres and 3 metres x 6 metres. They are all
manufactured the same and have four sides joined by zippers.

Retail prices are 3 x 3 metres =$1045.00

3 x 4.5 metres = $1540.00

3 x 6 metres = $1980.00

(Plus GST and Freight)

Canopy and sides can be screenprinted POA

E-ZUP colours are originally Blue roof only – but we manufacture 100%
waterproof roof – in blue, green, red, orange, maroon,white,yellow or
combination of.

Sides are manufactured in same colours as roofs’.

D.U.C canopy come in th following colour or a combination of either –
blue, green, white,yellow,Red, black.

These canopys, can be purchased from – DOGS UNDERCOVER, phone/fax 02 62928732,
mobile 0414564958 or email

Tell them that you are from BMX and that you saw this on,
they will look after you.

03/09 Victoria’s Interclub report

I’ve been told if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all,
most of my readers know if something really gets to me I just can’t help
myself…so what I’ll do is say the nice things first.

South Eastern is an awesome track, the more I ride it the more I like
it…and on the day you couldn’t have asked for better weather or a better
crowd, classes were stacked full of riders, which made for some great
competition. The club did a great job.

Now how does it take over 2 hours to get through one moto when we are
only talking just over 500 entries when other associations can get through
4 times as many riders in the same amount of time? If you do the maths
this would mean that the whole event could have been finished in that
same time period. The organisers of the race should have been prepared
for such an event, what’s the deal with the relay novilty event? What
does it prove? It is the biggest non-event I have ever seen, and I believe
there is no place for it at one of Victoria’s largest race meetings…and
the side hacks, so much time could have been saved if you have just left
these events of the schedule.

And what’s the deal not running mains? It makes no sense…it would have
been obvious when people started leaving after the first round of motos
that there needs to be something for the riders at the end of the meeting,
something to work for…regardless of whether there is a prize at the
end or not, at least the rider can say they won the event in their class
for their club.

Well I could go on forever…so I’ll stop.

The pro riders looking good on the day were Khalen Young (Norco)
with his unbeatable start, Luke Pretlove (Redline Vic), Adam
(Redline Vic), Brock Tuckermann (Total/Huffy), Levi

The 2003 Norco LM-17 (Luke Madills new signature frame) was on display,
and looks better than last years model, all new graphics and components…we
hope to have pictures soon.

The South Eastern club should be proud of their work and I think BMXVictoria
should rethink the whole idea of the interclub, let’s make it more exciting
for riders and spectators…and I’m sure officials and organisers didn’t
want to be out in the sun all day either.

The Shepparton BMX club won the event.

03/09 Bellarine entry form

Simon Anderson, the current Victorian Elite champion, sent us this
entry form last night. It’s for the Bellarine spectacular on September
15, there is $1000 up for grabs for the pros. It’s the first sanctioned
meeting for the “summer” season so it should be a good one to
clear out the cobwebs in the lead up to the state championships.

Click here to
download the entry form
(32kb Word document).

01/09 Happy Valley track upgrade

Australian champion Michael Fenwick (Specialized/Avanti) sent us an
email, he wanted you all to know about the new track changes at Happy
Valley (South Australia), this is how it went:

“Last weekend Happy Valley re-built it’s last straight and it’s
full of rhythm. It has been made very technical so there can be many different
lines taken over it and there are a large variety of step-on, step off
variations that can be done also. We built it over the one weekend so
it’s still a little lumpy but it’s quite flowing and it’s super challenging
for riders of all ages.”

click here for a closer view
click here for a closer view

30/08 BMXBits have a new website

BMXBits new website front pageLeading
Australian BMX mail order company have gone for a new
look website.

With the 2003 product ranges being released, there’s no better way to
showcase them.

Although the catalogue still has a bit of fleshing out to go the bikes,
frames and forks sections have already started.

If you want to join the BMXBits army and save at least 20% off retail
prices, or enter for the latest giveaway (which is profile cranks in September)
or simply contact the shop or find the location, it’s all available at
a single click of the mouse.

“Not only do we have the best prices in Australia, now we also have
the best website too. It’s very simple to use, easy to navigate and looks
great” says David Comport (BMXBits Owner).

You don’t have to take his word for it, check it out for yourself at

29/08 2002 Australian titles video special offer

Experience the culture, pain, thrills and spills of this year’s BMX Nationals
on video. Including 4 camera coverage, replays, highlights and finish
line interviews with finals winners. Profiles of Elite riders such as
Madill, Kamakazi, Fenwick & Bailey make this video a must see for

Order your copy NOW !

Get all motos and finals for Junior Elite, Junior Elite Cruiser, Elite
Men and Elite Men crusier for $40 plus $5 postage and handling. Usual
cost $120. reduced now to $40! Add $25 for any extra class.

The video will also be available at
Any other BMX retailer wishing to stock the videos should contact Martin
Duffy (details below).

Place your order NOW on: (03) 6278 9917 or 0413 139 599 or E-mail:
or visit BMXBits.

Payment can be made by cheque or money order to:

Martin Duffy

Fifth Wall Productions

71 Pedder St


TAS 7008, Australia

For more information about the video click
here to see our review

28/08 Ultimate X comes to Australia

IMAX describes Ultimate X as:

“All the excitement and explosive drama of action sports is displayed
on the exhilirating giant screen in ULTIMATE X, a look into ESPN´s
massively popular Summer X Games. ULTIMATE X chronicles all the highlights
and dramatic stories behind the 2001 X Games in Philadelphia as it showcases
the eye-popping skateboarding, biking, moto X, and street luge competitions.”

The only mention BMX gets, in this description, is a single word “biking”,
but from what I have seen it has a much larger part in this landmark film.
Ultimate takes downhill BMX racing, dirt jumping and freestyle to the
biggest screens in the world. And every extreme sport enthusiast will
have their eyes opened to this great sport of ours. Let’s see that this
movie doesn’t have an effect on peoples outlook of BMX.

Ultimate X opens in Melbourne and Sydney on September 5. Check
for session times.

27/08 Answer Debuts Scythe Pro Prototype Fork

Valencia, CA, USA – This coming weekend Answer will release prototypes
of the Scythe Pro to three riders in two events.

Reno Nevada, ABA Blackjack Nationals: A Pro Robert Bebout

Louisville Kentucky, NBL Grands: AA Pro Jason Richardson, and A Pro Derek

The Scythe Pro has molded hi-density carbon with a completely integrated
crown with a 1 1/8″ 7075 aluminum steerer tube and a integrated stem
locking mechanism.

Answer Products –

26/08 South Eastern track upgrade

South Eastern BMX track, in Melbourne’s eastern suburb of Oakleigh,
has under gone a face lift.

Although the change is less significant than expected, the track is pretty
much the same shape it’s been for 20 or so years, just a little bit longer,
and a lot more technical. The first two straights have new larger jumps
and the rest of the track filled with smaller rhythm sections.

Riders like Norco’s Khalen Young were down at the track on Saturday making
it look easy and having a bit of fun.

Just like Frankston, I think the South Eastern track will be perfect for
the Victorian riders to prepare for the 2003 National and World championships,
both to be indoor. I’m assuming the tracks will be tight, fast and have
some peaky/technical jumps.

The track is still a little bumpy in places but I’m sure with the interclub
event this weekend many of the smaller issues will be ironed out. The
club has done a great job on the track and deserve a big pat on the back.

Click the images below for a better view or get down to the South Eastern
track on Sunday from about 10am to watch Victoria’s best riders put the
track through it’s paces.

first and last straight
second and third straights from third corner
second and third straights from second corner

24/08 SE Racing press release – SE Racing Returns,
Brings Back PK Ripper

Oakland NJ, USA— SE Racing, an authentic name from the heyday of
BMX, is back. Advanced Sports, owner of Fuji America, purchased the SE
Racing brand in a deal that closed August 12 in Taiwan. Included are well-known
model names like PK Ripper, LandingGear and Quadangle, and all design
rights. Word of a possible SE Racing purchase has circulated since June.

The 2003 line of BMX bikes and components will unveil at Interbike,

Billy Feamster, former owner of F&S Distributing, began developing
a BMX line for the company in January. Feamster, 39, was named SE Racing’s
Product Manger this week.

A BMX racer since ’79, Feamster spent 4 years as a pro before founding
F&S Distributing and Rad Accessories, makers of Rad frames, forks,
and components. He is designer of the Peregrine Power Pedal.

The new SE line includes five dirt bikes to retail from $170 to $450 and
three street bikes in the $200 to $400 range. Familiar SE names like Assassin,
Mauler, and Quadangle will be prominent.

The legendary PK Ripper model tops the BMX racing line which includes
the Floval Flyer and Mini Ripper. The line opens with the Bronco at $140
and runs to $500.

Landing Gear forks, SE Wing bars, stems, and chainwheels will be offered,
as will Mini Ripper and PK Ripper frames with Euro bottom brackets, Assassin
and Quadangle frames.

SE Racing plans to have bikes available at Saturday’s Demo Day, and will
exhibit next to Fuji Bikes at Interbike. The company says complete bikes
and parts will ship in October.

Fuji Bikes –

23/08 Tony Harvey’s signature number plates

2000 Australian Elite Champion, Tony Harvey, has hooked up with our
good friends at Dirt Designs and come up with his own signature number
plate, just another item in his growing range of HRV products available
on his website.

We are lead to believe there will be both pro and junior size plates available.

If you’re not familiar with Dirt Designs work, they have been the leading
manufacturer of number plates and custom plates in Australia for a number
of years now. They manufacture the full range of UCI/BMXAustralia compliant
colours. You may remember the Puckapunyal MidVic National presentation
plate, Dirt also do the Victorian Championship presentation plates.

Both Craig at Dirt and Tony are very happy with this plate and if Tony
has anything to do with it you will be seeing these plates on bikes near
you soon. If you don’t have one already you better get one quick before
Tony has a quiet word with your mom…or sister…or daughter…we believe
he’s quite persuasive.

You can buy the plate at all good bike shops or at
If you want to find out more about Dirt Designs check out their website

22/08 SE Racing is back??

SE Racing is still quite a popular brand amongst old school riders and
ebay traders, and when the comapny was sold to a foreign owners (some
time back now) it looked like SE was about to go mass market, but everything

There have been rumours that there’s a warehouse full of SE frames in
California, and that the legend Scot “The OM” Breithaupt (the
big daddy of BMX who started it all back in 1970) himself would get involved
in the rebirth of SE.

I’m a big fan of SE and still race a Quad, which is getting a little old
now. While contemplating what to ride after being so comfortable on the
Quad, I had a look around to see if it’s possible to chase a new one down.
Then, being the BMX geek that I am, I thought it would be cool to buy
the domain name, so I checked it out and to my surprise
there seems to be movement in the SE racing camp. I tried to get a bit
of information for other sources and email SE direct but I have found
nothing yet.

Check it out for yourself at
You’ll be the first to know if I find any further information.

21/08 Greg Romero’s 4 man pro only race

We were forwarded this email by Dale Holmes a couple of days ago, it seems
that Greg Romero has been inspired by John Purse and his Grind Series
and even the X-games downhill. Is the face of BMX racing as we know it
about to change? As this email is directed at Pro riders I don’t think
it tells the complete story, this will be one hell of a specticle…imagine
pros battling it out for only 4 positions in the main…it’s crazy enough
as it is with 8 spots. Good luck with it Greg.

Attention Professional Bmxer,

I am doing a 4-Man Pro race at my BMX compound during the ABA grands
weekend. It will be on Friday during their ROC pre-race; during the day
between 11am-3pm at the latest, so if you want to race the Friday night
“Pro Spectacular” for $800.00 you can still do that (remember,
the amateurs got all the hype). There will be a minimum $5000 pro purse.
I am working on getting a budget together and if I can get more money,
that would mean a larger and deeper payout.

For those of you that don’t know what the payout would be, it goes as

1st-$1200, 2nd-$1000, 3rd-$750, 4th-$500, 5th-$450, 6th-$400, 7th-$375,
8th-$325, Totaling $5000.00

There will be no entry fee and the race is open to all pro’s.

The last rodeo race I was at, I got 3rd in AA, and it paid $300.00 You
make top 8, you beat that. You won’t have to beat a guy who looks like
he should compete in a body building show to make $300!

The format will be 4 man motos taking the top 2 to the next round. If
you make it all the way to a final (there will be a consi final) at the
most you will run 4 laps. The course was built by Billy Au and we plan
on remodeling it for the race. It is no longer than 800ft. and no shorter
than 700ft. It is constructed out of red clay and features 3 turns with
technical jumps. It will be fun and won’t take much of your energy to
participate. There will be magazine coverage from Transworld, Moto mag,
BMX Plus!, Websites,etc…so you can justify supporting it with your respective
sponsors. I am also planning on having trophy girls for the podium shots.
There will be catered food,

drinks and amenities. My property has 3 acres and we have plenty of space
if you need it.

I am not asking for donations, donations will be appreciated (Jason Richardson
has pledged $1000!) however, I would really like you guys to participate
not only for the money, but for the respect for yourselves and the sacrifices
we make to compete in rodeo races where there is no valuable Magazine

I know you guys are tired of hearing me complain, and complaining is
very selfish, so I am taking action like McGoo, Huffman and Purse respectively.

ESPN spent $750,000.00 on the production for our Downhill BMX event!

Didn’t charge us entry fees and everyone that participated walked away
with $500.00 minimum. The Purse was worth $50,000! McGoo and ESPN are
acknowledging that we are the best in the world at what we do, but more
importantly, they believe in us and believe that BMX racing is rad.

The existing sanctions have over 50 years total experience and they haven’t
progressed at the rate that downhill has in the last 3 years. I am not
trying to reinvent the sport or put on a downhill series, I just want
us to take back OUR SPORT!

….And in return, make something better for the next generations. I
want to support you guys! We wouldn’t race if we didn’t have each other.
Will you support me?


Email me back and tell me what you think and if you want to participate.
Even if you reply: “Greg, &$^% you, I am paid to race rodeo only!”


Greg Romero

20/08 news

Getting closer to the business end of the year & the Pro Points are
starting to hot up!

Kyle Bennett has come of another consistant few weeks of racing,
Kyle is currently the UCI world ranked #1 male rider, this was acheived
with a win at the recent UCI World championship in Brazil. He also acheived
a silver medal at the recent X Games. Kyle is currently preparing to maintain
his lead in the NBL Pro Points at the upcoming NBL Grand Nationals &
try to come away with one of the highest honours in BMX today, the NBL
#1 AA Pro.

Warwick Stevenson has continued on his winning ways with no less
then 16 podium finishes over the recent ABA summer racing series, Podge
is the current ABA points leader in the AA class & is looking forward
to the challenge of defending his #1 ranking that he acheived last year.

Alice Jung is sharing the points lead at the moment & is nursing
a few injuries & is looking forward to some time of to heal &
prepare for the end of year battle at the ABA Grands. The current #1 girl
Pro will be seen in action at the upcoming ABA Black Jack national in

Luke Madill is currently in recovery mode, after his big crash
at Southpark during the summer tour were he shattered his arm in 5 places.
Look for Luke to make a full recovery from this injury early next year,
after he has the Norco Speed Metal & pins removed from his arm. All
jokes aside we wish him a speedy recovery, the current Australian Champion
is doing fine all things considered.

The above riders are all acheiving outstanding race finishes as a direct
results of using Sean Dwight Training Systems. Now you to can get a training
schedule designed for you aswell to help acheive your goals, it does not
matter what level you are currently at we at can design
a program to suit & improve your racing.

Check out
& drop Sean an email at

It’s no secret that the best BMXers in the world today choose Sean Dwight
Training Systems.

20/08 Victorian BMXers dominate 4 cross event

Redline Victoria’s Adam Robb reports from Trafalgar (about 1.5 hours
drive south east of Melbourne):

The BMXers dominated all day and a big reason for that was the gate
starts they were getting.

In D Class there were Simon Anderson and Damien Walzcuk.
Craig “Wally” Walczuk was going to race too, but in practice
he crashed from landing on the flat of the second big gap trashing his
rear wheel. Damien was sitting 2nd in his second race and

ran wide off the first big jump and crashed on the second big jump putting
him out for the day.

Simon went on to win the class for the day and received an $80- gift voucher
for a bike shop.

There weren’t any BMXers in the C class but there were 2 in the B class
and they dominated all day, the 2 riders were Jarl Jenson and Brendon
.These 2 riders rode well and Brendon was the only rider to beat
Jarl for the day. In the Semi finals Brendon couldn’t keep his bike low
enough over the second big jump, while he was in the lead, and flat landed
and put himself straight into a tree ending his day, it would have been
a good show down in the final between Jarl and Brendon. Jarl went on to
win the B Class.

In the A Class there were 4 Bmxers, Julian Millis, Danny “Thunder
Dan” Galea
, Carl Wilson and Khalen Young.

Julian rode well all day making it through to the Quarter final easy enough,
in the Quarter Julian slipped his while sitting in 2nd allowing the 2
riders behind to slip past. The track looked like it was very hard to
pass on so that was the end of Julian’s race. Julian couldn’t finish like
your average mountain biker though, he pulled a clean 360 off the last
jump. Carl had a good day coming through to the final pretty well and
while trying to pass Thunder for 2nd he slipped a pedal and finished 3rd.
Thunder rode strong all day with very strong gates, he was pretty much
unstoppable. In the final Thunder didn’t have time to set up on the gate
and got a bad start leaving Khalen to take the win.

It looked like every one enjoyed the day, I hope this sport takes off
in a big way. It definitely has potential.

We also spoke with Norco’s Khalen Young to see what he had to
say about the race:

“…super fast track…way better than BMX…I got a good start and
won the race from start to finish…I was clocked on the radar at 73kms
an hour which is haulin ass. The podium finish was 1st Khalen 2nd Thunder
3rd Carl and we are all on the Thunder Dan program. so what does that
say… ”

19/08 Sneak Preview: 2003 GTs

The 2003 model GTs are about to hit the shops Australia-wide and are
looking a little bit different to the GT’s of old, with a new lick of
paint and new componentry…but most importantly a new price.

The bikes will be on display at most major Victorian race events until
the end of the year, the next being the Interclub September 1 at the South
Eastern BMX track.

If you can’t make it to the track or you must see them now, follow the
links below to the spec sheets with pics of the new bikes from GT.

Any questions regarding the new 2003 GT line-up, or for your nearest
GT Dealer contact GT Bicycles Australia on (03) 8336 9908.

16/08 Troy Lee Designs News

Troy Lee Designs very own Stephanie TommersonFor
any of you who know her, she’s the shy voice on the phone handling the
BMX Dealer sales at TLD. But after work, she lights ’em up. Here’s TLD’s
own Stephanie Tommerson hittin it hard at the World Championships in Ontario,
CA, USA where she finished a strong 2nd place in the woman’s cruiser class.

Being narrowly beat out by only a tenth of a second.

Don’t be sayin’ we don’t know our products. We ride ’em, race ’em and
test ’em to the fullest extent of the law.

Whip it good!
– “for the world’s fastest racers”

15/08 Female BMX racing coaching clinic in Victoria

On Saturday 17th August at 11am at the Frankston BMX track will be Victoria’s
first all female coaching clinic. For just $10 all riders will receive
coaching and tips from Victoria’s fastest and most experienced female
BMX racers, and also a show bag loaded with goodies from the clinic sponsors.

If you will be attending or would like to know more information you can
email Elisa at
or phone her on (03) 5248 4776.

Don’t forget riders of all ages are more than welcome to attend, but the
clinic is strictly for female’s only.

14/08 Pazzaz News

Tawainese BMX manufaturer, Pazzaz, have been around for many years now
making great quality BMX parts at an affordable price. They also make
a great deal of OEM products (the gear that comes standard on a complete
bike), you may have seen their stems rebranded with Free Agent and other
logos. This year they have added some carbon fiber to the program, you
can either check their website at,
or you can see their full product range at

Alternatively you could try to catch them at any of the bike shows listed

EurobikeAug.18 to Sep.1B3-503
IFMASep.12 to Sep.1514.1-K79
IntermoteSep.18 to Sep.22B1-143
EICMASep.20 to Sep.234/Q06
InterbikeOct.6 to Oct.8to be advised

13/08 Race Report X-Games BMX Downhill
Woodward, PA

Woodward, PA is the Mecca for BMX riders worldwide and to have the BMX
Downhill event for this years X-Games was a dream come true for all who
attended. The entire Woodward and ESPN crew outdid themselves this year
with the best BMX track ever built. Massive jumps, some over 35 foot long,
filled a 47 second downhill course. The track started out completely different
from a traditional BMX track, with a 5 foot drop just out of the starting
gate. The riders would get about 1 1/2 rotations of the cranks before
the drop, where you had to jump out to hit the backside of the drop off.
The first straitaway continued with jumps limiting the riders to very
minimal pedaling, but the speeds rivaled any of the fastest BMX track,
with just the downhill slope. Riders would then funnel into the first
turn, where a a small step jump led them into the next turn. This was
the last semi flat section of the course, as now the riders went into
the real speed section of the course where a 40 foot drop off jump met
them. This was the most intimating jump on the course, then went into
a huge bowl turn. This led up a slight uphill section to a few sets of
difficult step jumps into a few sets of doubles into the last turn, where
3 sets of the largest doubles ever built on a track sat. The last 3 sets
had been giving many riders trouble, but when the riders had them down,
it was pure magic to watch.

Riders had a qualifying event on Saturday to give them gate pick as well
as set up the moto’s for Sunday. This may be the biggest BMX event of
2002, as the show will air on ABC TV in Prime Time on Sunday night as
well as ESPN Next Saturday and Sunday. Here is the airing schedule.

Saturday, August 17 Sunday, August 18

4-6 PM on ABC, 1-3 PM ABC & 7-9 PM ABC(times are eastern)

Here is how the Riders did at the X-Games in the main event:

Wade Bootes wasn’t able to compete in last years X-Games as he
was in Europe for a World Cup race, but as his schedule was open, he was
ready for the X-Games. After placing 3rd at the BMX world Championships
last week, Wade spent some more time on his BMX bike last week prepping
for the X-Games. Wade was in awe as he saw the track for the first time
and was having the time of his life in practice with the huge jumps and
high speeds. On Saturday, Wade qualified 6th overall and was excited to
race on Sunday. As the racing started, it was apparent that Wade was one
of the best riders on the track, as he made his way into the main event.
When the gate dropped, Wade was looking to make his move into the lead,
but a downed rider held him back a little before the first turn, slowing
him up a bit. With Robbie Miranda having the track so wired, he powered
his way into the lead, while Wade made his way into 4th, Wade rode an
excellent race and finished up in the same place 4th overall. Once again,
Wade proves what a great rider he is and how versatile he is as well.
Wade will be racing this upcoming weekend in Vermont, for the Norba Championship
in Mountain Cross, looking to add his 2nd MTB title for 2002. Wade’s Sponsors
include Trek, Volkswagen, O’Neal, Oakley Eyewear, AC Components, Vans
Shoes, Bombshell Forks, IRC Tires, THE numberplates and Pads, ATI Grips,
Marwi Ti Spokes, Powerbar, Head Lock, Double A Marketing, S & M Bars,
Toolshed Undergarments,,, and Champion Nutrition.

Jamie Staff returned back from England early in the week, from
his great week of racing at the Commonwealth Games, where he meddled in
2 different track cycling events. Jamie had a strong showing last year,
with a 4th place finish at the X-Games and had proven he can win on the
fast BMX race tracks as well as show his skills on the downhill tracks.
Jamie once again looked great on the Woodward course and his 10th place
in Qualifying times showed he was ready to get into the finals once again.
Jamie breezed his way into the main event. As the gate fell, Staff took
the early lead and as he entered into the first turn, another rider crashed
holding him up just enough for a few riders to get by. Jamie had to come
back from almost a dead stop and race back to 6th place by the finish.
It wasn’t the finish he wanted, but still an impressive day for the Haro/Lee
Pipes rider. Jaime’s Sponsors include Haro, Adidas, No Fear, Lee Pipes,
O’Neal Helmets, Hansens Energy, Tangent Numberplates and Pads, AC Components,
Smith Eye Wear, Maxxis Tires, Champion Nutrition, Answer Forks, Shimano,
Powerbar, Kicker, Bob’s Stores, Double A Marketing,, and Headlock.

Randy Stumpfhauser has been ruling the BMX scene this year and
2002 may go down as his best season ever. Stumpy looked at home on the
huge jumps a fast track. Many other riders picked him as one of the riders
to be in the main event and they were right, as Stumpy easily made his
way into the big show. As the gate fell, Randy knew the importance of
the first straitaway and tried his best to get out front. Unfortunately,
Stumpy bumped another rider, slipped his pedals and went down, not getting
the shot to take a top finish in the main event. Stumpy was still honored
and happy to be in the main event and land a huge spot in the X-Games
Coverage. Randy now will be getting ready for the NBL Grands, where he
is battling it out for the overall title. Randy’s sponsors include Huffy
Bicycles, Fox Racing, Smith Eye Wear, IRC Siren Tires, AC Components,
Vans Shoes, Marwi Ti Spokes, Alex Rims, Shimano, Wellgo, Velo, Powerbar,
Head Lock, CTI 2, Champion Nutrition, S & M Bars and Forks, Double
A Marketing, and

Thomas Allier and Warwick Stevenson were also both at the
X-Games but crashes kept them both out of the main event. Both riders
impressed the crowds with their skills. would like to congratulate Robbie Miranda, the winner
of the X-Games. He had a ton of pressure on him with the ESPN hype, and
his near win last year, and it was a great day for him. Robbie is one
of the nicest guys around and is a true role model for BMX.

X-Games BMX Downhill Results

1st- Robbie Miranda

2nd- Kyle Bennett

3rd- Robert Dewilde

4th- Wade Bootes – Trek/VW

5th- Matt Pohlkamp

6th- Jamie Staff – Haro/Lee Pipes

7th- Bubba Harris

8th- Randy Stumpfhauser – Huffy

Double A Marketing Proudly represents Thomas Allier, Wade Bootes, Dale
Holmes, Christophe Leveque, Robert MacPherson, John Parker, Stephane Roncada,
Jamie Staff, Warwick Stevenson, and Randy Stumpfhauser. For more information
on Double A Marketing or any of the riders, please tale a look at
or e-mail

12/08 Shepparton Race Report

The Northern Rivers Regional championships final round for 2002 were
held at Shepparton this year. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Shepparton,
and the track has changed considerably, with fast straights and corners
and very peaky jumps. For a winters day the weather was great, with only
a few minor showers (so minor the track was being watered to keep the
dust down), and I think I may have got a bit of sunburn.

There was a bit of a problem in the morning with the gate, delaying the
start of the meeting but once the well oiled Northern Rivers machine kicked
in the meeting was running through quite quickly. We are told that this
hasn’t happened before but there will be a new gate at Shepparton soon.

In the pro class there were 2 full gates with the likes of local boys
Levi Collins, Nathan Barker and Nathan May. Those who made the journey
from the south were Adam Robb, Jonathan Hoare, Simon Anderson and’s
Shane Jenkins. Also attending his first race in a while was Luke Chmielewski
flying the flag, unfortunatly he just missed the cut for
the final.

In the motos Anderson went bush trying to come out of the first corner
and found himself having to make up a lot of ground in the two last straights.
Jenkins was surprising even the favourite Collins drag racing with him
down the first straight.

Just before the third moto Brian Kelly told me that his 20inch days might
be over, he’ll be concentrating on a cruiser in preparation for the 2003
season. Brian is a very experienced rider and has a well decorated career
on the 20 inch. Many times in the top 2 in his class at national level.
After his fall while winning the world championships 30-34 cruiser final
in Melbourne in 98, I’m sure he’s motivated to finish of the job next

When the gate dropped in the main it was all Collins and Robb down the
first straight, closely followed by Hoare, Anderson, Barker and Jenkins.
Levi’s local track knowledge gave him the advantage and he took the race
in fine style.

Photos and full results to follow.

Pro Results

1. Levi Collins (TotalBMX/Huffy)

2. Adam Robb (Redline Victoria)

3. Nathan Barker

4. Simon Anderson

5. Jonathan Hoare (KHS)

6. Justin Cook

7. Shane Jenkins (

8. Nathan May (TotalBMX/Huffy)


click for larger posterLocation:

Les Goudes in Marseilles – France


August 23/24/25, 2002

Admission free

International Competition of BMX/Water-jump


> pros < (inscription 16 euros)

> amateurs < (inscription 8 euros)

Opened to all as from 13 years.


Prize Money for Pros and equipments, donations for amateurs.

Friday, 23/08/02


Catch of free inscriptions Tests – Session open to all the registered
voters (as from 13 years)

From 19 H – Evening Free Party


Water Jump’s Jam

Show of Water Jump “sound & lights”

Contest of “mechanical Rodeo”

free Concerts

Saturday, 24/08/02




Free tests – Practices


Qualifications category “Minots” and “Galinettes”


Qualifications category “Gagios” and “Papets”

From 19 H – Evening Free Party

Free Aperitif

Free Concerts

Best Jam of Water-Jump + show “Sound & lights”

Best tricks

Tentative of records of long jump

Contest of “mechanical Rodeo”

“Body-Performances” (Exhibitions by piecing’s professionals)

Sunday, 25/08/02

11h/13h : Practices

13h/16h: Finals “Minots”, “Galinettes” & “Papets”

16h/17h: Finale “Gagios” amateurs

17h/18h: Finale “Gagios” pros

18h30: Handing-over of Prices

07/08 Jamie Staff update

While we were on top of things last week we forgot to do a final update
after Jamie Staff’s last race at the Commonwealth Games. And as we predicted
it was a top 2 finish for Jamie and his fellow englishmen, silver in the
team track sprint event. Once again the English team were beaten by the
strong Australians. We hear that Jamie will be spending some time in Australia
early next year with the English team to get some Veledrome training and
racing in with the Australians.

05/08 Shepparton entry form

The Northern Rivers regional championships comes to an end this weekend
at Shepparton, in central Victoria. (The original venue Puckapunyal is
still closed for racing.)

If you are looking for somewhere to race or to check out the BMX racing
action, click here to download the
entry form
(word document), which contains all the details.

05/08 Dale Holmes Signs with Huntington Beach, CA USA. August 2002. – The 2001 UCI
World Champion, Dale Holmes will now be under the marketing direction
of Double A Marketing. Dale, who is one of the most consistent BMX riders
on the Pro tour, has had one of the most decorated BMX careers, winning
the UCI World Championships 2 times, winning the ABA and NBL #1 Pro Cruiser
titles, as well as numerous European and British Championships. Dale was
one of the true pioneers of European BMX riders to migrate to the USA
to race and live, and was a member of the highly regarded GT BMX Team.
After winning the UCI worlds in 2001, his then sponsor decided to not
renew his contract, leaving Dale with a huge decision. But unlike many
other riders, Dale rose to the occasion and moved forward, setting up
sponsorship for himself to the best of his abilities, so he could continue
on with doing what he loves to do- Race bicycles!

2002 has been a great year for Dale, as he has stayed on the BMX pro tour
with great results, as he currently sits in the top five for AA pro in
the ABA, as well as starting to race on the UCI World Cup tour for Mountain
bikes, and having great success in his first season, where he currently
sits in the top 10 of the most elite pros in the world. Dale has done
all this with some limited help from his current sponsors, Oneal/Azonic,
UGP, ODI, Tioga, Smith, Supercross, Atomic, and Shimano, but most of the
funding for his 2002 season has come from himself. We here at
applaud such an effort by an individual and we feel excited and honored
to work with a rider with such determination and drive.

Now with the help of, Dale can truly fully concentrate on
racing only, and it should make a difference in his results, which are
already very impressive. Dale looks to continue on racing the BMX pro
tour, as well as adding all of the UCI and Norba races into his schedule
for 2003. Such a rider does not come available often and this is one marketing
opportunity that should not be passed up. We are currently fielding all
offers for Dale, so if you have any questions about sponsorship, please
contact proudly represents Thomas Allier, Wade Bootes, Dale Holmes,
Christophe Leveque, Robert MacPherson, John Parker, Stephane Roncada,
Jamie Staff, Warwick Stevenson, and Randy Stumpfhauser

For more information please visit
or e mail

02/08 Sneak preview: 2003 One Bicycles race frame.

It’s not often we get an early look at new race products, click the image
to the left and see a closer image of the (full) One Bicycles 2003 race
frame.One Bicycles, from Holland, are not new to the BMX scene they have
been dominating Europe for many years and have made a move into the US
market. With slick frames like this I don’t think it will be long before
we see One Bicycles in Australia too.

For more information on One Bicycles check out their website at


02/08 More Jamie Staff News

Jamie Staff (Haro) has finished just out of the medals in 4th place
for the Commonwealth Games Track Sprint. An old friend, ex-patriot Matt
Burrows from Tennessee reminded us that it was Jobie Daijka who is a former
Australian champion who beat Jamie for the bronze medal.

Jamie has one more crack at the gold in the Team Sprint tonight, it’s
going to be tough against the strong Australian team. If I had to make
a prediction I’d have to say that Jame is going to end up with another
medal, it’s just a question of silver or gold.

02/08 Pepsi Max Press Release



The country’s top freestyle demo team, the Pepsi Max Team, is offering
someone the ultimate summer job, working with the crew on its national
tour of music and lifestyle festivals this summer. The Pepsi Max Team
is about to embark on its fourth national tour, taking in events from
Brisbane to Perth, performing its internationally unique demo combining
choreographed skateboarding, inline skating, freestyle motocross and BMX
action performed on purpose-built equipment. The set features a competition-sized
halfpipe (vert) ramp with a massive roll-in, a 360-degree vertical loop
and a massive motocross ramp that sends the freestyle motocross rider
soaring above the heads of all three riders on the vert ramp.


With a dozen world and national titles between them, 26-year-old BMX rider
Tim Wood (QLD), and 24-year-old inline skater Matt Salerno (NSW) are back
for their respective 3rd and 4th seasons on the Max Team. Back in 2002

commencing their 2nd season, are Australia’s skateboard vert powerhouse,
27-year-old Brad Drury (VIC) and No. 1 Supercross and freestyle motocross
rider, 21-year-old Jono Porter (QLD).


The fourth Pepsi Max Team summer tour will kick off in October at the
Livid 2002 – One Day Series music festival events in Brisbane (Saturday,
October 12), Melbourne (Saturday, October 19) and Sydney (Sunday, October
20). The

Max Team will appear on the bill alongside Aussie legends Powderfinger
and UK bad boys of rock Oasis, plus a host of local and international
rock and dance offerings.

The rest of the tour will see the Max Team at major youth and community
festivals around Australia, wrapping up in March 2003. Complete tour dates
will be announced in September.


There is someone out there who has what it takes to Complete the Crew
and land one of the best summer jobs in the country. The Pepsi Max Team
is looking for the final member to complete the tour work crew – applications

are open now!

“This is hard labour meets good times…”

The successful applicant will get to travel around Australia, bringing
the Pepsi Max Team show to major music festivals and public events. The
job will include driving one of the Max Team trucks, building and taking
down the set

and just about anything that’s required to make the show happen.

For news and information about the Pepsi Max Team and Complete the Crew
online applications…

01/08 More Jamie Staff News

Just a quick update, I finally got to see Jamie race in his Track
Sprint quarter final, he looks strong, very strong. The commentators were
talking about his raw strength but limited track smarts. From what I saw
it won’t take much for him to get experience up, he’s only done 3 track
races before this.

Jamie was beaten in the semi and soon will battle it out for 3rd and 4th

31/07 More Jamie Staff News

It’s difficult to see anything on the Commonwealth Games in Australia
unless there’s an Australian athlete in the shot, but I’ve been doing
my best to follow Jamie Staff’s progress.

Last night in qualifying heats for the Men’s Track Sprint Jamie had broken
the Commonwealth Games record only to be beaten by 1/1000th of a second,
he qualified in second place and after the 8th finals is still looking
the goods for this event.

His quarter final is on today 31 Jul 2002 at 11:00am Manchester England
time. Jamie looks set to take another medal, can he make it Gold this
time? Time will tell. Best of luck Jamie from the crew.

31/07 BMXVictoria’s 2002 Interclub – Sunday 1st September

What’s an Interclub?

· It’s a great, low cost, relaxing day designed for riders to have
fun whilst earning points for their Club.

· It’s the only event on the Victorian calendar where the riders
compete for points for their Club. The Club with the most points after
4 motos wins the Interclub Trophy at the end of the day, recognising it
as the 2002 Victorian Interclub Champions.

· The Victorian Interclub is held once a year at the same track
as the Victorian State Championships, allowing riders to try out the track
prior to the State Titles.

· This year, South Eastern BMX Club will host the event.

Who is Eligible to Ride?

· Any BMX open licensed or participation rider can ride and earn
points for their home Club (Club shown on licence).

How Do I Enter?

· You can enter only through your Club Secretary. There are no
entry forms available to individual riders. To enter, please contact your
Club Secretary.

What’s the Victorian Interclub Teams Challenge Relay?

· An exiting and enjoyable relay event for all team members and
spectators consisting of one elimination round and a tiebreaker, if more
than eight (8) teams are entered.

· Each Club nominates a Team of four (4) riders consisting of:

· One 16 or over rider

· One 13 – 15 rider

· One 8 – 12 rider

· One rider of any competition age.

· The challenge is run in the form of a relay with the “16
or over” rider starting first and the “any competition age”
rider last. Each rider completes one lap of the track. Upon completion
the team manager signals for the next rider to start.

· The Club winning the Teams Challenge will be presented with a
trophy recognising it as the 2002 Victorian Interclub Teams Challenge

Will Your Club Be Number 1 THIS YEAR?

31/07 Metro Plate Round 8 and Overall Results

The Victorian Metro Plate series cam to an end on the weekend at the
Lilydale BMX track, we don’t have a report for you because we weren’t
there but here’s the results:

Round 8 Results Lilydale

Overall Series Results

30/07 t-shirt photos

Two weeks ago we announced the coming of the t-shirts, well
they’re here and they’re selling like hot cakes. Where can you get yours
from? You could contact at
or you can buy them at any race the crew will be attending
– the next race for us is August 11th at Shepparton, Victoria.Only adult
sizes small, large and extra large are currently available. There are
one or two Navy t-shirts, but the rest are all black. They will only be
$AUS15 until August 11th, after that they will be $19, that means that
these t-shirts are less than $US10 (postage and handling extra).


29/07 Jamie Staff Wins Bronze

Last night at the Commonwealth Games in Manchester England NBL’s #1
AA Pro Jamie Staff (Haro) won his first Games medal at the National Cycling
Centre veledrome in the 1000m Time Trial.

Jamie’s first 250m was only 2/1000 of a second slower than the gold medal
winner Chris Hoy from Scotland who went on to break the Commonwealth Games
record, after the first 250m Jamie seemed to fade but did enough to tip
out Benny Kirsten of Australia for the Bronze.

Jamie will get a days rest before competing in the track sprint qualifiers
on Tuesday 30th, the finals will be on Wednesday. He’s also competing
in the teams track sprint on Friday 2nd August. This is one powerful BMXer.

29/07 2002 UCI Worlds Results

If you are looking for this years UCI World Championships results,
the only place for full comprehensive coverage is the UCI website, check
it out at

29/07 Race Report – UCI World Championships Paulinia, Brazil

On Friday, July 26th, The UCI BMX World Championships kicked off with
the Cruiser races in beautiful Paulinia, Brazil. With one of the best
tracks in World Championship history, the riders were stunned when the
entered the awesome arena where the race was to be held. A smooth tacks
was highlighted with a huge Pro section, for the elite riders to take,
and the Pros were happy to see such a sight. Wade Bootes commented on
this as a real BMX track, perfect for the pro riders to show the world
their true skills.

Friday night kicked off the World Championship quest, as the Cruiser riders
in the junior elite and Senior elite classes raced for the much sought
after rainbow stripped jersey and gold medal. The Elite main event was
packed with international stars, with riders like Stumpfhauser, Becerine,
Prokop and Boutte.

All day in qualifying, Randy Stumpfhauser was looking as the fastest rider,
being unbeaten all day strait up to the main event. He lined up for the
main with determination in his eyes, as he knew he could take the title.
As the gate fell, it was Team USA’s Randy Stumpfhauser with the
holeshot and the power to take the victory. As Stumpy held his lead up
to the pro section, he aired it out, with style on his way to his first
Pro World Championship victory! The crowd erupted with joy, as Randy is
an international superstar and it showed with his fans in Brazil. This
may have been one of Randy brightest moments in BMX, but look to take
it one step further on Sunday when the Elite men’s 20″ race lines
up for competition.

Randy’s sponsors include Huffy Bicycles, Fox Racing, Smith Eye Wear,
IRC Siren Tires, AC Components, Vans Shoes, Marwi Ti Spokes, Alex Rims,
Shimano, Wellgo, Velo, Powerbar, Head Lock, Revenge, CTI 2, Champion Nutrition,
S and M Bars and Forks, Double A Marketing, and

UCI World Championship Elite Cruiser Results


Huntington Beach, CA USA

Double A Marketing proudly represents Thomas Allier, Wade Bootes, Christophe
Leveque, Robert MacPherson, Stephane Roncada, John Parker, Jamie Staff,
Warwick Stevenson, and Randy Stumpfhauser

For more information please visit
or email

25/07 Team Huffy/TotalBMX Rumours

One of Australia’s largest race teams, Team Huffy/TotalBMX, consisting
of around 20 members, lead by Cameron Murray are in for some big changes.

We hear that the team will be no longer riding Huffy at the end of the
year, and they will also be weaing totally new nylons.

The name will also change to Team AXO, that’s right, we hear that Cameron
has negotiated a deal that should see his team suited up by the 2002 Victorian
State Championships in November this year.

Look out for Team AXO this summer, it will be impossible to miss them.

22/07 One Bicycles in Australia

One Bicycles out of the Netherlands have built up a name for themselves
in Europe and are currently being distributed in the US as well. They
now have quite a large range of products from racing frames to clothing
and a whole lot in between. Like many manufacturers in Europe and America
they are looking for ways to sell their products in the Asia Pacific region,
more specifically Australia.

If you’re interested in the One product range and maybe distributing in
Australia check out their website at,
or contact them directly via email at
Don’t forget to tell them that sent you.

22/07 Puckapunyal BMX Club news

The Puckapunyal BMX Club would like to call a Special General Meeting
on Saturday the 27th of July at 2:00pm at the Puckapunyal Scout hall.
(Directions: The Scout hall is in the area opposite the tennis courts
(next to Frontline) off Labuan St. Vehicle access is through Alamein Road.)

Whether you are a club member, interested in BMX racing, or interested
in having the Puckapunyal track reopened for everyday use you might find
attending this meeting worth while.

The Puckapunyal BMX Club is now 21 years old, quite an effort for a country
BMX club, however since December the club has been left in limbo due to
a preliminary Occupational Health and Safety report. To the best knowledge
of the club the official report is still yet to be carried out. A working
bee was called when the preliminary report received, and many of the items
on the report rectified, the remaining issues would take very little time
moving some dirt with a bobcat or the likes.

With club members and locals left floundering and many other people willing
to try BMX racing for the first time we will try to offer alternatives
until a final decision has been made about the future of the club. The
main objective of the club now is to create a safe and fun track and environment
for the youth of Puckapunyal and the surrounding area.

If you are interested in attending the meeting you could contact the
club on 03 8300 7530 or refer to the details above. (Note: a drivers licence
will be required to enter the Puckapunyal area.) If you can’t be at the
meeting but wish to show your support please feel free to call the club
or email

19/07 Khalen Young’s new t-shirt

Current Australian Junior Elite Champion, Khalen Young (Norco), has agreed
to wear the brand new t-shirts, he has already had
stickers on his bike for a while now.

Khalen is one of the biggest names on the Australian pro circuit today,
we are proud to have him help promote our website.

He will be taking a couple of t-shirts with him to the UCI World Championships
in Brazil next weekend.

What would you have to do for one of these limited edition t-shirts? If
you don’t have a sexy sister to offer him in exchange, you might have
to buy one through the website. would like to wish Khalen the best of luck at the World Championships.

19/07 Introducing the PHOTO BMX website

Some of you may remember Trackside BMX? well Trackside is now closed to
make way for a new site this is a new race site from
Australian racer Brad Ross. The site will be jam packed with racing photos
from race meet all over AUS, the site currently has around 400+ photos
from some of this years huge events including, Track Attack series, ACT
Tittles, DK masters, Australian Titles, and as well as a few round of
the metro plate and northern rivers series.

But it’s not just photos, they do have several results, including points
from the metro plate and northern rivers series, also there will be a
small interviews page…check it out for yourself

18/07 Meet the 2002 European Champions

The European championships ended this weekend at Esselbach in Germany.

Meet the big sensation of European BMX for 2002. It’s his first year racing
in the junior elite class at the European Championships.

After 8 out of 10 races, he had won 6 of them, and already had the series
wrapped up.

Who is he? Arthur Matisson from Latvia. Some of you might remember
the 1997 World Junior Elite champion from Latvia, Ivo Lakucs, who finished
2nd last year at the UCI world championships, in the senior elite class
to Dale Holmes. It appears that the Latvians will be the riders to look
out for this year at the World Championships.

Arthur also finished up number 2 on the cruiser.

Will he be the next World Junior Elite Champion?

Team B-52’s Florent Boutte, of France, took the European crown
in the Senior Elite class just ahead of Ivo Lakucs.

Thanks to Cyrille Olive for the pictures and info.

17/07 offers web services has been around since late 1996, our webmaster Shane
Jenkins has been in the IT industry since the early 90’s, and is currently
working as a web engineer (internet programmer) for a multi-national software

Having raced BMX since 1981 this positions Shane as one of the leading
webmasters in BMX today.

We at would like to share our experiences and knowledge with
anyone in need. Some people we have worked with in the past include BMXVictoria, and

Our services include:

Setting up websites, domain registration, web design, webpage templates,
video editing, search engine optimisation, flash, shockwave, training.

We also help with product promotion (press releases, product reviews and
so on) at and have worked with many companies over the years
including Troy Lee Designs, Pazzaz, Answer BMX, ATi, Norco, Dirt Designs,
just to name a few.

If you’re interested in using our services contact us at,
for further information.

16/07 Team ONE Bicycles. EUROPEAN CHAMPION

Round 9 and 10 of the Euroepan Championship turned out to be awesome for
ONE Bicycles.

Arturs Matisons (ONE) was already sure of his title in Junior Men.
He won 7 out of 10 races.

In cruiser he was leading until he hit a jump and moved his handlebar….this
was making it almost impossible to finish, but he managed to grab 2nd
place in Junior curiser.

Pablo Guitteriez is the new champion in Junior Men.

Dennis Wissink (Schijf/ONE) just recovered from a dislocated shoulder,
did what he did last year. He took the title in Elite cruiser.

On saturday he crashed and dislocated his shoulder again.

Jana Horakova (ONE) was doing very well all year in her first year
in Elite women.

She won saturdays race and took a 2nd on Sunday.

Aivars Buris (ONE) took a 2nd place in Elite Men on saterday, but
couldn’t make the main event on Sunday.

Most impressive guy in Elite Men was Lukas Panka from Czech Republic.
He was sooo fast.

The title for trade teams went to ONE Bicycles.

The riders had an incredible weekend, and did very well all year.

They will be present at the UCI worlds in Brasil.

15/07 t-shirts on the way

After nearly 6 years is finally about to release it’s first t-shirt.

Initially there will be a limited run to gauge the demand, and we’ll see
how things pan out from there.

The design was inspired by our new mascot (left – click the image to get
a good look at the t-shirt) and looks nearly exactly like to one he’s
wearing only we decided to drop the “www.”. It’s black with
white print simply saying “”.


We’re unsure of the price so far but we plan on making it affordable for
everyone, somewhere around the $AUS15 mark.

We don’t plan on making money out of this excercise, however any money
made will either go back into the website or into making the next batch
of t-shirts.

Only sizes Medium, Large and Extra large will be available and black will
be the only colour.

Remember this is a limited run, so if you are interested in reserving
a t-shirt drop us an email at

If all goes well they should be available at the end of this week.


UCI World Continental Ranking!

The UCI BMX World Continental Ranking is just about to be finalized, at
the World Championships we will find out who will be World Ranked No 1.
30.000 Swiss Franc will be distributed among the top male and female rider
on each continent as well as the top 8 world ranked men and the top 5
world ranked women. With the double points for the World Championships,
participation in the World’s are a must if a rider wants to end up in
top World Ranking.

With the entries closed for the World Championships, the following riders
attending the World’s in Brazil will also be favorites for the UCI BMX
World Ranking: Kyle Bennett (USA), Greg Romero (USA), Christian Gaete
(CHI), Florent Boutte (FRA), Michal Prokop (CZE), Michal Robinson (AUS).

Among the women, Gabriella Diaz (ARG), Natarsha Williams (AUS), Helena
Aubry (FRA), Elodie Ajinca (FRA) and Joyce Moretti (BRA) are the top contenders
at this moment for the overall ranking.

To view the current points standing, please visit:

Prize money at the World Championships

The prize money for the World Championships as well as for the UCI BMX
Ranking will not be paid in cash after the event (as in previous years).
To follow the same procedure as in other UCI cycling disciplines and events,
the prize money won be riders will be wire transferred (in seven days
after the event) to each rider’s federation. Each rider can thereafter
collect the prize money through his/hers federation.

2002 UCI BMX Convention

This years BMX Convention will be held on July 25th, 2002. During the
convention we will have Dr. Alexandre Ferreiro (Brazil), an orthopaedic
surgeon with years of BMX experience, present his view on BMX sports medicine.
Mr. Michel Lalande (FRA) will talk about coaching and Mr Fransisco Silveira
will present a new digital video finish line system. We will also see
presentations from the organizers of the 2003 World Championships in Perth,
Australia and the 2004 World Championships in Valkenswaard, Netherlands.Invitation
has been sent out to all National Federations.

Please note that the Convention has been moved to the City Hall in Paulinia,
shuttle buses has been arranged to take delegates from Hotel Royal Palm

Combined classes for the World Championships

With less than 9 riders in each class (according the UCI BMX Rule Book,
Section X, B 3) the following classes will be combined; Girls 5-7, Girls
8 and Girls 9 will be combined, Girls 10 and Girls 11 will be combined,
Girls 12 and Girls 13 will be combined as well as Women Cruiser 18 &
under which will be combined with Women Cruiser 19 & over.

For more UCI information check the UCI website at

12/07 A chat with Khalen Young (Norco)

Khalen Young stepped into the limelight (for most) when he crashed at the Australian
national championships last year in the junior elite final. It wasn’t
the crash that did it for him it was the way he looked at the big doubles
in the second straight when he got back up.

While some people knew what he was capable of, many looked on wondering
what he had up his sleeve. With the whole crowd watching on Khalen back
flipped a double with ease
while many were struggling to just jump
it, the crowd went wild.

All that is history now, he’s on the Norco star studded line up and current
Australia junior elite and junior elite cruiser and in a couple of weeks,
when he heads to Brazil for the UCI world championships he may just make
history again.

We interupted Khalen’s busy schedule for a bit of a chat, to get an idea
of what’s going through his head leading up to the biggest race of the
year. We hear a rumour that you’ve been on the Sauce, what’s
going on there?

Khalen: There’s a lot of speculation about that…I’ve heard this
at the track already…but who you gonna believe…the guy looping out
on the first straight coz he’s got to much horse power or the guy in second
who can’t catch him? You must be excited about the World Championships after
such a good run at the Australian championships this year?

Khalen: Yeah…well, sorta…I would have really liked to be a lot better
prepared. You really can’t get ready for a world titles in 8 weeks, but
BMXAustralia are paying for me to go so I’ll give it a shot. What do you look forward to most about going to Brazil?

Khalen: I wanna go to the beaches and check out the brazilian women…they
are meant to be pretty good over there. Plus I wanna ride the worlds track
as well. What is your best finish at a world championships to

Khalen: I got 8th in Melbourne in ’98. How’s your training going?

Khalen: The “Thunder” Dan (Galea) program is going pretty sweet…Saturday
nights are always a blast with Dan. How permanent is your move to Melbourne?

Khalen: Hopefully when I get back from the worlds I’m going to get a job
of some sort and hopefully move into my own place. Have you done many dirt jumping competitions lately?

Khalen: No, not lately theres really hasn’t been any unless you wanna
go to beenleigh or ACT. So I think the next comp I will be entering in
the dirt jump comp at the winter X-games in Sept. Is there anything you want to tell the rest of the Jnr
Elite class at the worlds?

Khalen: I would tell them that I teach Steve (The Croc Hunter) how to
ride a BMX, and in exchange he teaches me how to wrestle with a croc. What would take bigger balls, double back flips or downhill

Khalen: To do a double flip you need more brains than balls, but to race
downhill BMX you need big brass balls. Who wants to fall of at 60/70 kms
an hour. Is it true you have ADD (attention deficit disorder)?

Khalen: I might do but I’ve never been taken to the doctors about it.
It could also be due to the fact that during the week I don’t wake up
till 1-2 o’clock usually. So I have a lot a energy to burn…plus when
I go to BMX I also listen to music which hypes me a little…but I got
a new game plan…I’m going to start drinking concentrated red cordial
so I should be able to beat Madill, Hawkins, and all the other fast guys
in AA-pro.

Khalen has agreed to do a full interview when he gets back from the World
championships, be sure to check that out, in the mean time you could check
his sponsors website at

11/07 New Dirt Designs T-shirts

Australian BMX number plate manufacturer, Dirt Designs, have been pumping out number
plates for many years now and have positioned themselves as Australia’s
leading number plate manufacturer.

To compliment the range of number plates they will soon be making pad
sets and t-shirts. All the sponsored riders will be wearing a limited
edition t-shirt which is a two colour baseball style, but when the t-shirts
hit the shelves for the mass market they will be a single colour t-shirt
with a two colour print.

Why would you want to pay $AUS40+ dollars for a US made t-shirt when you
can pick one of these puppies up for around $AUS20.

More information on the pads when it comes to hand.

If you’d like to find out more about Dirt Designs check out

09/07 Knox Results

With the South Eastern BMX track undergoing a massive amount of work,
their round of the Metro Plate series was run at the Knox track. After
a week of heavy rain and wind it was surprising that the track was in
such good condition, it was a little soft, but not too bad considering.

The turn up was quite poor, I think it’s a reflection of how badly BMXVictoria
are communicating with it’s riders, and potential riders right now. Their
website isn’t being updated and it’s impossible to get your hands on an
entry form or up to date calendar. You’ll be able to find more entry forms
here at with the Northern Rivers Region
leading the way, providing us with entry forms for 2 up coming races.

It was good to see Jane Ollerenshaw, the factory Iron Horse mountain biker,
in the 19+ Ladies cruiser class…back on a BMX bike after a lot of years.
We hear it won’t be long before she’ll be on a 20inch racing in the AA
women’s class.

Also the youngster of the Norco team David Page was up and down in the
motos but when it came to the finals he had all the right moves to take
the win in the 15 Boys class.

AA Pro, Khalen Young (Norco) was seen ripping up the track in practice
until he looped out on the first jump, he injured himself and tore his
seat off right off the rails. He decided to call it quits for the day
but hung out with Danny “Thunder” Galea (Iron Horse) on the
side lines for the first couple of motos.

There were only 4 riders competing in the AA Pro mens class, which was
pretty ordinary, and I think it will be some time before there are enough
AA pros in Victoria to make this class exciting again. Levi Collins had
a strong hold on the class all day with Luke Pretlove close behind (still
recovering from his hand injury), leaving former team mates Dean Beerens
and Adam Robb fighting out for third.

The A pro men saw 11 riders fighting it out for the 8 places in the main,
and the competition was tight, after 3 motos 6 riders were locked on equal
points for 2nd place.

When the gate dropped in the main Tuckerman, Hoare, Miller and Jenkins
got the snap with the others close behind. The big doubles in the first
straight saw Tuckerman, Hoare and Miller take to the sky and the rest
of the pack took the low road. Tuckerman took the line honors with Hoare
and Miller close behind.

A Pro Men

1. Brock Tuckerman
2. Jonathan Hoare
3. Dean Miller
4. Jarl Jenson (
5. Nathan Barker
6. Shane Jenkins (
7. Anthony Gray
8. Nathan May (Huffy/TotalBMX/Blowfly)

AA Pro Men

1. Levi Collins (Huffy/TotalBMX)
2. Luke Pretlove (Redline Vic)
3. Dean Beerens (Top Gear cycles)
4. Adam Robb (Redline Vic)

AA Pro Women

1. Emma Franklin
2. Jackie Babbington
3. Kylie Gray (Redline Vic)
4. Elisa Foley

08/07 NBL Stars & Stripes National Southpark, PA

The NBL Pro tour held stop number 8 of the 2002 season at one of the
best BMX tracks in the World, South Park, PA. It is one of the fastest
and most technical BMX tracks the USA has to offer on the national tour,
and the pro riders cant wait for a chance to ride there each season. The
premier track in all of BMX held its annual National event with sunny
sky’s, and the top BMX pros in the world sprinting down the long jump
filled track looking for a spot in the winners circle.

Randy Stumpfhauser is currently in a close battle for the lead
in the NBL pro points and he was looking to close up the gap a bit this
weekend. Once again, with 2 days of incredible riding, Stumpy did just
that with a 4th place finish on Saturday and a huge AA pro win on Sunday,
taking him even closer to #1. It was just a week ago that Randy added
a 4th to his incredible list of NBL AA race results, and now with two
more great results, he moves even closer to the top. Look for stumpy to
be a force to reckon with at the NBL Grands, the last race to decide the
NBL #1 Pro of the year. Stumpys next big race will be The UCI BMX Worlds
in Brazil on July 28th. Look for Stumpy to better his 2 3rd place finishes
from last years worlds.

Randy’s sponsors include Huffy, Fox, Smith Eye Wear, IRC Tires, AC Components,
Vans, Marwi Ti Spokes, Powerbar, Head Lock, Revenge, CTI 2, Champion Nutrition,

Double A Marketing proudly represents Thomas Allier, Wade Bootes, Christophe
Leveque, Robert MacPherson, John Parker, Stephane Roncada, Jamie Staff,
Warwick Stevenson, and Randy Stumpfhauser. For more information please
visit or e mail

08/07 Female BMX racing coaching clinic postponed

Elisa from the Chicks on wheelz website contacted us yesterday to
tell us the all female coaching clinic set to happen on Thursday at the
Frankston track has been postponed.

The only details we have is that the coaching clinic should take place
some time in August…contact Elisa at
for details.

08/07 Northern Rivers Regional Championships Entry Forms

The Northern Rivers Region is probably the fastest growing region
in Victoria at the moment and the fastest at running race meetings.

There are still 3 more rounds of their series to go, of which we have
entry forms for 2 rounds and news that the final round on the 11th of
August will be held at Shepparton, since Puckapunyal can’t hold meetings
at the moment.

14/07 Round 6 Sunbury Click for
entry form
(word document).

04/08 Round 7 Benalla Click for
entry form
(word document)

11/08 Final Round Shepparton (entry form to come).

Check out the entry forms for contact details and further information.

03/07 Puckapunyal Track Still Closed

The Puckapunyal BMX Track has been closed since late December, all
due to a preliminary Occupation Health and Safety report deeming it “unsafe”.
Despite a lot of work by members of the club, the official report has
not yet been carried out. It appears it won’t be open for the final round
of the Northern Rivers Regional series in just over a months time.

“It is unfortunate for the club, but it’s totally beyond our control”
says Shane Jenkins, Puckapunyal BMX Club president, “it’s sad to
think that after 21 years of service to the Puckapunyal area that the
track can be tied up like this. The official report hasn’t even been carried
out yet, despite our every effort to provide Puckapunyal’s Infrastructure
Division with official documentation and assistance where requested. The
whole thing can be contributed to the insurance scare that’s taking it’s
toll on many Australian sports, but the one question is still yet to be
answered, is there insurance for those who use the Puckapunyal skate park
or golf course.”

It’s now up to the Northern Rivers Region to decide where the regional
championship finals will be held on August 11th.

The club will dedicate it’s time now on having the track reopened, there
will be a meeting at the Puckapunyal scout hall on July 27th at 2:00pm.
If you require further details you can email the club at

02/07 Female BMX racing coaching clinic in Victoria

On Tuesday the 9th of July at 11pm at the Frankston BMX track will be
Victoria’s first all female coaching clinic. For just $10 all riders will
receive coaching and tips from Victoria’s fastest and most experienced
female BMX racers, and also a show bag loaded with goodies from the clinic

If you will be attending or would like to know more information you can
email Elisa at
or phone her on (03) 5248 4776.

Don’t forget riders of all ages are more than welcome to attend, but clinic
is strictly for female’s only.

01/07 Activision rocks gamers with immersive soundtrack for Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX™ 2

Sydney, Australia — July 1, 2002 — Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI)
is setting the stage for high-flying action in Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX™
2 with a soundtrack that features an eclectic mix of old school rap, punk,
funk, rock, and electronica. Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2 will be available
for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, Xbox™ video
game system from Microsoft and Game Boy® Advance this winter, and
Nintendo GameCube™ in spring, and will feature the following artists
and tracks:

N.E.R.D. – “Rock Star”

Fugazi – “guilford”

Suicidal Tendencies – “Institutionalized”

LL Cool J – “Rock the Bells”

Iggy Pop – “The Passenger”

Eric B. & Rakim – “Juice (Know the Ledge)”

Ice T- “Reckless”

Crazy Town – “Toxic”

Bad Brains – “I against I”

Dub Pistols – “Official Chemical”

Gang of Four – “Damaged Goods”

Digital Assassins – “Return of the Living Bassheads (Somethin’ Really

Swollen Members – “Fuel Injected”

MC Cool Rock – “Boot the Booty”

Spoon – “Take a Walk”

Bombfunk MC’s – “Freestyler”

Secret Hate – “Kevsadic”

Jazzhole – “Forward Motion”

Dislocated Styles – “Unified”

Bad Ronald – “All a Dream”

Featuring flatland tricks for the first time in a BMX video game, Mat
Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2 drops players into eight enormous free-roaming, fully
populated levels where they can perform thousands of tricks. There are
multiple modes of play to experience: Road Trip, Single Session, and Free
Ride, and a slew of multi-player games including the new Half-Pipe Hell
and Treasure Hunt. The innovative Trick Tweaking feature lets gamers pull
manuals, wall rides, tire-taps, grinds, and air tricks that can be “morphed”
to create unique tricks on the fly while playing as Mat Hoffman himself,
or one of ten other pros. Players can also build their own BMX course
using the next generation Park Editor. Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2 for Xbox
includes an additional level and rider and will support user ripped sound

About Activision, Inc.

Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Activision, Inc. is a leading
worldwide developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment
and leisure products. Founded in 1979, Activision posted revenues of US$786
million for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2002.

Activision maintains operations in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom,
France, Germany, Japan, Australia, Scandinavia and the Netherlands. More
information about Activision and its products can be found on the company’s
World Wide Web site, which is located at

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